Chapter 464 – Lending A Hand

Huangfu Qingying’s voice still drifted in the surroundings, yet the atmosphere seemed to have frozen instead.

After a short moment, Pei Yu’s expression went cold, and he looked at Huangfu Qingying and said, “Driving a wedge between us? It’s not a bad method.”

“To think the Crown Prince took care of the two of you all this way, yet not only are the two of you not grateful and seeking a way to repay his kindness, you harbor malicious intent and are trying to drive a wedge between everyone instead. Your intentions truly deserve death. If we knew earlier, we should have killed all of you, and we wouldn’t have to suffer so many problems.” Cui Xiuhong laughed gloomily, and his eyes were suffused with killing intent as he stepped out and shouted loudly. “I’ll give both of you one last chance, quickly hand over the talisman seals, otherwise we’ll surely kill both of you!”

“Hand over the talisman seal. There’s no need for both of you to worry about how to divide them.” The nearby Qin Xiao spoke out with a deep voice.

“Exactly. Unless I have no other choice, I’m unwilling to harm your lives as well. Hand over the talisman seals and I’ll allow both of you to live. I think this is already sufficiently benevolent.” Bi Lingyun spoke indifferently.

As the descendent of the peerless flying beast, Inferno Crane, she possessed a noble bloodline and formidable strength. Thus, allowing Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou to live was indeed benevolent in her opinion, and if it was any other time, she would utterly not waste a single word on time and directly carry out a slaughter.

Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou looked at each other, and they felt extremely dejected in their hearts. But they really did have no other choice, and they could only unwillingly swing out their hands and cause the talisman seal that emitted a brilliant glow to instantly fly out.

As they watched this scene, besides taking pleasure at the misfortune of Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou, the surrounding people couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts. Who amongst the people present was capable of going against the undisguised threats and pressure of these three groups?

Swoosh! Swoosh!

As they looked at the two talisman seals that flew out, the members of all three groups revealed burning greed, yet all of them very sensibly didn’t make a move right away.

Because they understood that the slightest move at this moment would probably cause the other two groups to unite and make a move against them. Going against two of these groups was undoubtedly an action no different from courting death. After all, the strengths of their three groups was on par.

The scene was extremely peculiar. The talisman seals flew out, yet no one made a move first. However, right when their gazes intersected and seemed to have attained some sort of agreement, causing them to be about to make a move together and seize the talisman seals, a strong gale suddenly flashed down from midair to arrive before them and directly blast onto these two talisman seals.


A small bang resounded out, and then the two talisman seals shot out to once again float before Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou under their astounded gazes.

This sudden scene instantly caused everyone present to be shocked.

“Who is it!?”

“Which worthless rat did that? Fucking show yourself!”

“You actually dare disturb the situation at this moment, all of you deserve death!”

The talisman seals that were within hand’s reach had flown away once more, causing the expressions of the members of those three groups to instantly darken as they shouted out furiously with voice that contained killing intent and resounded out in the surroundings.

“Even though my Darchu Dynasty is only an ordinary Dynasty, but aren’t all of you thinking too highly of yourself to actually think you can freely seize something that belongs to us?” An indifferent voice sounded out from the sky.


Countless gazes looked over in unison and instantly descended onto a tall figure that had appeared suddenly.

“Chen Xi?!” As they looked at the tall figure, Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou instantly exclaimed with shock, and wild joy and excitement gushed out from their eyes.

But after that, both of them sobered up greatly, causing their excitement and overjoyed expressions to disperse and be replaced by deep anxiousness. Chen Xi coming to lend a hand in time had indeed caused them to be extremely touched, but the situation before them was extremely dim. With only his strength, not only will he probably be unable to save the situation, his life might even be endangered.

“Chen Xi!” Right when the expressions of Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou changed indeterminately, the members of the three groups had all recognized Chen Xi, and after they were slightly stunned, all their expressions were suffused with a trace of disdain. Could it be that this fellow thinks he can change the situation?

All the nearby people shook their heads without end. Most of them had witnessed Chen Xi’s strength long ago outside the mountain door of the ruins, and it was indeed absurdly formidable. But he was only a single person in the end, and it was difficult for two fists to go against four. So was rushing over to lend a hand now any different from courting death?

After all, those three groups were full of talented geniuses that possessed extraordinary strengths, and they were absolutely the three strongest groups amongst all the young experts that had entered the Isle of Fallen Treasures. So wanting to go against them alone was absolutely a path of no return, let alone turning the situation around; that was utterly impossible.

Chen Xi naturally noticed the disdain in the expressions of everyone in the surroundings. But his expression remained unchanged as he arrived easily by Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou’s side before swiftly sending out voice transmissions of unknown content.

In any case, everyone only saw Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou reveal stunned expressions before they shook their heads fiercely as if they disagreed extremely with Chen Xi’s opinions. But in the end, under Chen Xi’s persistence, their attitudes seemed to have changed, causing them to nod and agree to it.

“Hmph! Stop speaking secretly, could it be that you think you’re able to change the situation?” Cui Xiuhong shouted out loudly.

He could be said to hate Chen Xi to the extreme. Originally, he thought that Chen Xi would recognize the danger of the situation and reveal a fearful expression, and then he would be able to freely ridicule and mock Chen Xi.

Yet never had Cui Xiuhong imagined that after this fellow arrived, he actually directly ignored everyone and started secretly conversing with Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou via voice transmission, and from the beginning until the end, Chen Xi didn’t even look him in the eye. This caused his expression to instantly become unsightly to the extreme, and the flames of hatred in his heart blazed even more brilliantly.

At this moment, Chen Xi had finished the discussion with Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou, and he instantly felt relaxed in his heart when both of them had agreed to his plan, so he stared at Cui Xiuhong and said with disdain, “Who do you think you are? Do you think that I’m unable to kill you just because you’re relying on large numbers?”

“You…” Cui Xiuhong exploded with rage, and then he seemed to have recalled something before he said with a ghastly tone, “Hmph! I can’t be bothered to fuss about it with a person like you who’s about to die. But I heard that you’ve killed many genius experts of the various Dynasties in these past few days, and there’s no lack of disciples of the Snowray Dynasty, Skywolf Dynasty, Eastern Summer Dynasty, and even first-rate Dynasties like the Darqian and Darxuan Dynasty!

“In other words, you’ve incurred public wrath long ago and have become the target of all. Now, you actually dare deliver yourself to us? I truly admire and wonder exactly where your courage comes from.” When he spoke up to here, Cui Xiuhong swept the surroundings and shouted loudly with a gloomy voice. “Chen Xi, open your fucking eyes and look. See how many enemies that want to kill you are amongst the genius experts of the various Dynasties around here. Do you think you’ll still be able to continue living after today?!”

Cui Xiuhong felt extreme enjoyment in his heart as he spoke all of this, and his gloomy expression revealed complacency as if he would be able to see Chen Xi’s miserable death in the next moment.

“No matter how many enemies there are, if I put my life on the line, I’m at least able to guarantee that you’ll surely die before me.” Chen Xi looked at Cui Xiuhong with a gaze that didn’t conceal his disdain and ridicule in the slightest.

Of course, he knew that what Cui Xiuhong said was correct. But since he dared make an appearance, he’d naturally considered this situation long ago, so how could his fighting spirit be affected by a few words from Cui Xiuhong?

“Hmph! You’re about to die, yet still dare to boast shamelessly? Let me see if you or I die first!” When he saw Chen Xi actually remain indifferent, Cui Xiuhong’s expression couldn’t help but freeze, as he felt he was preaching to deaf ears and had wasted his time for nothing, so he put down one last ruthless remark before shutting his mouth.

A verbal fight was forever unable to solve a problem. 

Especially when there was such a difference in the strengths of both parties. The party that occupied the absolute advantage would forever disdain to discuss the matter as they preferred to use their strength to coerce and threaten.

Because even though this method was crude, unreasonable, and overbearing, but it was also the simplest, most direct, and most effective method.

In the next moment, Pei Yu, Qin Xiao, and Bi Lingyun directly announced their final ultimatum — If you want to continue living, then hand over the talisman seals to the secret realm, and if you don’t want to live, then die. There’s no other choice!

Instantly, the atmosphere was all set for a battle.

“Then we’ll fight with our lives on the line. Let me see who pays the greater price today!” Chen Xi swept the surrounding people with his gaze as he spoke coldly, and then a flaming glow flashed as the Quasi Immortal Artifact, Flaming Peacock Fan, was already tightly gripped in his hand.


As soon as the Flaming Peacock Fan appeared, it emitted a terrifying energy fluctuation that spread towards the surroundings and caused everyone to feel suffocated. It felt as if flames blazed around them, and it was as if they were within a furnace of the heavens and the earth.

“This is…”“A Quasi Immortal Artifact!”

“My god! Isn’t this Flaming Peacock Fan the treasure of the Full Moon Kingdom’s Xu Lengye? Why has it appeared in Chen Xi’s possession? Could it be that he killed Xu Lengye?”

“A Quasi Immortal Artifact? No wonder he’s so confident. So it turns out that he possesses such a precious treasure.”

“But unfortunately, even though a precious treasure like this is formidable, the Darjin Dynasty’s Crown Prince Pei Yu, the Darqin Dynasty’s Crown Prince Qin Xiao, and Bi Lingyun surely possesses such precious treasures. It’s obviously wishful thinking on Chen Xi’s part if he’s thinking on relying on the might of the Flaming Peacock Fan to turn the situation around.”

The appearance of the Flaming Peacock Fan instantly caused the pupils of everyone present at the scene to constrict and go into an uproar. Even the expressions of Pei Yu, Qin Xiao, Bi Lingyun, and the others became cautious.

Just as everyone had guessed, all of them possessed trump cards that weren’t inferior to the Flaming Peacock Fan. But it was precisely because of this that they were crystal clear about the might of Quasi Immortal Artifacts. They were worried that if Chen Xi held the resolve of certain death, then the matter would become troublesome.

The flaming glow coiled around the surroundings and emitted a terrifying might that converged the gazes of everyone onto it. It seemed as if no one noticed that Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou who were by Chen Xi’s side had seized this opportunity to charge towards the ancient and damaged hall at the side.

This was precisely a part of Chen Xi’s plan. If they wanted to escape the encirclement while being surrounded by numerous enemies, then they could only rely on the talisman seals to enter the secret realm to truly escape danger.

But unfortunately, there were only two talisman seals. However, Chen Xi knew that even if there were three, it was of no use. Because in the end, one person had to stay behind to draw the attention of the enemies and cover the other two to safely charge into the secret realm.

So he’d decided to stay behind himself, and it could be considered as an effort as a friend.

There were numerous things that were the most precious in this world — friendship, love, and family. Perhaps most people would be calculative about how much effort would be worth it to expend. Some people would even take these things like friendship to be obstacles towards their efforts to step foot into the path to immortality, causing them to disregard it, willfully abandon it, and wantonly trample upon it.

But to Chen Xi who’d suffered hardships since a young age, these three types of feelings were so valuable and precious to him, and they were worthy of him using his life to protect.

So he’d stayed behind to face a myriad of enemies alone with a clear conscience and without regret. 

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