Chapter 450 – Skywolf Dynasty

Right when everyone was sighing with admiration, Cui Xiuhong’s eyes spun as he spoke out abruptly. “Brother Chen, I feel that we contributed to your success in obtaining this treasure, and especially Crown Prince’s contribution is the greatest. Without him suppressing the sea demons, I presume it would be impossible for you to escape the encirclement of those Violent Waterflame Apes as well.”

He paused for a moment before he continued. “How about this, lend this tablet to the Crown Prince to comprehend for a period of time as repayment of Crown Prince’s favor of lending a hand. Once Crown Prince comprehends the profundity within it, the tablet will be returned to you intact. How about it?”

Wei Muyun and Leng Qianqiu looked at Pei Yu when they heard this, whereas, Pei Yu shook his head and laughed lightly without end. He didn’t decline nor did he refuse, and his attitude was something that was worthy of ruminating.

The faces of Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou sank as they knew Cui Xiuhong had malicious motives. Obviously, he wanted to intentionally cause conflict between Chen Xi and Pei Yu.

“Brother Cui, what do you mean by this?” Huangfu Qingying frowned.

“What do I mean? Could it be that he shouldn’t indicate his gratitude after we wiped his ass for him? There isn’t such an easy advantage to gain in this world. Not to mention this request isn’t going too far, and I only asked him to borrow the treasure. Could it be that he can’t even fulfil such a simple request?” Cui Xiuhong sneered without end.

Huangfu Qingying still wanted to say something yet was stopped by Chen Xi with a shake of his head.

“I believe that this is surely not the intentions of Brother Pei, right?” Chen Xi played with the tablet in his hand as he looked at Pei Yu with a spurious smile.

Pei Yu was stunned, and he was just about to say something when he saw Chen Xi turn around to look at Cui Xiuhong, and the Chen Xi suddenly denounced coldly. “Who do you think you are? How can the thoughts of Daoist Brother Pei be decided by you? It’s only a treasure, yet has become the excuse for you to drive a wedge between us and stir up trouble. Your intentions simply deserve death!”

At this instant, Chen Xi seemed to have become another person. His backbone was straight like a sword that pierced the sky as his entire body emitted exceedingly cold and sharp killing intent. Moreover, his voice seemed flat yet resounded out like thunderclaps, and it seemed as if he was reprimanding a junior right in the face and without holding back in the slightest.

“You!” Cui Xiuhong was reprimanded to the point he was fuming as his face flushed red, and he exploded with rage. “Chen Xi, there’ll come a day when I’ll let you know how miserable the consequence of offending me is!”

“I want to know how formidable you are right now.” Chen Xi suddenly took a step forward before stretching his hand out to grab Cui Xiuhong. “You’ve ceaselessly instigated trouble all along the way with malicious intent, and you’re simply despicable to the extreme. Looks like only by killing you would you become completely silent!”


At this moment, Pei Yu made a move.

He swung out his palm, causing it to press down like a mount and blocked Chen Xi’s hand from above. Instantly, True Essence collided and brilliant lights shot out in all directions, and their strikes were on par.

Chen Xi withdrew his hand and moved back right away before he said with a frown, “Brother Pei, this kid is so crafty. If he’s left by your side, he’ll just continue using deceiving words to repeatedly make enemies for you. What’s the point of keeping him alive?”

“Alright, I’ll decide this matter.” Pei Yu glanced deeply at Chen Xi, and the he said with a smile, “No matter what, Xiuhong spoke that way for my sake, but his methods were slightly wrong. I hope Brother Chen doesn’t take it to heart. As for this tablet, it’s Brother Chen’s possession, and a gentleman doesn’t seize something that another has taken a fancy to. I’ll naturally not brazenly ask for it, so Brother Chen doesn’t have to worry about this.”

“Brother Pei is frank and forthright, I truly feel heartfelt admiration.” Chen Xi smiled, and as he spoke, he’d long since put away the tablet.

As he looked at Chen Xi’s smile, Pei Yu’s expression was calm, yet he felt a wave of discomfort in his heart as a trace of killing intent flashed in his eyes. He seemed to be unable to endure it and wanted to immediately make a move against Chen Xi, kill Chen Xi, and seize the tablet.

But with a quick thought, he endured it in the end, and a poised and faint smile appeared once more on his face. “Brother Chen is too kind. Let’s not mention this matter anymore, and we should quickly hurry on our journey, as exploring the Isle of Fallen Treasures is the most important matter.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, he’d turned around and flashed towards the distance, and he seemed to be extremely afraid he would be unable to stop himself from making a move against Chen Xi if he continued staying here.

“Hmph!” Cui Xiuhong glanced resentfully at Chen Xi before flashing out as well.



“Chen Xi, why did you take out the tablet earlier? If you didn’t do this, it wouldn't draw so much trouble to you.” After Pei Yu and the others left, Huangfu Qingying came over and asked him.

“If I don’t take it out, these fellows will probably be unable to stop themselves from making a move against me on the way.” Chen Xi’s eyes were deep as a trace of coldness appeared on the corners of his mouth. “One can take precautions against a normal act of thievery, yet once targeted by a thief, the thief will always have a way. Especially when Cui Xiuhong who’s extremely skilled in sowing dissension is following by Pei Yu’s side, warning them at this moment would at least cause them to not dare make a rash move before entering the Isle of Fallen Treasures.”

Young Master Zhou came to an understanding at this moment, and he said with a smile. “You’ve thought through it thoroughly. It’s difficult to take precautions for a long period of time, as it’s easy to overlook something, so Brother Chen’s actions had resolved a great deal of trouble.”

“But that tablet has already been exposed, and you’ve already shed all pretenses between Cui Xiuhong earlier. Moreover, even Pei Yu seems to have aroused killing intent towards you. I’m afraid your situation will become more and more dangerous once we arrive at the Isle of Fallen Treasures.” Huangfu Qingying was still worried.

“I’ll just kill them.” Chen Xi replied carefreely and succinctly, yet the resolutions and killing intent in his words were completely revealed.

This caused Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou to instantly understand that Chen Xi had probably thought of everything long ago. Pei Yu and the others had aroused killing intent towards him, and he’d aroused killing intent towards them!

Suddenly, the sky gradually turned dark.

Chen Xi, Huangfu Qingying, and Young Master Zhou raised their heads to look ahead, and they couldn’t help but frown. In the distant horizon, a large expanse of black creeped over, and it stretched far to the point its borders were beyond their field of vision, causing it to seem as if the darkness of night was corroding the light of day.

“What a large expanse of dark clouds!” Young Master Zhou exclaimed with shock.

“It’s probably not dark clouds.” Chen Xi’s Divine Sense had spread out to arrive 5,000km away, and when it encountered the black color that was creeping over, his said with a heavy voice, “It’s hummingbirds, Savage Hummingbirds!”

Young Master Zhou was stunned, and then his expression became heavy as well.

Savage Hummingbirds possessed ferocious natures, and they were a few tens of times more formidable than ordinary hummingbirds. They moved like bolts of lightning while their bodies emitted Necro Baleful Qi, and their joints were extremely sharp like blades and were comparable to earth-rank magic treasures.

Most importantly, Savage Hummingbirds moved out in a few tens of thousands or even a few hundreds of thousands, and they covered the heavens and the earth.

The ‘dark clouds’ in the extreme distance that they were unable to see the end of was shockingly the vast scene caused by a group of Savage Hummingbirds flying over.

“In this way…the Isle of Fallen Treasures is already not far away?” When she saw this scene, Huangfu Qingying wasn’t terrified, but delighted instead. Her gaze was deep and overflowed with multicolored flowing lights as she said excitedly, “According to rumor, Savage Hummingbirds were also called birds of the fallen, and they were from the Isle of Fallen Treasures. Every time Savage Hummingbirds appeared, it meant that the Isle of Fallen Treasures wasn’t far away.”

In next to no time, the boundless black color that creeped over like the veil of night had arrived to a point 50km away from them, and it was extraordinarily swift.

“Pei Yu and the others have probably already charged into it. Let’s go, we’ll charge through as well.” Huangfu Qingying’s delicate hand swung out, causing the Thousandplume Dragonboat to drone, and it didn’t retreat but moved forward instead, charging head on towards the boundless expanse of black.

Om! Om! Om!

A wave of sharp droning that rose and fell like the tide shook the heavens and the earth. In merely the time of a few breaths, the Savage Hummingbirds that covered the sky had already spread out, and they were a dense black mass that blotted out the sky.

“Azurespirit Void Finger!” Young Master Zhou was the first to launch an attack. A finger flashed through the sky, causing a large mass of Savage Hummingbirds to be shattered into powder before pouring down from the sky.

“Grand Dragon Imagery!” Huangfu Qingying attacked ferociously. Her delicate hand fluttered in the sky as an enormous dragon that was coiled in golden rays of light coiled around the in the sky and emitted surging dragon roars. Its claws were like pillars that held up the heavens, its body was 3km in length, and it emitted the vast might of a dragon that put everything in the world into turmoil.

This was similarly a perfect Dao Grade martial technique. It was an ultimate technique of the Imperial Family that Huangfu Qingying inherited from Emperor Chu, and it possessed boundless might.

But there were truly too many Savage Hummingbirds that replaced each other successively, and they were utterly unable to see the end of the Savage Hummingbirds. Both of them went all out, yet were only able to temporarily guarantee their own safety.

“Heavenly Thunderstorm!” At this moment, Chen Xi had finally made a move, and the effect it brought about was the greatest.

His figure flashed as countless vortexes crackles into appearance around his body, and thunderstorms that rumbled and surged with bolts of lightning appeared. The thunderstorm vortexes spread out in a fan shape with him at the center, and at the instant the dense mass of Savage Hummingbirds encountered the thunderstorm vortexes, they were instantly shattered into powder before their Blood Essence and demonic qi transformed into a warm current that was completely swallowed into Chen Xi’s body and replenished his consumed Shaman Energy.

This was one of the methods of devouring in the Divine Ability, Stellar Lightningform. It took one’s self as the heart of the vortex that enveloped out in all directions, and it was absolutely a great killer move that was most suitable for attacking in an area.

With Chen Xi’s addition, Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou instantly felt much more at ease.

But the situation was still not promising. Because their surroundings were covered in a dense mass of black, causing them to be utterly unable to distinguish the directions. So long as the Thousandplume Dragonboat moved slightly to the side, it would cause them to be lost within this boundless sea of Savage Hummingbirds.

“Hmm? There’re people ahead, and it seems to not be Pei Yu and the others.” As he attacked, Chen Xi noticed that a bright light emerged and flashed from the group of Savage Hummingbirds in the distance ahead of them. Obviously, someone was in battle there. But it didn’t seem to be Pei Yu and the others because the group of people ahead of them consisted of five people, whereas Pei Yu’s group only had four people.

They charged and slaughtered all along the way. In next to no time, Chen Xi and the others had clearly seen the group of people ahead of them. The strengths of these five people were extremely powerful, their appearances young, and they were obviously genius experts that had entered the Primeval Battlefield this time.

The strongest amongst them was a man and woman. The man used a spear, and his movements were large and straightforward. He seemed imposing as he pierced out with the brilliance of a myriad of stars, and his might was peerless and impossible to resist.

On the other hand, the woman used a jade green curved blade instead. Blade lights shot out clear jade colored flames that were vicious and overbearing, and everywhere it passed, even space was charred by it.

“Those two people are Li Jun and Yan Yu’er. Both of them are genius experts of the Skywolf Dynasty.” Huangfu Qingying recognized the identities of these two people. The Skywolf Dynasty and the Darchu Dynasty had bitter feuds with each other, so she naturally recognized the identities of Li Jun and Yan Yu’er.

“In this way, it would seem that these five people are all from the Skywolf Dynasty.” Young Master Zhou spoke coldly. He similarly knew that because of the hatred between their respective Dynasties, they’d imperceptibly become enemies since the moment they entered the Primeval Battlefield.

“Breaking out of the encirclement is more important, don’t make contact with them and fly over them.” Chen Xi made a prompt decision. At this moment, they were within the army of Savage Hummingbirds, and if a clash arose between them and these fellows, it would probably cause them to completely lose their direction.

Huangfu Qingying knew the gravity of the situation as well, and she immediately controlled the Thousandplume Dragonboat to swiftly flash towards the side.

“Senior Brother Li Jun, there’s a treasured vessel flying over there.” Yan Yu’er’s condition was extremely bad. The five of them had already been trapped for half a day, and the most horrible thing was that they were unable to find a point to break out from. If this continued on, they would only be trapped to death. However, right at this moment, she’s inadvertently noticed the Thousandplume Dragonboat with a glance, and her eyes couldn’t help but light up.

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