Chapter 467 – Heavenly Immortal’s Decree


The laws of the heavens and the earth warped and seemed as if it had fallen into chaos, and only a wisp of a dazzling light remained floating beneath the sky. It was as if a god was emerging into the world, as brilliant lights that were like a scorching sun exploded out and emitted a terrifying aura.

When one looked carefully, one would notice it wasn’t a magic treasure, but a yellowing old piece of paper that flowed with a hazy glow and had a single character written on it — ‘’![1]

This word was branded on the surface of the paper with vigorous and sharp strokes, its lines compact like bolts of lightning, and it emanated an extremely sharp and murderous aura. It emanated a great brilliance like a star and brought unparalleled pressure to all.

“The will of a Heavenly Immortal!”

“This is actually writing left behind by a real Heavenly Immortal, and it contains a strand of the Heavenly Immortal’s will, so it’s sufficient to kill anything in the world!”

“My god! How could such a thing appear here?”

“This isn’t a pure brand of a Heavenly Immortal’s will, but the decree of a Heavenly Immortal! But even then, it represents the supreme will of a Heavenly Immortal, and the single ‘’ character is filled with killing intent to the point of warping the laws of the heavens and the earth. It’s truly terrifying.”

Everyone present felt their hearts shudder with fear as their souls trembled. This sort of pressure and aura caused them to feel as if their bodies were about to explode and transform into sacrifices to this Heavenly Immortal.

At this moment, everyone that besieged Chen Xi had stopped successively before moving aside. They’d similarly sensed the aura of fatal danger, and they didn’t dare continue staying in combat with Chen Xi.

On the other hand, eyes of Qin Xiao and Bi Lingyun constricted when they saw this Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, and their gazes were slightly heavy as they looked at Pei Yu. They seemed to have never imagined that Pei Yu had actually brought such a great weapon when entering the Primeval Battlefield.

“Annihilate!” Pei Yu looked up to the sky with high spirits as he shouted out loudly. Just like the Quasi Immortal Artifact, the Skysorrow Sword, this Heavenly Immortal’s Decree was a trump card of his, and he obviously wanted to annihilate Chen Xi in one go since he utilized it publicly now.


The Heavenly Immortal’s Decree rumbled and emanated brilliant lights, and then it shot out countless golden colored beams of light that were like golden arrows that shot out violently and enveloped down directly at Chen Xi.

Shit! At this moment, Chen Xi felt horrified as he sensed extreme danger to the point his hairs stood on end, and then he turned around and fled decisively. The Starsky Wings floated out into appearance before him, allowing his speed to skyrocket.

He was like a drifting flowing light and like a phantom that flashed through the sky as he flew violently with all his strength. At the same time, he repeatedly fanned the Flaming Peacock Fan backwards to obstruct the dense expanse of golden light beams.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

No matter how fast Chen Xi was, there were still some golden beams of light that shot to arrive near him, and they seemed indestructible as they shook the world. When the beams of light collided onto the Flaming Peacock Fan, deafening clangs resounded out, and it caused Chen Xi’s arm to become numb and ache as its strength was terrifyingly strong!


At practically the exact same moment, a golden beam of light suddenly arrived before him and directly penetrated Chen Xi’s right arm, causing fresh blood to spray out immediately.

The golden light beams emitted by this Heavenly Immortal’s Decree were too swift and too terrifying, it covered the heavens and the earth while moving with a matchless speed, causing it to be impossible for Chen Xi escape its envelopment.

I can only go head on with it! He instantly realized that fleeing would only speed up his death, so he turned around right away and counterattack the golden beams of light that covered the sky and horizon.

Clang! Clang!

Even though the Flaming Peacock Fan was strong, it was incapable of doing anything to these golden beams of light. So, Chen Xi withdrew the Talisman Armament and slashed out without end, causing layer upon layer of sword images to crisscross together, and he swung the Talisman Armament to the point it seemed like a turbine as sword lights that were like the tide shot out to resist the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree.

“No matter how strong you are, you’re only a strand of will of a Heavenly Immortal. Since you dare go against me today, I’ll surely ascend the Immortal Dimension and annihilate your true body in the future!” Chen Xi was driven to the point of completely exploding out with his strength, and he shouted out loudly with a resolute tone that shook the world.

At the same time, he didn’t retreat but charged forward instead, and he actually launched an attack. Moreover, he seemed to have completely fallen into a frenzied state, causing the True Essence in his entire body to become violent and blaze extremely.

The Talisman Armament in his hand became more and more dazzling as the five great Divine Talismans that resided within the sword started circulating slowly, causing talisman markings to surge and emit a vast brilliant while he slashed ceaselessly towards the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree in midair, and it emitted resounding clangs as he attacked ceaselessly.

Everyone was stunned, and they felt this scene was too absurd. This fellow, Chen Xi, actually wants to go against the decree of a Heavenly Immortal? Isn’t this courting death? It’s even to the extent that he wants to head to the Immortal Dimension to annihilate the true body of this Heavenly Immortal… Isn’t this absurd?!

“Is the decree of a Heavenly Immortal something that an ant like you can go against? You’re courting death!” Pei Yu was stunned as well, and then he sneered while shouting out loudly.

“Hmph!” Chen Xi grunted coldly as he revealed dense disdain, and he fought even more desperately. Because he knew that once he relaxed, he would die without a doubt.

All those years ago, he’d once experienced how terrifying this type of will of an Immortal was. At that time, it was in the depths of the Oceanic Desert, and the will of the owner of the Netherworld Register, the third Netherworld Emperor that grasped the six paths of reincarnations had once entered into his body and a single attack of it possessed monstrous might that seized away the magic treasures of Huangfu Chongming and the others.

It was from that day that Chen Xi knew what the will of a Heavenly Immortal was. Only Heaven Immortal Realm experts that had experienced and survived nine waves of heavenly tribulations to ascend were capable of distributing themselves in numerous worlds by way of ‘will brands,’ and it was like clones of themselves that wandered the boundless universe to observe the workings of the heavens.

Every single strand of ‘will brand’ contained the thoughts, wisdom, strength, and grasp of the Laws of the Heaven Dao that the Heavenly Immortal Realm expert possessed, and cultivators that hadn’t experienced the heavenly tribulations were utterly not a match for it. Even if it was Earthly Immortal Realm experts, unless they had no other choice, they would absolutely not dare offend the will of a Heavenly Immortal.

Because no one could guarantee that when they annihilated the will of a Heavenly Immortal, its owner wouldn’t tear through the boundless space in the universe and instantly arrive before one’s eyes. That would absolutely be a calamity.

On the other hand, the ‘’ character on this decree of a Heavenly Immortal that Pei Yu utilized wasn’t a pure will brand of a Heavenly Immortal, and it was only writing left behind by a Heavenly Immortal. But even then, this word still contained a trace of the aura that was unique to Heavenly Immortals, and it didn’t allow any offense, so it was absolutely not something an ordinary person was capable of going against.

So, Chen Xi firmly believed that it was impossible for an old piece of paper left behind by a Heavenly Immortal to be as heaven defying as a will brand, and only ferocious resistance would perhaps allow him to avoid this great calamity.

“Kill!” Chen Xi’s offensive was like an explosion as the Enlightened Sword Heart and various Dao Insights were completely utilized within the slashes of the Talisman Armament that sprayed out. He emanated boundless potential as his overwhelming Sword Insight slashed ceaselessly onto the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, to the point the heavens and the earth trembled.

The shock everyone felt grew stronger. This fellow is too ferocious and isn’t even afraid of the decree of a Heavenly Immortal. Could it be that he isn’t afraid of suffering the revenge of a Heavenly Immortal? Or perhaps he thinks that he’s able to go against the might of a Heavenly Immortal’s Decree?

Pei Yu frowned as well. The Heavenly Immortal’s Decree hadn’t scared Chen Xi, but had aroused his stubbornness and resistance, and he was fearless and defiant.

“Truly laughable! Since you’re anxious to seek death, then I’ll send you on your way!” Pei Yu laughed with disdain before raising his hand and pointing towards the sky.


The ‘’ character on the old and glowing paper in the sky floated up into appearance. It was the ink drawn personally by a Heavenly Immortal and contained the dignity and will of the Heavenly Immortal. At this moment, it suddenly started resounding with rumbles as a supreme brilliance that shook the hearts of all was emanated.

Instantly, the old piece of paper seemed as if it had come to life, and it was filled with inviolable dignity as golden beams of light flowed out violently while blotting out the sky.

Everyone was astounded. How could someone in the Golden Core Realm go against such divine might?

“You only left behind a single piece of lousy paper, yet dare to stir up trouble in the world? So what if I disrespect a Heavenly Immortal? I’ll surely kill you today!” Chen Xi became even more frenzied as his sword moved surged, and his entire body rumbled from inside out as he exerted all his strength without holding back in the slightest.

“What!? This fellow’s strength had actually become stronger again!”

“An extraordinary genius! Such a figure was able to appear in an ordinary Dynasty, his ability is sufficient for him to be called a lion amongst men!”

“Probably only the disciples of the three top Dynasties and the Prestigious Clans of Ancient Kingdoms would be able to go against him, and ordinary people would really be unable to rely on their own strength to crush him.”

The expressions of everyone revealed a wisp of shock as they looked at the tall figure that grew more valiant as he fought, and their hearts couldn’t help but tremble. Never had they imagined that Chen Xi’s strength was actually formidable to such an extent.

After all, the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree wasn’t an ordinary treasure, but a treasured piece of writing that was personally written by a Heavenly Immortal, and it contained the spirit and will of a Heavenly Immortal, causing it to be superior even to a Quasi Immortal Artifact. Yet it was actually resisted, so it was obvious how formidable Chen Xi’s strength was.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

But in the next moment, a string of bloody holes appeared on Chen Xi’s body, and his entire body was bathed in blood. Moreover, coupled with his disheveled hair, he seemed to be in a rather sorry state.

This caused the hearts of everyone that were shocked to the point of being at their throats to finally ease up slightly. This is how it should be, how could the decree of a Heavenly Immortal be resisted so easily?

However, even then, Chen Xi’s fighting spirit didn’t reduce in the slightest, and his gaze grew even brighter and resplendent while his entire body glowed. The Talisman Armament in his hand erupted with a myriad of sword qi that ceaselessly slashed towards the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree that was like the sun high above in the sky, and the aftershock of each and every one of his sword qis were capable of flattening a hill and slashing a river apart.


Under the repeated strikes of this rain of sword qi that was like a storm, the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree erupted with a brilliant glow instead, and it blazed every brighter. The ‘’ on it grew fiercer and even more piercingly cold as it emitted an immortal dignity and shook without end.


Innumerable golden beams of light erupted from the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, and they rumbled and shook the sky to the point it started swaying before blasting onto the Talisman Armament while resounding out with clangs. Even though Chen Xi’s body was strong and possessed shocking defensive capability, he was still unable to avoid it completely.


A bloody hole the size of a bowl was penetrated open on his chest, and it was just a little bit away from hitting his heart!

Chen Xi puckered his lips and remained indifferent while his battle intent rose like the tide and became even more violent, and he slashed down ceaselessly with the Talisman Armament in his hand. The Talisman Armament shook greatly as he slashed it out countless times, and at the end, sword howls surged as droning sounds resounded out ceaselessly, causing even the heavens and the earth to shake and tremble without end.


The Heavenly Immortal’s Decree trembled violently, and it obviously displayed how ferocious Chen Xi’s attacks were that even the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree was slightly unable to endure it and was unable to float stably in the sky.

Everyone was astounded and gasped. How terrifying would this sword qi have to be to actually be able to go against the decree of a Heavenly Immortal and make it tremble? Moreover, most terrifying of it all was that Chen Xi was actually able to go against the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree up until now and not show the slightest sign of being suppressed, and he even seemed like he wanted to counterattack.

However, right at this moment, the Talisman Armament that Chen Xi held up dimmed down, and brutal reality struck him — The True Essence in his body had been completely dried up! 

1. Character for slaughter

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