Chapter 457 – Treasures Left Behind By The Gods

Isle of Fallen Treasures.

It was like a boundlessly vast continent that floated atop the Primitive Sea. 

Since the gods of ancient times set out on an expedition until now, there would be young geniuses from the various Dynasties that entered the Primeval battlefield every 100 years, and the Isle of Fallen Treasures came to be known by all. Many people came here for the sake of searching for the mysterious and formidable treasures left behind by the gods.

When Chen Xi entered into the ruins on the Isle of Fallen Treasures, there were already a group of genius experts that had entered long before him, and in other words, they weren’t the first batch of people to enter the ruins.

The ruins were boundlessly vast, illuminated by the golden crow that floated in the sky, and it was coiled with a light layer of mist, causing the entire heavens and earth to be suffused with the color of dusk and everything in the surroundings to seem hazy and indistinct.

The ground here was completely crimson red as if it was bathed in fresh blood, whereas the surroundings were covered in rubble and ruined buildings, and it was like an exceedingly ancient ruin that seemed to be recounting the mercilessness of time.


Suddenly, a glowing treasure charged out of the ruins like a fiery ray of light that tore through the sky and soared into the sky, and it shocked everyone present as this glowing treasure had practically flown off from their sides.

“A treasure left behind by the gods, give chase!” A large group of geniuses cried out before flashing up into the sky and pursuing the fiery ray of light. A treasure like this had become intelligent since long ago, and if they were able to obtain it, it would absolutely be worth a fortune.

There really are numerous treasures here. Chen Xi swept his gaze over and had long since clearly seen that the fiery ray of light was a damaged bronze shard that was mottled with rust. But since it was able to remain intact after experiencing the long passage of time and possessed intelligence, it could be called as a rare treasure.

But he was bewildered. Could it be that all the treasures that were left behind in the expedition of the gods are concealed in these ruins?

“All these treasures left behind by the gods are extremely intelligent and won’t hide in a single spot, and they’re distributed all over these boundless ruins. In other words, we’ll be able to encounter them anywhere in these ruins.” Pei Yu who was ahead turned around and said, “But it’s extremely difficult to obtain one of these treasures left behind by the gods, and it requires many people working together to achieve success. So I suggest that everyone cooperates temporarily to search for and subdue the treasure. The treasures obtained will be distributed one by one, and I guarantee that it’ll be fair between all of us. How about it?”

“Crown Prince is very right, I’ll listen to you in everything.” Cui Xiuhong was the first to make his attitude clear, and needless to say, Wei Muyun and Leng Qianqiu agreed as well.

Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou hesitated for a moment before looking at Chen Xi as they wanted to seek his opinion.

A trace of hatred couldn’t help but flash past the depths of Pei Yu’s eyes when he saw this, it flashed momentarily before his eyes returned to normal, and then he put on a warm smile as he said, “Brother Chen, what do you think?”

Chen Xi nodded and said, “Of course. But Brother Pei, can you be more specific about the division of treasures?”

“Hmph! With the Crown Prince’s identity, how could he possibly take advantage of you? Aren’t you looking too highly upon yourself?” Cui Xiuhong sneered.

Chen Xi looked at Pei Yu and utterly disregarded Cui Xiuhong. This fellow had a vicious and malicious heart, and he really loved driving a wedge between people, so there wasn’t any meaning in arguing with him.

“How about this? We’ll make a move together when we encounter a treasure. As for who’s able to seize and obtain it, we’ll depend on our own abilities. Of course, the precondition is we can’t fight each other. How about it?” said Pei Yu after pondering for a moment.

Chen Xi contemplated briefly before he said, “That’s the best way.”

“Haha. Nice. So long as we work together, we don’t have to worry about being unable to obtain various treasures.” Pei Yu laughed heartily as he spoke, and he seemed happy, yet what he was thinking in his heart was unknown.

Their group immediately set out towards the depths of the ruins.

“Chen Xi, if it’s according to Pei Yu’s suggestion, then we seem to be slightly at a disadvantage. Pei Yu possesses a Quasi Immortal Artifact to rely on. Moreover, he has the cooperation of Cui Xiuhong’s group of three, whereas, there are only three of us. Once we start competing for the treasure, they’re bound to occupy a slight advantage.” On the way, Young Master Zhou spoke via voice transmission.

“Indeed, this agreement is obviously disadvantageous to us.” Huangfu Qingying spoke out as well.

“There’s nothing to worry about. It’s only seizing treasures. Numbers aren’t important.” Chen Xi said with a smile, “Don’t worry, since I dared to agree to his suggestion, I’ll absolutely not allow us to suffer a loss.”

“Then it’s fine.” When they saw Chen Xi seemed to have considered everything thoroughly, Young Master Zhou and Huangfu Qingying were at ease.

On the other side, Pei Yu was instructing the other three via voice transmission as well. “So long as we encounter a treasure, you three tie down the three of them, and leave the rest to me. Of course, this kid Chen Xi’s strength is formidable, so don’t force yourself if you’re unable to stop him, just leave him to be as well.”

As he spoke, a wisp of coldness couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth as he said with disdain, “Perhaps this fellow Chen Xi has guessed my intentions. But he’s utterly unable to guess that there isn’t merely a single Quasi Immortal Artifact amongst the treasures in my possessions…”

Cui Xiuhong’s eyes lit up as he asked. “Crown Prince, then what if a battle is unavoidable while seizing the treasures?”

“Then I’ll kill him!” Pei Yu replied with a ghastly tone and without the slightest hesitation. “This kid’s strength had already exceeded my expectations, and if he can’t be of use to me, then I should eliminate him as soon as possible to put an end to all future troubles.”

Cui Xiuhong was delighted in his heart as his eyes spun. 

“Of course, Brother Cui, you better know your place. If I find out that you include me in your schemes for the sake of annihilating Chen Xi, then don’t blame me for being merciless!” Pei Yu glanced at Cui Xiuhong as he spoke coldly, and his voice was filled with a threatening tone.

“Of course. Don’t worry, Crown Prince, I’ll absolutely not spoil your plans.” Cui Xiuhong’s heart jerked, and he revealed a slightly forced smile. 


The ruins on the Isle of Fallen Treasures were extremely vast and boundless, and it stretched all the way to the end of the continent, causing one to doubt that they were on an isle.

Chen Xi’s group moved deeper into the ruins, causing cracking sounds to be emitted as they stepped on the rubble that was left behind since ancient times, and these sounds seemed to be recounting the expedition of the gods from all those years ago, causing one’s heart to be unable to feel tranquil.

Moreover, numerous glowing treasures frequently flew out from the ruins that was covered in rubble, and it passed through the dusky clouds and mist to vanish at the horizon. Everything here was so mysterious.


Suddenly, a thick green light appeared in the ruins ahead as a desolate howl was emitted, and then a glowing treasure charged out along with this. It was a dark green colored horn of a beast, and it tore through the ruins and shot straight into the nine heavens.

“What a desolate sound, it’s actually capable of disturbing the soul and suppressing the energy of the soul. It’s surely a formidable treasure of the gods! Pursue it!” Pei Yu’s eyes lit up as he shouted out loudly.

The eyes of the others had gone red with covetous feelings since long ago. This beast horn was absolutely rare to the extreme, its sound waves extended out and were capable of creating a shapeless soundwave attack, so it was surely a rare treasure.

Pei Yu was the first to soar up into the sky and stretched out a hand condensed from True Essence, and he fiercely grabbed towards the beast horn.


The sound of collision resounded out, and it was really grabbed by him. But the dark green colored beast horn was unharmed and the dense glow that covered it became even more dazzling and resplendent, causing the hand condensed from True Essence to be blasted open and shattered to dispersal.

The strength of Pei Yu’s grab was actually incapable of doing anything to a treasure!

“Everyone, make a move together!” When they saw this, all of them were even more assured of the beast horn’s worth, and they attacked together, causing divine lights to fill the sky and envelop down towards the beast horn. 

At the same time, all of them scattered apart to encircle the beast horn as they wanted to lock down all its paths of retreats.


However, the green colored beast horn seemed to have noticed that its situation was far from good. It emitted boundless dazzling and resplendent green lights with a bang, and then it actually directly pierced through space and instantly fled into the extremely distant sky. Moreover, due to its speed being so swift, it vanished in the blink of an eye.

“What a formidable treasure!”

“This green beast horn is absolutely a treasure kept by the side of the gods during their expedition, causing it to be intelligent, formidable, and difficult to subdue.”

Everyone felt extremely regretful as they’d watched helplessly as the green beast horn had fled from right beneath their noses yet were unable to do anything.

Even Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. The speed of his Starsky Wings was extraordinary, but when compared to the speed of this green beast horn, it was actually slightly inferior. In other words, the speed of this beast horn was already no different than teleportation!

At the same time, he’d clearly understood how difficult it was to obtain the treasures left behind by the gods. It was even to the extent that he suspected that if the green beast horn took the initiative to attack them, then probably none of them would be a match for it.

This was the divine might of the treasures left behind by the gods. Even though the gods had fallen for innumerable years, these treasures were absolutely not something an ordinary person was capable of subduing.


Suddenly, the heavens and the earth shook endlessly, as an extremely blazing light suddenly lit up at the end of the horizon, and it was like a golden crow that was slowly rising up to shake the heavens and the earth and fill the world with its cry.

“Shit! Flee, quickly! Numerous treasures of the gods have actually driven a few tens of thousands of ferocious beasts to form a beast tide!”

“Dammit! Those ferocious beasts are actually so obedient? Could it be that these treasures really possess intelligence?”

“Hurry, flee!”

A clamor resounded out in the extreme distance as a few hundred of genius experts of the various Dynasties were fleeing back towards the entrance with panicked expressions and pale countenances, and they seemed as if they’d encountered some sort of terrifying thing.

At this moment, it seemed as if everyone who’d entered the ruins was fleeing in fear and panic.

Numerous treasures of the gods have joined forces to command a few tens of thousands of ferocious beasts to form a beast tide!? Chen Xi’s eyes squinted. Something like this sounded simply inconceivable, and it caused him to feel disbelief.

But everything before his eyes proved that it was true.


The heavens and the earth shook within the entire ruins as enormous bangs that were like thunderclaps resounded out. Various divine lights blazed and illuminated the world as various ferocious beasts converged into a vast torrent that swiftly smashed over with a shocking impetus.

All the genius experts were fleeing, as no one dared to go against a beast tide army like this.

Chen Xi’s eyes stared wide open as he’d seen a 300m long enormous Earth Dragon, a bright silver centipede, a pitch black flying beast whose wings covered the heavens and the earth, a golden and enormous ape that was over 30m tall, and many others within the beast tide. Every single ferocious beast emitted an aura that was extremely terrifying. At this moment, all of them were gathered in this vast army, and everywhere they passed, everything was swept away.

What aroused the greatest fear in Chen Xi’s heart was that at the back of the beast tide army were over 10 glowing treasures that emitted various gorgeous colors, and they were fluttering about while overflowing with lights that were brilliant to the point of shaking the heavens! Shockingly, all of them were extremely terrifying treasures left behind by the gods.

Obviously, the formation of the beast tide this time was done precisely by these ten plus treasures. When he thought up to here, Chen Xi was even more curious in his heart. What sort of heaven defying existences are those treasures?

“Flee!” At this moment, when the beast tide approached, Pei Yu couldn’t care about anything else, and he shouted loudly before turning around and fleeing with everyone else. 

This beast tide was truly too terrifying. Not to mention all of them who were genius experts of the various Dynasties, even Earthly Immortal Realm experts wouldn’t dare go against this beast tide.

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