Chapter 452 – Numerous Experts

A gale surged while violent waves shook the skies above the Primitive Sea.

Chen Xi and the others were flying in midair. Since they charged through the line of defense of the Savage Hummingbirds, they’d encountered numerous formidable demon beasts all along the way, and there were even existences on par with Violent Waterflame Apes.

For example, Ironhide Ghostfishes, Three-headed Jade Turtles, Devilflame Horned Sharks, and so on and so forth. But their numbers weren’t great, whereas Chen Xi and the others didn’t get locked in battle for too long, and they charged and killed all along the way to forcefully slaughter out a bloodied path.

Even then, Chen Xi still obtained a great amount of benefit.

The skin, fur, bones, and Origin Pearls within the bodies of these sea demons were extremely valuable and precious materials. Some could be refined into spirit pills, some could be used for equipment refinement, and they possessed numerous usages. Amongst them, Chen Xi had gathered numerous materials that were capable of improving the quality of the Talisman Armament, so it could be considered to be a good harvest.

But when the Talisman Armament’s quality was improved once more, its might would be comparable to a top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure or even a Quasi Immortal Artifact, and because of this, it had extremely harsh requirements towards the various materials that were needed. Not only was the number of materials needed enormous, even the requirement of quality was extremely high. After gathering all along the way, Chen Xi had only gathered one tenth of the various materials that were needed.

At the same time, Chen Xi could be considered to have truly experienced the dangers of the Primitive Sea. Countless sea demons of all sorts formed large groups that covered a large expanse that was like a dense mass of darkness, and they numbered in the thousands, ten thousands, or even hundred thousands!

Moreover, the deeper they ventured into the Primitive Sea, the strengths of the sea demons that appeared grew stronger, and Chen Xi had even noticed many terrifying overlord level sea demons that possessed auras that were like bottomless chasms and were simply comparable to Earthly Immortal Realm experts in terms of strength!

When they noticed these extremely dangerous existences, Chen Xi and the others avoided them as soon as possible and went around them. Fortunately, these overlord level sea demons seemed to be cultivating in seclusion and couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to little fish like them, so they were only shocked, yet didn’t suffer any danger nor lethal attacks all along the way.

As they went deeper into the Primitive Sea, a strange treasure had appeared in the hands of the Darjin Dynasty’s Crown Prince, Pei Yu. It was palm sized and seemed like the shell of a turtle, and its surface had numerous strange talisman markings inscribed on it, causing it to seem like a compass. Pei Yu had relied on this treasure to lead everyone in the boundless sea to find the Isle of Fallen Treasure.

“We’ve finally arrived at the Isle of Fallen Treasure!” Suddenly, Pei Yu stopped moving and raised his head to look into the distance, and his voice revealed a race trace of excitement and happiness.

The spirits of the others were refreshed when they heard this, and then they raised their eyes to look into the distance.

Bum! Brrum! Bruuuuuummm!

Chen Xi had just spread out his Divine Sense when he sensed countless desolate sounds that were like war horns and a piercingly cold iron blooded aura of battle coming out from the distant surface of the sea. It seemed as if the gods of ancient times were at battle, and it shook his heart.

We’ve finally arrived at the Isle of Fallen Treasures!

Their group had travelled in the Primitive Sea for around a few days and nights, and they’d experienced countless dangers before arriving at this mysterious Isle of Fallen Treasures.

The Isle of Fallen Treasures was enveloped in a layer of dense mist that drifted in the surroundings while staying extremely condensed and showing no signs of dissipating, and it caused them to be unable to clearly see if the isle really existed.

It was said to be an isle, yet it was no different than a continent that floated on the surface of the sea as one couldn’t see the end of the isle with a single glance, and it at least covered an area of a few hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Gales and violent waves whistled past, causing the mist above the Isle of Fallen Treasures to drift indeterminately, yet it didn’t dissipate from the beginning until the end, and it seemed as if the isle would forever stay extremely mysterious and be enveloped within the mist.

The sound of desolate war horns, the furious shouts of the gods that shook the heavens, and miserable howls that caused one’s scalp to go numb could be faintly heard, and it put a terrifying veil on the Isle of Fallen Treasures.

“According to rumor, not only are there numerous treasures and the shattered pieces of things left behind by the fallen gods, there are numerous extremely formidable demons concealed on the Isle of the Fallen Treasures. There are even ancient souls of the dead drifting within the isle, causing it to be extremely dangerous and terrifying. Once we enter the isle, everyone must be sure to be careful.” Pei Yu’s expression had become completely serious as an extremely sharp and pure golden ray of sword light floated out into appearance and guarded in his surroundings.

The hearts of the others became apprehensive when they heard this, and more than half of the excitement and delight on their faces vanished as they became completely on guard.

“Let’s go. The experts of other Dynasties have probably entered the isle long ago. Once we enter the isle, we’ll be unable to avoid some competition from occurring. So everyone must be united and not give others an opportunity to take advantage of.” Pei Yu glanced at everyone and especially took a second glance at Chen Xi before turning around and charging towards the distant isle.

Chen Xi thought for a moment and decided to temporarily stay in Pei Yu’s group. After all, this fellow seemed to be rather knowledgeable about the Isle of Fallen Treasure, so it wouldn’t be late for them to leave after they entered with him and familiarized themselves with the situation in the isle.

In next to no time, they’d passed through the roiling and dense mist to arrive on the Isle of Fallen Treasures.

This isle had no plants and lacked vitality, the ground was crimson red as if it had once been tainted with fresh blood, and everywhere the eye could see was like ruins after a battle.

However, this place wasn’t silent. Within the coiling mist was the flickering light of treasures and overflowing divine lights, and it seemed to contain countless treasures, causing the isle to seem like a forgotten place that was filled with treasures.

There was a door that was formed from two majestic and large mountains. The area within it was cast and covered with layers of mist that enveloped most of the ruins, causing one to be unable to see exactly what was within. But there were numerous dazzling glows of treasures that whistled in the air and charged out frequently from within.

Obviously, those dazzling glows of treasures seemed to be from the treasures left behind by the ancient gods during their expedition in the legend, and the glows of treasures seemed like rain droplets that covered the sky and seemed to possess intelligence as they tempted the hearts of everyone.

At this moment, there were many people gathered outside the door.

Moreover, these people were extremely numerous. All of them were extremely young in appearance, and they were in groups of two to five and scattered all around the mountain door. Obviously, all of them were genius experts from the various Dynasties.

When Chen Xi and the others arrived, they saw this extremely magnificent scene. Dense mist enveloped the area within the mountain door as the glow of treasures frequently flashed by, whereas outside the mountain door was numerous young geniuses that walked about and seemed to be unable to decide whether to enter or not.

“The Snowray Dynasty, the Eagle Dynasty, the Century Pool Dynasty, the Darqin Dynasty… There are so many genius experts!” When they arrived here, Young Master Zhou felt his eyes were insufficient to take in everything here, and at the same time, he wasn’t so arrogant anymore and didn’t go beyond his bounds. Because there were numerous geniuses here, and all of them were extremely formidable and emitted auras that caused his heart to palpitate.

Chen Xi marveled at it as well. The scene of so many genius experts gathered together was rather magnificent indeed, and it gave one an extremely strong visual impact.

“Look, quickly! That group of fellows are actually demon cultivators with pure bloodlines and formidable auras. Could it be that they’re the descendants of ferocious beasts of the primordial era?” Young Master Zhou spoke out with astonishment.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over. Sure enough, he saw a few young men in the distance that were covered in surging demonic qi. Their demonic qi coiled in midair and faintly formed the appearance of various formidable creatures. One was a golden and enormous bird, one was a white colored liger, one was a bronze colored divine ant, and so on and so forth. All of them were the appearances of rare ferocious beasts of the primordial era.

“These demon cultivators ought to be the genius experts from the Century Pool Dynasty, as it’s a Dynasty of demon cultivators. There are numerous rivers and lakes within the Century Pool Dynasty, allowing infinite amounts of beasts to reside there. But since these demon cultivators were able to enter the Primeval Battlefield, they obviously possess extremely noble ferocious beast bloodlines, and their strength can’t be underestimated.” Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart.

The appearance of Chen Xi’s group had also drawn the attention of the experts of the various Dynasties that were present here.

“It’s the Darjin Dynasty’s Crown Prince, Pei Yu!”

“The Darjin Dynasty? My god! After the Darqin Dynasty, another genius expert from a first-rate Dynasty has appeared. With them joining in, the competition will probably become even greater.”

“Wait, look! Those three behind Pei Yu’s group are probably the disciples of the Darchu Dynasty. If I’m not wrong, the young woman in the lead is undoubtedly the daughter of Emperor Chu, Huangfu Qingying.”

“The Darchu Dynasty? Haha, interesting, interesting! Members of the Snowray Dynasty and Eastern Summer Dynasty that have a bitter feud with the Darchu Dynasty are present. If these people were to collide, the scene would surely be extremely interesting.”

“But those three people from the Darchu Dynasty are intelligent. They’ve attached themselves to the experts of the Darjin Dynasty to obtain protections, and anyone who wants to make a move against them would probably have to weigh their ability.”

When everyone nearby saw the appearance of Chen Xi and the others, all of them started discussing. Some were afraid of Pei Yu’s group, and there were some that took pleasure in the misfortune of Chen Xi’s group of three.

Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent, and even until now, he was still extremely curious in his heart. The Darchu Dynasty is a mere ordinary Dynasty, yet how did it provoke so many enemies?

In the information given by the Civil Marquis, there were two first-rate Dynasties amongst those that had enmity with the Darchu Dynasty, and they were respectively the Darqian Dynasty and Darxuan Dynasty. Besides these two Dynasties, there were countless other ordinary Dynasties like the Skywolf Dynasty, Snowray Dynasty, Eastern Summer Dynasty, and so on and so forth.

Chen Xi was truly unable to imagine exactly what sort of horrible thing had Emperor Chu done to actually offend so many formidable enemies, and this had imperceptibly made numerous enemies for all of them young disciple that had entered the Primeval Battlefield.

Chen Xi saw the Snowray Dynasty’s Sword Crazy Kid, Taishu Huarong’s, group and the Skywolf Dynasty’s Di Wanlou’s group in the crowd, and the gazes of these people that contained hostility swept over coldly when they saw Chen Xi and the others appear.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but think in his heart. Li Jun and Yan Yu’er are both from the Skywolf Dynasty as well. If they arrive at the Isle of Fallen Treasures to converge with Di Wanlou’s group, then they would be a formidable force.

“Hmph! I never imagined I would actually be able to see Brother Pei here. The wills of the heavens really plays tricks on us all!” Right at this moment, a cold grunt resounded out abruptly. 

The entire crowd was in a commotion when they heard this, and they seemed to recognize the owner of this voice, causing them to move aside successively and open up a path.

After that, the figures of three young men appeared within Chen Xi’s field of vision.

The young man in the lead had a tall and impressive figure, his facial features had firm outlines, and his aura was formidable and towered above all. Obviously, he wasn’t someone that an ordinary genius expert could compare to.

“That’s the Darqin Dynasty’s Crown Prince, Qin Xiao. The two young men by his side are Wei Kong and Cheng Feng.” Huangfu Qingying spoke swiftly via voice transmission. “Just like the Darjin Dynasty, the Darqin Dynasty is a first-rate Dynasty. Moreover, as the Crown Prince of the Darqin Dynasty, Qin Xiao is famous for being brave and skillful in battle, and his strength is absolutely strong to the extreme.”

Qin Xiao, Wei Kong, Cheng Feng… Chen Xi only paid slight attention to Qin Xiao before his gaze descended onto the two people behind Qin Xiao, as he’d immediately recalled who these two people were, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl into a spurious smile. 

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