Chapter 465 – The Battle Erupts

Chen Xi held the Flaming Peacock Fan in hand and faced the crowd of experts with a calm expression that didn’t contain the slightest fear, whereas the ancient and damaged hall stood silently behind him while Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou were already approaching the entrance to the hall.

“Shit! Those two people are about to enter the secret realm!” Finally, someone noticed the movements of Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou and shouted out loudly, and it instantly alarmed everyone present at the scene. 

Everyone present at the scene instantly reacted to what had happened. Chen Xi didn’t withdraw the Flaming Peacock Fan without the slightest hesitation earlier for the sake of deterring them, and it was instead for the sake of covering for his two companions.

“You’re courting death!” A genius expert suddenly flashed out explosively from Qin Xiao’s group, and he withdrew two sharp flying swords that shot towards Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou like bolts of lightning.

Swish! Swish!

The flying swords were like bolts of lightning that tore through space while emitting sharp and ear piercing sonic booms, and it clearly displayed how swift the speed of the flying swords was. Perhaps it was incapable of instantly killing Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou, but its unparalleled speed was sufficient to stop their footsteps.

Qin Xiao couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he saw this. Because the person who shot those swords out was Zhai Di. In the Darqin Dynasty, Zhai Di was famous for his first-rate reaction speed and the speed of his flying swords, and his ability to cope with sudden events was something that caused even Qin Xiao to feel embarrassed of his inferiority. 

So when he saw Zhai Di make a move, he’d already concluded that Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou would be stopped.


However, Qin Xiao’s pupils constricted in the next moment. Suddenly, a pitch black and simple sword appeared in Chen Xi’s right hand, and it fiercely slashed down towards the side of the distant hall in a split second.

A clear and melodious sword howl resounded out as an extremely dazzling thick sword light charged into the skies, and then it poured down from high above in the sky like a river of stars. Within this sword move, there were thunderstorms rumbling, water and fire roiling, Yin and Yang flowing, and the magnificent and grand scene seemed as if various Grand Dao profundities were fused within it, causing others to feel reverence and horror.

“Shit!” Zhai Di who was in midair swiftly moved back and felt horrified in his heart, he felt that the might of this sword couldn’t be met head on and was impossible to go against.

Even the movements of the other people that intended to charge couldn’t help but become momentarily sluggish when they saw the might of this strike.


The thick sword light slashed down and directly drowned both of Zhai Di’s flying swords. Moreover, they could clearly see the phenomenon of the stellar bodies falling within the sword qi, and the Dao Insights contained within it were shocking. It slashed apart the ground before the ancient hall and caused an enormous black chasm to appear. 


The ground quaked as countless cracks appeared like spiderwebs. Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou had seized this opportunity, causing their figures to have already flashed explosively into the hall.

In the next moment, the ancient hall was swallowed by a violent spatial fluctuation, and it vanished along with Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou before the eyes of everyone.

This series of movements were like a flash of lightning. From Zhao Di withdrawing his flying swords, to Chen Xi’s sword strike descending from high above in the sky and slashing out a black chasm before the hall, and finally to the figures of Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou vanishing along with the hall, all of this had merely happened in an instant. However, everything that happened in this instant was so breathtaking, and it caused everyone to become dazed for a tiny bit of time.

What a terrifying sword strike!

It was the first time that most of the people present had seen Chen Xi execute his cultivation in the Sword Dao, and it was precisely because it was the first time they saw it that they were even more deeply aware of how terrifying this sword strike was.

Earlier, they’d once seen Chen Xi defeat Di Wanlou, Li Jun, and the others outside the mountain door of the ruins with a few punches, and they thought that was Chen Xi’s strongest trump card.

Yet earlier, when they saw Chen Xi withdraw the Flaming Peacock Fan, they thought this Quasi Immortal Artifact was Chen Xi’s greatest reliance. But never had they imagined that Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Sword Dao would actually be so terrifying as well.

Exactly how many trump cards has this fellow not revealed yet?

No one was able to guess this.

In the next moment, everyone recovered from their momentary daze and looked towards the hall that had vanished, causing the expressions of everyone to become extremely gloomy and unsightly. Earlier, they’d actually allowed their prey to escape from right beneath their noses, and this was simply an enormous humiliation!

For the sake of seizing the talisman seals to enter the secret realm, they’d mobilized all their forces and contended both openly and secretly with each other. Originally, the treasure was within easy reach, and the secret realm was well within reach. Yet now, everything was gone, and their painstaking efforts had come to nothing.

This feeling caused everyone to almost go mad, and they wished for nothing more than to swallow Chen Xi up.

In the next moment, their gazes were already staring fixedly at Chen Xi who was the cause of all this, and they didn’t conceal their rage and killing intent in the slightest. If gazes could kill, then Chen Xi would have probably died a thousand times over by now.

“Kill!” Pei Yu’s gaze was gloomy, his expression livid, and his killing intent was surging like tidewater. A secret realm that was within easy reach had vanished just like this, and it caused him to hate Chen Xi to the extreme.

“Kill!” Cui Xiuhong and the others who were behind Pei Yu, Qin Xiao’s group, and Bi Lingyun’s group couldn’t restrain their rage and killing intent as well.

“Kill!” Within the distant crowd, all the experts of the Skywolf Dynasty, Snowray Dynasty, Eastern Summer Dynasty, Darqian Dynasty, and Darxuan Dynasty roared at the same time.

Instantly, battle cries shook the heavens and the earth as killing intent bubbled and various lights fluttered about in the sky. Large expanses of martial techniques flowed down as piles of magic treasures blasted over, and everyone had made a move, causing attacks that covered the heavens and the earth to strike towards a single direction.


The earth seemed as if it had exploded open as magic treasures, martial techniques, and Divine Abilities poured down like a storm, like spraying lava, and all of it blasted towards Chen Xi in a dense and vast array that couldn’t be resisted.

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted. Even he didn’t dare go head on against such a formidable force. After all, it was the joint strength of countless experts gathered together to form a killing light that converged right at him.

If he was really struck by it, then not to mention his current cultivation, even if his combat strength was a level higher, it would be impossible for him to endure this attack.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to change his position, and his figure moved as a myriad of stars condensed together and circulated into a pair of divine wings. With a flap of the wings, he soared past the attacks and avoided them.


A terrifying wave of air swept out towards the surroundings as the place Chen Xi was moments ago had a deep chasm blasted open on it, causing enormous rocks that were thousands of kilograms in weight to fly towards the surroundings, and it was a terrifying scene.


Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament danced about in the sky as Dao Insights rumbled, and then a myriad of streams of sword lights emerged. They were like numerous divine arrows that densely filled the heavens and the earth as they shot violently towards the group of people that were closest to him.

Clang! Clang!

Clanging sounds resounded out in succession as the sword qi’s intersected with each other both horizontally and vertically in the sky to weave together into a divine light that was like a bolt of lightning that struck down.

Pu! Pu!

Six people were annihilated on the spot and emitted shrill cries before their deaths.



The sword light was fierce and swift, containing various Grand Dao profundities like the Grand Daos of lightning, sky, wind, and so on and so forth, and it penetrated through their chests, heads, and bellies, causing strands of scarlet red and hot blood to shoot out explosively.

A scene like this was shocking and too terrifying. The Sword Dao cultivation that Chen Xi had cultivated diligently for a few tens of years had erupted with its might, and merely a single strike had taken the lives of six genius experts.

Of course, the numerous top experts had avoided this attack, and it was mainly the people with slightly inferior cultivations that suffered this calamity. But even then, this still caused them to be furious.

“The state of Enlightened Sword Heart! No wonder his sword moves are so swift and fierce! How formidable!”

“But the battle has only just begun. No matter how strong Chen Xi is, it’s probably impossible for him to escape death under the encirclement of so many people.”

The people that spectated the battle from afar were extremely astounded. There was no enmity between them and Chen Xi, and they’d come here this time merely for the sake of watching the show and didn’t hold any hope towards entering the secret realm. After all, the groups of Pei Yu, Qin Xiao, and Bi Lingyun were too strong, and there was practically no Dynasty amongst those that were present who were capable of going against them.


Just as everyone had guessed, in the next moment, a demon cultivator of the Century Pool Dynasty flickered with a brilliant silver light that was dazzling and resplendent, and he instantly transformed into ferocious beast that was as tall as a hill, and completely and densely covered with scales the flickered with a metallic and cold light.

Its wide mouth was filled with fangs while a single horn grew on its head, and its figure was like a tiger or panther, yet it possessed the tail of a crocodile and a pair of wings. This was a Moon Devouring Silver Wyrmpanther which was also called a Silver Wyrmpanther. It was a descendant of an ancient ferocious beast and possessed a pure bloodline, causing it to be extremely formidable.

“A Silver Wyrmpanther! It has actually developed the scales of a Wyrm, so its bloodline is really shocking! This beast’s strength is absolutely terrifying, and even though it’s slightly inferior to the peerless flying beast, Inferno Crane, it isn’t much inferior.” Many people were shocked.

“Aowu~” The appearance of this Silver Wyrmpanther that had a body that was enormous like a hill and emitted a shocking imposing aura pushed the other genius experts that besieged Chen Xi to the side while its limbs stomped on the air as it pounced towards Chen Xi. When looked at from afar, it was simply like an enormous hill flying over from midair, and it enveloped Chen Xi beneath its shadow.

This fellow’s strength is formidable, it’s inadvisable for me to be locked in battle with him for too long. Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze and calmly analyzed his situation. Being tied up in the slightest might cause him to suffer a calamity of annihilation, so he withdrew the Flaming Peacock Fan right away, causing a crimson ray of light to radiate brilliantly.


He lightly fanned it, causing the glow of flames to instantly surge into the sky before gushing out forward, and it was like a volcano had spurted out crimson flames and blazing and surging lava to flood the area before him.

“Aowuuuu~” The Silver Wyrmpanther was enormous like a hill, ferocious and savage, but after it was enveloped by this sea of lava, it emitted endless furious roars and shrill cries as well.

“The Quasi Immortal Artifact, Flaming Peacock Fan!” The expressions of the others darkened as their eyes flickered ceaselessly, and some people that intended to launch a sneak attack against Chen Xi had temporarily discarded this thought.

After all, it was a Quasi Immortal Artifact. If Chen Xi fell deep into a hopeless situation and fought desperately, then the consequences were something that they were unwilling to see.

But to everyone’s astonishment, the strength of the Silver Wyrmpanther was formidable to the extreme. The scales that covered its body emanated divine lights, and it actually charged out from the envelopment of the sea of lava.

Presently, its entire body was covered in crimson flames, and it was burned to the point it looked extremely hideous. But its ferocity didn’t reduce in the slightest as it opened up its bloody mouth and spat out surging silver lights that exploded like numerous stars.

When he saw this ferocious beast had surmounted the boundaries of the Flaming Peacock Fan’s attack and intended to fight him in close combat, Chen Xi wasn’t fearful in the slightest, and he let out a long howl instead before charging forward while the Shaman Energy in his body surged. Thunderstorms rumbled as his fist struck out like a bolt of lightning that carried vortexes along with it, and it directly blasted onto the enormous paw of the Silver Wyrmpanther.


The Silver Wyrmpanther howled in pain as its enormous body that could compare to a hill was actually struck by this punch to the point of staggering back and almost being blasted flying. Moreover, the scales on its enormous paw were shattered as a hole that flowed with blood had been blasted open on it.

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