Chapter 475 – His Wait

The swamp was covered with putrid mud and bones that were floating and had sunk to the bottom, and it emitted an awful stench. Various poisonous bugs and repulsive birds lived within it while consuming the various living creatures that fell into the swamp, causing it to be an extremely brutal and ferocious place.

However, at this moment, all these poisonous bugs and repulsive birds lay prone on the ground while feeling terror and unease in their hearts as they bowed in worship.

In the depths of the swamp, the mud was tainted red by blood. Chen Xi’s tall figure stood proudly while adorned with clothes that were in rags and tainted with blood, yet his entire body emitted strands of auspicious rays of light that were peaceful and sacred, and these rays of light were nurturing his body while repairing his injuries.

On the other hand, boundless potential was rising exuberantly within his body and spread throughout his body through the Rebirth Wheel that was dazzling like the sun, causing a sort of transformation to occur within him.

Being able to come to this point was truly difficult. He’d experienced countless intense and desperate battles during these past few days, causing his body to become tattered and almost split apart, and even the vital energy within his body had dried up, so he could already be considered to have died.

It was even to the extent that it could be said that he’d experience a true death, a death that completely emptied out all the vitality and energy within his body. Losing strength to attain the tribulation and overcoming adversity to eliminate the tribulation. It was equivalent to completely beginning from the start; this was true rebirth.

From living to dying, from death to new life. How could an ordinary person be able to endure the danger and adversity of this process?

A path of overcoming the tribulation like this was extremely rare and the most difficult, and most of the cultivators in the world would absolutely not try it lightly. Even if one possessed shocking natural talent, it was possible that one would perish at the end of the path.

This past half a month of time was torture before rebirth to Chen Xi, he’d held an eternally persistent heart amidst frustration, anguish, and hardships, and he’d suffered tortures akin to purgatory. Now, he was radiating new life and had finally succeeded.

No, he could only be considered to have succeeded partially, because…

Chen Xi raised his head to look towards the sky. Tribulation lightning covered a vast expanse above him while emitting a boundless aura of destruction. It was the tribulation lightning of Rebirth, and only by overcoming it would his soul transform into a Soul Core and be considered to have truly advanced into the Rebirth Realm.

Moreover, he’d come to a complete understanding now about why his tribulation lightning would develop into a world of lightning and seem so terrifying. The reason was extremely simple, his body refinement and qi refinement cultivation were both about to break through and advance at this moment!

It was common knowledge that qi refinement and body refinement were two different schools.

After a qi refiner advanced into the Rebirth Realm, a Rebirth Wheel would be condensed within the Dantian and used to nurture the Soul Core. So long as the Soul Core remained, then once one’s body was destroyed, one could seize the body of another to attain new life.

On the other hand, once a body refiner advanced to the Rebirth Realm, the body would advance and transform into a Rebirth Goldbody, and the body would be used to nurture the Soul Core. So long as the Soul Core remained, the body would forever be unable to be destroyed. Because at that time, the body refiner would be able to reconstruct a complete body with a single thought.

Comparatively speaking, it was still body refiners that were slightly more formidable. Because after qi refiners seized the body of another, there was a comparatively high level of danger associated with it, whereas body refiners had utterly no need of worrying about any danger arising.

It was precisely because of this that the tribulation lightning of qi refinement and body refinement cultivators when they advanced to the Rebirth Realm was different.

At this moment, the tribulation lightning Chen Xi had drawn over were a mix of his body refinement and qi refinement cultivation, and its might was absolutely not as simple as one plus one. The terrifying energy of the tribulation lightning formed before his eyes had sufficiently proved this.


The Rebirth Wheel that was like a sun within his Dantian stopped moving. After it had truly condensed into form, it was like a full moon that represented perfection, and it emitted a hazy crimson glow as it soared through the sky like the sun and illuminated the Dantian.

Chen Xi’s Rebirth Wheel seemed to be extremely formidable, it was vast, magnificent, and emitted a lofty and tremendous aura. True Essence flowed and surged like waterfalls within it, and its quality had already transformed, causing it to emit a trace of an eternal aura.

At the same time, the Shaman Energy within his body surged and whistled as the nine Shaman Markings on his back enhanced the radiance of each other while emitting a brilliant sheen, and it nurtured every inch of his skin, flesh, bones, tendons, and internal organs, causing his vital energy and blood to become even more exuberant and every single drop of blood seemed to be filled with vitality.


Within his body, the sound of rumbling was like the sound of nature, like the rhythmic tune of the Dao, causing his blood, flesh, skin, and internal organs to resonate along with it and erupt out with strands of dazzling divine brilliance. 

This was the Rebirth Goldbody, a body that was inviolable to flames and water, impenetrable to blades and spears, and completely untainted. So long as the Soul Core remained, the body was eternal!


At the instant when Chen Xi’s body had completely transformed into the Rebirth Goldbody, a strong fluctuation stretched out with a bang, and it was like a gale that swept through this swamp, causing even the swamp to trembled and undulate like the ocean.

The mass of poisonous bugs and repulsive birds were even more terrified as they lay flat on the ground while trembling.

Hazy mist enshrouded the surroundings, causing this swamp to seem extremely mysterious. 

Chen Xi’s body effused boundless vitality that was the essence of his vitality after achieving rebirth. Because of the appearance of the essence of vitality, the deathly air in his swamp was dispersed, causing the stench to be cleared away, and only exuberant vitality that was filled with hope and gave others the feeling of rebirth remained.

It was even to the extent that all the plants in the swamp were growing ceaselessly as if all the dried up vitality here had experienced the process of rebirth just like Chen Xi.

The Rebirth Wheel and Rebirth Goldbody are completed. Next is to experience the tribulation lightning and condense my Soul Core… Chen Xi stared fixedly at the dark tribulation clouds in the sky as he muttered, and he seemed to be waiting.

Presently, vitality filled his body like a surging sea, and it was strong to the point it caused the poisonous bugs and repulsive birds to tremble ceaselessly on the ground, and it was countless times more formidable than before.

So long as he overcame the tribulation lightning in the sky above him, he would be able to stand in the Rebirth Realm, look down on most geniuses, and deter all before him!

Because the tribulation lightning he was overcoming was both the Rebirth Tribulations, and it was even the tribulations of both the paths of body refinement and qi refinement! This sort of method of overcoming the tribulation was bound to make him different from others.

However, up until this moment, the tribulation lightning still hadn’t descended and was still accumulating strength. Crimson red bolts of lightning flickered and formed into various weapons, palaces, mountains, rivers, and pagodas, causing it to seem like a world of lightning.

It was even to the extent that human shaped lightning could vaguely be noticed to be condensing in the deepest depths of the tribulation lightning, and even though they seemed blurry, the might they emitted was terrifying to the extreme.

But this was unable to affect Chen Xi. He chose one of the tall mountains that stood towering in the swamp to sit cross-legged on before waiting silently with a calm expression and eyes that were bright, deep, calm, and tranquil, and his entire body was filled with spirit and energy while the divine lights and auspicious qi around his body had been restrained.

He looked at the sky while carrying an aura that seemed as if he’d returned to simplicity and nature.

Along with Chen Xi’s aura being restrained, the terrifying fluctuation within the swamp left like a receding tide, and it gradually calmed down, causing the surroundings to cease being oppressive and deterring while only tranquility remained.

Everything seemed to have ended, yet it seemed as if it had just begun.

The poisonous bugs and repulsive birds within the swamp stopped trembling before getting up swiftly and fleeing. They seemed as if they’d obtained release, and all of them left this terrifying and strange place in unison. 


At this moment, the outer area of the swamp was extremely clamorous as a mass of experts from the various Dynasties had set out to search for Chen Xi’s whereabouts with the intention of killing him.

During this half month of time, no matter if it was the Isle of Fallen Treasures or the entire Primeval Battlefield, it was in a complete uproar as everyone was animatedly discussing the matter while experts moved about, and all of them taking action.

“Chen Xi is really terrifying. He’s clearly on the verge of death, yet is still fleeing. Moreover, he hasn’t been killed yet. He’s simply tenacious to an unbelievable extent.”

“He’s formidable indeed. But he’s already showing signs of being unable to continue any longer. If nothing unexpected happens, then he’ll be killed in the next two days. After all, I heard that his body is almost ruined, and his vitality is on the verge of drying up.”

Chen Xi's actions of slaughtering numerous genius experts of the various Dynasties and fleeing for his life had now affected the minds of everyone. Presently, they’d already understood that Chen Xi’s potential was terrifying to the extreme, and this was something that could be perceived from how terrifying the tribulation lightning he drew out was. Once he was allowed to successfully overcome the tribulation, then it would absolutely herald the rise of a formidable opponent!

The Darqin, Darjin, Century Pool, Darqian, Darxuan, and the other Dynasties that numbered over 10 in total were unable to tolerate such a situation occurring.

Slashing apart a Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, annihilating numerous genius experts of the various Dynasties by himself, and overcoming the tribulation while in battle… Every single event was terrifying, and even though Chen Xi had failed for now, it still caused them to be unable to be at ease.

Even if it was the various Dynasties that had no enmity with him, they anxiously paid close attention to this matter.

“Don’t worry. According to the news that was just sent over, Chen Xi just suffered an ambush. Even though he escaped, his vitality has already been completely severed to the point he’s like a dried up oil lantern. He won’t last a few days!”

On this day, the Darqin and Darjin Dynasty spread this news, causing all the people that were paying attention to this battle to be shocked extremely, and even the Primeval Battlefield was in an uproar.

Some let out long sighs as they felt pity for Chen Xi. If someone with such peerless natural talent was able to survive, he might be able to become a renowned figure in the Dark Reverie.

But no matter how people sighed with emotion, the news was so brutal and impossible to change.

“Hahaha…” The members of the Darqin and Darjin Dynasty roared endlessly with laughter. If considered from their perspectives, Chen Xi had to be eliminated, and Chen Xi would be the greatest danger to them if he was allowed to survive.

“He has already escaped for half a month. This time, we must accomplish everything completely, and annihilate him!” Some members of the Snowray, Skywolf, and Eastern Summer Dynasty revealed cold expressions as they spoke like this.

They’d suffered heavy losses this time as all their companions that entered the Isle of Fallen Treasures were killed by Chen Xi, causing them to be almost unable to walk proudly with their heads held high in the Primeval Battlefield, and it was a sense of humiliation to them.

“Let’s go and start the operation. We ought to go annihilate this bastard!” The numerous forces set out and searched the swamp in groups.

Actually, besides them, there were forces from numerous Dynasties that had chased over and approached this swamp.

“We almost caught him the last time. We must absolutely not allow him to escape this time!” A young man that wore a crane feather robe spoke coldly with a gaze that seemed like bolts of lightning.

Beside him, another young man in silver robes that possessed a dignified appearance said with a smile, “Lan Xun, don’t be disgruntled. It was I and the other Fellow Daoists that heavily injured him and had practically slashed him into two, yet unfortunately, he was still able to escape.”

“Hmph! Then we’ll see who takes his head first this time!” Lan Xun grunted coldly.

“Wait and see!” The silver robed young man’s killing intent was aroused as well, and he laughed loudly as he spoke.

Both of them didn’t speak further before leading a few others to enter the swamp.

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