Chapter 470 – Both Tribulations Arriving In Unison

Killing intent blazed up in the hearts of all the experts as they rose up to battle, and all of them wanted to annihilate Chen Xi.

Because they knew clearly that they’d become utter enemies with Chen Xi today, and if they allowed him to live, then to what extent would he grow to in the future? Just thinking about it caused them to feel terrified.


The Talisman Armament in his hand let out a clear howl. Chen Xi’s gaze was like bolts of lightning as the corners of his mouth was suffused with coldness and he was the first to launch an attack. He’d even fought the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, so what was there to fear?

The battle erupted instantly.

Chen Xi’s entire strength had recovered to its peak state, so he naturally wouldn’t hold back in the slightest any longer, nor would he be benevolent and merciful, and he charged into the crowd before giving rise to a rain of blood.

It could be said that so long as they didn’t utilize a great weapon like the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, Chen Xi’s strength was absolutely capable of crushing everyone that possessed a similar cultivation as him, and he was almost invincible. Not to mention these genius experts of the various Dynasties, he would even kill Rebirth Realm experts without the slightest hesitation! In merely an instant, a few bloody heads had flown up into the sky, and they died with everlasting regret.

At this moment, Chen Xi was like a devil as he struck mercilessly and swept through all his enemies. He’d recalled everything he’d encountered earlier and recalled the savage cold smiles these fellows revealed when they intended to kill him, and the killing intent in his heart blazed even brighter.


Chen Xi swung his sword to slash the person before him into two, and then he directly arrived before Cui Xiuhong as he swept out his sword towards him.

Early on when he saw Chen Xi resisting the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree and surviving, Cui Xiuhong was already shocked to the point of being stupefied, terrified, and uneasy. At this moment, how could he dare go head on against Chen Xi? So he immediately turned and dodged to the side.

“Thinking of fleeing? Let me see who can save you today!” Chen Xi gnashed his teeth with hatred towards this person, so how could he let him escape so easily? Chen Xi flipped his left hand right away, causing the Flaming Peacock Fan to float up into appearance, and then he fanned it out fiercely.


A sea of flames surged out like lava, and it transformed into a torrent that swept out towards Cui Xiuhong. Not to mention Cui Xiuhong, even a Rebirth Realm expert would be extremely fearful of the might emitted by a Quasi Immortal Artifact like this.

After all, the Sword Crazy Kid, Taishu Huarong had advanced to the Rebirth Realm, and he was even the number one figure in the younger generation of the Snowray Dynasty, yet he still perished miserably beneath the monstrous sea of flames emitted by the Flaming Peacock Fan.

Even though Cui Xiuhong was from a first-rate Dynasty, how could his strength possibly compare with Taishu Huarong? He was instantly drowned by the sea of flame, and he became a flaming figure that ceaselessly emitted shrill and miserable cries.

Cui Xiuhong was instantly incinerated into nothingness. Cui Xiuhong was a person that harbored evil intentions, drove wedges between people, and was both vicious and malicious. At this moment, Chen Xi naturally wouldn’t feel pity when Cui Xiuhong was killed within the sea of flames.

“Kill!” Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent as he continued charging forward and slashed off numerous heads. Corpses piled upon each other behind him as he forcefully slaughtered out a true path of blood.

“You’re too arrogant, and you’ll surely be slaughtered by the experts of my Snowray Dynasty!” A genius expert roared loudly. He was the last disciple of the Snowray Dynasty that had entered the Isle of Fallen Treasures this time. His companions had either died early like Taishu Huarong at the hands of Chen Xi or had been mercilessly slaughtered by Chen Xi now, and only he remained.


Chen Xi’s figure was like a bolt of lightning as the Starsky Wings flapped behind him. In the next moment, he’d already arrived before this person and penetrated his throat with a single strike, causing blood to spray out as his corpse fell to the ground.

At this moment, all the genius experts of the Snowray Dynasty that had entered the Isle of Fallen Treasures had perished.

The expressions of the genius experts of the Skywolf Dynasty, Eastern Summer Dynasty, and the other Dynasties went grim when they saw this scene. The Snowray Dynasty suffering a calamity seemed to forebode ill, and they wondered if they would be sought out by Chen Xi and completely wiped out.

“Kill!” When they thought up to here, everyone went mad and fought with their lives on the line.

However, to their despair, Chen Xi was too formidable. With the Quasi Immortal Artifact, Flaming Peacock Fan, in hand, he simply seemed to be matchless. Not only were they unable to kill him, he’d seized this opportunity to kill a few more of them instead.

In the time of a few breaths, only two genius experts of the Skywolf Dynasty remained.

All the spectators in the distance gasped in their hearts when they saw this scene, and they felt their scalps go numb. Never had they imagined after Chen Xi narrowly escaped death, he actually became more valiant as the battle progressed, and his strength became stronger and stronger. After the Snowray Dynasty, the Skywolf Dynasty’s genius experts were about to be wiped out by him, and such a combat strength was too terrifying!

Right at this moment, the last two genius experts of the Skywolf Dynasty revealed resolute expressions, and they looked at Chen Xi as they pounced at him while laughing madly. “If we’re going to die, then everyone will die with us!”


This area of the heavens and the earth exploded abruptly, causing waves of air to shake the sky and True Essence to rumble in the air. It was like two volcanos had suddenly erupted and two mushroom clouds shot into the sky. Not only was Chen Xi blasted flying by this explosion, even a few nearby genius experts of the other Dynasties that were directly blasted apart, and they hadn’t even made a sound before transforming into a mist of blood.

“How ruthless!” The hearts of all the experts trembled as they shuddered. Those two people had actually detonated their golden cores and abandoned their lives, and no one could avoid being moved by such ruthless and resolute methods.

“Are you dead? If you aren’t, then fucking show yourself!” Qin Xiao roared ferociously. The energy of the explosion from before had blasted apart a few genius experts of his Darqin Dynasty, so how could Qin Xiao not be enraged?

Pei Yu possessed a great weapon like the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree in his possession, and he, Qin Xiao, naturally possessed one as well. But it wasn’t a Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, but a Soulwipe Divine Needle refined by a Heavenly Immortal. It was extremely overbearing and capable of eliminating the soul of a person, causing the person to forever be unable to be reborn.

Chen Xi had indeed suffered a heavy injury from this explosion, and his body was covered in blood and had almost been split apart, causing it to seem as if spiderwebs had spread all over his body. Even someone as strong as him with a body that was hard as a rock was heavily injured like this, and this obviously showed exactly how terrifying the might of a golden core being detonated was.

Chen Xi gritted his teeth while his lips pursed together, and he seriously reflected on what had happened. He felt he’d been slightly careless and thought that after he destroyed the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, the remaining people were nothing to fear, and it had almost caused him to lose his life in battle.

Exactly. His injuries were too severe, his body was in a terrible state and almost broke apart, causing him to be utterly incapable of completely repairing his body in a short period of time while relying on his body refinement cultivation.

“Very good. Since you haven’t died, it’s just nice for me to annihilate you with the Soulwipe Divine Needle and cause you to perish forever from this world!” The Darqin Dynasty’s Crown Prince, Qin Xiao, spoke coldly.

The experts in the distance were stunned as they never imagined this battle would be so full of twists and turns, and it had actually turned around once more. Chen Xi, who originally had only a slim chance of survival, was finally able to survive in the end, yet never had they imagined that he would actually unexpectedly suffer a heavy injury now and once again fall into danger.

“Want to kill me? Impossible!” Chen Xi was fearless as the essence, spirit, and energy in his entire body burned, and then surging Shaman Energy repaired his body as all the potential within his body exploded out.


At the same time, an expanse of dark clouds that were jet black like ink suddenly surged over in the sky, and it roiled without end while enveloping the sky above Chen Xi. Crimson red bolts of lightning that were dazzling like fireworks interweaved with each other within the dark cloud, and it emitted a destructive force that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

“Eh, that’s…”

“Heavens! What’s going on? This is a tribulation cloud! Could it be that this fellow wants to overcome the tribulation while in battle?”

Everyone that witnessed this scene was dumbstruck. Even though numerous cracks had appeared on Chen Xi’s body, causing it to be on the verge of splitting apart, but there was a scorching and vast aura raging within his body.

Shockingly, that aura was the tribulation flames within the depths of his body, and it conformed to the tribulation clouds that appeared in the sky. Thus, how could everyone be unable to guess what was going on? These were the two tribulations that one had to face when charging into the Rebirth Realm!

Even Chen Xi himself was stunned, as he hadn’t imagined that his actions of exerting all his strength to arouse his potential would actually draw the Rebirth Tribulation completely. But he’d perceived that this scene would occur since the beginning of the battle, so he wasn’t anxious in his heart.

Exactly. He’d planned long ago that if the tribulation occurred in battle, he would slaughter while overcoming the tribulation of Rebirth!

A phoenix bathed in flames to achieve rebirth, a caterpillar bound itself in a cocoon to transform into a butterfly. He, Chen Xi, would go against the heavens and the earth in his most fearless state. So long as one’s heart was free from flaws, then why would one have to worry about where one’s tribulation occurred?

“Has he gone mad!?” Everyone cried out with shock, and they didn’t dare believe their eyes.

Normally, every single person would search for an extremely safe place to overcome the tribulation and ask experts to stand guard for them, as they were deeply afraid that any accidents that disturbed their effort to overcome the tribulation would appear. However, Chen Xi acted in the opposite, and he actually wanted to overcome the Rebirth Tribulation while being besieged by numerous people. Was such an action any different from self destruction?

Everyone was unable to believe that Chen Xi would actually be stupid to the point of doing such a thing no matter how they racked their brains. Could it be that he has really gone mad?

“Quickly! Seize this opportunity to annihilate him!” Qin Xiao was extremely happy, as he felt even the heavens couldn’t bear to look at Chen Xi’s arrogance, so he shouted out loudly and called out to the others to ask them to go all out and annihilate Chen Xi.

“Something’s not right! He seems to be extremely confident towards overcoming the tribulation. If he’s really able to overcome both the tribulations and advance to the Rebirth Realm, then it would absolutely be a calamity. Even though the chances of such a situation occurring is tiny, we have to take precautions against it!” Bi Lingyun’s clear eyes spun and were suffused with a sheen of wisdom, and she seemed to have seen through Chen Xi’s thoughts, causing her to speak out in a heavy tone.

Everyone else was instantly shocked when they heard this. Right, if by any chance Chen Xi advanced to the Rebirth Realm in battle, then his strength will probably rise explosively to a terrifying height. At that time, how would we face it? They simply didn’t dare imagine it anymore.

All the experts in the distance were stunned, and they felt Bi Lingyun’s words conformed most closely to Chen Xi’s current state. After all, he’d already suffered a heavy injury, and even if he persisted in the battle, he would probably be unable to avoid death. Perhaps it was precisely because of this that Chen Xi would think of overcoming the Rebirth Tribulation and seek a chance a survival within a hopeless situation, right?


In the sky, the dark clouds roiled and roared endlessly as crimson red bolts of lightning flickered within it like flaming serpents that were dancing madly, and it was filled with a terrifying destructive force that caused the heavens and the earth to tremble without end.

This was the true might of the heavens, a punishment that came from the Heaven Dao. Under the envelopment of this type of heavenly might, everything in the world would be in a suppressed state and feel horrified and uneasy.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s entire body was enveloped in a scorching aura as if he’d caught fire, and the shocking waves of heat caused even the surrounding space to warp and become blurry.

“Quickly, kill him! No matter what, seizing this moment to kill him is absolutely not a wrong move. Otherwise, once he’s allowed to luckily overcome the tribulation, then none of us will be able to survive!” Qin Xiao shouted out loudly when he saw this scene.

“Kill!” Everyone launched an attack. They understood that they couldn’t delay any longer and had to disrupt Chen Xi’s efforts to overcome the tribulation and cause him to either die miserably at their hands or be directly annihilated by the dual Rebirth Tribulations. They just couldn’t allow him to safely overcome the tribulation successfully.

Instantly, a myriad of various magic treasures, martial techniques, and Divine Abilities converged together and were like a rainbow that shot through the sun, and they interweaved together to form a dense net of light that seemed like the laws of the world were striking down to annihilate Chen Xi. 

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