Chapter 461 – The True Appearance

“Where do you think you’re going!?” How could they allow Chen Xi to escape? They’d scattered around in the surroundings precisely for the sake of locking down all of Chen Xi’s paths of retreat. At this moment, when they saw him fleeing towards the river of bones, they instantly followed.

The bones flowed while gloomy winds howled by furiously. The river water seemed to be boundless and filled with dense amounts of bones and skeletons, yet Chen Xi’s speed was extremely swift while moving through it with the Starsky Wings.

The group of people behind him sneered as even though their speeds were inferior to Chen Xi, the surrounding space had already been locked down by them, causing Chen Xi to be incapable of escaping no matter what and would be chased down sooner or later.

“I heard this fellow possesses a Quasi Immortal Artifact. We have to be careful so that he isn’t able to take us by surprise.”

“A Quasi Immortal Artifact? That’s a great treasure! How did such a precious treasure fall into the hands of this bastard? We’ll seize it from him after killing him!”

“This fellow’s hands are covered in blood. After we capture him, we must dismember him to death before burning his bones and scattering his ashes.”

The group of people sneered repeatedly. In their eyes, Chen Xi was already a trapped beast that was on the brink of a hopeless situation, and besides death, there wasn’t a second choice. It was even to the extent that they were already planning how to divide the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession after killing him.

Suddenly, Chen Xi turned around as a trace of coldness suffused the corners of his mouth, and he held up the Talisman Armament in the sky before fiercely slashing down towards the bones behind him.


The innumerable bones at the center of the river exploded and sprayed out a strand of milky white flames, that was like blazing lava and possessed a shocking temperature as it charged into the sky like a wave.

“Looks like this bastard had really exhausted his bag of tricks and thinks that some flames are able to hurt us. Truly laughable.” A genius expert sneered and he held a magic treasure in his hand as he moved to obstruct the milky white wave of flames that charged up towards them.

However, his smile swiftly froze as everyone felt a wave of terror as if they’d fallen into a pit of ice at this moment.


An extremely terrifying aura shot into the sky and shook the world, causing every single one of them to feel horrified!

A jade ornament that was pure white and crystalline to the point of being translucent floated within the lava and was enveloped by a ball of milky white flames as it revealed itself, and then it suddenly shook as if it was extremely enraged and exploded out with a surging white light.

“AH! No!!” The group of people let out shrill cries as they deeply felt that their lives were strongly threatened, and their situation was extremely dangerous as if they’d encountered a calamity. This jade ornament was too terrifying, and it terrified them to the point their hearts trembled as their fighting spirit almost collapsed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The ear piercing and sharp sound of magic treasures shattering resounded out as the magic treasures of six genius experts were shattered on the spot, and along with the people by their sides, they emitted shrill and miserable cries as they fell into the blazing white light.

“Flee! Quickly! This is Whitebone Divineflame, and even Earthly Immortal Realm experts are incapable of subduing it, whereas that treasure is even more terrifying than the Whitebone Divineflames. Hurry up and escape!” The Darqian Dynasty’s Geng Luo let out a loud and frenzied shout as he carried along the few people by his side while turning around to flee for his life.

Unfortunately, he was too close to the Whitebone Divineflame. Moreover, the jade ornament was at the critical moment of its transformation, so being disturbed caused it to be furious to the point of striking madly.


Another magic treasure split open as two genius experts of the Darqian Dynasty were directly incinerated into nothingness by the white light, and they vanished in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, Geng Luo exhausted all his ability and even though he was able to escape by luck, he still suffered a heavy injury, causing his entire body to be charred and almost incinerated into nothingness.

In merely an instant, an entire 10 plus people were killed by the jade ornament, and only another few heavily injured people remained with Geng Luo. Fortunately, the jade ornament didn’t chase after them once they escaped the center of the river.

But unfortunately, Chen Xi was waiting ahead. He directly executed the Stellar Lightningform, causing thunderstorm vortexes to rumble and cover the heavens and the earth while moving to swallow them, and it successively minced Geng Luo and the others to death.

“How ruthless! The Crown Prince will avenge us…” These words were the final shrill and miserable cry that Geng Luo let out before his death.

Up until this point, these 15 genius experts that were from the various Dynasties had all been annihilated in only a few moments, and this was naturally the contribution of the jade ornament, whereas Chen Xi had only used the might of it to kill them.

But even then, Chen Xi was still shocked in his heart as this jade ornament was too formidable, and it killed them like slaughtering chickens, without the slightest effort.

Meanwhile, the jade ornament and Whitebone Divineflame had already submerged once more into the river of bones and vanished out of sight.

Chen Xi didn’t leave, and he stayed here for an entire half a month more, and he only started probing it after he was unable to notice the faint divine might emitted by the Whitebone Divineflame.

He stood carefully at the bank of the river while maintaining a sufficient amount of safe distance. The Shaman Energy in his body surged as the Starsky Wings were in a ready state, and he intended to turn around and flee at the slightest sign of danger. 

After all, the jade ornament was truly too terrifying and was utterly not something his current strength was capable of going against, so he had no choice but to be extremely careful and make sufficient preparations.

Hmm? Why isn’t there any reaction? Chen Xi withdrew a flying sword and sent it over to the center of the river before carefully using it to break through the skeletons and bones on the surface of the river. He searched carefully, yet in the end, not only did he not notice the Whitebone Divineflame, even the jade ornament seemed to have vanished.

After contemplating for a long time, Chen Xi gritted his teeth and decided to personally take a look in the end. He arrived at the place at the center of the river where the jade ornament floated earlier, and then he started searching. He didn’t dare utilize his Divine Sense as he was deeply afraid of alarming the jade ornament. After all, this treasure was extremely intelligent as if it possessed a mind of its own, and he had to take precautions.

After a long time and after he confirmed there was no danger, Chen Xi utilized the Talisman Armament immediately to dig up the layer upon layer of bones and skeletons that were piled up on the surface of the lake. He dug and dug to the point his entire body was already 3km deep into the river, yet he still didn’t notice anything.

I’ve always been waiting here in these past few days, and I didn’t notice any traces of it leaving. Chen Xi didn’t give up and continued digging towards the bottom of the river of bones.





When he arrived at an entire 30km below the surface of the river, the Talisman Armament seemed to have hit a hard metal rock and emitted an ear piercing sound of collision.

Chen Xi was delighted in his heart and cleared up all the nearby bones before carefully sizing up the place he was at, and in the next moment, he couldn’t help but reveal a shocked expression.

The entire area all around him was covered in layer upon layer of innumerable bones, and it was extremely difficult to imagine how these bones had actually piled up to a depth of 30km. The amount of bones was enormous to the point it was sufficient to cause anyone to be dumbfounded, and it was a mystery how many people had perished here.

But Chen Xi didn’t have the mood to care about all these as his gaze was drawn by a corpse on the ground.

This corpse was sitting cross-legged, its bones crystalline like jade and completely pure and flawless, it seemed as if it was constructed from the most beautiful jade stone in the world, and even if countless years had passed, it wasn’t tainted by a single speck of dust.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but knock the corpse with his hand, causing it to emit a melodious clinking sound that was like a clear sound of nature, the sound of the Dao being chanted lightly, and it shook his heart and actually caused his heart to instantly feel tranquil.

Could this be the corpse of a god? Moreover, the Whitebone Divineflame was emitted from it? A thought flashed in his mind as Chen Xi stared fixedly at the surface of this corpse. However, to his disappointment, he didn’t notice any Grand Dao brands on it nor was there any divinity emanating from it, and it seemed to only be an ordinary corpse that looked slightly beautiful.

But in the next moment, Chen Xi’s eyes lit up. Shockingly, the jade ornament stood there at the space between the corpse’s crossed-legs, and its appearance had changed drastically. It had actually become the size of a finger and was crystalline and translucent.

What astonished Chen Xi the most was that its surface enshrouded with divinity and boundless Dao Insight that was like a sea. Moreover, he could faintly notice a trace of Whitebone Divineflame flowing within it, causing it to seem extraordinarily gorgeous.

Could it be that it swallowed all the Whitebone Divineflame, and even the divinity and Grand Dao brand on this corpse was absorbed completely by it? Chen Xi swiftly deduced in his heart. It’s surely like this. Earlier, it was absorbing the Whitebone Divineflame for the sake of achieving a transformation, and after it succeeded, its strength rose explosively, allowing it to absorb the boundless divinity and Grand Dao brand on this corpse as well. Only an explanation like this is rational.

When he figured this out, he instantly confirmed that the corpse before him had surely been left behind by a god of ancient times!

Unfortunately, not only has it already lost its divinity and Grand Dao brand, this corpse will probably not be able to last for long before transforming into ash… Chen Xi sighed endlessly with regret.

Seeming to be for the sake of proving Chen Xi’s guess, not even a short moment passed before the pure and crystalline corpse really crumbled with a bang and transformed into a large handful of bone dust that flowed down to the ground.

“There’s no end to the Grand Dao, yet I was only enlightened in death, an illusion…” Along with the corpse transforming into dust, a bleak sigh suddenly resounded out and shocked Chen Xi to the point of swiftly retreating back. In the end, he noticed that the voice quickly went silent and never appeared ever again.

Before he could even heave a sigh of relief, he noticed the brilliance emitted by the jade ornament on the ground was completely restrained, and it didn’t possess any phenomenon of divinity, Dao Insight, or Divineflames on it as it remained unmoving as if it had gone silent.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but emit a strand of True Essence airflow to probe it, yet it still remained the same and didn’t cause any effect. In the end, he picked up the jade ornament and placed it on his palm yet it still didn’t react in the slightest.

Uh… This seems to be the shape of a cauldron and not an ornament.” When he got a clear view of the true appearance on this treasure from a close distance, Chen Xi instantly felt extremely ashamed. He’d chased it all the way yet actually didn’t even see what treasure it was clearly, and it was a little too embarrassing.

But it couldn’t be blamed on him. From the beginning until the end, this treasure was enshrouded with auspicious air and flowing rays of light while emitting a terrifying aura, causing Chen Xi to utterly not dare inspect it with his Divine Sense, and this is why he’d mistaken the jade cauldron to be a jade ornament.

This jade cauldron wasn’t even 3cm in height and only as long as one’s pinky. It possessed three legs, was completely crystalline and translucent as if it was constructed from fine jade, and it was extraordinarily gorgeous. Detailed markings were faintly visible on its surface yet one couldn’t see exactly what marking they were. Moreover, there was a conspicuous gap at the mouth of the cauldron, and it seemed to have been knocked off by something.

All in all, if one didn’t look carefully, this tiny cauldron was like a gorgeous piece of decoration as it didn’t emit the slightest terrifying aura, and it was extremely difficult to imagine that it had emitted such a shocking might earlier.

Chen Xi inspected it repeatedly yet was utterly unable to sense the slightest bit of aura from it, and he couldn’t help but be slightly regretful in his heart. But he was absolutely not disappointed as he firmly believed that this tiny cauldron that had experienced the tempering of the Whitebone Divineflame and absorbed the boundless divinity and Grand Dao brands of the corpse of a god was absolutely an extremely extraordinary treasure and not a beautiful decoration.

The reason was extremely simple. He’d tried to place the tiny cauldron into the Buddha’s Pagoda yet it actually created a shapeless repulsive force and seemed as if it felt disdain to be together with the Buddha’s Pagoda.

Chen Xi wasn’t shocked but delighted instead. The Buddha’s Pagoda was a damaged Immortal Artifact, and even though it had lost its Artifact Spirit yet a world of its own was formed within it. However, the tiny cauldron and rejected being kept within it, and what did this represent?

This represented that the quality of the tiny cauldron was even greater than the Buddha’s Pagoda! 

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