Chapter 449 – Skysorrow Sword

On the surface of the sea, the tempest of sea demons became more and more violent.

The army of Violent Waterflame Apes were a black mass that encircled over, and they attacked Pei Yu, Huangfu Qingying, and the others in wave after wave.

But they were formidable top experts of the younger generation, so they didn’t have to worry about encountering danger while only holding their ground at the outer area of the tempest.

They were waiting, waiting for the tempest to pass before they launched their counterattack.

Because the patience of the Violent Waterflame Apes was extremely bad, they would surely cease the attack after being unable to attain success after so long, and that time would be the best opportunity for them to break out of the encirclement.

“Chen Xi has gone into the depths of the army of sea demons, yet why hasn’t there been any movement up until now?” Wei Muyun blasted over 10 Violent Waterflame Apes to death with a single punch, and he seized this gap to ask the nearby Pei Yu.

At this moment, they’d already gathered together and were fighting side by side, causing their strength to increase greatly while the pressure created by the Violent Waterflame Apes reduced.

“Hmph! It’s best if he’s dead. The army of Violent Waterflame Apes possesses Rebirth Realm leaders in command. Even though Chen Xi’s strength is formidable, two fists are unable to go against four, so he has probably been struck with misfortune.” Pei Yu hasn’t spoken yet when Cui Xiuhong had taken the chance to reply first, and his voice revealed a feeling of taking pleasure from Chen Xi’s misfortune.

“Why care about him?” Pei Yu didn’t become enraged when Cui Xiuhong answered for him, and he smiled and said slowly, “Of course, I hope he’ll be able to survive. After all, I’m still looking forward to using him as a shield after we enter the Isle of Fallen Treasures.”


Right when he finished speaking, a brilliant ray of light that was like the scorching sun soared up from the depths of the army of Violent Waterflame Apes. Chen Xi stood upright in midair while his entire body emitted balls of dazzling thunderstorm vortexes, and he was like an extremely striking god of lightning that had emerged into the world.

“Everyone, the situation is critical! The entire Violent Waterflame Ape race beneath the sea have set out, and they’re no less than a few hundred thousand in number. We must break out of the encirclement and leave now, otherwise…” Chen Xi’s voice was like a thunderclap that instantly shocked Pei Yu and the others to the point their faces went pale. A few hundred thousand Violent Waterflame Apes? The entire race has set out?

God damn it!

Exactly what sort of existence has this bastard, Chen Xi, offended to actually bring out so many enemies?

Pei Yu and the others instantly guessed that the occurrence of such a huge and unexpected event was surely related to Chen Xi. When they thought of this, they gnashed their teeth with hatred and wished for nothing more than to annihilate this troublemaker right now.

“Let’s go! Break out of the encirclement!” But everyone knew that it was more important to break out of the tight encirclement now. Otherwise, once they were encircled by so many Violent Waterflame Apes, it would absolutely be certain death.

Everyone converged together right away and executed all their ability as they charged towards the depths of the tempest.


Everywhere they passed, various techniques and magic treasures sprayed out and covered the sky while colliding with their targets, and they were dazzling and resplendent. Every single strike would reap the lives of hundreds or thousands Violent Waterflame Apes, causing severed limbs and blood to spray about and taint the sea.

Everyone within this group of people was a genius expert, so they naturally had no lack of killer moves and magic treasures that possessed formidable might. At this moment, when they attacked will their entire strengths and without holding back in the slightest, they simply seemed all powerful, and in the time of a few breaths, they’d already charged into the depths of the tempest.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi had converged with them as well, and he joined forces with them to break out of the encirclement.

“Chen Xi, exactly what sort of horrible crime have you committed to make these monsters to seem to have gone mad?” Young Master Zhou did his best to annihilate the Violent Waterflame Apes that charged over fearlessly like tidewater from all directions while he asked swiftly.

“I only took something from them.” Chen Xi laughed bitterly as he shook his head. Even he hadn’t expected that he would alarm the entire Violent Waterflame Ape race at the last minute.

“What is it? Could it be a rare treasure?” Young Master Zhou’s eyes lit up as he asked.

“Enough! Break out of the encirclement first before chatting, alright?” Huangfu Qingying blasted a few tens of Violent Waterflame Apes flying with a raise of her hand, and then she turned around to glare fiercely at Young Master Zhou.

Young Master Zhou instantly shut up. But in his heart, he was even more curious about the treasure that Chen Xi obtained. Since it was able to cause the entire Violent Waterflame Ape race that numbered in a few hundreds of thousands to set out, its value is at least not inferior to a Quasi Immortal Artifact, right?


“Kill these human cultivators and seize back the sacred object of our race!”

“Kill! Our race’s sacred object absolutely can’t be lost, and we absolutely can’t let these despicable human cultivators go!”

Right at this moment, a wave of enraged howls that were like rumbling thunder shot into the sky as countless Violent Waterflame Apes flashed out from the bottom of the sea while emitting ruthless auras, and they were like numerous explosive torrents that pursued Chen Xi madly.

Battle cries shook he heavens and the earth as a few hundreds of thousands of Violent Waterflame Apes gave rise to surging waves as they smashed down onto the surface of the sea like a black mass of frenzied devils. That scene was simply like the end of the world had arrived, and it caused one’s scalp to go numb.

“The sacred object of the Violent Waterflame Ape race?” When they heard these howls that contained boundless rage, the hearts of Pei Yu and the others jerked as their gazes flickered endlessly. But at this moment, the army of apes was approaching and brought boundless pressure to them, so they didn’t have the time to get to the bottom of things, and all of them started fighting even more desperately.

Especially Pei Yu, he actually withdrew a sword with an extraordinarily great might at the critical moment. Every single strike he struck out was like a shocking ray that emerged into the world and slashed apart an extremely large expanse of sea, and it easily annihilated a few thousands of Violent Waterflame Apes.

This sword was a Quasi Immortal Artifact, and it was called Skysorrow. Sword lights flowed out as divine lights danced in the sky, and it contained boundless divine might. If it wasn’t for him being in this moment of danger, Pei Yu would absolutely not easily reveal it in public.

With a Quasi Immortal Artifact in hand, Pei Yu instantly seemed to have transformed into a god of death. Sword qi struck out horizontally and vertically the sea demons in 500km around him were annihilated, tainting the jade sea red, and its might was unparalleled.

The pressure everyone felt eased up instantly, and they held admiration in their eyes as they looked at Pei Yu. Only Chen Xi’s expression had always remained calm and without the slightest movement.

A Quasi Immortal Artifact was strong indeed. For example, the Full Moon Kingdom’s Xu Lengye similarly possessed a Quasi Immortal Artifact, the Flaming Peacock Fan, but he still lost to Chen Xi in the end.

At the bottom of it all, even though a Quasi Immortal Artifact was formidable, in the hands of a Golden Core Realm cultivation, less than half of its might could be brought out at most. If a cultivator’s own strength wasn’t sufficient, then even if the cultivator held a Quasi Immortal Artifact, it would just be a waste.

All in all, without a sufficiently strong strength, even if one possessed a precious treasure like a Quasi Immortal Artifact, it would only be a waste, and it was even to the extent that one might encounter trouble because of possessing it. In the end, it would benefit another instead.

Of course, Pei Yu’s own strength was extremely formidable as well, and coupled with the Quasi Immortal Artifact, Skysorrow Sword, he was absolutely capable of being at the top amongst those of the same generation.

But Chen Xi wasn’t afraid of him either. Not to mention Chen Xi’s cultivation and the martial techniques and Divine Abilities he’d grasped, even if they were to compete in magic treasures, he similarly possessed a Quasi Immortal Artifact, the Flaming Peacock Fan, so he entirely had no reason to be afraid of Pei Yu.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Under Pei Yu’s lead, everyone had finally charged out of the black mass of Violent Waterflame Apes, and then they surmounted the surging tempest to once again see the light of day.

“Fortunately, Crown Prince’s divine might is unparalleled, and we were able to easily get through it.” Cui Xiuhong smiled. At this moment, everyone heaved a long sigh of relief, and their expressions were greatly relaxed.

Chen Xi turned around and saw the tempest that enveloped the heavens and the earth was getting further and further away, and he was faintly able to see that the black mass of Violent Waterflame Apes that resided within the tempest were still roaring with rage and unwillingness as they chased after them, but unfortunately, they were unable to catch up any longer.



In the following period of time, everyone flashed towards the depths of the sea as they recovered their strengths. After all, the deeper they went into the Primitive Sea, the greater the danger they would face, so the pressing matter at the moment was to make the best use of their time to recover their strength.

“Chen Xi, exactly what sort of treasure is that sacred object?” Young Master Zhou raised the old topic of discussion.

“It’s just a tablet that contains a Grand Dao profundity, and it’s no different than a Dao Insight Origin Pill, as one can comprehend a Grand Dao from it.” Chen Xi smiled as he answered.

“Then it’s surely an extremely extraordinary Grand Dao profundity.” Young Master Zhou was rather envious. But he didn’t ask for details as it was fine knowing what sort of thing it was, and there was no reason to ask even more. Everyone had their own secrets, and one had to know to respect that so that friends could get along properly.

“Chen Xi, you have to carefully take care of it. It would be troublesome if Pei Yu and the others covet it.” Huangfu Qingying sent a voice transmission from the side. The three of them were communicating via voice transmission, so they didn’t have to worry about being overheard by Pei Yu and the others.

Chen Xi nodded and said, “I naturally understand this.”

But as the saying goes, speak of the devil and he shall appear.

In the next moment, the nearby Cui Xiuhong suddenly said in a clear voice, “Brother Chen, may I ask what sacred object you obtained from the Violent Waterflame Ape lair? Why don’t you take it out and let us broaden our horizons?”

His voice wasn’t loud yet guaranteed that Pei Yu, Wei Muyun, and Leng Qianqiu were able to hear it. Sure enough, all of them shot their gazes at Chen Xi when they heard this.

“Yeah, Brother Chen, everyone suffered greatly earlier because of you, and we were almost unable to escape. We’re already safe now, so take out the treasure you obtained so that all of us can have a look. This is justifiable, right?” Wei Muyun spoke out as well.

“Yes, I’m extremely curious what shocking treasure Brother Chen obtained as well that it actually drew out the entire Violent Waterflame Ape race. Ordinary treasures are probably unable to cause such an effect, right?” Leng Qianqiu asked curiously.

This woman wasn’t an ordinary figure, her words seemed to be casual yet faintly pointed out that Chen Xi had surely obtained an extraordinary treasure, and he better not take out some ordinary treasure to fool them now!

Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou glanced at each other, and they both cried out in their hearts. Shit! What should Chen Xi now?

As the saying goes, one can take precautions against a normal act of thievery, yet once targeted by a thief, the thief will always have a way.

But Chen Xi’s display greatly exceeded their expectations. He swept Pei Yu and the others with his gaze before smiling lightly, and then he answered readily without the slightest hesitation. “Since everyone has already spoken like this, then how can I refuse?”

As soon as he finished speaking, his palm flipped and a 60cm tall tablet appeared on his palm. The tablet was covered in dense mottled marks and seemed to have experienced the baptism of countless years, and it emitted a heavy and ancient aura.

Most striking of it all was that this tablet didn’t have any writing nor diagrams on it, and it was very ordinary, yet it was suffused with a terrifying energy that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

“This tablet actually contains a Grand Dao profundity!?”

“What Dao Insight is this?”

“It’s absolutely a rare Grand Dao Insight. Otherwise, how could we possibly be unable to recognize it?”

The pupils of Pei Yu and the others constricted as they’d all perceived the value of this tablet. For a time, dense envy gushed out from their hearts, and they wished for nothing more than to make a move and seize it for themselves.

Even Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou’s had a wisp of shock and admiration arise on their faces. This tablet contains a rare Grand Dao profundity. No wonder the Violent Waterflame Ape race valued it as a sacred object…

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