Chapter 458 – A Precious Treasure Emerges


Blood sprayed out as a genius expert was still fleeing when the horn of a ferocious beast behind him swept over and penetrated through his belly, causing him to be swung flying up in midair while blood splattered out in midair, and after his corpse descended to the ground, it was instantly crushed before vanishing in the beast tide.

“AH!” A group of genius experts howled miserably from nearby as they were besieged by over a hundred crimson red ferocious flying beasts, and flames surged into the sky as an entire ten plus people were instantly transformed into ash and left nothing behind.

Tragic scenes like this could be seen all over these ruins, the beast tide dashed and surged like an explosive river or a mighty army, and they shook the skies as they transformed this place into a purgatory of slaughter and blood.


A Dracophant that was enormous like a mountain charged out, and its feet were like pillars as they fiercely trampled the ground, causing numerous genius experts to be crushed alive into meat pies on the spot. Everyone present here was terrified, they rarely met anyone that could go against them amongst them peers, yet they noticed their lives weren’t worth a cent here.

The smell of blood within the ruins assaulted the air as slaughters were being carried out all over, and it was a sight so horrifying one couldn’t bear to look.

Scenes like this only stopped two hours later, whereas the vast beast tide had retreated and the ten plus treasures of the gods that commanded the beast tide had vanished along with it as well.

The heavens and the earth returned to calm once more, but the air contained a dense bloody aura, whereas the dazzling and resplendent glow of treasures occasionally charged into the sky from the distant ruins and were like comets that streaked through the sky.

But everyone wasn’t so covetous anymore, and they instead felt extremely icy cold as everything in the ruins was too terrifying. Extremely formidable ferocious beasts were actually commanded by the treasures left behind by the gods, and such might was simply capable of destroying everything and nothing could stop it.

The beast tide had really dispersed, yet an entire few hundreds of genius experts had died at the hands of the beast tide, causing their corpses to lay on the ruins and taint the rubble and ruined buildings.

Many people had aroused the intention to retreat. The Isle of Fallen Treasures was simply like a den of devils. Even though treasures were good, they weren’t as important as one’s life, and the slightest carelessness could cost them their lives.

Chen Xi was in a sorry state and had tattered clothes as he stood up straight within the ruins. He was a member of the great army of people that were fleeing, and he’d safely avoided this calamity.

It’s really terrifying. Who would have thought that the ferocious beasts on the Isle of Fallen Treasures would actually be so terrifying? Chen Xi rubbed his left shoulder. The spot he rubbed had been slit open by the fangs of an enormous lizard, but it had already healed now.

At this time, he’d long since become separated from Huangfu Qingying, Young Master Zhou, Pei Yu, and the others. Because the beast tide was too terrifying and had crushed down while emitting a rumbling sound, they were utterly unable to stay gathered together for the sake of escaping with their lives.


The sky trembled as a ray of light appeared like a streak of silver and swept towards Chen Xi’s waist, and this frightful sword light intended to cut him apart from the waist.

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as he swiftly avoided it. The sword light was like a ray that swiftly brushed past him before slicing apart a 50,000kg enormous rock that was ahead of him, and the place it was sliced was smooth like a mirror.

This sword strike was extremely sharp and terrifying. Obviously, the person that executed it had flawlessly combined the Grand Dao of Metal into their sword move.

The person that sneak attacked him was a black clothed young man, and he decisively retreated explosively without the slightest hesitation when his strike missed, and he seemed to know how formidable Chen Xi was.

But how could Chen Xi let his enemy slip through his fingers? He executed the Starsky Wings right away, and with a few flickers, he’d already appeared behind the black clothed young man.

“It’s impolite not to reciprocate!” Chen Xi’s Talisman Armament soared through the sky like a flash as the piercingly cold Sword Insight transformed into a stream that swept out like this enemy’s move, and he intended to slash his enemy apart from the waist.


Sparks sprayed out. At the critical moment, the black clothed young man had stopped and turned around before suddenly moving his sword to block before him. Even though he’s blocked this sword strike that struck towards his waist, he was blasted flying and staggered to the ground.

“Hmm? So you’re a member of the Eastern Summer Kingdom? No wonder you dared to launch a sneak attack at me.” The hair of the black clothed young man was disheveled, and his true appearance was revealed, causing him to be instantly recognized by Chen Xi.

“In this way, I can’t let you live!” Chen Xi didn’t hold back in the slightest. The Talisman Armament let out a clear howl as it flashed through the sky, and then a dazzling sword light that surged with Dao insight slashed down once more.

Even though the black clothed young man was formidable and far surpassed ordinary geniuses, how could he be a match for Chen Xi? After he successively resisted a few sword strikes of Chen Xi’s, his entire body had already been shaken to the point blood flowed from all his five aperture of the face, and even a few of his bones had been broken.


Chen Xi struck out once more with his sword.

The black clothed young was already extremely terrified since long ago. When he faced this sword strike, he gritted his teeth in the end and crushed the Universe Teleportation Talisman in his hand, causing him to instantly vanish on the spot.

The Universe Teleportation Talisman again. Chen Xi frowned. This type of jade talisman contained the profundities of the Spatial Grand Dao, and it was something only Earthly Immortal Realm experts were capable of refining. Moreover, there was utterly no way to effectively counter it. For example, Xu Lengye who he’d met before had relied on this talisman to escape calamity.

Looks like I have to be even more ruthless and decisive when I encounter another enemy…

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed, and Chen Xi had entered the depths of the ruins. During this process, another few more beast tides had arisen, and he’d already gradually grasped its pattern. After a beast tide, there was bound to be two days of a peaceful and dormant period.

Mountains formed into a forest before him, and every single one of them were extremely tall and precipitous. Moreover, some mountains frequently flashed with a strand of the light of treasure, and the sound of battle could be heard faintly.

This is the depths of the ruins and the beast tide gathers here. But compared to the outside world, it’s much safer. Moreover, there seems to be numerous treasures hidden here. Chen Xi spoke in a light voice. According to his estimations, the deeper he went into the depths of the ruins, the safer he would be, whereas the outer area of the ruins was the place that it was the easiest to suffer the invasion and collision of the best side.

Looks like it isn’t just me who has figured out the situation, and many people seem to have already arrived here long ago. At the same time, Chen Xi also noticed the sounds of battle that resounded out from the extremely distant mountain peak.

He became cautious in his heart, as none of those who were able to safely arrive here would be weaklings, and they were existences with extraordinary ability and terrifying strengths.

Chen Xi silently arrived before the mountain and when he saw the parties to the battle weren’t Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou, Chen Xi turned around and continued moving towards the depths of the ruins.

All along this way, he’d always been looking for the whereabout of the two of them, but unfortunately, he hadn’t found a single clue until now, causing him to be unable to help but feel really heavy in the heart.


Three days later, Chen Xi encountered an ambush, causing even his belly to have a large hole opened up on it, and his heart was almost shattered. But he who possessed a body refinement cultivation recovered extremely quickly.

At the same time, his right arm shook, and the might of his fist tore through the sky and directly smashed a person’s head into mush, causing brain matter mixed with blood to spray out and reveal a terrifying and bloody scene.

“Kill!” It was a group of people that had ambushed Chen Xi. At this moment, there were still six of them that were fine, and all of them were genius experts from the Darxuan Dynasty. They pounced fiercely towards Chen Xi like wolves and tigers, and they revealed an extremely formidable strengths.

The Darxuan Dynasty was a first-rate Dynasty, so the strength of its disciples was naturally formidable to the extreme. All of them were existences equal to Zhao Qinghe, and when jointly besieging Chen Xi, they instantly caused Chen Xi’s situation to become dangerous.


If it was three or four people, Chen Xi would still have the strength to fight until the end, but if it was the joint forces of six, Chen Xi knew he wasn’t a match unless he utilized the Quasi Immortal Artifact, Flaming Peacock Fan. But he wasn’t willing to reveal his trump card too early, so he had no choice but to execute the Starsky Wings with his entire strength, and in the next moment, he’d already transformed into a streak of light and fled temporarily.

If it was in terms of the speed of their movement techniques, then there was probably rarely anyone amongst the numerous genius experts who’d entered the Primeval Battlefield who were capable of comparing with Chen Xi. The six members of the Darxuan Dynasty were unable to catch up, and they could only unwillingly give up the pursuit.

Even I’ve suffered so many assaults. I wonder how’s the condition of the Young Princess and Young Master Zhou… A few days later, Chen Xi walked out from a concealed cave as his eyes stared off towards the distance, and he felt very heavy in his heart.

During these past few days, he’d successively encountered the assaults of the experts from the Eastern Summer Dynasty, Darxuan Dynasty, Darqian Dynasty, Snowray Dynasty, and so on and so forth. Even though most of them were easily annihilated by him, there were quite a few times that he’d fallen into danger and was almost besieged to death, and it could be said that he had to be careful with every step he took.

This also caused him to be unable to help but be even more worried about the safety of Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou.

These bastards are really like haunting ghosts that don’t go away. I must find a chance to completely eliminate them! When he thought about his sorry state during these past few days, Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of a piercingly cold light.

Hmm? Chen Xi was surprised. At this moment, waves of bright lights were emitted from a distance gorge within the ruins, and it seemed like a formidable treasure of the gods was concealed there. Chen Xi flashed out right away and headed swiftly and stealthily towards there.

The gorge was completely barren with broken walls and ruined buildings accumulated within, and he could even see an enormous stone pillar that was 300m in length. But all of this was already extremely damaged and were mottled with parts that were faded from the corrosion of time.

This place seemed like a vast palace from the ancient times, yet it seemed to have experienced some sort of unexpected event, causing it to transform into its current appearance that was damaged and ruined.

Chen Xi entered carefully, and with a sweep of his gaze, his pupils dilated in the next moment. There really is a treasure left behind by the gods!

The treasure was a completely pure white and flawless jade ornament. It floated indeterminately in the depths of the ruins while flickering with a bright glow, and it emanated a myriad of milky white strands of auspicious qi, causing it to be extremely magnificent and shocking.

A jade ornament had always been a sign of auspiciousness, and this jade ornament actually produced such a shocking scene, so it was absolutely an extraordinary treasure without a doubt.

Chen Xi’s heart rose with spirits but he became even more cautious as he was deeply afraid of alarming this treasure, and he was even slightly worried he would be utterly incapable of subduing it.


In the next moment, Chen Xi had already executed the Starsky Wings with his full strength and flashed out explosively. At the same time, thunderstorms rumbled around him as they condensed into a myriad of vortexes that enveloped the surroundings and pressed down with the intention of confining the jade ornament.


Lightning instantly shook within the gorge as rays of light shot into the sky, and there was also surging milky white strands of auspicious qi mixed within the divine rays of light, causing it to be extremely dazzling and resplendent and completely flooding the entire gorge.

On a distant mountain were three young men who were searching for something.

One of them wore coarse linen clothes, his bones thick and large, his appearance ordinary, yet his eyes were deep and sharp like swords. It was precisely the number one expert in the younger generation of the Snowray Dynasty, Taishu Huarong who possessed the nickname of the Sword Crazy Kid.

“Hmm? What a shocking phenomenon! A precious treasure has surely emerged! Let’s go! No matter who it is, we’ll kill him and seize the precious treasure!” Taishu Huarong suddenly turned out as a terrifying light shot out from his eyes, and then he immediately brought the other two along to fly towards the gorge with extreme speed.


The three of them struck with their full strength as soon as they arrived at the gorge. Various formidable martial techniques and magic treasures surged and poured out, shattering the gorge and tearing space apart, and it practically drowned the entire gorge.

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted and was furious in his heart. Someone had interfered at such a critical moment, they struck ferociously while disregarding everything and had obstructed him from subduing the jade ornament, and it had caused him to be completely furious.

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