Chapter 455 – Crushing His Enemies


Blood sprayed out from the mouth of Di Wanlou’s mouth as his eyes rolled up, and he almost fainted directly. Even though he had True Essence protecting him, being directly lifted up and smashed into the ground by Chen Xi still caused him to be overwhelmed with pain and see stars before his eyes, and he struggled with the intention of crawling up.


However, Chen Xi held onto his right hand and swung him up once more before smashed him onto an enormous rock at the side. This time, Di Wanlou directly fainted, his body was badly mutilated and many of his bones had been broken.

“Brother Di!” Li Jun was furious and his eyes almost split apart, and he actually disregarded everything and charged towards Chen Xi. The silver spear in his hand shook as layer upon layer of spear images appeared, and then starry glows that were like flowers in a storm exploded out from the tip of the spear. The starry glows pierced through the sky and shot out swiftly to assault Chen Xi’s back.


Chen Xi swung the captive in his hand to block before him, causing blood to spray as Di Wanlou let out a shrill cry and woke up from his fainted state, and his body had almost become a sieve from being pierced by Li Jun’s spear lights.

“Shameless!” Li Jun let out an exclaim of shock, and he felt a tremendous lingering fear in his heart. He’d actually almost killed Di Wanlou earlier! This caused him to hate Chen Xi even more. His spear spun as it flew out with his figure that was like a bolt of lightning, and he launched another fierce attack towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi turned around while his right hand still held his captive, and his left hand lightly slashed out in midair, causing an expanse of thunderstorm vortexes that flickered with bolts of lightning to gush out. The lightning blazed and emitted rumbling that shook the heavens as it directly swept out.

Lightning surged amongst the layer upon layer of vortexes, causing space to be crushed and the heavens and the earth to rumble. The impetus caused by Chen Xi’s attack that seemed casual was terrifying and vast instead, it seemed like the god of thunder was furious, the mother of lightning was shouting in fear, and it was extremely astonishing.


Li Jun’s attacks were instantly dissolved and crushed, causing him to stagger back while blood sprayed out in large mouthfuls, and he’d actually suffered a heavy injury in the span of a single move!

This was extremely shocking, but Chen Xi was unsatisfied. After all, long ago on the way to the Isle of Fallen Treasures, he’d already mastered all the variations of the Stellar Lightningform, and his full forced strike was sufficient to crush a Devilflame Horned Shark that was comparable to a Rebirth Realm expert, yet he didn’t kill Li Jun with a single strike and had only caused him to cough blood. So it didn’t attain its expected effects.

It was obvious from this that Li Jun’s strength was extremely formidable indeed, otherwise, he would absolutely be unable to escape calamity.

However, it was different in the eyes of the others. This was simply too terrifying as Chen Xi had actually heavily injured another genius expert of the Skywolf Dynasty in a single strike!


Chen Xi charged forward while thunderstorms vortexes covered the sky and rumbled, and the Grand Dao profundities of the Lightning and Devour Dao Insight enveloped the area ahead.

Li Jun who’d suffered a heavy injury was naturally incapable of resisting, and especially because Chen Xi’s speed was too swift and had arrived practically instantly before Li Jun, thus instantly causing Li Jun to be in a situation of imminent danger.


Li Jun was immediately blasted flying, his entire body was charred and emitted strands of white smoke as he convulsed on the ground, and he was unable to stand up again.

Actually, this outcome could still be considered to be good. If Chen Xi was willing, he would even be able to directly shatter and devour Li Jun and transform Li Jun’s Blood Essence and True Essence into his own strength.

But Chen Xi wasn’t a cold wild beast that was without taboos. Doing this was no different than eating a person, and even though it could replenish his strength, unless he had no other choice, he would absolutely not do this.

Next, Chen Xi tossed Li Jun to the side to lay by the side of Di Wanlou. Both of them had suffered heavy injuries and were unable to stand up.

Everyone was astounded. This fellow is too ferocious. It has only been a few moves and he has already dealt with two great genius experts of the Skywolf Dynasty. Is…is he still human?

“I’ve said before, killing two is killing, killing a group is still killing. All the members of your Skywolf Dynasty can feel free to come forward and challenge me, and I’ll accompany all of you until the end!” Chen Xi’s indifferent and calm voice suddenly resounded out.

His figure was tall, his clothes fluttered with the wind, and he possessed an extraordinary bearing. But at this moment, along with his voice resounding out in the heavens and the earth, it imperceptibly caused him to emit an overbearing and haughty aura, and as he looked around, there was actually no one that dared look him in the eye.

Everyone was stunned and slightly didn’t dare believe it. Could it be that this fellow wants to make a clean sweep of all the genius experts of the Skywolf Dynasty?


“Truly too overbearing!”

“Supposedly, he’s the number one expert in the younger generation of the Darchu Dynasty, and his strength is even superior to the reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, Qing Xiuyi. Now it would seem like he really is ferocious to the extreme, and it’s even to the extent that he’s on par with some of the top experts in some first-rate Dynasties.” 

At this moment, Yan Yu’er and the other genius experts of the Skywolf Dynasty felt slightly apprehensive. Di Wanlou and Li Jun were the most formidable figures in their Skywolf Dynasty, yet they’d actually lost like this and were directly mowed down to a heavily injured state. So they would be unable to do anything even if they challenged Chen Xi.

“What? All of you aren’t going to take revenge for your dead companions?” A trace of coldness suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth.

“You’re too arrogant, I’ll fight you to the death!” Yan Yu’er expression suddenly went grim as she rebuked furiously, and she was unable to restrain herself from flashing out. The jade green curved blade cleaved down from midair, causing a myriad of fierce and cold Jade Phosphorus Flames to explode out, and it even caused space itself to be slashed to burning pieces.

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted and was prepared to enter into battle, and he wouldn’t be unable to strike ruthlessly just because his opponent was a woman.

However, right at this moment, a crimson ray of light that was extremely terrifying charged over, and it soundlessly assaulted the back of his head. This strike was vicious and ruthless, and it intended to pierce his head with a single strike.

Obviously, this person that launched a surprise attack had already discerned that Chen Xi was a formidable body refiner, whereas the head was the weakness of all body refiners. Once the head was shattered apart, no matter how formidable the body refiner’s body was, it would mean certain death.

It was a genius expert of the Snowray Dynasty that had made a move. This person was called Mo Ling, he wore black clothes, his countenance white like paint, and his eyes were narrow and long, and he was extremely inconspicuous when hiding within the crowd.

But once he attacked, it was exceedingly ruthless and shocking. A flying sword that was palm size, scarlet red, and was coiled with the glow of fire shot out explosively, and it moved soundlessly.

I never expected that the Sword Crazy Kid Taishu Huarong hasn’t made a move yet this fellow was the first to be unable to restrain himself. Chen Xi’s Divine Sense was extraordinarily enormous, and he’d instantly locked onto his enemy.

He’d noticed since before the battle that amongst the forces that had arrived at the Isle of Fallen Treasures this time, there was the Brightray Dynasty and Eastern Summer Dynasty who besides the Skywolf Dynasty had feuds with the Darchu Dynasty, and he’d been secretly on the alert since long ago, so how could he be taken by surprise?

He swiftly leaned to one side right away and avoided the sword light, and the he struck the sword with his fingers with the intention of seizing it. But the intelligence of this flying sword was extremely high, and it swiftly avoided his fingers before exploding out with an infinite glow of flames with the intention of severing his fingers.

A great battle erupted just like this. In midair, the flames of Yan Yu’er's jade green curved blade poured down like the rain while the genius expert of the Snowray Dynasty, Mo Ling, launched surprise attacks with his flying sword from the side. Both of them attacked swiftly and violently, and their attacks emitted dazzling and blazing lights. 


“Shameless! They’re actually joining forces against him! I’ll go help Chen Xi!” Young Master Zhou was instantly furious when he saw this scene, and True Essence surged around his body as he raised his leg with the intention of charging into the battlefield to lend Chen Xi a hand.

But Cui Xiuhong had stopped him instead, and then he coldly berated. “Idiot! Could it be that you want us to enter into a full scale battle with the group from the Darqin Dynasty? If you want to court death, don’t drag us down with you!”

He was afraid of Chen Xi in his heart, yet he didn’t take Young Master Zhou seriously, and he spoke extremely bluntly and scolded Young Master Zhou in his face.

Young Master Zhou had always had an overbearing temper, and when had he been scolded by another like this? He instantly revealed killing intent as he pointed at Cui Xiuhong’s face and cursed. “I dare you to say that again if you have the balls! Even if I have to fucking give up my life, I’ll slaughter a despicable and treacherous dog like you!”

Cui Xiuhong was stunned as he seemed to have never imagined that besides Chen Xi, this fellow called Fourth Young Master Zhou would dare curse at him like this, and it was even to the extent that Young Master Zhou had spoken even more viciously than Chen Xi.

He was instantly in a towering rage, and he had a gloomy expression as he turned around and said to Pei Yu, “Crown Prince, look. This fellow is being protected by us, yet not only does he know how to feel grateful, he has become even more arrogant and haughty instead. He simply knows no bounds like Chen Xi. If we still don’t teach him a lesson, then I’m afraid he’ll even go against us!”

“You dog! You…” Young Master Zhou’s temper as a Young Master arose in his heart, and he was just about to disregard everything and kill this treacherous and despicable person called Cui Xiuhong when Huangfu Qingying had stopped him. She instructed him that he must endure it patiently, otherwise not only would they be unable to save Chen Xi, they would completely offend Pei Yu’s group, and that would be really not worth it.

“Alright, stop fighting. What would it look like if others saw this? If you still disregard the overall situation, then don’t blame me for being merciless!” Meanwhile, Pei Yu spoke out with displeasure as well, yet his gaze that contained a strand of hidden killing intent stared coldly at Young Master Zhou, and it was filled with warning and threats. Obviously, he was siding with Cui Xiuhong.

Young Master Zhou was angered to the point his entire body trembled, and he gnashed his teeth. If it wasn’t for Huangfu Qingying’s instructions, he’d long since disregarded everything and acted willfully.

On the other hand, Cui Xiuhong revealed a gloomy smile instead, and he was extremely complacent as he said cruelly in his heart, “Chen Xi, oh, Chen Xi! Without anyone assisting you, let me see for how long you can survive!”


However, in the next moment, Cui Xiuhong saw a scene that caused him to feel disbelief. Chen Xi actually blasted out an enormous thunderstorm vortex that directly blasted Yan Yu’er flying, and she flew out like a kite that had its string severed and fell heavily on the ground. She coughed up blood endlessly and didn’t even struggle for a moment before fainting completely.

Isn’t this fellow too abnormal? That’s the joint forces of two genius experts! Cui Xiuhong’s eyeballs almost fell out, and he felt both hate and terror towards Chen Xi in his heart.

“Hmph! Shocked?” Young Master Zhou glanced at Cui Xiuhong with disdain yet he secretly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, and Chen Xi being fine caused more than half of the anxiousness and rage in his heart dissipate.

Bolts of lightning fluttered about as thunderstorm vortexes revolved. After he dealt with Yan Yu’er, Chen Xi didn’t stop in the slightest before turning to charge towards the Snowray Dynasty’s Mo Ling.


Chen Xi attacked and started going head on with the scarlet red flying sword, and his entire body erupted with boundless arcs of lightning as he intended to subdue this flying sword.

Mo Ling’s expression instantly went grim. After the battle was carried out for a few moves, he’d already aroused the intention to retreat as he’d exerted all his strength yet was unable to do anything to Chen Xi, whereas Chen Xi had instantly defeated Yan Yu’er instead. An outcome like this caused him to be terrified in his heart and intend to flee.“Want to flee? It isn’t that easy!” Chen Xi suddenly flashed out, and his fist was like a vortex that was condensed with lightning as he smashed it out with full force.


The heaven-rank flying sword was actually instantly shattered into pieces! 

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