Chapter 463 – Surrounded By Numerous Enemies


When they noticed the terrifying aura that was emitted from Chen Xi, the three of them gasped right away while glancing at each other, and they didn’t dare be disrespectful as they said hurriedly, “The secret realm is in the deepest depths of the ruins, and you’ll be able to notice it with a glance once you arrive there.”

“So it’s at the deepest depths of the ruins…” Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as he casually dispersed the pressure he emitted before turning around and leaving.

“Daoist Brother, are you from a first-rate Dynasty?” The three of them asked hastily when they saw Chen Xi leave so readily. They knew that if they were able to pull Chen Xi to their side, then perhaps their chances of seizing the talisman seal to enter the secret realm would become much greater.

“A first-rate Dynasty? If the Darchu Dynasty was a first-rate Dynasty, then there wouldn’t be so many enemies that dared look for trouble with us.” Chen Xi’s figure stopped momentarily and shook his head, and he didn’t stop before transforming into a flowing light that instantly vanished into the distant horizon, only leaving behind three dumbstruck figures.

“This fellow is actually from the Darchu Dynasty. When did such a figure appear in the Darchu Dynasty?” The three of them couldn’t help but mutter as they looked at Chen Xi’s figure that disappeared into the distance.

One of them frowned and seemed to have noticed something, and then his pupils constricted after a moment as he cried out involuntarily. “He’s Chen Xi! He’d once defeated four genius experts of the other Dynasties by himself outside the mountain door to the ruins!”

The other two revealed shocked expressions as well, and they seemed to have recalled Chen Xi’s identity, causing their expressions to slowly become complicated.

“He’d going to rescue those two misfortunate fellows, right? But it isn’t an easy thing to rescue them while the genius experts of so many Dynasties are glaring covetously at them.” 



An almost translucent figure that was like a wisp of a flowing light flickered repeatedly in the sky, and with a few movements, it had already flashed out a distance of a few thousand kilometers, and its speed was unparalleled.

These ruins are called the Isle of Fallen Treasures, and the treasures of the numerous ancient gods that fell during the expedition are buried here. How could a secret realm appear here? The Young Princess and Young Master Zhou really have good luck to actually obtain the talisman seals to enter the secret realm… Chen Xi flew at full speed while swiftly pondering in his mind.

A so-called secret realm was an independent space opened up by almighty figures, and it contained the mantel and inheritance of these almighty figures or some spirit medicines and magic treasures. Even though each secret realm was different, all of them were exceedingly rare and precious treasures.

Just think about it, could the treasures left behind by an almighty figure that was capable of opening up an independent space possibly be ordinary?

Simply speaking, a talisman seal was the key to open the secret realm.

Without it, even if one knew that a secret realm existed in this area of space, one would be utterly incapable of entering. Thus, it was obvious how critical the talisman seal was.

Chen Xi firmly believed that if this secret realm really existed, then it would absolutely be shocking to the extreme. After all, this was the Isle of Fallen Treasures, the place the treasures of the numerous fallen gods were buried. So it seemed that only a god of the ancient times would be able to open up a secret realm here, right?

Moreover, with such a shocking value, it would be a better situation if the talisman seal had fallen into the hands of some experts that possessed an extremely great deterrent force. Because even though the others would be disgruntled, they wouldn’t dare do anything. Yet now, the talisman seal had fallen into the hands of Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou instead, and this was like an ordinary person possessing a precious gem, it was impossible for it to not arouse the greed of others.

It was even to the extent that not only were the talisman seals incapable of bringing enormous benefits to them, it would probably even bring a calamity upon them.

This was as the saying went, wealth brings trouble to an innocent man. Without sufficient strength, even if fortune fell from the heavens, it would transform into a calamity within an instant.

Most importantly, in the eyes of the experts of many Dynasties, Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou were from an ordinary Dynasty like the Darchu Dynasty, so they were utterly unworthy to possess the talisman seal. Thus, they only had two choices, either hand over the talisman seals, or…hand over their lives.

After they see the talisman seals, Pei Yu and the others would probably be unable to restrain themselves from forcing Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou to hand it over, right? Chen Xi muttered to himself, and then he suddenly raised his head to look towards the distance.

An enormous mountain that pierced into the clouds stood towering at the end of his line of sight, the mountain range lay across the ground and spanned an innumerable distance, and it was like a barrier that blocked before him.

This was the deepest depths of the ruins.

Because the sky above the enormous mountain was actually torn apart into a myriad of spatial fragments. Thunder and lightning rumbled while storms overlapped each other in that region, and it seemed like countless bloody mouths that caused the hearts of others to palpitate and not dare approach it.

Have I arrived? Chen Xi swept his gaze towards the distance, and he couldn’t help but slightly narrow his eyes after a short moment. 


At this moment, there was a great commotion before the enormous mountain range that lay across the earth, and numerous figures stood on the vast empty ground before the enormous mountains while clamorous noises converged together and spread out into the surroundings. 

Moreover, the gazes of practically everyone were converged on a single spot, the center of the empty grounds where an ancient hall stood. The hall was constructed from enormous rocks and was ruined to the extreme, but compared to the ruins before it, it seemed that it could already be said to be intact.

The hall was ancient with mottled stone walls, its eaves damaged and decayed, and it was covered with moss. It seemed to have experienced the corrosion of countless years, yet emitted a mysterious and aged aura that was solemn and grave.

Most striking of it all was that the surroundings of the hall were coiled with a shapeless force field that was like a restriction left behind by a god, and no one was capable of approaching it.

The gazes of everyone present in the surroundings burned extremely as they looked at the hall, because they’d been here for a long time and knew clearly in their hearts that this hall was the one and only path into the secret realm.

Moreover, the talisman seal to open the secret realm had just appeared.

When they thought up to here, everyone present couldn’t help but look towards the area right before the hall. There were two figures standing there, a man and a woman, and they each held a strange talisman seal in their hands, and these talisman seals emitted brilliant divine lights.

Numerous gazes were staring covetously at the talisman seals in their hands, yet carried a trace of pity when their gazes moved onto the two of them, and there was even more feelings of pleasure from the misfortune of these two people emitted from their eyes.

They were staring covetously like tigers staring at their prey!

Under the stares of so many gazes, these two figures were like sheep that were without the slightest ability to resist and were waiting to be slaughtered at a whim.

This man and woman were naturally Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou that had obtained the secret realm’s talisman seals.

At this moment, their expressions were slightly unsightly from being encircled by so many people, and the excitement and delight they originally felt from obtaining the talisman seals had vanished completely long ago.

Both of them knew extremely well that so long as they dared reveal the slightest sign of making a move, they would probably suffer countless fatal attacks. At that time, not to mention entering the secret realm, they would probably be instantly blasted to death.

The matter unfolding to such a state had similarly exceeded their expectations. After the two of them were broken up from the others by a beast tide some time ago, they’d coincidentally obtained two talisman seals in an area of the ruins and activated this ancient and damaged hall, causing the genius experts of the various Dynasties to take notice and rush over.

After the genius experts of these various Dynasties appeared, the overjoyed feeling they had at the beginning when they obtained the talisman seals to the secret realm had vanished completely, and it was like they were showered with a pail of ice water, as their feelings had fallen to rock bottom.

If it wasn’t for more and more experts of various other Dynasties rushing over later on, someone would have probably made a move against them long ago, and this situation would have utterly been unable to continue until now.

“What should we do?” No matter how audacious Young Master Zhou was, his heart couldn’t help but tighten when facing the greed of so many people, and he asked via voice transmission.

Their strengths were utterly insufficient before the genius experts of so many Dynasties, and it could be said that they didn’t even have room to struggle.

At this moment, Huangfu Qingying’s expression was extremely gloomy as she gritted her teeth, and an expression of helplessness, pain, and dejectedness flashed within her clear eyes. Right, in such a situation, both of us have utterly no chance of resisting.

Most infuriating of it all was that not only had the Darjin Dynasty’s Crown Prince, Pei Yu, and the others not helped her, Pei Yu had actually drawn a clear line between them and turned their allied relationship around with the intention of seizing the talisman seals in her and Young Master Zhou’s possession.

Since ancient times, treasures and wealth moved the hearts of men!

The disgusting attitude of Pei Yu and the others caused her to lose all hope, so when Young Master Zhou asked her what they should do now, she couldn’t help but mutter bitterly. “What else can we do?”

“We’ve delayed here for so long, so the news has probably spread out by now. If Chen Xi knows of this matter, he’ll surely come.” Young Master Zhou puckered his lips as he spoke, and his voice was weak, causing it to seem as if even he lacked confidence towards what he said.

“With such a situation, if Chen Xi comes then he’ll probably be implicated as well, and we’ll be done for.” Huangfu Qingying sighed. She hoped that Chen Xi would be able to come as well, but she also knew clearly that with the current situation, even if Chen Xi came, he wouldn’t be able to change anything and might lose his life because of it instead.

“Dammit! If we really can’t do anything, then we’ll hand over the talisman seals. As long as the green mountains last, there’ll always be firewood to burn. Once we regroup our forces, we’ll kill these bastards one by one!” Young Master Zhou gritted his teeth as he spoke.

“Hmph! Even if I have to hand it over, I’ll absolutely not allow these despicable and vile people to have it easy!” Huangfu Qingying’s eyes flickered as she suddenly raised her head to look at the three groups of forces that were the closest to her.

These three forces were naturally the Darqin Dynasty, the Darjin Dynasty, and the Century Pool Dynasty.

The Darqin and Darjin Dynasties were first-rate Dynasties that were respectively led by Qin Xiao and Pei Yu, whereas the Century Pool Dynasty was a Dynasty of demon cultivator that possessed the descendant of a peerless flying beast, Bi Lingyun.

“Haha, how about it? Qingying, have you come around yet?” When he saw Huangfu Qingying raise her head and look over, Pei Yu couldn’t help but speak with a warm smile on his face. “I’ve said it long ago, so long as you hand over the talisman seals to me, I guarantee that you and Brother Zhou will be able to leave safely. Now since you’ve thought this through, you should quickly hand over the talisman seals to me.”

“You’re right, I’ve thought it through indeed. But I won’t hand it over to you alone. After all, even though your strength is formidable, Qin Xiao and Bi Lingyun aren’t inferior. For the sake of our safety, I can only hand over the talisman seals to your three groups. In this way, I presume their groups won’t make if difficult for us as well.” Huangfu Qingying remained expressionless, and she paused for a moment before she continued. “But we only possess two talisman seals, so how will your three groups divide it?”

As soon as she finished speaking, the atmosphere between the three groups froze slightly, and they looked at each other while their expressions changed indeterminately.

Right, there are only two talisman seals, so how do we divide it amongst three groups?

Even though they clearly knew that Huangfu Qingying was driving a wedge between them, they had no choice but to seriously consider how to resolve this situation when facing the talisman seals that would allow them to enter the secret realm.

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