Chapter 471 – Unusual Change In The Tribulation Lightning

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Chen Xi’s entire body was enveloped by an extremely scorching and blazing airflow, whereas the surroundings of the golden core within his Dantian was surging and coiled with translucent tribulation flames. Wind and fire howled while his golden core emitted an extremely dazzling and brilliant glow, and it even faintly showed signs of melting.

The dark clouds in the sky above him roiled as crimson red bolts of lightning danced about violently, and the golden core within his body was blazing with flames as if it was being incinerated.

All of these were signs that both Rebirth Tribulations were about to arrive.

If it was said that the advancement into the Golden Core Realm allowed cultivators to possess the ‘roots of the heavens and the earth’ and ceased floating indeterminately on the path to the Dao, then experiencing the Rebirth Tribulation was an advancement of the essence of a cultivator’s life, and it allowed a cultivator’s soul to transform and condense a Soul Core. So long as the Soul Core remained intact, the cultivator’s life would never fade away, and even if the cultivator’s body was destroyed, the body of another could be seized to achieve rebirth!

But overcoming the dual Rebirth Tribulations wasn’t an easy thing. Conversely, the Rebirth Tribulations were extremely dangerous, and the slightest carelessness would possibly cause one’s Dao Foundation and soul to be incinerated by the tribulation flames, while one’s body would be struck apart by the tribulation lightning, causing it to be extremely dangerous.

Simply speaking, when one tried to overcome the Rebirth Tribulation, one would either be reborn and undergo a transformation or be obliterated directly and perish completely. There wasn’t a third choice.

Chen Xi naturally understood the various dangers when overcoming the Rebirth Tribulation. But he couldn’t care about all this at this moment, because the siege of the numerous experts had already covered the heavens and the earth and struck towards him. 



Martial techniques, magic treasures, and Divine Abilities that were like a tempestuous storm traversed the sky and interweaved together into a dense net of light that poured down towards Chen Xi.

This strike gathered the terrifying strength of a few tens of genius experts, and it wasn’t inferior to the vast scene of 10,000 arrows being released in unison. It was sufficient to destroy a city or stronghold, crush a mountain or river, and its impetus was terrifying to the extreme.

“Break apart!” Chen Xi’s entire body was burning as his being was like a furnace that was blazing extremely exuberantly, and the Flaming Peacock Fan in his hand swept out to explode out with flames that shot into the sky. He possessed an imposing aura as if he was able to slaughter a great number while facing a powerful army, and his killing intent charged into the sky.

He’d already made up his mind that he would overcome the tribulation while slaughtering, so how could he be thrown into disorder by this and cower? Slaughter was rebirth, and so long as the tribulation didn’t end, neither would the slaughter!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous magic treasures exploded in midair and transformed into powder as various martial techniques and Divine Abilities were drowned by the sea of lava before being easily destroyed.

This scene was slightly terrifying, as all those magic treasures were top-grade heaven-rank Magic Treasures, whereas all those martial techniques and Divine Abilities were of the perfect level. Otherwise, how could it possess the might to destroy a city or stronghold and crush a mountain or river? Yet now, everything was obstructed and was shattered into powder and incinerated into nothingness by the monstrous sea of lava.

All the experts in the distance revealed shocked expressions. Chen Xi is really shocking. Even if he’s facing the dual tribulations of Rebirth, he’s still able to explode out with such a terrifying might. If he’s able to successfully overcome the tribulation, then exactly how terrifying would his strength become?

“We absolutely can’t allow him to succeed!” Pei Yu cried out loudly and seemed to be in a state of madness. He’d already wasted a Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, yet was still unable to annihilate Chen Xi. If Chen Xi was allowed to successfully overcome the tribulation, then their lives would probably be accompanied by nightmares forever.

He would absolutely not allow that situation to occur, nor could he accept such a situation occurring, as just thinking about it caused him to feel terrified.


An enormous mountain was pulled out of the ground and flew towards Chen Xi before crushing down upon him. This was a seal, the Quasi Immortal Artifact of Qin Xiao, and it was called Mountainform Seal. At this moment, the seal had formed into a mountain the surged with talisman markings while rosy clouds rose from it. There were luxuriant ancient trees and enormous vines standing tall on it, and there were even various beasts flying and moving about on it. It was filled with vitality and vividly revealed the vast aura that belonged to a Quasi Immortal Artifact.

This enormous seal smashed down while filled with vitality, causing it to seem like a true mountain world smashing down, and it emitted a terrifying aura and a myriad of auspicious rays of light as it moved to crush Chen Xi.

Obviously, Qin Xiao had perceived as well that if they didn’t annihilate Chen Xi now, they wouldn’t have another chance in the future. So he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to utilize his Quasi Immortal Artifact, the Mountainform Seal, with the hope of completely stopping Chen Xi’s footsteps that moved towards the Rebirth Realm.

“Break apart!” Chen Xi’s gaze were like bolts of lightning as he roared loudly, and the jet black hair that covered his head stood on end as the vital energy in his entire body surged, causing him to emit a majestic and powerful imposing aura and the spirit of looking down on all beings in the world.


An expanse of a surging sea of flames appeared and fiercely swept into the sky, and then it collided with the mountain. The mountains and rocks transformed into powder as the ancient trees turned to ash, and everything exploded apart.

The Flaming Peacock Fan was a Quasi Immortal Artifact as well. When utilized in the hands of Chen Xi, the might it revealed was countless times stronger than when it was utilized by Xu Lengye, and it directly blasted Qin Xiao’s Mountainform Seal flying. Moreover, the surface of the Mountainform Seal became dim and lusterless, and it simply seemed too weak to go against Chen Xi.

Everyone was extremely shocked. He’s too strong. Two Quasi Immortal Artifacts collided with each other, yet Qin Xiao obviously seems to have fallen into a disadvantaged position, and it’s even to the extent then he isn’t able to go against a single move of Chen Xi’s!

Hmm? Chen Xi was just about to seize this opportunity to charge and slaughter when he suddenly sensed that something was off. The golden core in his body emitted crackling sounds as it shook violently, and it was actually burned by the tribulation flames to the point it was on the verge of transforming into liquid and evaporating.

He originally intended to wait for when both the Rebirth Tribulations descended to rely on the energy of slaughter to resist the tribulation flames. However, the tribulation lightning in the sky hadn’t descended, yet the tribulation flames here had suddenly become violent instead. This suddenly change of events forced him to have no choice but to divert his attention and suppress the tribulation flames within his entire strength.

So everyone saw a strange scene. Chen Xi’s body was raging with tribulation flames, yet the sky above him was covered in dark clouds that surged with crimson bolts of lightning, but not a strand of tribulation lightning descended.

“How strange. Look, the tribulation lightning Chen Xi drew over has actually formed into an army of lightning weapons, and it has transformed into lightning pikes, lightning swords, lightning spears, lightning halberds…”

“My god! It can’t be, right? I heard that the stronger one’s strength was when overcoming the tribulation, the more terrifying the tribulation lightning one would encounter. This tribulation lightning this fellow drew out has actually transformed into various lightning weapons. Doesn’t this mean that this fellow’s strength is already strong to the point of being capable of looking down on everyone, otherwise how could he possibly give rise to such a terrifying tribulation lightning?”

“Indeed. The tribulation lightning is capable of sensing the strength of a cultivator before sending down a tribulation lightning that’s sufficient to kill the cultivator. Now, this tribulation lightning is so vast, and it’s obviously because Chen Xi’s strength is too formidable and caused such a shocking change to occur in it.”

The hearts of all the spectators in the distance shuddered when they saw this time, and then they moved back. Most of them were about to advance to the Rebirth Realm, and they were deeply afraid that the aura of Chen Xi’s tribulation would affect their own, as they’d be helpless once their own tribulations were drawn over.

“Quickly! Attack him with all your might! The tribulation flames have already started to incinerate his golden core, so we’ll seize this opportunity to reap his life!” The group of people shouted out furiously as they went all out and risked their lives against Chen Xi.


The Flaming Peacock Fan danced about violently as a surging sea of flame swept out, causing a few people to be immediately enveloped by the sea of flames and explode into blood and pieces of bones before being completely burned into ash.

Even though he was in extreme danger from both inside and out, Chen Xi’s attacks still remained ruthless and decisive like an asura that swept through the world, and he bathed in the blood of his enemies as he moved forward, and no one was capable of stopping his footsteps.

At this moment, the tribulation clouds in the sky grew more and more numerous, the crimson lightning roared as lightning surged and became clearer and clearer, and it was like a treasured sword was hovering above his head. Even though it hadn’t descended for a long time, the destructive force emitted by it that intended to annihilate everything was sufficient to collapse one’s fighting spirit and cause the guard around one’s mind to crumble.

Chen Xi was naturally affected as well as the aura of danger he perceived grew thicker and thicker, but he was unrestrained and had placed his entire mind and body into the battle.

The tribulation flames burned his body, yet were unable to stop his footsteps.

The tribulation lightning floated in the sky, yet was unable to shackle his soul.

He seemed to have completely forgotten the existence of both the Rebirth Tribulations, or perhaps it was precisely because he knew that he was in an extremely dangerous situation that he would act so resolutely.


At this moment, there were numerous enemies besieging him from outside, while the tribulation had descended within his body. If even his heart was in disorder, then how would he survive?

He wanted to slaughter out a path of blood, slaughter his way up into the sky, slaughter to the point no one was capable of obstructing him. As for whether he was able to successfully overcome the tribulation or not, that could be decided after the slaughter!

Chen Xi carried out a slaughter that swept out in all directions while feeling extraordinary pain from the tribulation flames that burned within him. His golden core was about to be destroyed, his Dao Foundation about to collapse, yet he seemed as if he didn’t notice in the slightest, and his expression was calm and indifferent as before while he stepped forward.

Wei Muyun died miserably.

Leng Qianqiu died miserably.

All the genius experts of the Eastern Summer Dynasty and Skywolf Kingdom that had entered the Isle of Fallen Treasures were annihilated.

This was a path of blood where slaughter and tribulation were present together, and it had transformed into the horrifying calamity before their eyes, causing everyone that saw this scene to feel their entire bodies go icy cold as if they’d fallen into an icy pit. He’s even unafraid of the tribulation and has even become indifferent to life and death. Is such a person…still human?

Suddenly, an extremely formidable aura assaulted him from the shadows, and Chen Xi slapped out with a flip of his hand and collided with the attack. It was like a volcano had erupted as brilliant lights shot out while rumbling echoed in the sky, and infinite waves of air swept out.

“What?! Someone stopped Chen Xi!” Everyone in the distance was shocked, and they stared their eyes wide open as they looked over. Instantly, they saw clearly that the person who made a move was shockingly the descendant of the peerless flying beast, Inferno Crane, the Century Pool Dynasty’s Bi Lingyun.

Presently, she’d already transformed into an Inferno Crane. Her green wings were like glass while her entire body emitted a brilliant and dazzling glow, causing her to seem like a king of flying beasts that wanted to annihilate Chen Xi.

“It’s you!” Chen Xi frowned with indifference. This woman hadn’t made a move since the beginning, yet had chosen to make a move at this moment. Obviously, she’d perceived that he was already on the verge of suffering the tribulation, and she intended to complexly exterminate him.

“Hand over the Flaming Peacock Fan and I’ll leave right away.” Bi Lingyun’s clear eyes were calm as the wings and feathers on her entire body fluttered with a green brilliance, and she revealed an extremely terrifying aura.

“Taking advantage of the situation?” Chen Xi sneered and couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath on her before turning around and moving to slaughter those at the side.

After the battle was carried out up until now, less than 10 people remained in the battlefield. But all of them were extremely formidable. For example, Bi Lingyun, Qin Xiao, Pei Yu, Wei Kong, Cheng Feng, and the various other genius experts that had come from first-rate Dynasties, the Darxuan and Darqian Dynasties.


Suddenly, the sky shook as a figure charged over like a bolt of lightning to block Chen Xi’s path, and as he charged over, he emitted an extremely fierce aura and monstrous killing intent.

Shockingly, it was Qin Xiao. He’d suddenly put on a golden battle armor that emitted a brilliant golden radiance that transformed into nine roaring golden dragons that whistled about around him, causing him to seem like a god that commanded dragons in battle.


Qin Xiao and Chen Xi collided head on and instantly caused a terrifying wave of air to erupt and sweep towards the surroundings, causing the heavens to shudder as the earth cracked open. This strike was extremely terrifying and seemed capable of collapsing the heavens and shattering the earth.

Everyone in the distance was instantly shocked. Qin Xiao’s cultivation seemed to have suddenly risen explosively by a few times, causing him to actually seem on par with Chen Xi after their head on collision, and he didn’t seem to fall into a disadvantaged position as he had before.

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