Chapter 466 – Rebirth Is Arriving

The Silver Wyrmpanther howled in pain while shuddering with fear, and it didn’t dare go head on with Chen Xi again before turning around and intending to flee.

However, in the next moment, Chen Xi had already caught up to it, and then thunderstorm vortexes gushed out from his palm to cover his fist that blasted out and smashed onto the back of the enormous Silver Wyrmpanther.


The backbone of the Silver Wyrmpanther exploded into pieces and lost a large piece of its body, and this piece of its body was devoured by the thunderstorm vortexes to transform into a pure warm flow of energy that replenished and recovered Chen Xi’s Shaman Energy that was consumed earlier.

As expected of the descendant of an ancient ferocious beast, its bloodline is actually so pure and formidable. Chen Xi exclaimed endlessly with admiration in his heart as he felt the changes in the Shaman Energy within his body.

But his actions didn’t slow down in the slightest, and he instantly fanned the Flaming Peacock Fan when he saw the Silver Wyrmpanther emitting a shrill cry and fleeing, causing boundless flames to surge forward and envelope the area ahead before instantly charring the jet black fur of the Silver Wyrmpanther.

In the end, it escaped calamity and transformed into its human form before stumbling to the ground. Everyone glanced over and were instantly dumbstruck. A few bloody holes had appeared on the human form body of the Silver Wyrmpanther, and those holes were blasted open by Chen Xi, causing it to almost lose its life. But even then, it had already completely lost its ability to battle.

“Trash! So many people holed up like turtles! Could it be that this is the strength possessed by first-rate Dynasties?” Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze and spoke indifferently, yet he became even more vigilant in his heart.

Up until now, besides this Silver Wyrmpanther, the members of the three great groups hadn’t made a move, and they encircled him, yet didn’t attack. On the other hand, practically all the people that made a move earlier were genius experts of the Snowray Dynasty, Skywolf Dynasty, and the other Dynasties that had enmity with the Darchu Dynasty. Obviously, those three groups wanted to rely on numbers to completely exhaust him.

The reason Chen Xi had provoked them like this was for the sake of arouse the rage of everyone and cause the situation to be thrown into disorder, because the more disordered the situation was, the safer he would be.

Sure enough, when they heard the word ‘trash’ within Chen Xi’s words, it instantly caused all the members of those three groups to reveal ferocious gazes, and their expressions were as unsightly as could be.

Especially because Chen Xi was only a single person, yet he dared provoke the genius experts of numerous Dynasties, how shameful was this?

“Since you’re anxious to die, then we’ll fulfil your wishes. Everyone, make a move! Kill!” A group of genius experts from the three forces shouted out and didn’t hold back any longer as they struck out with their entire might.


Various magic treasures and martial techniques shot into the sky and covered the heavens and the earth while emitting brilliant rays of light, and they were like an explosive torrent that crushed down at Chen Xi.

At this moment, they ceased their actions of encircling him without attacking, and they took the initiative to attack. If they were suppressed by a single person, then even if they won in the end, it would cause them to lose face and be ridiculed when news of the incident spread.

This was the burden of reputation. They were proud geniuses of the various Dynasties, and not only did they want to win, they wanted to win brilliantly.

“Kill!” Chen Xi took the initiative to strike out. He took a deep breath as the Starsky Wings unfolded, and he started charging forward into the group of people. The Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, Flaming Peacock Fan, Steller Lightningform, Grand Obliteration Fist, Deity Transformation, Eye of Divine Truth… Various martial techniques and Divine Abilities were skillfully and freely executed to blast out towards his enemies.

At this moment, he similarly didn’t hold back in the slightest.

Under coordination of the utterly perfect ability of insight possessed by the Eye of Divine Truth, Chen Xi was able to grasp every single change in the battlefield extremely accurately. The strength, flaws, and concealed attacks of his enemies were seen clearly by him, allowing him to avoid numerous fatal assaults.

But it was slightly difficult to turn the situation around. After all, all of his enemies were top experts in the younger generation. At this moment, when they joined forces to besiege him alone, the level of danger was obvious.


The battle had erupted completely. For a time, battle cries shook the heavens as martial techniques and magic treasures flew about in the sky while the ground collapsed and caused rocks and dirt to shoot into the sky, and this battle enveloped the entire heavens and the earth.

At this moment, all the spectators in the distance held their breaths in deep concentration while they stared at the battle without blinking because they were deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail, and all of them waited silently for the final outcome, because this battle had enormous implications.

On one side was a young man from an ordinary Dynasty who was facing the siege of numerous Dynasties by himself. Would he attain supreme prestige or be slain by the group of experts?

“If he really wins then it will surely shake the world, and when the final test of the Primeval Battlefield arrives half a year from now, there’ll surely be a place for him.”

“Just wait and see. Pei Yu, Qin Xiao, and Bi Lingyun haven’t made a move.”

Everyone was waiting, and the situation of the battle had affected the hearts of every single one of them. 


Those in positions of great power take no risks.

No matter if it was Pei Yu, Qin Xiao, or Bi Lingyun, all of them possessed respected statuses and noble bloodlines, and their strengths were peerlessly formidable. They were the proud geniuses of the various Dynasties, and they naturally wouldn’t go head on with Chen Xi at this moment.

Even if they gnashed their teeth with hatred towards Chen Xi, even if they were extremely confident of being able to crush Chen Xi, but for the sake of taking precautions against Chen Xi’s final counterattack before his death, they chose to temporarily watch from the sidelines.

Because they felt their own status was more than a thousand times higher than Chen Xi, and they were far from having a need to risk their lives against Chen Xi and be injured in the fight along with him.

Moreover, they wanted to receive the final test of the Primeval Battlefield and compete with the disciples of the three top Dynasties and Prestigious Clans from the Ancient Kingdoms to the point of obtaining the Dark Reverie Token and entering the Dark Reverie. All of this caused them to treasure their lives to the extreme, so how could they possible risk their lives and go against Chen Xi, who was about to die?

It was precisely because of this that they’d endured and waited with the intention of giving Chen Xi the final fatal strike when he was unable to persist and annihilate him in one go!

This was the strategy of one who was in a high position. They knew how to analyze advantage and disadvantage, and they knew how to decide according to the situation. In other words, Chen Xi was far from being strong to the point of forcing them to make a move, and the reason they were enduring and waiting was only because they were worried that Chen Xi would take them down with him at the moment before his death.

As the saying goes, he who’s unafraid of being cut to piece dares to unhorse the Emperor.

If Chen Xi held the resolution of certain death and exchanged his life for theirs, then he would be extremely terrifying as well, and they had no choice but to take precautions against this. 



The battle became more intense as time passed and transformed into a raging battle. Numerous heaven-rank magic treasures fluttered about in the air and tore through the sky while numerous martial techniques and Divine Abilities poured down and crushed everything in the surroundings. Divine lights glowed brilliantly and illuminated everything for 5,000km as the cries of battle shot into the sky and shook the nine heavens.

This place was where the treasure left behind by the gods were buried, and during the ancient times, it was similarly a vast battlefield. Now, a horrifying battle had occurred here once more, and the only difference was that it was a battle of one person against many.

But its impetus was similarly shocking, and similarly shook the heavens and the earth, causing the ground in the nearby 5,000km to transform into a charred and cracked expanse. Mountains and rock turned to ash, explosions rumbled, and waves of air swept out. The scene was shocking and horrifying.

The alliance formed from the genius experts of the various Dynasties was extremely formidable, yet they were unable to kill Chen Xi after a long time, and conversely, along with the battle fully unfolding, Chen Xi had killed a few more of them.

But Chen Xi’s current state was slightly bad. His entire body was covered in injuries and mottled traces of blood. Even though his body refinement cultivation was formidable, he was unable to recover in a short period of time.

Luckily, Chen Xi was sufficiently formidable, and coupled with the combination of the Eye of Divine Truth and the Starsky Wings, it was extremely difficult for these people to kill him. But the exhaustion of his strength was slightly high, causing him to almost be unable to bear it.

All of these weren’t important, what caused Chen Xi to be worried was that along with the unfolding of the battle, the golden core within his body had actually trembled slightly, and his soul shook with fear as well, as it seemed to have noticed that some sort of calamity was about to descend.

The Rebirth Tribulation!

Chen Xi quickly guessed the reason, and he cried out in his heart. Shit! It just had to come now. If the Rebirth Tribulation arrives at this moment, then these fellows probably don’t even have to continue attacking and I would lose my life.

The Rebirth Tribulation was a dual tribulation of the Heaven Dao and the body and mind, and it was unfathomable. Once it descended, then not only did one have to resist the tribulation flames that emerged in one’s body and mind, one had to face the strikes of tribulation lightning that the Heaven Dao sent down. The slightest carelessness could cause one to perish and be transformed into nothingness by the tribulation.

The Rebirth Tribulation, overcoming it was like obtaining rebirth. And one’s cultivation would rise to an entirely new height, whereas if one was unable to overcome it, then there was only a single path: eternal death.

This was why the Rebirth Tribulation was terrifying.

Yet now, Chen Xi actually faintly perceived the aura that the Rebirth Tribulation was arriving while being besieged by numerous enemies, and how heavy his heart felt at this moment was obvious.

However, in the next moment, when Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze and saw the savage and bloodthirsty expressions everyone possessed, when he saw the coldness and disdain that suffused the faces of Pei Yu and the other two, a feeling of annoyance gushed out abruptly in his heart.

All of them think I’ll die for sure?

Even the Heaven Dao doesn’t permit my existence and wants to send down a tribulation?

Is this what it is like to have a natural calamity and man-made calamity arrive in unison?

A feeling of rage gushed throughout his body like scorching lava. Chen Xi clearly knew that the sudden arrival of the tribulation had affected his mentality, yet he wasn’t willing to restrain it anymore.

He wasn’t willing to perish like this, he wanted to resist until the end!

A true expert was like a fish in the water that swam against the current, like an enormous eagle that fought the sky, and only something that had died would drift along with the stream!

Rebirth, a phoenix bathes in flames to obtain new life; a caterpillar wraps itself in a cocoon to transform into a butterfly. Everything in this world achieves rebirth in different ways. Since I, Chen Xi, have drawn the Rebirth Tribulation while carrying out a slaughter, then I’ll achieve rebirth while slaughtering! As he shouted over and over again in his heart, Chen Xi’s mind became more and more calm as his gaze once again became firm like a rock and without the slightest ripple any longer.

There were 3,000 Grand Daos, so there were naturally a myriad of methods to overcoming the tribulation. Since the heavens made him experience the tribulation while in battle, then he would bravely resist it until the end.

Wasn’t this a type of rebirth as well?

“Chen Xi, you have a truly exaggerated opinion of your ability. I treated you with respect all along the way, yet you didn’t appreciate it and went against me in every aspect. You’re arrogant and unruly, and you’ve caused me to lose the chance to enter a secret realm. Today, you must atone for your sins with death!” In the distance, Pei Yu seemed to have noticed a slight problem had occurred in Chen Xi’s state, causing his spirits to be refreshed, and then he shouted out loudly.

At the same time, his right arm shook, causing a wisp of a dazzling light to fly out from his hand and charge into the sky.


Suddenly, the heavens and the earth trembled as the sky shook. A terrifying aura erupted out and actually affected the laws in this area of the heavens and the earth, causing the space here to become blurry and warped.

“What!? What sort of might is this? It seems to have broken through the limit of the Primeval Battlefield, and it possesses the might to destroy the laws of the heavens and the earth!”

“Exactly what sort of treasure is this? Why does it cause me to feel nervous and worried, and even my soul is trembling with fear?”

Everyone present felt a chill run down their spines. Along with Pei Yu making a move, they felt the laws in this area of the heavens and the earth seemed to have undergone a change, and it was as if a god was about to emerge in the world.

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