Chapter 459 – Battling The Sword Crazy Kid

Taishu Huarong’s group of three floated in midair in the gorge, True Essence surged around them as various martial techniques gushed and poured out, causing brilliant rays of light to shoot out and practically drown the entire gorge.

Under this wanton and indiscriminate blasting, the rocks in the surroundings of the gorge shattered into pieces, causing enormous pieces of rubble to fly about while dust and smoke charged into the sky.

Chen Xi dodged ceaselessly, and his figure moved about indeterminately amidst these attacks while his gaze had already become icy cold to the extreme. He’d used great efforts to try and subdue this jade ornament, yet never had he imagined that Taishu Huarong’s group would charge in and completely destroy his efforts.

This jade ornament was really extraordinary and possessed shocking intelligence. It floated indeterminately while shrouded by auspicious qi and glowing brightly, and he’d exerted all his ability, yet found it impossible to approach.

In the end, he could only use force against force, and he’d utilized his entire cultivation to emit a myriad of thunderstorm vortexes to try and lock onto the jade ornament before slowly subduing it. However, he’d just obtained a tiny bit of results when Taishu Huarong’s group of three had charged in and instantly alarmed this extraordinary treasure, causing his plans to be completely disrupted.

Taishu Huarong stood upright in midair. Even though he wore coarse linen clothes, he possessed a shockingly mighty aura, and his eyes seemed to have a myriad of swords surging within it while emitting a piercingly cold bright light.

“Chen Xi, even though you’ve already cultivated the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture to perfection, you’re far from being a match for me. Give up that treasure and leave now, and I’ll let you live.” These were the first words Taishu Huarong spoke since seeing Chen Xi, and his voice was calm and heavy while revealed an extremely strong confidence.

Chen Xi had seen many outstanding genius experts, yet there were none like Taishu Huarong.

As Taishu Huarong stood there, he seemed to constantly emanate the feeling of daring to do anything and the unrestrained feeling as if he could do anything, and it felt as if he knew no bounds. It seemed as if he firmly believed he was capable of defeating the heavens, the earth, and everything in the world.

But Chen Xi was slightly disgusted.

“Are you talking to me? I heard you’re called the Sword Crazy Kid, I think you should be called the Idiotic Kid!” Chen Xi’s eyes were icy cold to the extreme and killing intent had already risen completely within his heart. Being continuously pursued, ambushed, and having surprise attacks launched at him during the past few days had caused him to have a belly full of rage long ago. At this moment, when he saw that not only had Taishu Huarong disrupted his plans, Taishu Huarong still dared to act so arrogantly, the rage in his heart was instantly and entirely aroused.

“No one has ever dared to call me an idiot! You’re courting death!” Taishu Huarong’s voice was indifferent as he took a step forward.


He was 30km up in the sky earlier, yet in the next moment, he’d already approached close to Chen Xi, and his sword pierced directly towards Chen Xi’s heart.

This strike was angular like a serpent and filled with sharpness, and it seemed like a rising sun. Merely its aura could command the skies and move the sun and moon.

“Spirit Control Sword!” The eyes of Taishu Huarong’s companions lit up as they’d recognized the sword technique Taishu Huarong executed.

This sword technique was comprehended by Taishu Huarong from the heavens, the earth, and everything in nature, and this sword move linked up with the heavens and the earth to command everything in the world. It was like a strong gale when it swept out ferociously, and when it was gentle, one could even rub it with one’s finger. Yin and Yang were fused together, causing it to contain both softness and ferocity, and it contained numerous Grand Dao Insights. It was precisely by relying on this sword technique that Taishu Huarong had obtained the nickname of Sword Crazy Kid in the Snowray Dynasty.


Chen Xi held up the Talisman Armament and swept it horizontally through the sky as he executed the eight great sword moves of the Myriad Convergence Sword Technique to receive Taishu Huarong’s strike head on. The two swords collided in midair, and in an instant, they’d already crossed swords over a thousand times.


The two figures that were like bolts of lightning split up.

Taishu Huarong’s hair fluttered as his sword pointed up towards the sky while he stood in midair, and he seemed to have become the one and only king in the heavens and the earth, a sword that commanded everything in the world.

On the other side, Chen Xi’s clothes fluttered as the Talisman Armament was coiled with countless arcs of lightning that shook the space in his surroundings. At this moment, he was like an emperor that controlled lightning.

“Good, very good. Chen Xi, you were actually capable of withstanding my Sword Insight. It truly causes me to be excited.” Taishu Huarong’s eyes burned, and he deserved the nickname of Sword Crazy Kid as the aura emanated from his body became stronger. “I only exerted half my strength earlier, and you being able to withstand it is sufficient to prove that your cultivation in the Sword Dao isn’t bad.”

“Obviously.” Chen Xi suddenly put away the Talisman Armament and said with disdain, “I didn’t even utilize half my strength earlier. Truthfully speaking, you’re very disappointing. Sword Crazy Kid? You don’t even have the qualifications to make me take out my sword!”

“I don’t have the qualifications?” Chen Xi’s words directly caused Taishu Huarong to become upset. As the Sword Crazy Kid, his sword technique was the best in the younger generation of the Snowray Dynasty, yet it was the first time he’d heard someone dare to say this, and this was simply the greatest offense towards the Sword Dao that he’d always been pursuing! 

“I spared your life yet you actually dare provoke me instead? I’ll take your blood and soul to atone for your crimes today!” His gaze of piercingly cold to the extreme and surged with dense killing intent.


A powerful sword light pierced out and actually developed into a vast world that directly crushed down. This sword strike wasn’t sharp, yet was powerful and immense, and it seemed as it the entire heavens and the earth was within this sword strike and was crushing down along with it. It gave others an insurmountable and terrifying pressure, as if one was going against the heavens and the earth.


Chen Xi executed the Starsky Wings and charged up as his fists struck out like raindrops. Every single fist contained countless thunderstorm vortexes that blasted out, and the scene created was like countless lightning millstones were rumbling, revolving, and smashing down. It directly and utterly shattered the might of this sword strike.

“You took the heavens and the earth as your master? It’s nothing great. Receive a punch of mine as well!” Chen Xi’s counterattacked with his fist and directly arrived before Taishu Huarong. A punch blasted out like a myriad of lightning striking down from the heavens as vortexes covered the surroundings.

“Hmph! My sword is the heavens and the earth, and the heavens and the earth are me! How can you understand such profundity? Heavens and earth be my sword, transform into a cage, die!” Even though he was speaking, Taishu Huarong’s hand didn’t stop in the slightest. The sword in his palm flew about around him while piercing into space. Every single time it pierced out, a sword net would appear, and they covered the entire sky densely before enveloping down and obstructing Chen Xi’s footsteps.

His sword technique was calm and unhurried, and his expression seemed as if he was taking an idle stroll in the courtyard while looking at the scenery. But his sword move became more and more fierce as the sword strikes transformed into a cage that contained both the ability of entrapment and slaughter within it, and every single attack it released pierced directly towards Chen Xi’s heart or head.

Every single sword strike was capable of confining the ages, locking down light and darkness, and enveloping the void.

This move was one of Taishu Huarong’s strongest killer moves.

“Us cultivators seek the ability to leave the three dimensions and transcend the five elements, to wander all corners of the universe and obtain great freedom. How can this be something that a tiny cage is able to trap?” Chen Xi utilized the Starsky Wings to the limit, causing a myriad of stars to circulate on it, and it carried him to move in between the sword lights and move about between the sword nets. The sharp sword lights and sword nets were entirely incapable of injuring him as his body seemed to have transformed into an unreal shadow that couldn’t be tainted by anything.


At the same time, Chen Xi’s figure shook as he successively executed the three great Divine Abilities, Heavenly Transformation, Deity Transformation, and the Eye of Divine Truth, and he transformed into 57m tall giant with three heads, six arms, and a vertical eye between the brows. The sun and moon floated while worlds alternated within the vertical eye, and it contained the truth behind all the changes in the universe.


The Eye of Divine Truth swept out causing the heavens and the earth to become dim and space to tremble, and it instantly saw through the various variations within Taishu Huarong’s sword move.

At this instant, Chen Xi had executed all the numerous Divine Abilities he’d cultivated until now and overlapped all of them with the Stellar Lightningform. His six arms overlapped in pairs, causing him to seem as if he was embracing the world, and a rumbling thunderstorm vortex that was dazzling like the sun and contains surging arcs of lightning was condensed. When looked at from afar, it was like an enormous black hole had been torn open in midair.

Its impetus seemed almost capable of swallowing the heavens and the earth and sweeping through the world!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Layer after layer of sword nets were destroyed instantly. Even Taishu Huarong’s hair started flying up as the clothes he wore fluttered with the wind, and he seemed as if he was about to be swallowed into the vortex.

“Do you think you can defeat me with just this?” When facing this extremely dangerous strike, Taishu Huarong didn’t become panicked and seemed to have expected how terrifying Chen Xi’s strength was long ago. The imposing aura emitted from his entire body rose explosively with a bang, and it actually became stronger by more than a few times in an instant!

Most terrifying of it all was that strong baleful energy that was extremely piercingly cold surged madly around him, and it minced apart the surrounding space and caused everything in the world to be afraid of approaching him.

“Hahaha! Chen Xi probably never imagined that Senior Brother Taishu had already advanced to the Rebirth Realm three days ago. Moreover, he broke through to the 4th level of the Rebirth Realm in one go!”

“He actually forced Senior Brother Taishu to utilize the strength of the Rebirth Realm. Chen Xi’s strength is extraordinary indeed. There’s probably rarely anyone in the same generation that’s capable of being a match for him. Unfortunately, there’s an entire realm of difference between him and Senior Brother Taishu, so he’s bound to lose.”

When the companions of Taishu Huarong saw this, the nervous and worried expressions on their faces were completely wiped clear, and they became relaxed and excited, as if they firmly believed Chen Xi would lose for sure.

“Kill!” At the same time, after Taishu Huarong revealed his formidable imposing aura at the Rebirth Realm, he suddenly exploded out. His sword swept through the sky and transformed into golden lights that were like 10 scorching suns. “Spirit Control Sword, crushing the world with 10 suns!”


It seemed as if 10 suns had appeared in the sky at the same time, the scorching suns evaporated everything before them and transformed everything into ash, and they were brilliantly bright to the point it caused others to be unable to open their eyes.

Instantly, the thunderstorm vortexes Chen Xi condensed started shaking violently, and they faintly showed signs of dispersing.

The Rebirth Realm? It was seen through by my Eye of Divine Truth since long ago, does he really think he’ll be able to steal away a chance at survival like this? A trace of coldness suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth as he opened his mouth and spat, causing a crimson red jade fan that was coiled in flames to appear on his palm.

After that, he fanned it lightly.

A strand of a flaming tidal wave roared and surged out like lava, and it covered the heavens and the earth while gushing and flowing out. The mountains, earth, ruins, and rubble, everything was enveloped by the flames, and they were incinerated into nothingness.

“This is…a Quasi Immortal Artifact! No! How can this be possible? How can a disciple from an ordinary Dynasty like you possesses such a precious treasure? The heavens are unfair!” Taishu Huarong’s extremely terrified howl sounded out from within the sea of flames. His entire body was enveloped by the flames, causing him to transform into a flaming man, and he’d already suffered from a heavy injury and was struggling with the intention of fleeing.

But how could Chen Xi let him go? He repeatedly fanned the flaming fan in his hand once more, causing the glow of flames to gush out with a bang and transform an area of 5,000km around him into a sea of flames.

“Chen Xi, how ruthless of you! If I’m reborn, I’ll surely burn your bones and scatter your ashes so that you’ll never be able to be reborn.” Taishu Huarong was instantly unable to flee, and his shrill cries slowly and gradually became softer and weaker before completely vanishing. He’d perished, completely incinerated into nothingness, and not even a corpse of bones remained.

After he killed Taishu Huarong, Chen Xi didn’t sigh with emotion, but turned around and wanted to kill Taishu Huarong’s two companions. However, right at this moment, a terrifying fluctuation suddenly arose nearby, and it caused the heavens and the earth to tremble violently!

The pure white jade ornament had been agitated repeatedly, and it had finally erupted at this moment…

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