Chapter 460 – Whitebone Divineflame


Taishu Huarong had just died when the pure white jade ornament had suddenly erupted, and a milky white light flew out from it before transforming into a terrifying fluctuation that completely blasted apart the entire gorge. After that, it soared up into the sky while emitting a sea of light that caused the heavens and the earth to tremble violently.

“Shit, this treasure seems to have become enraged!” A shocked cry sounded out from afar. When Taishu Huarong’s companions saw Chen Xi withdraw the Quasi Immortal Artifact, they noticed it wasn’t going well and turned around and fled.

I’ll try one last time, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll leave right away. Meanwhile, Chen Xi already couldn’t be bothered to kill these two people, and he exerted his entire cultivation to condense a myriad of thunderstorm vortexes that enveloped the jade ornament. This treasure was intelligent and formidable, and Chen Xi would truly feel disgruntled if he was unable to subdue it.


The jade ornament shook and actually withdrew all its brilliance, revealing its entire body that was crystalline and almost translucent. At almost the exact same moment, a fluctuation that caused one’s heart to fluctuate stretched out abruptly from it.

When Chen Xi saw this, he instantaneously transformed into a flowing light and fled, as he’d sensed an extremely dangerous aura.


Sure enough, right when Chen Xi had just left, an explosion suddenly occurred behind him. The jade ornament emitted a great brilliance, causing it to seem like a descending comet, and it shockingly collapsed and shattered the mountains and even the sky. The terrifying force swept out to the surroundings and completely obliterated this area, causing it to become a place of death.

What a formidable treasure. It wouldn’t be something personally refined by a god of the ancient times, right? Chen Xi fled swiftly and felt extremely regretful in his heart. This treasure was truly too powerful and probably even Earthly Immortal Realm experts would be covetous upon laying sight on it.


An ear piercing sound of the sky being torn apart sounded out from afar, and the jade ornament actually transformed into a ray of light that flashed into the distance, causing the shattered mountain to return to a tranquil state.

Hmm? This treasure is so formidable, yet why would it choose such a concealed place? Chen Xi turned around and couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw this scene. The treasure actually leaving so hastily caused him to be extremely bewildered.

“Let me see where exactly it is going.” Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to pursue like a wisp of smoke, and he chased after it all along the way.

However, the jade ornament’s speed was too swift, and even slightly faster than teleportation. Even if Chen Xi executed the Starsky Wings with his full strength, he was unable to catch up and could only watch helplessly as it vanished into the distance.

But Chen Xi didn’t give up and went forward all the way, causing the scenery of mountains and rivers to swiftly pass by. Unknowingly, he’d actually already entered the deepest regions of this boundlessly vast ruins.

After half a day of time, Chen Xi finally sensed the fluctuations of the jade ornament treasure.

There was actually a vast and continuous river in the distance, and to his shock, the river was filled with countless bones, and what flowed within it was entirely made up of bones and skeletons.

Chen Xi stood at the side of the river while chilly winds whistled by and blew into the skeletons within this river of bones, causing them to emit empty creaking sounds that sounded like the wails of ghosts and made one’s scalp go numb.

The center of the river of bones was actually blazing with a type of milky white flame that seemed like brilliant white lava surging and gurgling, and it was a peculiar scene that seemed extremely terrifying.

This is Whitebone Divineflame! Chen Xi was shocked as he’d recognized this type of flame, causing him to be extremely shocked in his heart.

According to rumor, after some extraordinary gods of the ancient times fell, when the divinity branded within their bones wasn’t destroyed after experiencing countless years of time, it would form into Whitebone Divineflame that shocked the world, and it was the best divine flame for refining Immortal Artifacts!

At the center of this river of bones was a ball of extremely dazzling and brilliant flames leaping about, and there was faintly a trace of the glow of divinity flowing within it. Moreover, it emitted strands of the tune of the Grand Dao, causing it to be an extremely shocking phenomenon.

Chen Xi’s gaze was deep as he looked carefully from afar. If that’s really Whitebone Divineflame, then wouldn’t it mean that the remains of an ancient god is buried beneath this river of bones?

The remains of gods were covered in the Grand Dao and contained divinity within them, causing their will to be eternal. Moreover, they possessed boundless divinity, causing their value to be so great that even Heavenly Immortals would fight to the death for it.

This was the like innate bone markings on some peerless ferocious beasts, and it contained numerous Grand Dao profundities. Moreover, it also possessed the comprehension and wisdom of the god towards the Laws of the Grand Dao. If one was capable of comprehending a trace of the essence within it, then it would be absolutely and boundlessly beneficial to one.

The jade ornament is within the flames! In the next moment, Chen Xi noticed to his shock that the pure white and crystalline jade ornament was actually floating within the Whitebone Divineflames, and it was enduring the tempering of the flames.

Could it be that this jade ornament treasure is injured and wants to utilize the Whitebone Divineflame to repair itself, or perhaps seek a transformation? If it’s true, then the intelligence possessed by this treasure is too terrifying.

Only the Artifact Spirits of an Immortal Artifact is capable of possessing such intelligence, right? At this moment, Chen Xi even suspected that this jade ornament was an Immortal Artifact, and even if it wasn’t an Immortal Artifact, it would absolutely not be much inferior to one.

The river of bones roiled while covered in corpses, and the divine flames at the center of the river blazes brilliantly with milky white colored flames that were like erupting lava. The aura emitted by it was extremely terrifying and dangerous, causing Chen Xi to have no choice but to temporarily avoid it.

He remained around the river of bones for the next few days and had always been waiting for the Whitebone Divineflame to be extinguished. However, it was blazing brilliantly while emitting a surging glow, and it entirely didn’t show signs of extinguishing.

Another seven days passed and a change finally occurred in the Whitebone Divineflame. It stopped gushing out and submerged into the river instead, whereas the jade ornament submerged itself into the river along with the flames. If Chen Xi didn’t constantly pay attention to it, he’d probably have thought that they’d vanished.


On this day, Chen Xi was staring at it from the side of the river when a sword light flashed over abruptly. A white clothed young man appeared while flashing through midair with a sword in his hand, and he struck towards Chen Xi while looking down at him from above.

Figures appeared successively in the surroundings. Shockingly, they were numerous genius experts of the Snowray Dynasty, and the white clothed young man was precisely one of Taishu Huarong’s two companions.

Chen Xi dodged the sword light before staring fixedly at these people, and he noticed to his shock that this group of an entire 15 people weren’t only made up of the genius experts of the Snowray Dynasty and there were also members of the Eastern Summer Dynasty, Skywolf Dynasty, and Darqian Dynasty.

“All of you are really like ghosts that are unwilling to leave.” As Chen Xi spoke, a vertical eye appeared between his brows before sweeping past everyone present, and he felt greatly relaxed when he didn’t notice an aura at the Rebirth Realm.

On that day in the gorge, it felt extremely troublesome to him when Taishu Huarong revealed a cultivation at the 4th level of the Rebirth Realm. If he didn’t possess the Quasi Immortal Artifact, the Flaming Peacock Fan, it would be utterly impossible for him to kill Taishu Huarong so easily.

Actually, Emperor Chu had made it clear before they entered the Primeval Battlefield that one only possessed the strength to protect one’s self in the slaughters and competitions in the Primeval Battlefield after advancing to the Rebirth Realm.

But the environment in the Primeval Battlefield was too adverse, and it was practically impossible to find a peaceful place when one could cultivate and break through. Coupled with Chen Xi being alone and having no one to stand guard for him, he didn’t have the time to charge into the Rebirth Realm all this time.

But he’d decided since long ago that he would break through to the Rebirth Realm no matter what once he left the Isle of Fallen Treasures. Because only in this way would he possess the qualifications to go against the true experts within the Primeval Battlefield.

“Hmph! Hatred should of course be resolved with force. It’s your fault for being a member of the Darchu Dynasty!” The young man in the lead wore a luxurious robe and was called Geng Luo, and he was a genius expert of the Darqian Dynasty. Obviously, this group of people took orders from him.

Chen Xi smiled when he heard this, and then he said while shaking his head, “Have too few of the genius experts of your various Dynasties died during these past few days? You still dare continue pursuing me? Could it be that you’re not afraid that all of you will perish in these ruins?”

He was speaking the truth. Since the first beast tide erupted until this day, it had already been over two months of time, and during this period of time, he’d experienced countless surprise attacks and ambushes, causing the amount of genius experts that had died at his hand to be extremely shocking.

But when these words entered the ears of the group of people present, it was like an undisguised insult and ridicule, causing all their faces to be covered in rage and become as unsightly as unsightly could be.

“Do you think you’ll be able to continue living after today? For the sake of killing you, the genius experts of our various Dynasties have gathered together this time, and no matter how swift your movement technique is, you’ll be unable to escape death this time!” Geng Luo shouted out loudly before attacking brazenly.

Since he was able to be pushed out as the leader of everyone, his strength was naturally not weak, and the truth was indeed so. Geng Luo was an outstanding talent of the first-rate Dynasty, the Darqian Dynasty, and there was rarely anyone amongst those of the same generation who could go against him. He’d ambushed Chen Xi within these ruins on numerous occasions, yet hadn’t succeeded a single time, and it was truly a humongous humiliation to him.

He’d gathered so many people over this time precisely for the sake of completely locking down all of Chen Xi’s paths of retreat before annihilating him.


Geng Luo’s blade flashed through the sky while emitting a sharp and blazing light that covered and shook the heavens as it slashed down towards Chen Xi.

This was an ambush and it was indeed difficult to escape based on the current circumstances. But Chen Xi didn’t intend to flee again. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the Talisman Armament before the might of his sword surged out like a tidal wave as it dashed forward and completely destroyed Geng Luo’s attack.

“Everyone, attack together and annihilate this fiend!” One of the young men moved forward and attacked along with Geng Luo.

At the same time, everyone else scattered out in the surroundings and locked down every corner with their figures before successively attacking with their full strengths towards Chen Xi, who stood at the side of the river.


The battle erupted. Chen Xi successively collided forcefully with a few of them, causing his vital energy and blood to boil, and the various attacks that covered the sky pressed down upon him to the point he was almost suffocated.

This wasn’t one or two people, but 15!

The 15 people were top geniuses of the younger generation that came from various Dynasties. The martial techniques they cultivated were all perfect Dao Grade martial techniques, and the magic treasures they possessed were all top-grade heaven-rank magic treasures. At this moment, when they attacked jointly with the intention of annihilating Chen Xi, their might was something that even a Rebirth Realm expert had to flee from.

Chen Xi’s heart went cold as he knew he was unable to go against them, and if he was completely trapped, then he would surely die a graveless death.

He didn’t get locked in combat, but fought while retreating.

“Chen Xi, your strength is formidable indeed, and it isn’t inferior to the strongest young experts of my Darqian Dynasty. But you’ll undoubtedly die today. Moreover, it won’t be just you, all the geniuses of your Darchu Dynasty will perish in the Primeval Battlefield!” Geng Luo shouted out loudly as his attacks became even more ferocious like a storm.

Chen Xi was shaken by these attacks to the point his vital energy and blood roiled, and he repeatedly executed the Starsky Wings to dodge the attacks. But his expression wasn’t panicked, and in the end, he flashed out to charge towards the river of bones.

He had a daring thought in his heart, and not only did he want to survive, he wanted to completely annihilate all these people that besieged him this time!

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