Chapter 447 – Obliteration Tablet

When they came closer, Chen Xi and the others were able to clearly see these Violent Waterflame Apes were four or five times the height of a person, and they seemed like giants. Their limbs were thick like iron poles, their fur dense and thick, and they had a savage appearance with sharp fangs and crimson red eyes.

Moreover, a unique Dao marking was formed on their forehead bone. Some had a wisp of flames that were blazing and leaping about, some had a crystalline and resplendent water droplet, and these Dao markings emitted the aura of the Water and Fire Dao Insights.

Just like the Necro Fish Demons, the bodies of these Violent Waterflame Apes contained an Origin Pearl that held the Grand Dao Insights of Water and Fire, and its value was even greater. Because water and fire repulsed each other, and they were Dao Insights that rejected each other and were of two extremes, yet now, they were contained within a single Origin Pearl, causing it to seem extremely unique and rare. It was precisely because of this that its value was naturally even higher.


A group of Violent Waterflame Apes charged towards Pei Yu first. With a single leap, they’d traversed a distance of 3km, and then their enormous arms swept out horizontally like iron pole magic treasures that were coiled with the divine light of water and fire to smash down at Pei Yu. The wind and clouds shook as this ferocious and direct strike crushed space while descending with an extremely shocking impetus.

“These animals actually dare launch an attack first. They’re simply courting death. Could it be that they really think we’re ordinary Golden Core Realm cultivators?” Being assaulted by a group of sea demons caused Pei Yu to instantly be enraged, and the white jade sword in his hand swept out. It was like a 3km long flowing light that tore through the sky while carrying oppressive Sword Insight.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Over 10 Violent Waterflame Apes were instantly slaughtered, their severed limbs flew out in all directions as blood tainted the sky before it fully suffused the heavens and the earth.

But after Pei Yu’s enraged strike killed some Violent Waterflame Apes, there weren’t any Origin Pearls that dropped out from their corpses, and they instead shattered into powder along with the death of the Violent Waterflame Apes.

It seemed as if at the instant the sword light killed the Violent Waterflame Ape, it had activated a type of restriction within their bodies that caused their Origin Pearls to be obliterated right away.

“Dammit! The one valuable treasure is gone! What’s the point of leaving all of you alive? Die!” Pei Yu grunted coldly.

Even though he spoke like this, he wasn’t willing to give up just like this. Sword lights immediately danced out from his sword and condensed into a brilliant sword net that directly fell deep into the army of apes, and it instantly captured over 10 Violent Waterflame Apes within it before imprisoning and crushed them, causing them to be unable to destroy themselves.

This time, he really was able to gather over 10 Origin Pearls.

Water and fire repulse each other, yet it’s contained within a single Origin Pearl. Isn’t this the same as the first move of my Grand Obliteration Fist, Merciless Fire and Water? Chen Xi thought in his heart before stretching his hand out to directly grab and capture a Violent Waterflame Ape before him, and then he slapped it to death with a single fierce strike.

During this process, his Divine Sense had stretched out to directly enter the body of the Violent Waterflame Ape. As expected, he saw that when the Origin Pearl within the ape was affected by the strength of his palm strike, it suddenly droned and emitted a trace of a strange fluctuation, causing the Water and Fire Dao Insights within it to abruptly collide with each other and instantly shatter itself.

This…seems to be the energy of Obliteration? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. The scene he saw earlier, especially the strange fluctuation emitted by the Origin Pearl caused him to have a familiar yet unfamiliar feeling. When he pondered carefully, it seemed to be shockingly similar to the Obliteration Dao Insight that he wanted to obtain with all his heart.

The Obliteration Dao Insight was similarly a Grand Dao Insight related to the utilization of technique, and it was similar to the Sword Dao, Devour Dao, and so on and so forth. The reason the Grand Obliteration Fist Chen Xi obtain was incomplete was because the Dao Insight was incomplete, and a mere three moves were utterly incapable of allowing him to touch the essence of the Obliteration Dao Insight.

This had always been a regret in Chen Xi’s heart. Because as far as he was concerned, if he mastered the complete Obliteration Dao Insight, the might of the Grand Obliteration First would at least increase by double!

Now, the Origin Pearl in the bodies of the Violent Waterflame Apes were actually capable of creating a force that was similar to the force of obliteration, and it instantly caused Chen Xi’s spirits to be refreshed. For the sake of confirming his thoughts, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to once again charge into the army of Violent Waterflame Apes.

This time, he didn’t directly kill the Violent Waterflame Ape but confined it and extracted its Origin Pearl to carefully inspect it. Sure enough, he noticed that a trace of extremely tiny amounts of a strange energy was fluctuating and laying dormant within the Origin Pearl, and it was precisely the energy of obliteration!

But Chen Xi noticed right after that this trace of obliteration energy seemed to be unlike the innate Water and Fire Dao Insights within the Origin Pearl. It wasn’t a Dao Insight that the Violent Waterflame Apes were innately able to grasp, and it was cultivated and obtained later on.

Could it be that the Violent Waterflame Ape race possesses something that contains Obliteration Dao Insight, and it can be provided to them to comprehend and cultivate? An unexpected thought swiftly flashed within Chen Xi’s heart. 

Chen Xi instantly executed a technique that extracted the soul and memories of another after capturing a Violent Waterflame Ape, and he directly invaded its memories. After a long time, his eyes suddenly lit up. I’ve found it!

At the depths beneath the sea at around 15,000km from here was the lair of the Violent Waterflame Ape race, and at the core area of the lair was an ancient tablet. According to the memories of the Violent Waterflame Ape, this ancient tablet had existed countless years ago, and it’s supposedly from the battle amongst the gods of ancient times.

The tablet was very ordinary and without any writing or diagrams on its surface, yet it contained the energy of obliteration, whereas their Violent Waterflame Ape race had comprehended a trace of Obliteration Dao Insight from it and used it to defend themselves.

The reason why ordinary cultivators were incapable of obtaining their Origin Pearls was because of the existence of this trace of obliteration energy, and it was capable of instantly obliterating their Origin Pearls when they died.

Thus, the tablet had become a sacred object that had been passed down and protected by the Violent Waterflame Ape race.

A tablet that’s from the battle between the ancient gods and contained the Obliteration Dao Insight… There really are treasures all around this Primitive Sea! Chen Xi’s thoughts instantly became lively. The Obliteration Dao Insight is an exceedingly rare Grand Dao profundity, and if I’m able to master it, why would I worry about being unable to perfect the Grand Obliteration First and bring forth its true might?

Looks like I must obtain this tablet, no matter the cost! Even though it’s dangerous, relying on the speed of the Starsky Wings and my own strength, so long as I don’t encounter an extremely terrifying opponent, I ought to have a great certainty of seizing it. Chen Xi swiftly pondered in his mind.

“Young Princess, Brother Zhou, I’m heading into the depths of the tempest to do something. So long as nothing unexpected occurs, I ought to be able to return very quickly.” After a short moment, Chen Xi had already made up his mind, and he gave a few instructions to Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou before flashing out and charging into the depths of the Violent Waterflame Ape army.

“What does Chen Xi intend to do? Could it be that he wants to carry out a slaughter in the depths of the enemy forces like before?” Young Master Zhou was stunned, and then he raised his hand and pointed out, causing the Azurespirit Void Finger to appear out of thin air and instantly crush over 10 Violent Waterflame Apes.

He wasn’t as ferocious as Chen Xi to the point of being able to gather Origin Pearls while annihilating his enemies, and he could only execute killer moves to directly kill these Violent Waterflame Apes that charged over.

Coupled with him and Huangfu Qingying fighting side by side, even though the amount of Violent Waterflame Apes were enormous, the apes were incapable of injuring them in a short period of time.

“Didn’t you hear him say that he’s going to do something? Perhaps he has some other plans.” Huangfu Qingying said, “Alright, there’s no need to worry about Chen Xi. We should first guarantee that we’re able to survive this horrifying battle. After all, the strength of these Violent Waterflame Apes is far from something those Necro Fish Demons could compare to, and the longer this goes on, the worse our situation would be.”

Young Master Zhou felt apprehensive in his heart, and he nodded.


“Hmm? Crown Prince, look! Chen Xi has actually charged alone into the army of Violent Waterflame Apes once more. This fellow is really ferocious.” When he saw Chen Xi flash and pounce towards the depths of the dense army of sea demons, Cui Xiuhong couldn’t help but hurriedly speak out. But he didn’t say Chen Xi was rash this time, and it was probably because he recalled the scene of Chen Xi going deep into the enemy ranks and killing the Necro Fish Demons earlier. “He’s really audacious to the extreme! There are leader level existences assuming command at the depths of the Violent Waterflame Ape army. Not to mention trespassing into the depths of the army would cause him to fall into an encirclement, he would probably encounter an even more ferocious attack. He really doesn’t cherish his life.”

Pei Yu was stunned, and then he shook his head and said, “Don’t bother about him. These Violent Waterflame Apes are unlike the Necro Fish Demons, and their strengths are formidable. Wanting to make a charge and break out of the encirclement with our strengths is no different than courting death. We can only obstruct them at the outer area and wait for a superb opportunity to escape.”

“Indeed. The nature of these Violent Waterflame Apes is extremely brutal, yet lacking in patience. When they’re unable to obtain success after attacking for a long time, they would surely cease to attack, and that time would be the best opportunity for us to escape.” Cui Xiuhong’s eyes flickered and were suffused with a trace of gloominess. “As for Chen Xi, it doesn’t matter whether he dies or not. If he’s dead, then it’s equivalent to a trouble of ours being taken care of, and if he doesn’t die, we’ll use him to death after entering the Isle of Fallen Treasures!”

Pei Yu smiled and didn’t say anything further. 



At this moment, Chen Xi had transformed into a strand of a Shadowless and shapeless phantom that swiftly flickered about. The strength of a myriad of stars circulated on the Starsky Wing on his back, and coupled with the Sky Dao Insight he’d comprehended, it caused his figure to be practically translucent as he swiftly flew about. In practically an instant, he’d flashed out 500km, and it could already compare to teleportation.

Under this unparalleled speed, Chen Xi safely avoided the army of sea demons as it was impossible for those Violent Waterflame Apes to catch up to the speed of the Starsky Wings.

Even if it was a Rebirth Realm or Nether Transformation Realm cultivator, under the circumstances that they hadn’t comprehended teleportation, they would probably be unable to compare in speed with Chen Xi’s Starsky Wings.

In the time of a few breaths, Chen Xi had already arrived at the region of the sea 15,000km away. This was the core area of the Violent Waterflame Ape army, and he naturally wouldn’t foolishly reveal his tracks. He directly dived into the depths of the sea instead while the Starsky Wings were circulated to the limit, causing his figure to flash repeatedly as he swiftly arrived at a depth of 30km.

According to the information he obtained from the memories of that Violent Waterflame Ape, the lair of the Violent Waterflame Apes ought to be at the depths of almost 54k beneath the surface of the sea. It was a vast underwater mountain range that was densely covered with countless caves, and the Violent Waterflame Apes resided within these caves.

The tablet that contained the Obliteration Dao Insight was at the core area of the lair, and that place had extremely tight restrictions set up there, causing it to be extremely easy to find.

“Obliteration Tablet… I must succeed!” Chen Xi had a firm gaze as he flashed swiftly at the bottom of the sea.

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