Chapter 453 – Peerless Flying Beast

When he’d just arrived at the Primeval Battlefield, Chen Xi had once fought with the Full Moon Kingdom’s Xu Lengye, and at that time, Wei Kong and Cheng Feng were hiding in the distance with the intention of reaping the benefit from whichever side that won.

At that time, Chen Xi had sensed the existence of these two people, so he’d always held back for the sake of being on guard against these two interfering. Later on, for some unknown reason, the two of them had left half way.

Now when he saw Wei Kong and Cheng Feng once again, Chen Xi instantly came to an understanding. These two fellows had probably received a message from Qin Xiao, causing them to leave hastily, and it was for the sake of entering the Isle of Fallen Treasures with Qin Xiao.

If it wasn’t for this, these two people would probably not allow me to so easily seize that Quasi Immortal Artifact, Flaming Peacock Fan, from Xu Lengye.

All in all, even though these two people hadn’t made a move on that day, but their intentions deserved death, and Chen Xi didn’t mind finding an opportunity in the Isle of Fallen Treasures to fiercely deal with the two of them.

Meanwhile, Wei Kong and Cheng Feng had noticed Chen Xi as well, and they were slightly stunned before swiftly sending a voice transmission to Qin Xiao who was by their side.

When he saw this, Chen Xi didn’t have to guess to know that the two of them had surely told Qin Xiao about the matter of him seizing Xu Lengye’s Quasi Immortal Artifact.

These two fellows are really troublesome. Killing intent was unconsciously aroused in Chen Xi’s heart. A Quasi Immortal Artifact was a matter of great importance that even Earthly Immortal Realm experts covered extremely. After Qin Xiao found out about this, he would probably arouse covetous intentions towards Chen Xi.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Qin Xiao suddenly shot his gaze onto Chen Xi, and he briefly sized Chen Xi up before a trace of disdain arose on the corners of his mouth. His expression seemed like that of a ravenous wolf that had fixed its eyes on its prey, and it caused Chen Xi to feel uncomfortable.

“Hmph! I never imagined that Brother Qin would appear here as well. It’s truly disappointing to the extreme.” Pei Yu was stunned when he saw Qin Xiao’s group of three, and then he grunted coldly. 

“Haha, both of us can’t bear the sight of each other. Why don’t we decide a winner once and for all on this Isle of Fallen Treasures? I heard the Darjin Dynasty’s Imperial Family’s Ultimate Technique, Exalted Jadegold Sword Control, contains deep understanding of the Dao of kings. A single sword strike is like the arrival of a king, and I’ve wanted to have a taste of it since a long time ago. Brother Pei, do you dare to enlighten me?” Qin Xiao laughed towards the sky with a voice that was like a thunderclap that shook the surroundings, and an overbearing and conceited expression was clearly revealed from him.

“What is there to be afraid of? I too want to see if it’s your Darqin Dynasty’s Nine Dragon Heavenshock Blade or my Darjin Dynasty’s Exalted Jadegold Sword Control that’s more formidable!” As Pei Yu’s eyes opened and closed, the battle intent in his entire body surged, and he similarly displayed the proud bearing of the Crown Prince of a first-rate Dynasty.

One was the Crown Prince of the Darqin Dynasty, the other was the Crown Prince of the Darjin Dynasty, both of them were extremely respected figures in the world, and if it was in terms of status, then practically no one present could compare to them.

At this moment, they’d jumped at each other’s throats as soon as they met, and they intended to determine a victor amongst them. This instantly drew an enormous uproar in the crowd.

The countless gazes present converged onto them and revealed excitement, and they seemed to have never expected that they hadn’t started exploring for treasures yet were already able to witness an extraordinary battle. It’s really too exciting!

Screech! Screech!

However, right at this moment, a fierce bird cry shook the sky as violent winds blew, causing sand and pebbles to fly up into the sky, and an enormous bird suddenly plunged down from the sky. The bird was completely green in color yet possessed crimson shine flickering on its body, and it emitted a brilliant glow.

This was a ferocious flying beast with wings that were bright and translucent like jade, its beak was pure white in color, and most peculiar of it all was that it actually only possessed a single leg. But it descended extremely stably on the ground and caused countless cracks that were like spider webs to crack apart on the ground.

Instantly, Qin Xiao and Pei Yu both abandoned their confrontation and swiftly shot their gazes towards this flying beast, whereas the others shot their gazes over in unison as well. It couldn’t be helped, the imposing aura emitted by this flying beast was too astonishing.

“Inferno Crane, it’s actually the Inferno Crane[1] of legend!” Someone cried out in shock.

The expressions of everyone couldn’t help but go grim. A flying beast like this was extremely rare and was absolutely an overlord in the primordial era, and it was a peerless flying beast that was claimed to be able to tear gods apart.

Everyone was shocked to the extreme. Flying beasts like this were exceedingly rare and even rarer than ancient divine beasts. I wonder if this Inferno Crane’s bloodline is pure. If it’s really a pure-blooded descendant of the Inferno Crane, then it’s probably capable of swallowing a group of geniuses with a single gulp.

Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart as well. But he couldn’t be said to be fearful. He only suddenly recalled the words his Third Senior Brother had once said. Without exception, all peerless divine beasts and flying beasts contain Grand Dao markings in their bodies. If cultivators are able to obtain them by luck, then a cultivator could comprehend various Grand Daos from within it and develop formidable martial techniques and Divine Abilities.

For example, the Stellar Lightningform was obtained from the markings on the Roc’s bone, and compared with the Inferno Crane before him, an existence that was almost heaven defying like the Roc was obviously much more terrifying.

Chen Xi carefully sized up this Inferno Crane while holding such thoughts. Its form was like a crane that was completely made of green jade, and it was suffused with a glossy sheen. Its beak was pure white, while its entire body was coiled with divine lights that were dazzling and resplendent.

Moreover, Chen Xi also noticed that the single leg of this Inferno Crane had dense and mysterious markings covering it. These markings seemed to be natural, and it emitted the aura of a mysterious Grand Dao.

Oh, if I capture it and extract its leg bone, I wonder if I’ll be able to comprehend the profundities of the Grand Dao markings on the bone like Third Senior Brother said? Chen Xi was lost in thought.

“Eldest Senior Sister!” Meanwhile, the demon cultivators from the Century Pool Dynasty suddenly cried out with pleasant surprise, and then they flashed towards the Inferno Crane and actually addressed it as Eldest Senior Sister!

The hearts of everyone jerked when they saw this, and then they instantly came to an understanding. This peerless flying beast is actually one of the formidable demon cultivators that have entered the Primeval Battlefield from the Century Pool Dynasty.

Even though the Century Pool Dynasty was a kingdom where various living creatures resided and possessed countless demon cultivators, yet its strength could only be considered to be ordinary, and it was far from being able to compare with a first-rate Dynasty.

Before this, everyone had taken the groups from the Darqin Dynasty and Darjin Dynasty to be the strongest groups present, but at this moment, the appearance of this Inferno Crane caused them to instantly realize that these demon cultivators from the Century Pool Dynasty were probably amongst the strongest groups present.


In the next moment, the wings of the green colored Inferno Crane that emitted dazzling divine lights spread open, and it instantly transformed into a green clothed young woman. Her appearance was beautiful, her eyes pitch black, her hair jet black and long like a waterfall, and her skin was white and crystalline while flowing with strands of divine light. Especially the space between her brows had a naturally grown triangular shape crystal that flowed with multicolored lights that were dazzling and resplendent.

Not only did she wear green clothes, her clothes were plain and neat, and her figure was tall and graceful with beautiful and alluring curves. If it wasn’t for them knowing that this woman was transformed from an Inferno Crane, anyone who saw her would be unable to help but take her to be a naturally gorgeous peerless beauty.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be dumbstruck when he saw this scene. Earlier, he was thinking about how to capture the Inferno Crane and extract its leg bone to comprehend the Grand Dao markings on it. Now the Inferno Crane had instead become a young beauty that was cold and pure as jade. This caused him to hesitate, and he contemplated whether he should commit a deed of ruthlessly destroying a flower.

“I remember now. She ought to be the number one expert of the Century Pool Dynasty, Bi Lingyun. But never had I imagined that she’s actually the descendant of a peerless flying beast.

“Since she was able to be sent into the Primeval Battlefield by the Century Pool Dynasty, this woman’s bloodline is probably extremely pure, and her potential is surely extremely shocking. Once she matures, she’ll absolutely be terrifying to the extreme.”

“Hmph! She’s only a female demon. There’s no lack of existences that are capable of firmly suppressing her amongst our human cultivators. For example, Crown Prince Qin Xiao and Crown Prince Pei Yu’s strengths are absolutely not inferior to her.”

When they saw Bi Lingyun reveal her beautiful and extraordinary appearance, a wisp of shock suffused the eyes of everyone present, and some even recalled Bi Lingyun’s identity, causing them to start discussing animatedly.

Strictly speaking, demon cultivators and human cultivators were born enemies. But once demon cultivators possessed supreme intelligence and formidable strengths, they’d already become existences that were equal to human cultivators. So they competed with each other in strength and wouldn’t demarcate each other based on race.

Moreover, according to rumor, the boundlessly vast continent of the Dark Reverie had a myriad of races like the number of trees in a forest. Various races were present there, and the birth of some could even be traced back to the absolute beginning of the world, causing them to be even more respectable than human cultivators. Thus, if they still demarcated each other according to race, then human cultivators could only be considered to be an ordinary race.

Bi Lingyun’s clear eyes spun as she swept the surroundings with her gaze, and the hearts of everyone who was discussing softly tightened before instantly shutting their mouths. When she saw this, Bi Lingyun walked gracefully to arrive at a secluded spot, and then she looked silently at the region after the mountain door.

The other genius demon cultivators of the Century Pool Dynasty gathered by her side in high spirits, and they seemed to have found their backbone, causing them to not be afraid any longer. 

Nearby the lofty mountain door, genius experts ceaselessly rushed over and grew more and more numerous, more and more dense, causing them to become a boundless dense mass. All of them were extremely terrifying and were top figures that were selected from the younger generation of their respective Dynasties.

But once they arrived here, all of them became cautious and careful, and they didn’t dare be careless. After all, this wasn’t their respective Dynasties, and it wasn’t a place where they could act willfully.

Conversely, this Isle of Fallen Treasures was a place the treasures possessed by the gods of ancient times were left behind, and it was filled with boundless dangers and ancient dead spirits drifting about. Once they encountered these things, they would surely perish.

Coupled with them having to be on guard against the genius experts of the various other Dynasties competing with them while exploring, their situation had become even more grim, so they didn’t dare be careless and inattentive at this moment.

“Crown Prince, Big Brother Di, look, that’s Chen Xi. It’s he who killed Fan Rong and Zhang Qin!” Suddenly, Li Jun’s voice that was filled with deep rooted hatred sounded out from within the crowd.

Chen Xi raised his head to look over, and he couldn’t help but frown.

It turned out that Li Jun, Yan Yu’er, and the other young man had arrived at the Isle of Fallen Treasures without him noticing. Moreover, at this moment, they’d already gathered with the Skywolf Dynasty’s Di Wanlou and the others. Their group consisted of an entire eight people, and it practically covered all the genius experts of the Skywolf Dynasty that had entered the Primeval Battlefield this time.

Most importantly, at this moment, Li Jun and these other disciples of the Skywolf Dynasty had gathered with Qin Xiao’s group from the Darqin Dynasty, forming a force that was enormous to the point of causing one to feel fearful.

After all, the forces of the Darqin Dynasty, Darjin Dynasty, and Century Pool Dynasty was the most enormous amongst the people present. At this moment, the addition of Li Jun’s group of three had instantly caused the force of the Darqin Dynasty to become the most enormous amongst the other forces present here.

Meanwhile, while residing within such a force, Li Jun had suddenly taken action against Chen Xi, causing his situation to instantly become precarious.

1. ‘毕方’ It’s a bird of legend that’s an omen of imminent flaming destruction

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