Chapter 472 – Facing Death

In next to no time, everyone noticed that the explosive increase in Qin Xiao’s strength had come from the golden battle armor on him. The armor emitted a brilliant gold light that formed into nine dragon phantom that was actually like an extremely miraculous blessing that caused his strength to rise explosively.

“What…treasure is this?” Everyone exclaimed with admiration. Qin Xiao was worthy of being the proud genius from a first-rate Dynasty, as not only did he possess the Quasi Immortal Artifact, Mountainform Seal, even the golden battle armor he wore was so formidable, and the resources and reserves he possessed were something that ordinary Dynasties were absolutely unable to compare to.

“Quasi Immortal Artifact — Golden Dragon Armor! The Crown Prince has finally utilized this ultimate weapon.” The nearby Wei Kong’s eyes exploded out with cold lights as he muttered. He was similarly from the Darqin Dynasty, so he was naturally clearly aware how formidable the might of the Golden Dragon Armor was. 

Not only was this battle armor capable of allowing Qin Xiao’s strength to rise explosively as if he possessed the strength of nine dragons, it was an extremely extraordinary defensive magic treasure. Moreover, it was a Quasi Immortal Artifact, causing it to be extremely formidable to the point that one could only dream of utilizing an ordinary magic treasure to penetrate its defenses.

Chen Xi glanced coldly and indifferently at Qin Xiao before turning around once more. He knew that if he was locked in combat with Qin Xiao, then he would probably fall into a hopeless situation. At that time, even if they didn’t kill him, the descending tribulation lightning in the sky would be sufficient to crush him into powder.

“Thinking of escaping, dream on!” Qin Xiao blocked Chen Xi’s path, and he held the Mountainform Seal in his hand before smashing it at Chen Xi.

Meanwhile, Bi Lingyun had seized this opportunity to charge over as well. She’d transformed into the form of the peerless flying beast, Inferno Crane, her single leg emanated blazing rays of light that flickered with talisman markings and emitted the profundities of Grand Daos as it tore through the sky towards him like an attack from a god of devils that intended to claw Chen Xi apart. This sort of scene and might that was caused solely by her own strength was similarly terrifying to the extreme.

“No one can stop me! I’ll overcome the Rebirth Tribulation today right in front of all of you!” Chen Xi gritted his teeth as he took the strike head on, and a surging and blazing wave of flame swept out from the Flaming Peacock Fan to collide with it.


The battle between the three of them shook the heavens and the earth, causing rays of lights to charge out and shake the skies while violent gales blew, and it obliterated the land while crushing space, clearly revealing how terrifying and violent the battle was.

“There’s finally someone who can go against Chen Xi…” The spectators in the distance heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts when they saw this scene. If Chen Xi was allowed to move freely and look down upon everyone, then they would really fear for their ability to accept all this while not being shocked to death.

But even then, Chen Xi’s display was enough to shock them all. He’d gone against two top experts by himself while being beneath the threat of the Rebirth Tribulation, yet was still able to prevent himself from falling into a disadvantaged situation during the battle, and this obviously showed exactly how terrifying his strength was.


Suddenly, a figure flashed through the sky while standing on a golden ray of light that pierced through the sky and emitted a dazzling golden brilliance, it was like a god had descended into the violent battle while swinging his sword.

“Pei Yu!”

“The Quasi Immortal Artifact, Skysorrow Sword!”

“Hasn’t this fellow already become extremely weak from expending his Blood Essence and lifespan as offering to the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree? How did he instantly recover to his peak state? Could it be that he consumed some sort of rare spirit pill?”

As they looked at Pei Yu’s figure that raged with Sword Insight and was in even higher spirits than before while joining the battle with the Skysorrow Sword in hand, all the spectators of the battle were shocked in their hearts, and they were unable to wrap their heads around why the extremely weak Pei Yu would be able to suddenly recover to his previous state.

Pei Yu’s mighty entrance instantly caused Chen Xi’s situation to become dangerous and turn precarious.

It couldn’t be helped. The three of them could be said to be the three most formidable geniuses amongst those who had entered the Isle of Fallen Treasures. One held the Mountainform Seal while wearing the Golden Dragon Armor, causing him to be powerful and overbearing. The other had transformed into her true form, the peerless flying beast Inferno Crane, and her sole leg was like the hand of a devil god that tore apart the heavens and the earth. The final one amongst the three had recovered his vital energy to his peak state, and he held the Skysorrow Sword in hand while emanating killing intent that shot into the sky.

At this moment, their might when they’d joined forces was sufficient to easily annihilate a Rebirth Realm expert. If it was during normal conditions, Chen Xi would have the strength to go against them. But at this moment, he was enveloped by the dual tribulations of rebirth, causing him to suffer troubles both internally and externally, and he instantly fell into great danger.


After a life and death struggle, Chen Xi and Qin Xiao were both blasted flying. A bloody battle like this was extremely dangerous, as martial techniques and magic treasures raged about like torrents while brilliant lights covered the heavens and the earth, and it was an extremely intense scene.

A sharp sound tore through the sky, and Bi Lingyun had pounced over right away when she saw Chen Xi being blasted flying.

The Inferno Crane was a flying beast of ancient times, an existence that had once torn gods apart, according to rumor. As a descendant of such a beast that possessed a pure bloodline, Bi Lingyun’s strength was naturally formidable to the extreme. The scales of her sole leg glowed while enshrouded with Dao Insights, causing it to be brilliant and glittering. Even a mountain could be easily torn into powder under a single claw of hers, and if Chen Xi was clawed by her, he would surely be torn into a pile of flesh on the spot.


In this extremely critical situation, Chen Xi counterattacked with his left hand and used his fist to meet the Inferno Crane’s exceedingly sharp and enormous claw head on. The collision of the two instantly emanated boundless blazing rays of light.

Moreover, Chen Xi was shaken by this strike to the point blood sprayed endlessly out of his mouth, and he’d suffered a heavy injury.


The Inferno Crane’s gaze was piercingly gold as its green and brilliant wings spun around before it swooped over once more, and it gave rise to a ferocious gale that caused the heavens and the earth to tremble.


Numerous dazzling talisman markings flashed into appearance on its body. These talisman markings were the Grand Dao brands the peerless flying beast was born with, and it contained supreme profundities that emitted a myriad of brilliant lights as soon as it was executed.

The sound of the Dao that seemed like the chanting of gods could be heard faintly, causing the heavens to shake and the world to resonate. After that, this sound started becoming louder to the point of being like ripples that undulated and gushed towards Chen Xi.

This was the Inferno Crane’s Innate Dao Art, a soundwave attack, and it was capable of heavily injuring the soul up to directly annihilating one’s soul. At this moment, this soundwave transformed into a ripple that caused piece after piece of space to explode open the instant it spread out, and numerous mountains transformed into powder successively. A light ripple was capable of causing the heavens and the earth to go dim!


Chen Xi felt apprehensive as his Eye of Divine Truth had noticed danger, and his struck out repeatedly with his left hand to condense countless thunderstorm vortexes that surged out before colliding with the Inferno Crane’s soundwave ripples and collapsing along with it.

All the spectators were terrified in their hearts. This level of battle simply caused them to feel despair, as it had already attained the limit allowed by the Golden Core Realm. How can others be a match for such strength? Just going against it would mean death!

Chen Xi and Bi Lingyun were locked in battle, both of them charged up and collided successively with each other before being blasted flying in unison.

Moreover, at this moment, Qin Xiao and Pei Yu had charged over once more, and the successive head on collisions caused Chen Xi’s injuries to become even more severe. Besides that, there were over 10 crisscrossed cracks that dripped with blood on his body that were the most obvious, and if this continued, he’d probably be directly split apart.

The situation was very adverse. Chen Xi was completely covered in blood as he fell into a dangerous situation. No matter how formidable he was, he’d suffered heavy and severe injuries to the point his body was almost in ruins, and it was extremely likely that he would fall right here and now from being sieged by three top experts.

Most terrifying of it all was the tribulation flames in his body blazed more and more brilliantly, causing his golden core to melt into a ball of liquid that floated where it used to stand, and if it was burned a step further, it might be completely incinerated to nothingness by the tribulation flames.

Once the golden core was destroyed, it was no different than the Dao Foundation being destroyed. At that time, not to mention continuing to cultivate, it would be difficult for him to even survive.

In the sky, the surging tribulation clouds grew more and more condensed, and the lightning within it had even transformed into pagodas, bells, cauldrons, furnaces, seals, and other weapons that were used to crush an enemy. However, even though the energy of destruction it emitted grew more and more terrifying, it just happened to not send down any tribulation lightning up until now, and it seemed to be accumulating strength and caused one’s scalp to go numb from just the thought of this.

What’s going on? The tribulation lightning isn’t descending after so long. How am I supposed to overcome it? Chen Xi pondered as he fought his formidable enemies. Blood flowed out from the corners of his mouth as he exerted all his strength to urge out the potential in his entire body with the intention of making the tribulation lightning descend.


Chen Xi was struck on the back by Qin Xiao’s Mountainform Seal, causing him to be blasted flying and shattered an enormous rock on his way before his entire body was smashed into the dirt, causing bloodstains to mottle the ground.

The Inferno Crane plunged down with the intention of adding on another claw and finishing Chen Xi before seizing the Flaming Peacock Fan.

Chen Xi was furious. He’d originally hoped to overcome the tribulation while in battle before crushing all the experts that besieged him, yet never had he expected that only the tribulation flames were incinerating his body, yet the tribulation lightning hadn’t descended after so long, and this caused his plans to be unable to be carried out after so long. Now he was even forced into a hopeless situation and was about to face the calamity of death, so how could he not be furious?

At this moment, he felt as if even the heavens were going against him!

Chen Xi was indeed furious, furious to the point even his spirit, energy, and essence revealed traces of going berserk. His back had almost been shattered inch by inch by Qin Xiao’s Mountainform Seal, causing fresh blood to gurgle out. Moreover, it consumed too much of his Shaman Energy to repair, causing him to completely lose the strength to battle.

Dammit! Since the heavens won’t help me, I’ll use their strengths to forcefully charge through! Chen Xi gritted his teeth as a trace of madness flashed in his eyes, and his gaze contained a wisp of ruthlessness and a strand of resolution.


Meanwhile, the Inferno Crane’s claw had already torn through the sky to arrive before him and caused violent winds to rage in the surroundings. Merely the strength that effused out from the claw had already caused an enormous pit to shatter open on the ground.


Chen Xi raised his head abruptly before stretching out his hand to grab directly onto the enormous claw of the Inferno Crane. At the same time, the sound of thunder rumbled all around him as numerous thunderstorm vortexes appeared successively, and they revolved madly as they started to absorb the quintessence within the Inferno Crane’s body.

“You’re just an ant from an ordinary Dynasty! It doesn’t matter no matter how formidable your cultivation is! Since you dare offend the dignity of this Crown Prince, no one in the entire world can save you! Die!” At the same time, Qin Xiao had charged over as well like an overlord that had descended into the world, and he directly struck out at Chen Xi.


Chen Xi forcefully received this strike with his other hand before grabbing onto Qin Xiao’s hand, and he similarly mobilized thunderstorm vortexes to madly swallow the quintessence within Qin Xiao’s body.

The Divine Ability Stellar Lightningform was a terrifying Divine Ability that came from within the bones of a Roc, and it contained boundless might and encompassed the Grand Dao Insights of lightning, water, and devour. It was capable of swallowing everything in the world and even devouring the attacks of one’s enemy before refining the energy devoured into True Essence, Shaman Energy, vital energy, and so on and so forth that would be absorbed into the body, causing it to be exceedingly profound.

However, this Divine Ability depended on circumstances as well. Just as his Third Senior Brother had said, if the enemy was sufficiently strong, then forcefully devouring and refining the enemy’s strength would be extremely dangerous instead, and it would very easily result in the collapse of one’s body, causing one to die a graveless death.

“You’re courting death!” Both Bi Lingyun and Qin Xiao sneered at the same time. Both of them had great backgrounds, so how could they not know the profundity of such a Divine Ability? Even though they were secretly shocked that Chen Xi had actually mastered the rare Devour Dao Insight, they weren’t worried in the slightest. Because Chen Xi’s strength had already weakened, he was someone that was about to die. They only had to mobilize their own strength and cause him to fail in the devouring of their strength, and this would cause him to destroy himself from the backlash!

On the other side, Pei Yu had stopped his attacks as he’d already perceived that Chen Xi would die without a doubt, and he wasn’t willing to take any risks. After all, if he were to force Chen Xi to detonate his golden core, it would be anything but good.

Unfortunately, what he didn’t know was that Chen Xi’s golden core had already been transformed into liquid by the tribulation flames. Moreover, it was on the verge of being incinerated and evaporated into nothingness. So it was impossible to detonate it any longer.

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