Chapter 454 – Rising To The Challenge

Li Jun’s voice had similarly drawn the attention of the others nearby. The Darchu Dynasty’s Chen Xi killed two genius experts of the Skywolf Dynasty?

Everyone revealed interested expressions. The Darchu Dynasty and the Skywolf Dynasty had a bitter feud with each other, and since the genius experts of these two Dynasties had encountered each other here, they would probably carry out an intense life and death battle.

Pei Yu frowned. So this fellow is a troublemaker. I haven’t even used him yet he has caused a pile of trouble instead. If he seeks help from me, then… Should I help him or not?

“Crown Prince, we should look on coldly as a bystander in this matter. Even you’ve seen that those members of the Skywolf Dynasty had gathered together with Qin Xiao. If we stand out for Chen Xi, then it would be equivalent to going against the Darqin Dynasty, and it isn’t worth it.” When he saw Pei Yu frown, Cui Xiuhong instantly guessed Pei Yu’s thoughts, and he swiftly suggested.

“Hmph! Do you think I would be afraid of Qin Xiao?” Pei Yu spoke with displeasure.

“Crown Prince, you’ve mistaken what I meant.” Cui Xiuhong hurriedly explained. “I’m worried about those members of the Century Pool Dynasty. After all, it’s perfectly obvious how formidable that Bi Lingyun is, and if you and Qin Xiao fight with each other, it would probably allow her to reap the final benefit.”

Pei Yu expression was hesitant, and he pondered silently.



Meanwhile, Qin Xiao frowned as well, and then he said, “Li Jun, that Chen Xi is with Pei Yu now. If it was any normal time, I would surely make a move and kill him myself. But, there’re formidable enemies lying in wait, and once I start a full-scale fight with Pei Yu, I’m afraid others would reap the benefit from this battle.”

Event though he had an overbearing character, he wasn’t stupid, and he naturally understood that it was truly inadvisable to shed all pretenses with Pei Yu under these current circumstances.

The expression of Li Jun, Yan Yu’er, and the other young man in their group became stiff. Since killing their way out of the sea of Savage Hummingbirds, they’d always been holding back a belly full of rage. When they saw Chen Xi again at this moment, their eyes could be said to be blazing with hatred when coming face to face with their enemy, so how could a few words make them give up their thoughts of taking revenge?

“Crown Prince, how about I make a move to probe Pei Yu’s reaction? If Pei Yu defends Chen Xi, then we’ll find another opportunity to make a move, and if Pei Yu disregards Chen Xi, then I’ll kill him directly. In this way, you and Pei Yu wouldn’t become thoroughly hostile with each other because of this.” The nearby Di Wanlou suddenly spoke out.

Qin Xiao pondered for a moment, and then he nodded and said, “That is fine as well, then it’s up to you.”

“Thank you, Brother Di.” The expressions of Li Jun’s group of three was refreshed, and all of them were extremely delighted. Di Wanlou’s strength was extremely formidable and matchless amongst all of the genius experts of the Skywolf Dynasty, and if he made a move, then dealing with Chen Xi would be as easy as turning over one’s hand.

Di Wanlou smiled lightly, and then he didn’t say anything further before turning around to walk towards Chen Xi. 


“Chen Xi, the situation seems to be bad.” At the same time that Qin Xiao and the others were discussing the matter, Huangfu Qingying said while frowning, “These fellows have actually gathered together with Qin Xiao’s group, whereas Pei Yu holds hostility towards you and probably won’t protect you too much. Once a battle erupts, our situation would be worrisome.”

“Hmph! Why think so much? If they dare go against us then we’ll fight together and kill as many as we can.” Young Master Zhou grunted coldly and spoke with a murderous air.

Chen Xi shook his head instead. “Both of you don’t make any rash movements for now. In my opinion, they wouldn’t dare rashly cause trouble in front of so many people.”

When he spoke up to here, he smiled as a wisp of confidence suffused his eyes, and it seemed as if everything was within his control as he continued. “At most, they’ll send out one or two people to challenge me. In this way, they’ll be able to control the situation to a certain extent and avoid others reaping the benefit from the battle. Qin Xiao and Pei Yu aren’t stupid, so they surely understand this logic.”

Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou were stunned, yet they were slightly doubtful.

However, in the next moment, what happened instantly caused them to feel heartfelt admiration towards the precision of Chen Xi’s deduction.

The reason was fairly simply, Di Wanlou had come to challenge Chen Xi alone!

Di Wanlou possessed a tall figure, a powerful aura, and a gaze that was like bolts of lightning. He walked over in a dignified manner while his aura rose steadily, and his icy cold and indifferent expression revealed a peerlessly powerful bearing.

“Chen Xi, I presume you heard what Brother Li said earlier. A debt of blood must be repaid in blood. Do you dare come forward and fight me to completely put an end to this enmity?” Di Wanlou stopped abruptly when he was 300m away from Chen Xi, and he stood there like a lofty mountain while speaking with a deep voice.

His voice was like the sound of weapons collided with each other and shook the surroundings, causing even the air to carry a trace of a heavy and murderous feeling.

Within the lofty mountain door was layer upon layer of mist while numerous dazzling and resplendent glows of treasures flew about and were faintly visible. According to rumor, the things left behind by the gods of ancient times during their expedition had obtained intelligence long ago.

On the other hand, numerous genius experts were distributed all around the area outside the mountain door. But they didn’t dare make any rash movements and didn’t enter the mountain door right away. The gazes of everyone had been drawn over by the actions of Di Wanlou for now.

Pei Yu’s heart tightened as he repeated to himself. Please don’t seek help from me, please don’t…

As if the gods had felt the devotion in his heart, Chen Xi really didn’t seek for help from him, and Chen Xi didn’t even ask Pei Yu’s opinion before directly walking out and saying indifferently. “Killing two is still killing, killing a group is still killing. Since you’re looking for death, I’ll fulfil your wish.”

At the same time that Pei Yu heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw this, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss in his heart, and he was annoyed in his heart. He didn’t even notify me. Could it be that I’m completely useless in the heart of this fellow?

After that, he laughed in self ridicule. What’s wrong with me? A tiny little Chen Xi is able to make me anxious?

Meanwhile, the expressions of everyone instantly became excited when they saw Chen Xi had actually accepted the challenge and had spoken so ferociously. A battle of life and death between the genius experts of two great Dynasties was about to begin, and it would absolutely be extremely brilliant.

Everyone consciously moved to open up an empty space for Chen Xi and Di Wanlou to fight.

“He succeeded! This fellow is really boasting shamelessly and is courting death. Without the protection of Pei Yu, how could he possibly be a match for Senior Brother Di?” Li Jun and the others were extremely excited, and they stared at Chen Xi with a gaze that seemed like they were looking at a dead man.

“What high sounding sentiments! It has been a long time since someone dared speak to me like this. I hope your strength is as formidable as your mouth, otherwise, you’ll become a joke if you’re killed by me.” Di Wanlou grunted coldly, and his eyes were extremely icy cold and revealed unconcealed killing intent.

Chen Xi smiled indifferently yet didn’t say anything further, but killing intent was surging in his heart.


When he saw Chen Xi was actually still able to smile when the battle was about to begin, it was simply like contempt towards him, causing Di Wanlou’s heart to be filled with hatred, and he directly made a move brazenly. His right arm stretched out as True Essence condensed on his fist, and it condensed into an expanse of dazzling divine light, causing him to seem like a black dragon that emerged from the ocean and charged towards Chen Xi.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The punch possessed vast might and the divine lights seemed like a stream as they crushed a 300m long area of space, and it was extremely shocking.


Chen Xi casually raised his hand while a thunderstorm blazed in his palm, and then a lightning vortex flew out to collide with the fist and divine light. Instantly, a dazzling ball of light exploded out in midair as a rain of light sprayed out and descended onto the ground and rocks before hissing sounds resounded out as terrifying holes appeared on the ground.

“You have some skill.” The tips of Di Wanlou feet tapped forcefully on the ground, causing the ground to instantly crack apart, and the black colored cracks stretched out for an entire 100 plus meters in distance.

In the next moment, he’d already soared into the sky, and then his arms spread open as he plunged down forward like an extremely fierce roc that had spread its wings. The aura in his entire body was terrifying like an awl, and everywhere his figure passed, sonic booms actually exploded out in the sky like thunderclaps and seemed extremely frightening.

Everyone was instantly shocked in their hearts. Di Wanlou’s aura was too imposing and simply seemed like an erupting mountain torrent that blasted down from the peak of a mount, and it caused others to be unable to look directly at it and not dare go against it.

“He’s too strong. I never imagined the Skywolf Dynasty possessed such a figure!”

“This kid’s is probably the strongest genius figure in the Skywolf Dynasty. His natural talent is shocking and isn’t something the others can compare to.”

“Looks like we have to be on guard against this person in the future.”

Besides exclaiming with shock, all the genius experts present had heavy expressions because besides their own groups, everyone else on the Isle of Fallen Treasures was a potential enemy, and they had no choice but to carefully take precautions against the other people.

Meanwhile, Di Wanlou had already plunged down while carrying along a violent gale that caused sand and stones to fly about, the mist to roil, and the ground to crack open, and it was extremely shocking.

Right when everyone was shocked and their hearts shuddered, Young Master Zhou shook his head and started smiling. Because only he knew how terrifying Chen Xi’s body refinement cultivation was. In a battle with him, using magic treasures or martial techniques are fine, but why did you have to pounce forward to him? He expressed pity for Di Wanlou.

The nearby Huangfu Qingying revealed a slight smile as well, and her gaze even carried a trace of pity as she looked at Di Wanlou.


Divine light dazzled as Di Wanlou descended from the sky, and his arms swung out like sledgehammers to smash fiercely at Chen Xi’s head. He wanted to end this battle in the most dominating manner and shatter his opponents skull with a single strike.

Chen Xi’s eyes were deep and he stood on the spot without moving when facing an attack like this. He only stretched out a single hand and easily tore apart the dazzling divine light and might of the fists, and then a bang resounded in the air as he grabbed onto Di Wanlou’s right arm before surging thunderstorm vortexes left his body.

Shit! Di Wanlou’s pupils constricted as he knew that he’d been careless. He never imagined that Chen Xi’s strength would actually be even stronger than he’d expected, and he hurriedly circulated his True Essence with all his might with the intention of shaking off Chen Xi’s hand that had grabbed onto him.

However, at the next moment, he noticed to his shock that no matter how strong the True Essence he utilized was, it was actually like a clay ox that entered the sea, and it was completely devoured by the thunderstorm vortexes and wasn’t off the slightest use!

What sort of bloody cultivation technique is this? This discovery shocked Di Wanlou to the point of being astounded in his heart, and he disregarded everything and intended to withdraw his trump card to save his life.

But how could Chen Xi allow Di Wanlou to accomplish what he wished to do? After he grabbed onto Di Wanlou’s right arm, he’d fiercely swung Di Wanlou up before smashing him onto the ground with a bang.

Numerous cracks spread out on the ground as Di Wanlou’s entire body was smashed into the dirt and rocks, and his entire body was convulsing as he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood while dust and smoke spread out into the surroundings.

The expressions of all the genius experts from the various Dynasties present instantly stiffened when they saw this scene. No one had expected that the outcome would be like this, and the contrast from the beginning and the end was really too great.

Di Wanlou had charged down mightily from the sky, and his fist strike was like a divine light blooming in the sky. But in the end, Chen Xi had stretched his hand out to grab onto Di Wanlou’s arm and flung him directly into the ground like a little chick, and this was truly too shocking. 

After all, this… was a top genius expert from the Skywolf Dynasty!

Everyone was slightly flabbergasted.

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