Chapter 456 – Deterring All Experts

Because of the difference in the Laws of the Heaven Dao in the Primeval Battlefield, cultivators weren’t restrained by their cultivations when utilizing magic treasures of any quality.

For example, the Quasi Immortal Artifact of Xu Lengye, the Flaming Peacock Fan, the Quasi Immortal Artifact of Pei Yu, the Skysorrow Sword, were all like this.

Even though the scarlet red flying sword in Mo Ling’s possession wasn’t a Quasi Immortal Artifact, yet it was a top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure that was refined with Firecrystal Iron from core of the earth, and it was covered in various profound talisman markings, causing it to be peerlessly marvelous.

However, at this moment, this flying sword had been shattered into pieces with a single punch of Chen Xi’s, and it transformed into a rain of flaming pieces that covered the sky as it sprayed down before vanishing like fireworks. The scene was beautiful, yet it caused one’s heart to palpitate. 

Everyone was shocked and were really unable to imagine exactly how terrifying of a force was contained within this strike of Chen Xi’s to actually be able to directly and easily shatter a top-grade heaven-rank Magic Treasure.


His flying sword being destroyed caused Mo Ling’s mind to suffer a heavy injury, and he abruptly spat out a mouthful of blood before his expression went pale and carried dense terror.

He originally thought that while relying on this soundless top-grade heaven-rank flying sword, he would be entirely capable of killing Chen Xi with a surprise attack. Yet never had he imagined that the strength Chen Xi revealed would actually be so terrifying.

This was like the saying, to know is easy, but to do is difficult. Only one that had fought Chen Xi themselves would be able to completely understand how terrifying he was.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi charged over once more, his right palm pressed out before him, causing a thunderstorm vortex to condense on his palm before transforming into a zigzagged and sharp bolt of lightning. 


A bloody light arose as Mo Ling’s right arm was almost severed, and fresh blood overflowed.


Subsequently, Chen Xi slashed out an extremely dazzling and resplendent thunderstorm vortex once more. This time, it completely struck onto the body of the heavily injured Mo Ling, and it was impossible for him to defend against it.

“AH!!” Mo Ling let out a shrill cry, his body was completely charred and was directly blasted flying, and he was unable to stand up again.

From Yan Yu’er fainting after suffering a heavy injury to Chen Xi striking out his fist swiftly like bolts of lightning to blast Mo Ling away, this series of attacks and movements were completed smoothly and in one stretch, and it only occurred in the time of a few breaths and was quick to the point everyone was unable to react to it.

Bang! Bang!

Yan Yu’er and Mo Ling were thrown to the side by Chen Xi, and they lay side by side with Li Jun and Di Wanlou while heavily injured and unconscious.

This scene caused everyone to shudder with fear. Only a short period of time had passed yet four formidable experts had lost, and they were utterly not a match for Chen Xi. Their miserable appearances simply caused everyone to be unable to bear the sight of it.

Pei Yu, Qin Xiao and the others revealed shocked expressions, and they were swiftly pondering in their minds.

“He’s really strong. I never imagined that there’s such a figure amongst the humans. Merely his body refinement cultivation is sufficient to compare with the descendants of Ancient Fiendgods.” Bi Lingyun’s clear eyes had a profound expression within them as she muttered to herself in a light voice, and the green crystal between her brows emitted a dazzling sheen.

Chen Xi swept everyone in the surroundings with his gaze, and he saw most people revealed expressions of terror. Especially the genius experts of the Snowray Dynasty and Skywolf Dynasty, even though they looked hatefully at him, yet they didn’t dare make a move rashly. As for the genius experts of the Eastern Summer Dynasty at the other side, they watched on coldly from the beginning until the end, and they didn’t take any offensive action.

Chen Xi’s felt slightly at ease in his heart when he obtained such a deterring effect.

Since arriving at the Isle of Fallen Treasures, the situation of Huangfu Qingying, Young Master Zhou, and himself was far from good. There were numerous enemies glaring fiercely at them from nearby and allies that hid malicious intent by their side, causing their situation to be worrisome.

If he wanted to temporarily change this sort of situation, then he could only bare his sharp fangs and reveal his strength and overbearingness to fiercely deter everyone. Only in this way would he be able to make his enemies arouse great fear in their hearts and not dare make a move rashly.

Thus, the scenes from before were born.

It could be said that no matter if it was when defeating Di Wanlou and Li Jun or heavily injuring Yan Yu’er and Mo Ling, he’d practically not held back in the slightest, and it was for the sake of using an all powerful offensive strength to crush his enemies in the shortest period of time so as to create intense shock and impact in the hearts of all the spectating cultivators.

When the king of beasts roared, it was even capable of deterring a hundred beasts and commanding 10,000 more. Not to mention Chen Xi had crushed four genius experts by himself?

This was called deterrent force. 


“The Darchu Dynasty’s Qing Xiuyi didn’t come, yet Chen Xi has, and his strength is similarly shocking to the extreme. If such a figure isn’t eliminated as soon as possible, he’ll surely grow into a leading figure that controls a great power.” Within the distant crowd, a few young men were conversing via voice transmission in low voices.

“Unfortunately, the top experts of our Darxuan Dynasty aren’t present, and even the Crown Prince has headed towards another restricted area in the Primeval Battlefield to search for secret realms. Presently only the four of us are present, and it’s extremely difficult for us to kill these three people from the Darchu Dynasty.”

“Hmph! Chen Xi has already made so many enemies, so we make no difference. After we enter the ruins, we’ll seek out an opportunity to make a move. I don’t believe we’ll be unable to annihilate a single Chen Xi.”

The appearances of all the people who were conversing were extremely young, and they were the genius experts from the first-rate Dynasty, the Darxuan Dynasty. But they seem to have concealed their identity, and up until now, no one had noticed which Dynasty they belonged to.

“Hmph! Members of the Darxuan Dynasty have actually come as well. Coupled with our Darqian Dynasty, all the enemies of the Darchu Dynasty are almost gathered here. It’s truly a magnificent scene.” On the other side, there was a similar group of people that had piercingly cold eyes that flickered with cold lights that revealed hatred, and they were sending voice transmissions to each other to similarly discuss how to deal with Chen Xi’s group of three after entering the ruins.

If it was considered carefully, since Chen Xi step foot on the Isle of Fallen Treasures, various enemies had appeared successively like bamboo shoots that sprung up after the rain. The Darxuan Dynasty, the Darqian Dynasty, the Snowray Dynasty, the Skywolf Dynasty, the Eastern Summer Dynasty, and coupled with the Darjin Dynasty’s Pei Yu and the Darqin Dynasty’s Qin Xiao that held malicious intentions towards Chen Xi… This number was simply horrifying.

Moreover, such a scene was sufficient to be described as a calamity of slaughter was about to arrive and undercurrents were flowing in secret.  


Chen Xi didn’t kill Li Jun and the others. The reason was extremely simply, once he killed these four people in front of everyone, it would absolutely be something the powers behind these people were unable to endure. At that time, a fierce battle couldn’t be avoided.

On the others hand, so long as these four people didn’t die, the matter had slight room for mediation, and it was extremely beneficial towards the situation of Chen Xi and the others.

All in all, Chen Xi had indeed aroused killing intent at the beginning before defeating these four, but after analyzing the advantages and disadvantages, he intended to let them off. After all, he’d done this for the sake of deterring everyone and not to enrage everyone.

“Chen Xi, amazing!” When he saw Chen Xi approaching them, Young Master Zhou spoke out with heartfelt praise.

“It’s good that you’re fine. Thank you so much for this.” Huangfu Qingying grinned as she spoke. She was intelligent and guessed that Chen Xi was putting on a show of force earlier, and it was for the sake of changing their current situation. So she was naturally extremely moved by this.

“Even though we’re safe for now, we still can’t be careless. I observed the surroundings earlier, and there are enemies of the Darchu Dynasty hiding in the shadows, so we still have to carefully take precautions so as to avoid any mishaps from happening.” Chen Xi smiled as he hinted towards two groups of people in the distance, and those two groups were precisely the genius experts of the Darxuan Dynasty and Darqian Dynasty.

Young Master Zhou and Huangfu Qingying nodded seriously. They’d felt wholehearted belief towards the ability Chen Xi displayed since long ago, so they naturally followed his suggestions and opinions.

“Strange, the glow of treasures frequently flashes within the mountain door, and it can be discerned to be treasures left behind during the expedition of the ancient gods with a single glance. So why isn’t everyone going in to pursue these treasures?” Chen Xi smiled as he looked at the lofty mountain door, and he couldn’t help but ask.

“I’ve already found out clearly earlier. There was a batch of people that had entered early on before we arrived at the Isle of Fallen Treasures, yet they seemed to have perished. Those treasures seem to have intelligence and are extremely difficult to capture. Moreover, the treasures will sometimes be accompanied by the ancient spirits of the dead. Once one approaches it, one will suffer from terrifying attacks.” Huangfu Qingying explained.

“Practically all have died?” Chen Xi’s eyes squinted.


Right at this moment, a black shadow penetrated the mist within the lofty mountain door before falling outside the door with a thump. The figure was completely covered in bloody injuries, and its exposed skin was suffused with black energy that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

“No!!” The person stumbled and intended to stand back up yet an expanse of black mist suddenly soared up from the surface of his body and swallowed him completely, and in the blink of an eye, he’d vanished completely and only a shrill and miserably cry resounded out in the heavens and the earth.

“Another person has died.” The pupils of everyone present constricted when they saw this scene, and their expressions became much heavier. However, they weren’t alarmed and seemed to have become accustomed to scenes like this.

The ruins are actually so dangerous. No wonder no one dares rashly step foot within it. Chen Xi looked at the layer upon layer of mist within the ruins and the numerous glows of treasures that frequently flashed within the mist, and extreme vigilance arose in his heart.

Even though the Isle of Fallen Treasures was a treasure vault that caused one to drool, it was similarly a den of monsters. Wealth and danger coexisted, and if one wanted to obtain benefits, then one had to pay an extremely great price.

But Chen Xi also noticed that even though everyone hadn’t stepped foot into the ruins, they seemed to not be anxious, and they seemed to be waiting for something.


Right when this thought had just arose in Chen Xi’s heart, an extremely dazzling and resplendent sun had suddenly arose within the ruins behind the lofty mountain door, and the golden light it emitted seemed to be burning as it illuminated the world. The layer upon layer of mist that enveloped the ruins instantly surged violently, and then it dissipated successively.

In the time of a few breaths, more than half of the layers of mist had dissipated, yet it hadn’t vanished completely, and had only become thin and faintly visible. But this had already allowed everyone to clearly see the scene within the ruins.

“The time has finally come! The dense mist had been dissipated and the ruins have emerged once more. The danger within has been reduced greatly!” The crowd was in a commotion, and they were extremely excited and delighted as if they’d been waiting for this scene for a long time.

“Let’s go!” Suddenly, Bi Lingyun’s figure flashed and revealed her true form. Her green wings shook the sky as she emitted a clear screech, and she led the few other demon cultivators of the Century Pool Dynasty to swiftly charge into the ruins.

“Hahaha! When the Golden Crow floats in the sky, the ruins will once again see the light of day! We should make a move as well.” The Darqin Dynasty’s Crown Prince, Qin Xiao, laughed loudly, and then he immediately flashed towards the ruins without the slightest hesitation. Behind him, Wei Kong, Cheng Feng, and the other genius experts of the Skywolf Dynasty followed closely behind.

When the others saw this, they made a move successively as well. They transformed into numerous black shadows that flashed out explosively, and they were afraid of being a step slower and narrowly missing an opportunity to obtain a treasure.

On the other hand, Chen Xi and the others had joined these ranks as well. They transformed into a few streaks of light that charged into the mysterious ruins that according to rumor contained the treasures left behind by the gods of ancient times during their expedition.

In the blink of an eye, the area outside the lofty mountain door was already completely deserted, and there wasn’t a single person left.

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