Chapter 462 – A Secret Realm Emerges


At the center of the surging river of bones, a tall figure with an extraordinary bearing flashed out while his clothes fluttered in the wind, and it was precisely Chen Xi.

Earlier, he’d studied the tiny cauldron for half a day, yet came back empty handed, and he could only take it as a piece of jewelry and hung it on his chest.

I heard there are numerous treasures in the deepest depths of the ruins, whereas, most of the genius experts that entered the ruins have headed there. Perhaps I’ll be able to find the tracks of the Young Princess and Young Master Zhou there. Chen Xi looked around at his surroundings and pondered briefly before distinguishing the direction and flashing towards the depths of the ruins.

These past few days of repeatedly suffering from ambushes had caused him to clearly realize how many enemies the Darchu Dynasty possessed. Moreover, up until today, he hadn’t heard any news about Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou, causing his mood to feel rather heavy as he was worried a mishap had struck them.

After a few days, Chen Xi arrived at the depths of a group of mountains. Along this way, he’d seen over 10 treasures left behind by the gods; some flew out from the rubble, some flickered in the layer of clouds, and some even charged out from underground, and all of them were emitting the glow of treasures and caused one’s eyes to go red from greed.

But unfortunately, he was unable to subdue them, causing Chen Xi to be unable to refrain from being slightly regretful. But there was something he was extremely sure of — these treasures weren’t as mysterious and terrifying as the tiny cauldron.

This place was a barren group of mountains that were covered in strangely shaped rocks, and it was an extraordinarily magnificent and grand scene.

All along the way here, Chen Xi actually didn’t see a single figure, and it seemed as if all the genius experts that had entered this boundlessly vast ruins had vanished completely, causing the ruins to seem extremely desolate.

Could it be that everyone has entered the deepest depths of the ruins? Chen Xi stopped and looked towards the distance while feeling bewildered in his heart. Suddenly, his eyes squinted, as there was actually a corpse at the side of the peak of the mountain at the center!


In the next moment, Chen Xi had already arrived at the side of the corpse.

This corpse was dark gold in color and sat cross-legged on the ground, the surroundings of the corpse were a charred expanse, while the earth faintly revealed a trace of the energy of lightning, and it caused one’s heart to palpitate.

This ought to be someone who’d just failed in overcoming the tribulation to advance into the Rebirth Realm. The Heavenly Tribulation and the tribulation of the heart arrived in unison, causing both his body and soul to be incinerated. Even his bones have almost been incinerated into nothingness by the flames of the tribulation, it’s truly tragic. Chen Xi briefly sized it up before guessing everything that had happened, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

When one advanced into the Rebirth Realm, flames of tribulation would emerge in one’s body and mind while the Heaven Dao would strike down with tribulation lightning. Both tribulations would arrive in unison, so ordinary people were very rarely able to overcome it.

But what caused Chen Xi to be bewildered was that all the cultivators that had entered the Primeval Battlefield this time were the top geniuses in the younger generation of the various Dynasties, and their strengths were good enough that they were entirely capable of easily advancing into the Rebirth Realm. Moreover, this corpse before him probably belonged to one of the disciples of a Dynasty, so how could this cultivator even be unable to overcome the tribulation?

Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze and instantly came to an understanding. The nearby rocks and mountain surface was riddled with holes and mottled marks. Obviously, a battle had occurred here earlier. The owner of this corpse had suffered the surprise attack of someone while overcoming the tribulation, and this is what caused his failure.

“Looks like I must find a safe place when I overcome the tribulation, otherwise I’ll probably end up just like him.” Chen Xi sighed lightly and was just about to leave when his eyes constricted, and then he looked coldly towards a rock in the extreme distance. “Friend, concealing yourself is slightly displeasing.”

“The Darchu Dynasty’s Chen Xi is really not someone an ordinary genius can compare to.” Accompanied by a hoarse voice, a young man that wore black clothes walked out from behind a rock with an even pace. This young man looked to be rather emaciated, especially his face that seemed to be pale with eyes that sunk down deep, and his pupils faintly revealed a trace of a strange ghastly white color that gave others a gloomy feeling as if it was filled with a dense ghastly aura.

“Who’re you?” Chen Xi spoke while maintaining his composure, yet he became apprehensive in his heart because this person had actually advanced into the Rebirth Realm. The vital energy and blood in his body was condensed and fierce, and it actually caused Chen Xi to smell a trace of danger.

“Your luck isn’t bad to have obtained the Quasi Immortal Artifact, Flaming Peacock Fan, from the Full Moon Kingdom’s Xu Lengye. If it wasn’t for that, the Sword Crazy Kid, Taishu Huarong, would probably not have died so easily at your hand.” The emaciated black clothed young man avoided the question and directly exposed the matter of Chen Xi utilizing the Flaming Peacock Fan to kill the Sword Crazy Kid instead.

“What? You’re interested in the Flaming Peacock Fan?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as the True Essence within his started circulating silently.

“If I say yes, then would you immediately make a move against me?” The young man smiled lightly. His voice was hoarse and when coupled with his ghastly bearing, it caused one to have no choice but to treat him carefully.

Chen Xi smiled instead when his thoughts were seen through, and he made no comment. Even though he didn’t know this black clothed young man’s origins, wanting to change the owner of something that was in his possession wasn’t such an easy thing.

“Don’t worry. Even though the Flaming Peacock Fan isn’t bad in my opinion, it isn’t the type of treasure that I can’t do without.” The young man shook his head.

He paused for a moment, then he raised his head to stare at Chen Xi and continue. “I’m not afraid to tell you that it’s far too insufficient if you’re thinking of becoming eminent in the Primeval Battlefield by relying on a Quasi Immortal Artifact. The current you doesn’t even have the qualifications to hold a Dark Reverie Token.”

“Dark Reverie Token?” Chen Xi’s brows pressed together slightly.

“In another half a year, the true test of the Primeval Battlefield will descend, and that’s the final battle. Those that win will be able to obtain a Dark Reverie Token, and not only will they be able to enter the Dark Reverie, they’ll even possess the qualifications to join one of the various supreme powers in the Dark Reverie!

“The last requirement to participate in the final battle is to possess a strength at the Rebirth Realm.”

“Of course, attaining the Rebirth Realm will merely allow one to possess the strength to protect yourself, yet it isn’t likely that one would be able to become eminent in the final test and obtain a Dark Reverie Token. For example, with his strength at the 4th level of the Rebirth Realm, the Sword Crazy Kid, Taishu Huarong, practically had no hope of obtaining a Dark Reverie Token.”

Chen Xi was slightly moved when he heard all of this. Even Taishu Huarong who was at the 4th level of the Rebirth Realm had no hope? Doesn’t this mean that if one wants to obtain a Dark Reverie Token, one must at least attain a level above the 4th level of the Rebirth Realm to have a certain level of hope?

So it turns out that the tests and competitions within the Primeval Battlefield is actually like this… Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart, yet his fists had unconsciously and silently become clenched tightly. Perhaps he really didn’t have the qualification to possess a Dark Reverie Token now, but, there was still half a year before the final test. At that time, his strength would absolutely not be what it is now.

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist, for telling me all this.” Even though he didn’t know why the young man would tell him so much, but Chen Xi still cupped his fists and indicated his gratitude.

“Actually, you’ll know about it in the future even if I didn’t tell you. After all, this isn’t any secret, so you don’t have to thank me.” The young man said indifferently, “I just want to let you know that you’re still far inferior when compared to those true genius experts. After all, you’re from an ordinary Dynasty, and wanting to obtain an equal status and prestige with the genius experts of top Dynasties isn’t a simple matter.”

Chen Xi smiled and begged to differ.

“Perhaps you think I’m exaggerating. But once you really witness the strength of the three top Dynasties and the disciples of those Prestigious Clans of Ancient Kingdoms, you’ll entirely understand some differences are like a natural chasm that very few are capable of surmounting.” The young man shook his head before turning around to leave.

“Right, I’m Ling Ze from the Dartang Dynasty, and I’m Ling Yu’s elder brother.” The young man’s figure floated up as he suddenly turned around and told Chen Xi his name, and then he transformed into a strange afterimage that left trippingly.

Chen Xi was stunned as the image of a grinning fatty appeared in his mind. So he’s Ling Yu’s Elder Brother, no wonder he told me so much…

Ling Yu was the disciple of an old freak that lived in seclusion in the Darchu Dynasty and possessed a gentle nature, but his strength was extremely formidable and had fought his way into the top 10 of the Allstar Meeting. Just like Chen Xi, he was one of the young disciples from the Darchu Dynasty that had entered the Primeval Battlefield.

The Dartang Dynasty, that’s one of the three top Dynasties. But this fellow is formidable indeed, and if it’s really as he said, then it looked like I really have to speed up my charge into the Rebirth Realm… Chen Xi’s brows furrowed slightly as he looked at the figure that was disappearing into the distance, and then he stretched himself while yawning and had already made a decision in his heart.

He intended to turn around and leave right away, yet right at this moment, three figures suddenly flashed over from the distance, and their speeds were neither fast nor slow while they chatted loudly as they flew.

Chen Xi’s soul’s strength was enormous, and he instantly heard the entire content of their conversation.

“I heard an intact secret realm has emerged in the ruins. That secret realm had experienced the passage of an infinite amount of time, yet it actually still has restrictions protecting it. There’s surely the inheritance of the mantle of the gods left behind within it.”

“Are you sure?”

“It really is true. Many Dynasties have already rushed over. Heh, I heard there are already two fellows that were fortunate enough to obtain the talisman seal to enter the secret realm, and they’re able to enter the secret realm to obtain its inheritance at any moment.”

“Oh? Which fellow is actually so lucky?”

“It’s funny when you speak about it. Those two people that obtained the talisman seals aren’t from a first-rate Dynasty, but an ordinary Dynasty. Now, those two misfortunate souls have been trapped, and so long as one is able to force them to hand over the talisman seal, one can enter the secret realm to obtain its inheritance.”

“An ordinary Dynasty? Heh, these two fellows are slightly overestimating their abilities. Even though they’ve obtained an enormous fortuitous encounter, but don’t have the fortune to enjoy it. Right, which Dynasty are they from?”

“The Darchu Dynasty! Haha, this Darchu Dynasty is really peculiar. It has numerous enemies, yet its luck just happens to be extraordinarily good. But the benefits of this good luck if probably going to be reaped by others instead.”

Chen Xi who’d always been listening to their conversation was suddenly stunned. The Darchu Dynasty, two people… Then the answer seems to be slightly obvious… It’s surely Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou. Both of them vanished after the beast tide erupted, yet never had I imagined that they’d entered into the deepest depths of the ruins as well. Moreover, it looks like they’ve even obtained an enormous fortuitous encounter.

But based on what these fellows are saying, their situation seems to be slightly unfavorable.

Chen Xi took a deep breath before he flashed out to directly appear before those three people, and he didn’t say anything before grabbing out, causing powerful thunderstorm vortexes to whistle out and form a pressure that completely and directly suppressed the three of them.

“Where’s the secret realm?” Chen Xi forcefully endured the anxiousness in his heart as he asked indifferently. If he wanted to obtain an answer, then using strength to force it out was undoubtedly the most directly and simplest method, and even though it was slightly crude, he couldn’t care about all that at this moment. 

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