Chapter 469 – A Slim Chance of Survival

At this instant, everyone present thought that Chen Xi would die without a doubt.

Because the might of the final strike of the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree would surely be terrifying to the extreme, and there was probably rarely anyone amongst the cultivators of the world that were capable of going against it.

Time seemed to have frozen at this moment, and it became slow.

Chen Xi raised his head and was able to clearly see the ‘’ character that blotted out the sky was completely soaked in fresh blood as it struck down at him, whereas the distant Pei Yu, Cui Xiuhong, and the others seemed to think that he would die for sure and revealed savage and delighted expressions.

Besides that, the expressions of Qin Xiao, Bi Lingyun, and the others carried ridicule, mocking, disdain, and indifference… It seemed…as if everyone was only too anxious for him to die as soon as possible.

Chen Xi was like a lone wolf that had fallen deep into a hopeless situation. At this moment, his mind was extraordinarily calm, and he lightly puckered his mouth that was overflowing with blood and paid no further attention to these detestable enemies of his. He instead stared fixedly with a burning gaze at the ‘’ character that descended from the sky, and his face was covered in an unyielding and stubborn expression.


The ‘’ character emitted its final brilliance and flooded the entire surroundings. No one was able to see what happened clearly, and they were only able to sense a powerful force spread out.

Even though his life was in danger, Chen Xi was still trying hard. His arms swung into the sky and exploded out with a dazzling thunderstorm vortex that struck towards the ‘’ character.

Unfortunately, the final strike of this Heavenly Immortal’s Decree was too terrifying, and it was practically capable of annihilating most cultivators in the world. Even though the thunderstorm vortex was formidable, yet after it collided with the ‘’ character, it was easily crushed and annihilated like a piece of paper, and it was incapable of obstructing it in the slightest.

When he saw this, Chen Xi was ready to risk everything, and he fearlessly exhausted all his strength to squeeze out all the Shaman Energy in his body and blast countless thunderstorm vortexes out once again.

However, it was still too weak. It practically didn’t cause the ‘’ character to be affected in the slightest, and the ‘’ character charged through the layer after layer of obstruction to arrive before Chen Xi and strike down towards him!

Has this moment finally arrived? Chen Xi raised his head and looked towards the ‘’ character that had descended from the sky and was right before him. His eyes were still unyielding as he still hadn’t extinguished the firm will in his heart.

Even if he would surely die in the end, he wouldn’t compromise or show weakness in the slightest. This was his unyieldingness towards his own life. So long as his back remained straight, the heavens and the earth were incapable of making him submit!

Right at this extremely critical moment, Chen Xi suddenly felt his chest blazing extremely, and a terrifying aura suffused out as strands of divine light were emitted and grabbed onto the ‘’ character.

It was as if there was a black hole on his chest, and it swallowed madly, causing Chen Xi to suddenly feel as if he was burning within a furnace while his entire chest was emitting lava. The exceedingly scorching and blazing energy caused him to be unable to refrain from crying out in pain, and his body felt as if it was about to explode.

“AHHHH!” Within the boundless dazzling brilliance, Chen Xi’s cry of pain resounded out.

Everyone that was spectating the battle from the distance sighed in their hearts. What a pity! Such a talented and brilliant figure has died here! There was no need for them to think any further because he’d surely been annihilated by the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree.

Pei Yu laughed coldly, Cui Xiuhong laughed coldly, Wei Muyun laughed coldly… Everyone from the three groups and the genius experts from the Skywolf Dynasty, Snowray Dynasty, Eastern Summer Dynasty, Darqian Dynasty, and Darxuan Dynasty that had enmity with Chen Xi were laughing coldly as well. So what if you possess the potential of a proud genius? One who dares disrespect the will of a Heavenly Immortal’s Decree has to die in the end.

Chen Xi’s cries of pain were continuing yet in the ears of Pei Yu and the others, it was like listening to the melodious sound of nature, and their faces were covered with complacent and delighted expressions.

Regretfully, the brilliance was dazzling and caused no one to be able to see what exactly was happening. So they guessed according to logic that the final strike of the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree was slowly killing Chen Xi bit by bit.

“What a pity! Otherwise, he would absolutely be an outstanding genius, and if he didn’t die, he would surely be able to pass through the final test of the Primeval Battlefield and enter the Dark Reverie to cut a striking figure!”

“Yeah. If it wasn’t for this Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, probably no one amongst the people present would be capable of killing him… Is this why they say the heavens are jealous of geniuses?”Besides Pei Yu and the others, there were numerous people that were unrelated to this matter, and they had no enmity with Chen Xi. At this moment, all of them felt pity towards what Chen Xi had encountered.

Such a peerless and monstrous genius had fallen like this, and it was truly too much of a pity. Otherwise, he was bound to become renowned in the world and become an extremely formidable expert!

Unfortunately, it was too late now.

“This bastard should have died long ago. The exalted Immortal is high above us all, and how could he be someone that an ant like Chen Xi could go against? What a waste of the secret realm talisman seals. Even if this bastard is dead, we’re unable to regain our losses.” Cui Xiuhong laughed coldly, and he was indescribably delighted from being able to see Chen Xi die with his own two eyes.

The others deeply agreed as well. If nothing unexpected happened, then Chen Xi would die without a doubt and be crushed into a lump of mush before perishing. Because this was a Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, and it contained the will of an exalted Immortal. It didn’t tolerate any disrespect, and if anyone went against it, then the person would surely face the end of being completely obliterated.

Only Pei Yu was extremely depressed in his heart even though he was laughing coldly. He originally thought that annihilating Chen Xi would be an extremely easy thing, yet never had he imagined that up until now, not only had he expended an enormous amount of Blood Essence and lifespan as a sacrifice, he’d even completely consumed his greatest trump card, and it caused him to feel that all this was extremely not worth the price he paid.


Amidst the surging and blazing rays of light, Chen Xi’s skin revealed a jade like sheen. Especially his chest, it was like a piece of jadestone that emitted a ball of dazzling and resplendent milky white divine light, and it emitted a shocking aura of divinity.

It was a tiny cauldron the size of a person’s pinky, it was completely crystalline and translucent as if it was constructed from the most flawless jadestone in the world, and it was precisely the treasure of the gods that Chen Xi had obtained.

At the bottom of the river of bones earlier, this tiny cauldron had absorbed all the divinity, Divineflames, and Dao Insight brand from the corpse of a god, and then it had fallen into silence, causing it to seem mysterious and terrifying.

Due to him being unable to put the tiny cauldron away in the Buddha’s Pagoda, Chen Xi could only hang it on his chest, yet never had he imagined that it would suddenly awaken at this moment and help him resist this fatal strike.

Hiss! Hiss!

The tiny cauldron glowed, and these rays of light were like strands and threads that wrapped around the ‘’ character and was actually absorbing the essence and will contained within it. Moreover, during this process, due to his chest and the tiny cauldron touching each other, there was actually a portion of a strange warm flow that transformed into vast energy that gushed into Chen Xi’s body.

A shocking scene emerged. Chen Xi’s body that was covered in countless bloody holes started to recover swiftly along with the entrance of this vast energy.

The injuries vanished one by one, and the bloody holes healed up one after the other.

Even if it was his broken bones and meridians, and his dried up Dantian seemed as if they’d received rainfall after a long drought and were recovering, being perfected, and being filled at a shocking speed.


His True Essence that was exhausted to the point of drying up appeared once more like a great river that circulated with great strength through the meridians in his body, whereas his extremely dim golden core emanated boundless golden lights that were dazzling and resplendent.

At the same time, strands of powerful Shaman Energy appeared once more, and the Shaman Energy surged and whistled as it flowed within his body, causing his body to be filled and radiate boundless vitality.

The stains of blood on his entire body was evaporated as his skin became crystalline like glass and without the slightest stains, and his eyes were deep and dazzling like the stars. At this moment, besides his clothes being slightly tattered, he was practically no different from his peak condition.

What a formidable energy. It seems to contain a trace of divinity, and it was actually capable of allowing me to recover instantly. This tiny cauldron’s origins are surely formidable to the extreme, and it’s even to the extent that it might be a precious treasure in the possession of the gods! Chen Xi sensed the surging and vast energy within his body, and boundless heroism and fighting spirit was rekindled within his heart.


Right at this moment, the ‘’ character shattered and vanished forever, whereas the tiny cauldron seemed to have eaten its fill, causing its divine light to be restrained before it once again fell into silence.

The disappearance of the dazzling rays of light caused this place to return to calm, and only Chen Xi’s tall and lonely figure remained like a great spear that pierced through the sky.

“What!? He actually survived! Even the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree’s final attacks were incapable of annihilating him?!” All the experts present were astonished and didn’t dare believe their eyes. This outcome had exceeded the expectations of everyone, as all of them thought that he would die without a doubt, and how could they have imagined that he would still survive?

It was even to the extent that the injuries on his entire body had recovered and healed, and his aura had become even more formidable!

“How can this be possible!? That’s the strongest strike that represents the will of an exalted Immortal! How could a tiny ant like him survive!!?” Cui Xiuhong seemed as if he’d seen a ghost, and he couldn’t help but cry out.

The cold smile on Pei Yu’s face froze abruptly as his pupils dilated. That Heavenly Immortal’s Decree was my trump card, so how could it possible be unable to annihilate him?

At this moment, the hearts of Qin Xiao, Bi Lingyun, and the other experts that had enmity with Chen Xi jerked, and their expressions became extremely heavy.

Too terrifying!

Not only did this fellow survive the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, he seems to have even recovered all his strength and attained an all time peak state. Is…is he still human?

“The heavens are unfair! The heavens are unfair!” Pei Yu’s vision went dark, and he was angered to the point his entire body trembled before he directly spat out a mouthful of blood. He’d already expended an enormous amount of Blood Essence and lifespan earlier, so at this moment, his fury struck his heart and almost caused his vital energy to go into disorder, which would in turn cause him to suffer from qi deviation.

The distant spectators couldn’t help but feel slight pity when they saw this scene. As the Crown Prince of a first-rate Dynasty, the Darjin Dynasty, Pei Yu possessed a noble status and a formidable strength. However, he was instead helpless against a young man from an ordinary Dynasty, and it was even to the extent that even utilizing a Heavenly Immortal’s Decree was useless. If it was any one of them, they would probably be furious like Pei Yu and fall to his current state, right?

“This kid absolutely can’t be allowed to live. Everyone, let’s make a move together. We must annihilate him today, otherwise, if he’s allowed to continue growing, then it’ll be a calamity for every single one of us!” Cui Xiuhong roared loudly.

“Right, we can’t let him go! Even a Heavenly Immortal’s Decree was unable to do anything to him. So once he has the chance to become stronger, he’ll surely become all our nightmares!” 

At this moment, Qin Xiao, Bi Lingyun, and the others couldn’t restrain the killing intent in their hearts any longer. All of them knew that they’d already completely offended Chen Xi today, and if he was allowed to continue living, all of them would probably be unable to eat and sleep peacefully!

After all, the strength Chen Xi displayed was truly too formidable and too extraordinary. If a figure like this were to mature, he was bound to become a peerlessly formidable enemy. So how could they allow such a situation to occur? 

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