Chapter 474 – The True Meaning of Rebirth

The space within the Isle of Fallen Treasures was boundlessly vast like a continent that floated atop the Primitive Sea, and it was covered with ruins and crimson red earth that was completely barren. Brilliant glows of treasures would occasionally charge into the sky and draw the pursuit of group after group of genius experts.

These glows of treasures were treasures left behind by the gods, they were treasures left behind when the ancient gods went out on an expedition, and so long as one subdued a single one, it would sufficient to be boundlessly useful to any cultivator.

But Chen Xi wasn’t concerned with all of this. He’d executed the Starsky Wings with his entire strength while flying at extreme speed in the boundless heavens and earth, and he was like a bolt of lightning or a strand of a translucent flowing light.

His entire body was covered in blood and completely covered in cracks. His entire body was filled with a boundless and sharp burning pain, yet his expression was stiff and cold to the extreme, and it was as if he was a wooden puppet that didn’t know pain.

Piercingly cold gales blew onto his face and felt painful as if blades were slicing him, and it blew to the point his hair and bloodied clothes fluttered with the wind, yet it was incapable of blowing away the stubbornness and unyielding expression in his eyes.

The tribulation clouds in the sky enveloped his surroundings and accompanied him as he flashed in the sky, and the crimson red and dazzling bolts of lightning had transformed into a tiny world that emitted a destructive aura that intended to crush the heavens and the earth.

It was the might of the heavens, a punishment, and it was immeasurable and unfathomable. At this moment, it hung above the sky and hadn’t descended for a long time, causing it to seem like a blade that was pressed against one’s neck, a sharp sword that hung above one’s head, and it caused despair and uneasiness.

The secrets of the heavens, the Heaven Dao, the will of the heavens, the punishment of the heavens… Haha. The dazzling tribulation lightning in the sky was reflected in Chen Xi’s eyes as the corners of his mouth were suffused with a trace of ridicule, and he seemed to be ridiculing the Heaven Dao yet also seemed as if he was ridiculing himself. But in next to no time, this wisp of ridiculing transformed into a wisp of resoluteness and ruthlessness

He wouldn’t give up, even in death!


Chen Xi was heavily injured and on the verge of dying. The might of the Heavenly Tribulation lingered in the sky above him while formidable enemies pursued him beneath the skies. An unprecedentedly great pursuit had begun, and the entire Isle of Fallen Treasures was seething with excitement.

The news spread out in all directions and throughout the entire Primeval Battlefield, and it instantly gave rise to a mighty uproar as everyone was shocked.

Firstly, all the genius experts of the Snowray Dynasty, Skywolf Dynasty, and Easter Sumer Dynasty that had entered the Isle of Fallen Treasures had been completely annihilated. How shocking was this news? Yet the person who did this was only a young man, a lone young man that fought numerous enemies by himself and carried out a slaughter with unstoppable might. 

Moreover, he’d even obliterated Pei Yu’s Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, and such a ferocious and heaven defying ability even caused them to be flabbergasted and feel disbelief.

This matter gave rise to much discussion in the Primeval Battlefield and everyone was discussing it, causing the genius experts of the Darjin Dynasty who hadn’t entered the Isle of Fallen Treasures to be unable hold their heads up high.

Besides that, Chen Xi had actually drawn the dual Rebirth Tribulations while being besieged by numerous experts and intended to advance to the Rebirth Realm in battle, and he’d even almost succeeded. Even though he failed on the verge of success in the end, this was even more shocking.

On this day, all the genius experts of the various Dynasties within the entire Primeval Battlefield had heard of this matter, and all of them were discussing it clamorously.

“Head to the Isle of Fallen Treasures to kill Chen Xi!”

This command appeared amongst numerous Dynasties like the first-rate Dynasties of the Darqin, Darjin, Darxuan, and Darqian Dynasty, and the Snowray, Skywolf, Eastern Summer, and other ordinary Dynasties. After all, the genius experts that had perished at Chen Xi’s hand were merely a portion of all the genius experts from these Dynasties. At this moment, when they heard their companions had encountered difficulties, they naturally couldn’t stand idly by.

Great chaos quickly arose on the Isle of Fallen Treasures.

The entrance to the Primitive Sea and Isle of Fallen Treasures was locked down while numerous Dynasties joined forces to search and pursue Chen Xi, and they intended to kill him in the Isle of Fallen Treasures without giving him the chance to survive.

They’d sworn to not rest until they killed Chen Xi as they would be unable to eat and sleep in peace otherwise.

This was a sanguinary event and a great upheaval, causing the entire area of ruins of the Isle of Fallen Treasures to be in chaos.

Chen Xi hadn’t slept nor rested for a few days straight, as he’d always been fleeing. However, no matter where he went, his enemies would be able to catch up to him extremely quickly because the tribulation clouds had always enveloped the sky above his head, and it followed like an extremely conspicuous shadow.

During these past few days, he’d encountered countless blockades and fought ceaseless battles, causing his entire body to be covered in blood. During the most severe encounters, he’d encountered Qin Xiao and Bi Lingyun, and the successive battles had caused his injuries to become even more severe and terrible, causing the vital energy within his body to be on the verge of collapse.

Most terrifying of it all was the exit of the Isle of Fallen Treasures had been locked down and was guarded by numerous experts, so he was utterly incapable of retreating from the Isle of Fallen Treasures.

This situation continued for half a month. During this period, Chen Xi’s Shaman Energy was on the verge of exhaustion, and he already lacked the strength to recover the injuries that covered his body. So at this moment, his body was tattered and covered in countless injuries, he could perish at any moment, and he was relying on his last breath to support himself.

Finally, he’d escaped another pursuit and hid himself within a cavern in a mountain range before silently healing his injuries. His time was limited, and he had to make the best use of his time or his enemies would chase up once again.

He appeared to be like an injured lone wolf that was licking its wounds, wild, unyielding, and would never give up the hope of survival.

This mountain range was enveloped in mist, its sky had thunderstorms raging about it all year long, so hiding within it would allow him to conceal the expanse of tribulation clouds that he’d drawn out to a certain extent.

During these past few days, he’d always been pondering why the tribulation lightning hadn’t descended all this time. He’d seriously inferred and considered yet was never able to wrap his head around it, and it was even to the extent he started to suspect the tribulation was intentionally going against it. Otherwise, why hadn’t it descended until now?

If it was anyone else, the person would have probably started to accept the test and transformation of the tribulation lightning on the exact same day it arrived, right? This sort of situation was too peculiar.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and started to inspect his injuries. The injuries his body had suffered were severe to the extreme and were almost irreparable. His body was tattered and coupled with the countless life and death battles he’d encountered during this half a month of time, the vital energy in his body had already weakened to the point of almost drying up.

I’m really not resigned to this fate. Chen Xi muttered to himself. Even if it was at this moment, he didn’t believe he would be killed nor did he give up, and he was still healing his injuries while deducing the Rebirth Tribulation.


Another battle broke out two hours later, as his enemies had caught up, and Chen Xi fought desperately while bathed in blood to escape once again.

After he escaped this time, he’d arrived at a swamp that was filled with poisonous bugs in the end. His entire body was torn apart like cotton fibers, and it seemed as if a gust of wind would be able to blow him apart.

Fresh blood gurgled out and was absorbed by the foul smelling swamp beneath him, and his entire body seemed to be on the verge of being buried within the swamp.

Chen Xi lay on his back within the swamp while he stared fixedly at the expanse tribulation clouds that surged and whistled with lightning in the sky above him. The sound of lightning that shook the surroundings seemed like the ridicule and mocking of the Heaven Dao, it was saw jarring and so infuriating.

“You intend to kill me? Impossible!” Chen Xi suddenly seemed like a trapped beast that was on the verge of death as he emitted an extremely hoarse roar from his throat, and he hysterically expended the last strand of strength within his entire body to struggle up and begin the final charge!

So long as life remained, the battle would never end.

If Rebirth wasn’t overcome, how could he submit to death?

He’d completely opened his mind and completely disregarded if enemies were approaching or not nor did he pay attention to danger that might be present in this smelly swamp he was in, and his entire mind was extremely empty and seemed as if he’d forgotten everything in the surrounding world.

His body was extremely tattered, his spirit, energy, and essence practically exhausted. The golden liquid within his Dantian was dark, mottled, and without the slightest vitality, and the Shaman Energy within his body was completely dried up and shriveled.

All of this caused him to seem like a dried up lamp whose flame was about to be extinguished.

It was precisely because of this that his charge to the Rebirth Realm seemed extremely strenuous, and it seemed like it was very likely he would perish halfway through his effort.

Time slowly crept by and Chen Xi kept on persevering, as there was always persistence and unyieldingness within his heart that guided him and caused him to be unwilling to give up.

But in the end, he failed. He’d exhausted his last bit of strength and was completely exhausted of all energy, causing the vital energy in his entire body to dim down and be devoid of the slightest shred of strength.

At this moment, he was already no different than a corpse. He merely possessed a consciousness, yet his body was already withered, and without the essence of life to nurture him, he would perish in the end and vanish within the heavens and the earth.


Suddenly, right at this moment, a vast and powerful aura stretched out. When he was completely exhausted of everything, the potential that was hidden within the deepest depths of his body was released, and it charged out like an ocean.

His entire body was glowing as his terrifying injuries were healing swiftly, whereas dazzling rays of light were rising and densely filled the space within his Dantian. Rumble! The dazzling rays of light condensed with his liquid golden core to transform into an extremely dazzling and resplendent crimson red Rebirth Wheel.

Within his Dantian, the qi of Yin and Yang gushed out like auspicious qi and developed boundless profundities while crimson rays of light danced about like fairies of fire that were dancing gracefully, and they caused the Rebirth Wheel so seem like the sun!

Falling into a state of death to achieve rebirth. My body was tattered and everything within my body was completely exhausted. Now, I’ve turned from death into life. This is the true profundity of Rebirth! It’s rebirth, new life, a new beginning! At this moment, Chen Xi completely understood it thoroughly.

Every single cultivator overcame the Rebirth Tribulation in a different manner, and the situations they encountered weren’t the same, whereas it was extremely rare for one to turn around life and death to develop a Rebirth Wheel like Chen Xi.

The new supersedes the old. If one doesn’t lose his strength, one is unable to experience the tribulation, and the general idea of rebirth is probably like this. Chen Xi muttered to himself as the Rebirth Wheel within his Dantian emanated a myriad of crimson brilliance that surged like wheels of flame, and it nurtured the vital energy in his entire body.

This time, his injuries had indeed arrived at the point he was on the brink of death. He would have undoubtedly died under ordinary circumstances, and it was utterly impossible for him to survive. But at the instant he was on the brink of death, vitality had re-emerged and the situation had taken a turn, allowing him to complete the process of rebirth and experience a transformation of life itself that allowed his survival.

The Rebirth Wheel circulated within his Dantian and emanated a myriad of crimson red rays of essence. Every single strand caused the potential in his body to surge and completely come back to life, causing his body to seem like a dead place that once again radiated vitality and rose up exuberantly.

His tattered body was similarly repaired like a cracked expanse of ground that received rain after a drought, causing it to glow with vigor and vitality, and his spirit, energy, and essence even soared like a rainbow and was dazzling as if it was divine.


Within Chen Xi’s body, his potential that emerged from experiencing death and regaining life surged like a great river before gushing into his Rebirth Wheel, causing it to emit boundless radiance, and he’d already recovered to his peak state in a mere few breaths of time. Moreover, his body emitted ferocious baleful qi that shook the world!

He suddenly stood up and placed his hands behind his back while looking up into the sky. Vast tribulation clouds hung in the sky while rumbling with surging tribulation lightning, and it had transformed into a world of lightning. 

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