Chapter 451 – Arriving At The Isle


Amidst the dense mass of Savage Hummingbirds, Li Jun’s spear shook as a ball of misty starlight exploded out like dazzling fireworks that spread far and wide, causing all the nearby Savage Hummingbirds to be instantly wiped out. Meanwhile, he noticed the Thousandplume Dragonboat, and his eyes lit up as he said with a ghastly voice, “It’s actually the Darchu Dynasty’s Thousandplume Dragonboat, looks like it’s surely Huangfu Qingying up there!”

“The Darchu Dynasty!” The eyes of Yan Yu’er and the other three went cold and revealed dense hatred. Never had they imagined that they would actually encounter the sworn enemy of their Skywolf Dynasty here.

“Catch up to them. We’ll make them bring us along, and then we’ll seize this opportunity to seize the Thousandplume Dragonboat!” Li Jun made a prompt decision. They’d already been trapped here for half a day, and if it wasn’t for them brining sufficient medicinal pills, they’d probably have been trapped to death long ago. If they were able to seize the Thousandplume Dragonboat, then their chances of slaughtering their way out of this tight encirclement would undoubtedly increase greatly.

“Right, we’ll seize their Thousandplume Dragonboat.” Yan Yu’er and the others came to an understanding as well. If they continued as they were now, the probability they fell was extremely high, so they became even more eager.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Li Jun’s group of five gathered together right away, then they mobilized their True Essence as they chased towards the Thousandplume Dragonboat with all their might, and they forcefully slaughtered out a path of blood in the sea of Savage Hummingbirds.

“They’re coming over!” Young Master Zhou frowned and warned.

“Fellow Daoists, encountering each other is fate. Can you bring us along with you? With our addition, all of us will be able to slaughter our way out more easily.” Meanwhile, Li Jun’s voice had already entered their ears.

Huangfu Qingying said coldly and disdainfully, “Everyone from the Skywolf Dynasty, do all of you think that we would help our own enemies? You really don’t know what’s good for you and are thinking wishfully!”

With a single sentence, she’d pointed out that both parties were enemies and not kicking them when they were already down was already sufficiently merciful, and they must be mad to still speak of such an excessive request! 

“That’s the hatred between two Dynasties, what does it have to do with us? We’re the disciples of the younger generation, and so long as we enter the Dark Reverie, we would become friends in the same situation. Isn’t fussing about some trifles at a time like this too narrow minded?” Yan Yu’er spoke with displeasure from the side.

“All of you can consider it once more. It wouldn’t be beneficial to anyone if we fight it out.” Li Jun’s tone was hostile, and his voice carried a dense threatening intent.

“Stop kidding yourself, no way in hell!” Young Master Zhou refused bluntly.

“Hmph! If we suffer, then don’t dream of having an easy time, kill! Seize their treasured vessel!” Li Jun knew that time was of the essence, and they couldn’t dally in the slightest, so he took the lead to launch an attack.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Even though Li Jun’s group of five were within the sea of Savage Hummingbirds, the Savage Hummingbirds were incapable of doing anything to them for a short period of time, and seizing this opportunity, all of them attacked brazenly. Various martial technique and magic treasures were blasted freely towards the Thousandplume Dragonboat with full force, and it shook the Thousandplume Dragonboat to the point it tremored endlessly.

“Bastards!” Young Master Zhou was angered to the point of letting loose a string of curses, and he successively and fiercely struck out over 10 Azurespirit Void Fingers in counterattack. If the Thousandplume Dragonboat were to be shaken to the point of changing its course, then they would become completely lost within the sea of Savage Hummingbirds as well, and it would become extremely difficult for them to break out of the encirclement.

“Chen Xi, I’ll try hard to control the treasured vessel, and I’ll leave everything else to the two of you.” Huangfu Qingying was extremely irritated as well. But at this moment, she could only exert all her strength to guide the Thousandplume Dragonboat and guarantee that it wouldn’t deviate from its course, so she was utterly unable to lend a hand to deal with the enemies.

“Don’t worry, leave it to us.” Chen Xi nodded as thunderstorms flickered all over his body and bolts of lightning flowed, and then numbered vortexes transformed into a stream of storms that swept out and smashed down towards his enemies.

As soon as Chen Xi made a move, he instantly blocked the frenzied attacks of Li Jun’s group of five. But he was only able to block their attack, and he was utterly unable to annihilate the five of them

After all, there were countless Savage Hummingbirds in between their groups. The strengths of these Savage Hummingbirds was comparable to Golden Core Realm cultivators, so when sandwiched in between the two groups, they instantly became victims that offset more than half of the might of his attack, causing him to be utterly unable to injure Li Jun and the others.

Just like this, ahead of them was a black mass of Savage Hummingbirds, and behind them was five experts of the Skywolf Dynasty that were in hot pursuit. Both parties were in a deadlock, their situations were extremely grim.

Both parties knew clearly that so long as they relaxed in the slightest, it would cause unforeseeable consequences, and these consequences were something neither side wanted to see.But comparatively speaking, the situation of Chen Xi’s group was slightly better as they’d just entered into the sea of Savage Hummingbirds, they were at their peak states, and they possessed the Thousandplume Dragonboat to carry them. So long as they continued persisting, then they would surely be able to easily charge out of the sea of Savage Hummingbirds and shake off the enemies behind them.

On the other hand, even though Li Jun’s group of five occupied an absolute advantage in terms of number, they’d been trapped here for half a day, causing their bodies and minds to be exhausted long ago. If they still didn’t change their situation, then they would probably be trapped in the sea of Savage Hummingbirds and die with hatred in their hearts in the end.

“I’ve said it before, all of you will regret it!” When Li Jun saw they were unable to obtain success after attacking for so long and were unable to do anything to the Thousandplume Dragonboat, a ghastly and resolute expression flashed on his face.

“Scorching flames burn far and wide, world destroying spear!” With an explosive shout, the silver spear in his hand droned before piercing out with a myriad of rays of flames that were like a myriad of fire dragons dancing about as they swept out in all directions.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The might of this spear strike was fierce, swift, and matchlessly overbearing. Everywhere it passed, the sea of Savage Hummingbirds ahead was incinerated into nothingness, and it instantly arrived above the Thousandplume Dragonboat before fiercely smashing down.

If this strike were to hit, then even if the Thousandplume Dragonboat wasn’t destroyed, it would probably be struck to the point it deviated from its course.

“You’re truly courting death!” Chen Xi’s eyes went cold as killing intent gushed out, then his arms swept through the sky and condensed a thunderstorm vortex that was enormous like a millstone, and it instantly devoured all the flaming rays that covered the sky.  

“Go!” Chen Xi stretched out his hand to grab onto this thunderstorm vortex, and then he swung it out fiercely.


After this thunderstorm vortex had devoured the energy of the surging rays of flames, its volume had enlarged by more than 10 times, and it was like a thunderstorm sun that charge out ferociously. Everywhere it passed, it was like an explosive torrent that easily traversed the distance between Chen Xi and Li Jun’s group, and a young man by Li Jun’s side didn’t avoid it in time, causing him to be instantly swallowed by the thunderstorm vortex and crushed into mush that evaporated in the blink of eye.

Li Jun himself didn’t feel very good as well. This thunderstorm vortex was too terrifying and contained the Grand Dao profundities of Lightning and Devour. It flew all the way and devoured energy all along the way, causing its might to rise explosively by a few times, and if it wasn’t for him dodging as early as possible, he’d probably have been swept into the thunderstorm vortex as well and suffer the same end as that young man.

“When did such a terrifying fellow appear in the Darchu Dynasty!” Yan Yu’er was astonished in her heart, and when she saw Li Jun was being suppressed, she hurriedly lent a hand. The jade green curved blade in her hand danced about as it emanated numerous piercingly cold Jade Phosphorus Flames that shot out explosively like a storm.

“A tiny pearl dares compete in brightness with the sun?!” Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he condensed another thunderstorm vortex once more, and it was like a Roc swallowing water as it completely devoured all the Jade Phosphorus Flames before it was once again swung out by him to smash down towards Li Jun’s group.

Under Chen Xi’s terrifying attack, another young man in Li Jun’s group wasn’t able to dodge in time, and he was devoured by the vortex. His flesh sprayed out as he was instantly crushed into nothingness, and the sight was too horrible to look at.

In the time of a few breaths, two people had died in battle, and only Li Jun, Yan Yu’er, and another young man remained. At this moment, all three of them were both shocked and furious, and they had no choice but to keep their distance with the Thousandplume Dragonboat and give up their pursuit.

“I, Li Jun, will remember this!” Li Jun’s voice that was icy cold to the extreme sounded out from afar.

“Could it be that we would be afraid of you?” Young Master Zhou spoke disdainfully. Without the annoyance of Li Jun’s group, the pressure on them abruptly lessened, and they only had to kill the Savage Hummingbirds in their paths. 

Gradually, the density of the Savage Hummingbird became much thinner, and they were already faintly able to see trace of bright light in the extreme distance.


In the next moment, everyone felt the pressure upon them lighten up as the Thousandplume Dragonboat had already charged out from the dense mass of Savage Hummingbirds and once again saw the light of day.

“Fortunately, we had the Thousandplume Dragonboat If we were alone, it would truly be difficult for us to kill these inexhaustible little things.” Young Master Zhou heaved a sigh of relief as he smiled.

“Look, isn’t that Pei Yu and the others?” Chen Xi looked towards the distance, and he saw Pei Yu and the others standing in the extremely distant sky while looking towards them.

“Hmph! These fellows ran really quickly, yet they’re waiting there now. Obviously, they wanted to watch us die, but unfortunately, we disappointed them.” Young Master Zhou grunted coldly.

“Let’s go quickly. We’ve already charged out of the sea of Savage Hummingbirds, and we’re probably already not far from the Isle of Fallen Treasures. So long as we arrive at the Isle of Fallen Treasures, we’ll split up with Pei Yu and the others so as to avoid being vexed by the sight of them.” Huangfu Qingying smiled and spoke excitedly.

Chen Xi nodded, and then he said to himself in his heart, I’m afraid that Pei Yu will absolutely not let me leave so easily after we arrive at the Isle of Fallen Treasures…

Their group converged with Pei Yu and the others before continuing on their way. 


Not long after they left, three figures that were in sorry states bore out from the dense mass of Savage Hummingbirds, and they were precisely Li Jun, Yan Yu’er, and the other young man.

“Dammit! I, Li Jun, have never suffered such a loss!” Li Jun gnashed his teeth as his expression changed indeterminately. As the leading figure in the younger generation of the Skywolf Dynasty, being crushed by Chen Xi this time caused him to be extremely vexed in his heart.

“That young man by Huangfu Qingying’s side ought to be Chen Xi, the number one expert in the younger generation of the Darchu Dynasty. According to the information, this person’s strength even slightly surpasses the reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, Qing Xiuyi.” Yan Yu’er frowned as she spoke.

“Hmph! The Darchu Dynasty is an ordinary Dynasty in the end, so how can it compare with a first-rate Dynasty?” Li Jun’s eyes narrowed into slits as he said gloomily, “They’re presumably heading over to the Isle of Fallen Treasures to explore it, whereas we’re heading there as well to gather with the genius experts of the Darqin Dynasty. At that time, we must find an opportunity to take revenge!”

“The Darqin Dynasty? That’s a formidable existence that’s one of the seven first-rate Dynasty.” Yan Yu’er’s eyes lit up as she asked. “Senior Brother Li Jun, when did you get in touch with them?”

Li Jun’s eyes flashed with a trace of a complacent expression, yet he spoke casually. “The Seventh Prince of the Darqin Dynasty, Senior Brother Qin Xiao, is the disciple of my Master’s Senior Brother from the same sect, so both of us are actually considered to be brothers of the same sect. With his assistance, I don’t believe we’ll be unable to annihilate Chen Xi!”

When he spoke up to here, Li Jun’s gaze swept Yan Yu’er and the other young man as he said, “There’s no time to lose. Let’s depart right away. Savage Hummingbird are reputed as birds of the fallen, and the place they make an appearance is surely not far from the Isle of Fallen Treasures.”

“Yes!” Yan Yu’er and the other young man nodded before following behind Li Jun and flashing towards the distance. They were five when they came, yet had become three now, causing them to be slightly miserable.

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