Chapter 473 – Surviving

Both the Inferno Crane and Qin Xiao sneered and held disdain in their eyes, and then they fiercely mobilized their strength with the intention of using their energy to rip Chen Xi apart from within.

“Absorb!” At this moment, Chen Xi roared loudly, and not only did he not take precautions against this, he even led the two streams of energy into his body to mix with his own True Essence with the intention of crushing the tribulation flames within his Dantian.

At the same time, his soul stretched out to link up with the heavens and the earth as he intended to seize this opportunity to draw down the tribulation lightning in the sky.


An extremely terrifying fluctuation stretched out from where they stood, flattening the surrounding ruins in an expanse of 500km, and it was like a surging and violent wave that caused the expressions of the distant spectators to abruptly turn to one of shock as they swiftly retreated from being deeply afraid of being affected.

The rocks and mountains in an area of 500km were turned into powder while the ground split apart into dense crisscrossed cracks that were like spider webs that extended for 3km. Besides that, space was shattered as the ground sunk, and the entire world seemed to have been warped.

Chen Xi let out a pained muffled groan as his features warped. It felt as if he was being sliced up by 10,000 blades, his soul felt as if it was being split apart inch by inch, being struck, tortured, burned, and crushed.

It felt as if his entire body was within a furnace of purgatory, impossible to endure. Even though Chen Xi had faced difficulties while cultivating up to this point, he’d traversed it, yet only the torture he suffered today had caused him to be on the verge of collapse, and he was suffering a type of unparalleled pain and torture at each passing moment.

Tribulation flames flickered into existence around his body, and they swayed indeterminately. They seemed as if they were about to condense, yet shook apart, whereas in the sky above him, tribulation lightning rumbled as crimson red arcs of lightning grew more and more dazzling and brilliant, and it seemed as if they were about to descend.

“He seems to be relying on the strength of his opponents to crush the tribulation flames and draw down the tribulation lightning to condense a Rebirth Wheel in his Dantian and overcome the Rebirth Tribulation!”

All the spectators gasped. This fellow Chen Xi is truly too audacious. Could it be that he doesn’t know that the slightest mistake would cause his death?

Not to mention it’s impossible that Bi Lingyun and Qin Xiao would cooperate obediently!

Reality was just as everyone had inferred. Bi Lingyun and Qin Xiao wished for nothing more than for Chen Xi to die as soon as possible, so they naturally wouldn’t cooperate. Conversely, they mobilized their entire strengths to charge even more violently into Chen Xi’s body and rampage about like two savage and dreadful monsters with the intention of splitting Chen Xi’s body apart.

Chen Xi’s body ached to the point he let out successive muffled grunts and ceaselessly coughed up blood. The meridians in his entire body felt as if they were being incinerated as countless cracks appeared on the surface of his flesh and skin, causing him to seem as if he was about to explode.

But this extremely intense pain seemed to have completely aroused Chen Xi’s ferocity instead, and he roared furiously and repeatedly as thunderstorm vortexes rumbled like thunderclaps and forcefully drew the extremely formidable strength of Bi Lingyun and Qin Xiao to charge within his Dantian, utilizing their strength to crush the tribulation flame.

Exactly! Chen Xi hadn’t given up. Even if it was this extremely dire moment, he hadn’t relaxed in the slightest and was still trying his best to use their strengths with the intention of completing this extremely dangerous Rebirth Tribulation.


The thunderstorm vortexes rumbled and actually faintly revealed an expanse of the ocean when it had arrived at its limit. A black colored large fish swam and transformed into the image of a golden Roc that blotted out the sky.

The Roc transformed from fish to bird when leaving the sea. Its wings hung in the sky and covered an area of a few tens of thousands of kilometers. It flapped its wings straight up to the nine heavens, wandered the boundless universe, and devoured everything before it.

At this moment, the image of this golden Roc appeared and devoured all energy in the surroundings, and it actually directly devoured and refined all the energy that Chen Xi drew over.

“Shit!” The expressions of both the Inferno Crane and Qin Xiao went grim as they noticed that events had exceeded their expectations. Their True Essence, vital energy, and even Blood Essence charged ceaselessly into Chen Xi’s body without restraint, and then it assisted him in suppressing the tribulation flames.

“Go all out!” Both of them promptly decided and exerted all their strengths with the intention of turning the situation around.

However, to their astonishment, all their resistance and struggles had no effect at all and didn’t even give rise to the slightest ripple, and it was even to the extent they felt they’d fallen into a swamp, causing them to be unable to move and be confined on the spot.

“What! He’s actually about to succeed?”

“No, the Rebirth Tribulation still hasn’t descended, and there’s still a chance to annihilate him. Quickly! Seize this opportunity to stop him! We must absolutely not allow him to seize the fortune of the world and successfully overcome the tribulation!

At this moment, Wei Kong, Cheng Feng and the few other people who remained after experiencing the horrifying battle from before had noticed that it wasn’t going well, and they charged over right away.

Even Pei Yu didn’t hesitate in the slightest to charge towards Chen Xi.

All of them were unable to endure there being any chance that Chen Xi would be able to survive, let alone turn the situation around. Otherwise, once this happened, it would absolutely be a calamity.

However, before they could even approach him, they encountered the obstruction of a terrifying fluctuation that shook them to the point they coughed up large mouthfuls of blood, and they were dispersed and scattered in the surroundings and found it impossible to take a step closer.

An indescribable and terrifying domain had actually been formed here!

The expressions of Pei Yu and the others instantly became extremely unsightly when they saw this scene. Could it be that we really have to watch helplessly as this fellow suppresses the tribulation flames?

At this moment, even though Chen Xi was in extreme pain and his entire body seemed as if it had broken apart, he was extremely excited as he’d already almost completely crushed the tribulation flames by relying on the energy devoured and refined from Qin Xiao and Bi Lingyun.

Everything seemed as if it was about to turn around.

Time passed by bit by bit. Chen Xi’s entire body was glowing brilliantly. The tribulation flames were almost indistinct within his Dantian, and they were in strands and traces that were about to be extinguished. Moreover, his golden core that had been melted had started to condense once more instead, and it wasn’t condensing into a golden core but a Rebirth Wheel!

Once the tribulation flames were eliminated, the golden core would transform into a Rebirth Wheel.

Once the tribulation lightning was eliminated, the soul would transform and produce a Soul Core instead, and it would be nurtured within the Rebirth Wheel.

However, what caused Chen Xi’s heart to sink was that the tribulation lightning in the sky still hadn’t descended, and it instead became more and more violent. Some of the bolts of lightning within it had even transformed into numerous palaces, mountains, and rivers!

The sight of it was extremely vast and terrifying, and it simply seemed like a small world had been condensed up in the sky. There was an expanse of vast heaven and earth constructed from the energy of the tribulation lightning while various weapons, mountains, rivers, palaces, pagodas, and so on and so forth were condensed into form from tribulation lightning, causing it to only lack living creatures.

Every single thing formed by the tribulation lightning emitted a destructive energy capable of crushing the heavens and the earth. It was the might of the heavens, the punishment developed by the Heaven Dao, and it was majestic, grand, and shook the heavens and the earth. It astonished all the spectators to the point of being dumbstruck, and their entire bodies trembled without end.

“My god! Tribulation lightning taking form and developing such a vast phenomenon. Could it be that this fellow is a genius that’s rare in ten thousand years and has to suffer such a terrifying tribulation?”

Everyone was practically suffocated and didn’t dare believe their eyes. If a tribulation like this were to descend, they felt they were absolutely unable to go against such a formidable tribulation lightning.


However, right when Chen Xi was about to condense a Rebirth Wheel in his Dantian, an enormous rumble that shook the heavens and the earth resounded out, and it illuminated the heavens and the earth extremely brilliantly before transforming into a crimson red lightning halberd that slashed down at Chen Xi.

At that instant, the entire heavens and the earth were filled by the brilliance of this lightning halberd, and it was extremely dazzling as it awed everyone around it.


The lightning halberd directly struck onto Chen Xi and directly blasted him flying, and fresh blood sprayed from his mouth as a layer of terrifying injuries that seemed as if he was on the verge of splitting apart appeared on his body.

Besides that, the Rebirth Wheel in his body instantly blurred and once again split up into a liquid form golden Core. Moreover, the tribulation flames had once again start blazing within him.

Chen Xi fell into a cloud of dust, the cracks on his body were terrifying and his injuries severe to the extreme. So long as a single tribulation lightning descended or someone struck him a single time, he would surely be split apart into pieces and become a pile of meat chunks.

He gritted his teeth and stayed silent while mobilizing the Shaman Energy in his entire body, and he silently repaired his body while maintaining an expressionless face.

At the critical moment, he was interrupted by the tribulation lighting that had even completely crushed the trace of advantage he’d tried his best to reclaim and had once again fallen into a perilous situation, and he’d almost lost his life. This sudden blow would have caused anyone to despair and abandon all resistance since long ago.

But Chen Xi didn’t. His expression was stiff as he raised his head to look at the sky, and he endured the boundless pain as he healed his injuries silently.

After it emitted the lightning halberd, the surging lightning world in the sky seemed to have fallen into silence, and it seemed to be accumulating strength, causing the silent atmosphere to press down upon everyone to the point they were unable to catch their breaths.

In the distance, Bi Lingyun and Qin Xiao had suffered the strike of the tribulation lightning as well, causing them to be blasted flying and cough out large mouthfuls of blood, and their entire bodies trembled, yet their injuries were much lighter than Chen Xi.

Everyone present was stunned after witnessing this scene. The mighty and vast lightning that represented the might of the heavens hadn’t descended for a long time, yet it had suddenly descended when Chen Xi was about to successfully condense a Rebirth Wheel. Could this be as the saying, the might of the heavens is unfathomable, and it can’t be defied?

“Sure enough, overcoming the Rebirth Tribulation in battle is utterly impossible. Even the Heaven Dao is unable to allow such an oddity, and Chen Xi before us is a living example.” Someone sighed with emotion in his heart. No matter how peerless one’s natural talent and strength was, one had to suffer punishment and hardships if one wanted to go against the Heaven Dao, and it was to the extent that one’s life might be in jeopardy.

“Hahaha… Even the Heaven Dao isn’t able to allow an oddity like you to exist. Quickly atone for your sins with death!” After being stunned for a moment, Pei Yu and the others suddenly started roaring with laughter, and all of them heaved a sigh of relief.

As they spoke, their figures had already flashed out explosively towards Chen Xi with the intention of annihilating him. They wanted to seize this opportunity where he was weakened to finish him off!


Chen Xi leaped up from the ground before turning and leaving with an extremely swift speed, causing him to vanish in the horizon in the blink of an eye. During the short period of time earlier, he’d only recovered some fatal and heavy injuries, allowing him to be barely able to protect himself.

Now, when facing the counterattack of all these people, he was already powerless to fight them until the end, and he could only temporarily avoid them and recover his injuries while fleeing.

“Give chase!” How could Pei Yu and the other let go of such a good opportunity? Chen Xi was heavily injured and on the verge of death, and it was precisely the best opportunity to kill him. If they were to miss this opportunity, then they would absolutely regret it for their entire lifetime.

At the same time, Bi Lingyun and Qin Xiao soared up and pursued along the traces Chen Xi left behind.

Actually, there was utterly no need for them to distinguish a direction, and they only had to raise their heads and look into the sky. Because along with Chen Xi leaving, the tribulation clouds in the sky had actually moved along with him, and it followed like a shadow that was exceedingly conspicuous.

In other words, no matter where Chen Xi fled or where he hid, so long as they took a glance at the tribulation lightning in the sky, others would be entirely capable of easily noticing his tracks.

Meanwhile, as they looked at the lonely figure that fled for his life while accompanied by tribulation clouds, a trace of horror couldn’t help but arise in the hearts of every single spectator to the battle. If this fellow survives, then what height would he achieve in the future?

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