Chapter 448 – Underwater Kingdom

The depths of the Primitive Sea were filled with dense Necro Baleful Qi, and there were even countless shattered pockets of space and spatial rifts. Moreover, there were usually formidable sea demons residing nearby, causing it to be extremely terrifying.

If an ordinary cultivator entered deep into the depths of the Primitive Sea, then no matter how well they conceal themselves, the fluctuations of their vital energy, vital blood, and soul would draw the attention of countless sea demons, and then they would swarm over and tear apart the cultivator before devouring him.

But Chen Xi was different. His Starsky Wings were soundless as the Shaman Energy in his body circulated within the wings on his back, and it seemed to have formed a world of its own, causing it to be utterly impossible for the slightest aura to be emanated. Moreover, his speed was extraordinarily swift, allowing him to move through the layer upon layer of sea water and shattered pockets of space as if he was teleporting. So even if a sea demon noticed him, it would be utterly impossible for it to pursue him.

After an unknown period of time, Chen Xi’s heart jerked abruptly as he noticed a strong fluctuation of demonic qi, and he looked down right away.

In the next moment, countless continuous mountain ranges appeared in his field of vision. These mountain ranges were situated at the bottom of the sea, they were lofty and precipitous, and they were even higher and more imposing than mountains that were on land.

Shockingly, there were dense and enormous caves in the surroundings of the mountain ranges, and innumerable Violent Waterflame Apes were patrolling around it. When looked at from afar, it was simply like a kingdom built beneath the sea, and it was extremely magnificent.

This was the lair of the Violent Waterflame Apes.

Chen Xi was wholeheartedly concerned with the Obliteration Tablet, so his Divine Sense stretched out right away via the Rippling Echo technique, and it instantly enveloped an area of 5,000km before scanning through it.

Doing this would allow him to avoid alarming those Violent Waterflame Apes, and at the same time, he would be able to detect various dangers that could possibly exist, so as take precautions against any mishaps that could occur.

Not long after, Chen Xi noticed his objective.

An enormous and ancient sacrificial altar was constructed on a mountain that emanated a jet black divine light and stood towering amongst the group of mountains, whereas at the center of the sacrificial altar stood a 60cm tall stone tablet.

This stone tablet was old and simple to the extreme. It was covered in mottled marks as if it has experienced the baptism of countless years, and it emitted an ancient and heavy aura that aroused terror in the hearts of others.

Moreover, at this moment, there were numerous Violent Waterflame Apes sitting cross-legged around the stone tablet, and their savage and brutal faces actually revealed a rare trace of a calm bearing.

This stone tablet was obviously the tablet that the Violent Waterflame Apes worshipped as a sacred object, and it was a legendary object that was left behind in the battle fought by the gods of ancient times.

Right, it does indeed contain Obliteration Dao Insight! Chen Xi’s Divine Sense stretched out silently, and it had already enveloped the tablet without all the Violent Waterflame Apes noticing. After he inspected it briefly, he sensed an extremely mighty and vast energy of obliteration overflowing from within it, and this energy was pure to the extreme.

The tablet was simply like the source of where the Grand Dao of Obliteration was born, and it brought intense shock to one’s heart.

But Chen Xi also noticed that some formidable existences were residing nearby the tablet, and they were protecting it. Merely based on their auras, they were probably all at the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm, and there was even no lack of formidable existences at the Rebirth Realm. Obviously, all of these were the elites of the Violent Waterflame Ape race.

The highest cultivation amongst the Violent Waterflame Apes is only at the Rebirth Realm, but this is unable to threaten me. With my current combat strength, I’m capable of defeating ordinary Rebirth Realm experts, and if I want to escape, then so long as it isn’t an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, others are probably incapable of stopping me… Chen Xi pondered deeply for a long time, and then he didn’t hesitate any longer. He executed the Starsky Wings, causing him to be like a translucent shadow that soundlessly arrived within the underwater kingdom, and then he approached the mountain that the ancient sacrificial altar resided on.

Actually, there were layer after layer of formations and restrictions set up in the surroundings of the Violent Waterflame Ape lair, and it permeated every single inch of space. If it was any other person, the person would probably be unable to sneak in without alerting anyone.

Unfortunately, they’d encountered Chen Xi who was skilled in the Dao of Talismans. He was even able to perfectly inscribe the five great Divine Talismans into the Talisman Armament, so these meagre formations were naturally unable to pose any difficulty to him.


Without the slightest sound, Chen Xi had already silently arrived at the sacrificial altar. But he didn’t make a move to seize it right away as he seemed to have noticed something, and he instead carefully inspected it with his divine sense once more.

Sure enough, he noticed another clue nearby the sacrificial altar. Not only were there numerous Violent Waterflame Apes guarding in the surroundings of the tablet, even the spot beneath where the tablet stood actually had a pocket of space opened up there, and there was shockingly a formidable Violent Waterflame Ape stationed there. Due to the energy of obliteration that the tablet emitted was too dense, it was actually almost able to escape the detection of Chen Xi’s Divine Sense.

The aura of this Violent Waterflame Ape was extremely formidable, and it was absolutely not something an ordinary Rebirth Realm cultivator could compare to. Even if it was placed amongst human cultivators, its strength was sufficient for it to be called a top figure in the Rebirth Realm.

Looks like only by dealing with this old fellow first would I be able to safely take this tablet away… A cold light flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes as he silently snuck into the restriction and arrived within that space.

This Violent Waterflame Ape had obviously cultivated for an extremely long period of time, its appearance was already no different from an ordinary person, and as it sat cross-legged within the space pocket, it emitted a ruthless aura while its body was coiled with black mist that seemed material.

Within the black mist was actually strand after strand of vengeful spirits fluttering about while struggling, howling out miserably, crying, and laughing strangely, and all of them were filled with boundless resentment. Shockingly, they were the human cultivators that were tortured and killed by this Violent Waterflame Ape, and they were a dense mass of over a few thousand. It was a mystery for how many years he’d refined and tortured them.

It really is bloodthirsty and savage! The killing intent in Chen Xi’s heart boiled when he saw this exceedingly tragic scene.

“Who is it!?” Right at this moment, this old freak seemed to have noticed something and suddenly raised his head. Fierce lights shot out explosively from his crimson red eyes as he bared the fangs at the corners of his mouth, and his aura instantly became extremely ruthless and savage.


Chen Xi directly appeared before the old freak, and the Grand Obliteration Fist struck out explosively. Instantly, this old freak was blasted flying by Chen Xi’s punch before he could even react to what had happened, causing fresh blood to spray in the air, and he was already heavily injured.

Presently, the might of the Grand Obliteration First could absolutely be considered to be one of Chen Xi’s strongest killer moves, and after it experienced the tempering of numerous slaughters, its might had been completely revealed. Coupled with his attack being a fierce surprise attack, it had caught the old freak off guard, and it instantly brought out a miraculous effect. 

But, the old freak’s strength was extremely strong indeed. If it was any other Rebirth Realm cultivator, the cultivator would have probably perished instantly, whereas he was merely heavily injured yet didn’t die.

“You…” At this moment, this leader level expert of the Violent Waterflame Ape race had suffered a heavy injury, and he felt both terrified and furious. He wanted to open his mouth and shout out loudly, yet at the next moment, a fist had assaulted his face once more, oppressing him to the point he didn’t even have the time to gasp for breath, let alone speak.


Another Grand Obliteration Fist smashed out with Fist Insight that seemed material, and it tore through space as boundless Yin and Yang Dao Insights overturned everything. It directly blasted the old freak flying once more, causing blood to spray out from his body like a storm and taint the sky, and his aura had already become extremely weak.

Chen Xi didn’t show mercy after obtaining success, and he flashed forward once more before once again smashing his fist onto the old freak’s head. Instantly, the old freak’s head exploded apart, causing blood and brains to splash onto the ground, and he’d completely perished.

A mere three punches and a mere instant later, Chen Xi had easily annihilated a top figure in the Rebirth Realm! If this scene were to be seen by Pei Yu and the others, what they would think was truly a mystery.

“Hmm? What’s going on? Why has Leader Tu Xiao’s aura vanished abruptly?”

“Wait, I seem to have sensed a wave of fluctuation coming from beneath the tablet…”

“Could it be an enemy assault?!” 

Right when Chen Xi annihilated the Violent Waterflame Ape, a wave of commotion instantly arose in the surroundings of the lair. But these Violent Waterflame Apes were unable to wrap their heads around it no matter how they wracked their brains. Their lair clearly possessed countless restrictions set up around it, so how could someone actually trespass into their lair? Even if it was an enemy assault, it ought to be outside the restrictions, right?

All the Violent Waterflame Apes were slightly taken by surprise by this sudden unexpected event.

On the other hand, Chen Xi seized this opportunity and didn’t hesitate in the slightest to directly stretched out and grab with his hand, and he grabbed the tablet from within the space beneath the tablet. After that, he didn’t have the time to size it up before placing it into the Buddha’s Pagoda with a raise of his hand. 

In the next moment, he’d executed the Starsky Wings with his entire strength to transform into a wisp of an illusory and translucent shadow that flashed out explosively.

“Shit, our sacred object has been stolen!”

“Dammit! Lock down the surroundings, we must not allow the enemy to escape!”

“Pursue! Everyone set out and kill any outsider you see! Someone actually dared to enter my race’s lair to steal our sacred object, that person is simply tired of living!”

The sudden disappearance of the tablet instantly caused the Violent Waterflame Ape race to go into chaos. That was their race’s sacred object, yet it was actually stolen right under their noses, and it was simply a terrible humiliation!

These Violent Waterflame Apes innately possessed extremely violent tempers. When they suffered such provocation, they instantly seemed as if they’d gone mad, and they roared and howled furiously while they moved and dived about at the bottom of the sea with the intention of finding the tracks of the thief, causing the sea water to be disturbed to the point it started roiling intensely.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi had already escaped the underwater kingdom of the Violent Waterflame Apes, and he was flashing towards the surface with extreme speed. Every single time the Starsky Wings flapped, he would flash out a distance of 500km, and his speed was something even these sea demons that were born in the water were unable to compare to.

But due to the number of Violent Waterflame Apes being too many and no less than a few hundreds of thousands, they were distributed all along the sea and spread throughout the region of sea. At this moment, when their entire race set out, they instantly noticed a trace of Chen Xi’s.

“Look, quickly, he’s over there!”

“It’s actually a human cultivator!”

“A human cultivator? Dammit! How many years has it been? Only we torture and kill human cultivators, yet when have they ever bullied us? Kill! We must kill him!”

Instantly, all the Violent Waterflame Apes in the lair set out. They rose violent streams of water as they pursued Chen Xi in a formidable array, and their impetus was shocking to the extreme.

Shit! I’ve actually provoked them to the point their entire race has set out. Right when Chen Xi was almost arriving at the surface of the sea, he suddenly noticed that a violent flood of forces was charging up from the depths of the sea, and when his Divine Sense swept over, he noticed it was a dense amount of Violent Waterflame Apes that numbered in a few hundreds of thousands, causing even him to feel terrified in his heart.

Looks like I must notify Huangfu Qingying and the others as soon as possible. Otherwise, once the entire Violent Waterflame Ape race encircles them, it would absolutely be a situation of certain death… Chen Xi swiftly pondered in his mind as he leaped out from the surface of the sea, then his Divine Sense swept out, and he instantly noticed the figures of Huangfu Qingying and the others.

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