Chapter 476 – Invasion Of Experts

Presently, everyone on the Isle of Fallen Treasures knew that Chen Xi was heavily injured, and his vitality was dried up to the point he was about to perish. It was even to the extent that an ordinary wild beast was capable of causing his demise, and if they were still incapable of killing him, then it would really be an extreme loss of face.

A group of people were moving forward swiftly within the swamp that was like a badlands. This group of people were formed from the genius experts of three powers, the Darqin, Darjin, and Century Pool Dynasty.

Even though Cui Xiuhong, Wei Muyun, and Leng Qianqiu had died miserably at Chen Xi’s hand and only left Pei Yu behind, during this half a month of time, he’d sent a Transmission Jade Slip out of the Isle of Fallen Treasures and gathered another four genius experts of the Darjin Dynasty, so he wasn’t all alone.

Actually, it wasn’t just Pei Yu, as even Qin Xiao and Bi Lingyun had called together numerous genius experts of their own Dynasties. Now that all of them were gathered together, they were like an elite army that were of great strength and impetus.

“After we kill Chen Xi this time, the Quasi Immortal Artifact, Flaming Peacock Fan, must become my possession. Both of you can deal with his other possessions as you please.” Bi Lingyun swept the others with her gaze and spoke indifferently, and she seemed only have eyes for the Flaming Peacock Fan.

“Alright! I want the sword in his possession. I presume everyone doesn’t have any objections, right?” Qin Xiao agreed readily, and at the same time, he raised his request and wanted the Talisman Armament in Chen Xi’s possession.

“That sword really is an extraordinary treasure.” Bi Lingyun seemed to have thought of something as she’d naturally noticed how extraordinary the Talisman Armament in Chen Xi’s possession was during the fierce battle she had with Chen Xi before this.

“Brother Pei, what do you think?” Qin Xiao glanced at the silent Pei Yu and asked, and his voice revealed a trace of indistinct oppression.

Presently, Pei Yu’s forces were the weakest amongst their group, and coupled with the knowledge that Pei Yu’s trump card, the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, was destroyed, Qin Xiao naturally wouldn’t take him seriously.

“Of course. But since both of you have selected a treasure, the remaining things are mine.” Pei Yu pondered silently for a long time before speaking out. He seemed to be compromising helplessly, but he was actually laughing coldly without end in his heart because according to his knowledge, Chen Xi possessed a treasure that was even more precious, the sacred object stone tablet from the Violent Waterflame Apes, and its value wasn’t inferior to a Quasi Immortal Object!

Of course, he would absolutely not tell the others about it.

“Alright, once we encounter Chen Xi, the Flaming Peacock Fan belongs to Miss Bi, the sword will be mine, and the remaining things belong to Brother Pei.” Qin Xiao laughed loudly.

As far as he was concerned, Chen Xi was already a piece of meat on the chopping block and was unable to escape calamity, so it was impossible for Chen Xi to survive.

At another direction, the genius experts of the Darxuan and Darqian Dynasty were rushing over swiftly as well. They had enmity with the Darchu Dynasty, and coupled with Chen Xi having killed numerous companions of theirs, it had caused them to lose face extremely. They urgently needed to torture Chen Xi to death, otherwise they would be utterly incapable of washing away this shame.

The genius experts of a first-rate Dynasty weren’t even capable of annihilating an ant from an ordinary Dynasty. Was there anything more humiliating than this?

“I hope he can live longer and not die so quickly!” The genius experts of the Darxuan and Darqian Dynasty had cold and indifferent expressions, and their entire bodies were suffused with bone piercing killing intent.

“Speed up! We must not allow the others to beat us to him!” In the distance, the group of experts from the Full Moon Kingdom flashed swiftly, and it was surprisingly Xu Lengye who was in the lead.

His expression was extremely gloomy and had obviously already found out clearly that the fellow who seized his Flaming Peacock Fan was exactly Chen Xi, so he’d led a group of experts to pursue Chen Xi.

Besides this, there were also a large group of people from various Dynasties that had come purely for the sake of annihilating Chen Xi, but they similarly had enmity with the Darchu Dynasty, so they naturally were unable to tolerate the survival of a peerlessly monstrous genius like Chen Xi. Otherwise, once Chen Xi grew, it would undoubtedly be an enormous calamity to them.



“Eh, the members of the other Dynasties are moving about over there. They’ve rushed over here at the first possible moment as well, we have to hurry! Not only must we kill Chen Xi this time, we even have to completely plunder all the treasures in his possession!” The Skywolf Dynasty’s Lan Xun’s expression focused as he shouted in a low voice.

The presence of the traces of the members of other Dynasties in this swamp wasn’t a good sign, as everyone knew that Chen Xi possessed the Quasi Immortal Artifact, Flaming Peacock Fan, and coupled with his monstrous combat strength, he probably possessed even more rare treasures, causing everyone to desire to obtain them.

“Hmm? There are people there as well, the situation doesn’t look to be good.” Qin Xiao and the others were stunned as they’d noticed Lan Xun’s group. Besides that, they’d also noticed that the experts of the Darxuan and Darqian Dynasty had rushed over as well.

Instantly, there were group after group of genius experts from the various Dynasties charging about within the entire swamp while multicolored streaks of light carried them to fly above the swamp, and it instantly caused the swamp to become clamorous.

Numerous powers exposed their tracks as they rushed towards the depths of the swamp because all of them wanted to be the first to kill Chen Xi and seize the treasures in his possession.

“Looks like Chen Xi is within this swamp. Quickly send the news and notify our people to quickly rush over!” There were numerous experts that didn’t approach and had turned around and left instead, and they dashed towards various locations around the Isle of Fallen Treasures with the intention of bringing their companions over.

Rays of light flickered as streaks flashed through the sky, and they were like numerous shooting stars that tore through the sky. They seemed to be heralding that great chaos was bound to unfold in this tranquil swamp.

During this period of time, the experts of the various Dynasties had already started to compete with each other, and the Skywolf Dynasty’s Lan Xun was the most striking amongst them because Lan Xun’s group was the last to ambush Chen Xi, so they naturally knew in exactly what direction Chen Xi was.

On the other hand, Qin Xiao, Bi Lingyun, and Pei Yu’s group weren’t slow, and due to Chen Xi’s frequent and fierce battles, they’d already roughly grasped Chen Xi’s route of escape.

In next to no time, their groups were the first to charge into a place in the swamp where an expanse of mountains stood towering.

“The tribulation clouds are over there!” Someone had a discerning gaze and noticed the dark lightning clouds in the extreme distance with a single glance, causing him to instantly reveal an excited expression, because not only did this mean they would be able to annihilate Chen Xi, they would also be able to obtain all the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession.

As far as they were concerned, since the tribulation clouds were still in the sky, it proved that Chen Xi hadn’t overcome the tribulation successfully. Conversely, he was surely about to die, and he was like a tiger that had lost its teeth and posed no threat to them.

One could even bluntly say that even if no one went to kill Chen Xi, he would probably perish at any moment.

Sure enough, there was a large expanse of blood stained mud in the swamp, and large amounts of muddy water that were tainted red could be seen. Obviously, it was because Chen Xi had lost too much blood and was about to perish.

Lan Xun and the others were excited and swiftly scattered to surround this expanse of swamp so as to prevent Chen Xi from escaping once more.

Qin Xiao and the others frowned before bluntly and forcefully charging through from a side. They had to interfere, as Chen Xi was right before them, so how could they allow another to beat them to him?

“You’re about to die, yet you’re still daydreaming. Looks like failing to overcome the Rebirth Tribulation and his imminent death has caused his mind to collapse, and he’s immersed in dejection and regret. Haha! I fucking love seeing this type of despaired expression on someone that’s about to die.” As he looked at the tall figure that sat cross-legged on the peak of that mountain, the Skywolf Dynasty’s Lan Xun laughed coldly and felt extremely delighted, yet his eyes were ghastly and ruthless to the extreme.

The others started laughing as well, as there was no better outcome than this.

Besides laughing coldly, Qin Xiao and the others were also gritting their teeth because there was deep hatred between them and Chen Xi. Half a month ago, countless companions of theirs had died at the hands of Chen Xi, and it caused them to be hateful and resentful to the extreme.

Chen Xi was really daydreaming, and he was deducing why the tribulation hadn’t descended until now in his mind.

Before coming to the Primeval Battlefield, he’d once discussed everything related to the Rebirth Tribulation with Emperor Chu. Logically speaking, even if the tribulations of body refinement and qi refinement arrived at the same time, he should have greeted his tribulation lightning long ago.

Yet now, the tribulation clouds in the sky above him were still hanging there without descending. It had developed a variety of lightning phenomena, and its impetus looked to be silent and without much movement yet the destructive aura it emitted became more and more terrifying as they passed by.

Could it be that I must be completely unguarded before it would suddenly descend and kill me by surprise? Chen Xi frowned and suddenly stood up before looking up to the sky and shouting loudly. “Hesitating fearfully, yet not descending for a long time, could this be your dignity as the tribulation of the heavens?”

Everyone was stunned. Could it be that this fellow has gone mad? He’s actually questioning the Heaven Dao. Looks like he has really been driven into an impasse, otherwise he wouldn’t have been angered to madness and start rambling madly…

“Be careful! Be on guard against his tricks. This kid’s deeply scheming and extremely ruthless. We can’t allow him to escape this time no matter what!” Pei Yu spoke coldly. He’d once come all the way from the Primitive Sea to the Isle of Fallen Treasures with Chen Xi, so he could be said to understand Chen Xi to the extreme. He knew that this fellow would absolutely not give up easily until the last moment had arrived, and Chen Xi’s actions were surely a trick.

If it wasn’t like that, he would have charged up to annihilate Chen Xi at the first possible moment.

“Idiot! Starting to complain about the Heaven Dao being unfair when you’re about to die? The Heaven Dao is utterly unable to tolerate a heretic like you! Swiftly slit your own throat and take your regret with you!” The Skywolf Dynasty’s Lan Xun laughed coldly.

As he spoke, he signaled everyone by his side that they should move out altogether once he made a move, and they must not give others an opportunity that could be exploited to the advantage of others.

Chen Xi’s eyes swept down as if he’d just noticed that numerous experts had invaded, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but be suffused with a trace of coldness while his gaze even carried a trace of ridicule.

What sort of gaze is that!?

Numerous people were furious. A person that’s about to die dares act like this? This is undisguised ridicule towards us!

Lan Xun and the others were just about to make a move when they were stopped by Qin Xiao’s group in the end, and a dispute broke out because all of them wanted to kill Chen Xi and seize the treasures in his possession.

“Everyone, we noticed this fellow first, it should be based on first come first serve, right?” Lan Xun swept Qin Xiao and the others with his gaze. Even though he clearly knew that these people were either from first-rate Dynasties or possessed extremely formidable strength, he wasn’t afraid of them.

Because the genius experts of the Snowray Dynasty and Eastern Summer Dynasty were similarly by his side. Moreover, their numbers were more than double the size of Qin Xiao’s group.

“Hmph! Are you talking to me? Your Skywolf Dynasty’s Di Wanlou and the others even received protection from this Crown Prince. Who do you think you are to dare mouth off at me? Quickly move aside. Chen Xi must be killed by us today. If all of you don’t appreciate the kindness we’re showing, then don’t blame us for being rude!” Qin Xiao grunted coldly as his gaze swept out like bolts of lightning, and he was extremely overbearing.

In an instant, these two forces hadn’t killed Chen Xi yet had actually come into confrontation with each other instead, and they were ready to jump at each other’s throats.

All of them seemed to think that Chen Xi was completely devoid of the strength to battle and had become a piece of utterly harmless and juicy meat on their plate, so they’d started fighting each other without the slightest fear.

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