Chapter 446 – Violent Waterflame Apes

This group of sea demons were tall and had the bodies of humans, yet the heads of fish, and they had savage appearances. They wore worn out armor and held bronze halberds, and talisman markings flickered on the halberds that emitted a sharp aura and light.

Particularly, there were actually a pair of pitch black wings on their backs that allowed them to freely and nimbly move about within the tempest, and they emitted the aura of Necro Baleful Qi that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

“Watch out, these are Necro Fish Demons, and they’re one of the comparatively stronger races of sea demons in the Primitive Sea. They’re capable of flying in the sky and diving into the sea, and their strengths are comparable to Golden Core Realm cultivators, causing them to be the most difficult to kill.” Huangfu Qingying warned them right away when she saw the army of fish demons that emerged from the distance tempest.

“These Necro Fish Demons are skilled in the Dao Insights of Wind and Water. Moreover, the Origin Pearls condensed within their bodies are greatly beneficial towards our cultivation of the Wind and Water Dao Insights.” Leng Qianqiu spoke as she swung out the bone chain in her hand to transform into a rainbow that traversed the sky before directly blasting into the army of Necro Fish Demons and fiercely mincing them apart.

Instantly, the bodies of over 100 Necro Fish Demons exploded apart, causing over 100 glittering and translucent jet black pearls to be swept into Leng Qianqiu’s hand by the bone chain.

“Human cultivators!”

“Looks like the Primeval Battlefield has been opened up once again. Hahaha! We can finally eat fresh human meat!”

“Kill, kill all of them. Don’t let a single one of them escape!”

A sharp and ear piercing howl suddenly sounded out from within the group of Necro Fish Demons, and it surged with killing intent as it resounded out in the heavens and the earth. These sea demons were already no different than ordinary Golden Core Realm cultivators and possessed high intelligence, so they knew how to work together in battle. In the next moment, they’d already joined forces to launch a counterattack.


When these Necro Fish Demon joined forces, they converged into an enormous formation that caused countless bolts of water lightning and blades of wind to blast out, and it actually directly blasted Leng Qianqiu’s bone chain flying.

Amazing, they actually already know how to utilize formations in their combat tactics. But, this formation is too shoddy. If it was I who managed the formation, then I would at least be able to bring forth ten times more might from it… Chen Xi was stunned, and then he shook his head before directly circulating the Stellar Lightningform and smashing out with his fist.

As his fist struck out, countless thunderstorm vortexes formed and transformed into a stream of vortexes, and it hit the center of the formation formed by the army of Necro Fish Demons. Instantly, the formation collapsed with a bang, and numerous Necro Fish Demons were instantly crushed into powder, whereas their enormous Blood Essence, demonic qi, and their numerous Origin Pearls were swept into the thunderstorm vortexes.

Devouring the heavens and the earth to transform everything to become useful to me. This Divine Ability Third Senior Brother created is really formidable! Chen Xi praised endlessly in his heart. The Blood Essence and demonic qi of these fish demons were swallowed into his body before a strand of a warm flow instantly moved within his body, and it immediately replenished all the Shaman Energy he’d used.

This effect of refining Blood Essence and demonic qi to become useful to Chen Xi and replenish his Shaman Energy was simply heaven defying. Even though it didn’t provide the slightest benefit to Chen Xi’s cultivation, so long as he was able to devour sufficient Blood Essence and demonic qi, then he would be able to cause his Shaman Energy to become boundless. When he fought, he would simply be no different than an inexhaustible machine.

On the other hand, the Origin Pearls of the fish demons contained a trace of the energy of Wind and Water Dao Insight, and its value was comparable to Dao Grade spirit herbs!

After all, the strengths of these fish demons were comparable to Golden Core Realm cultivators, and their Origin Pearls were similar to the golden core of Golden Core Realm cultivators, so its value was naturally shocking to the extreme.

320 Origin Pearls… My pockets are completely dried up and squeaky clean. Even though the value of these Origin Pearls is impossible to determine, but if I gather a lot more, they would surely be a considerable amount of wealth. Chen Xi briefly sized them up before placing the Origin Pearls into the Buddha’s Pagoda.

Meanwhile, the others had successively attacked with their full strengths and started to hunt these Necro Fish Demons. The value of the Origin Pearls of these fish demons was so great, and they knew in their hearts that it was absolutely a shocking amount of wealth. In the outside world, it was utterly impossible to encounter such a massive amount of sea demons that one could willfully hunt and kill.

Such fortune could only be encountered in the Primeval Battlefield’s Primitive Sea.

“Kill!” Divine light flashed through the sky and Dao Insight surged, and various attacks covered the heavens and the earth with mighty impetus. Wave after wave of Necro Fish Demons were annihilated like the autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves.

Every single person within their group was one of the top genius experts in the world. Moreover, their cultivations, martial techniques, and magic treasures were far from something these fish demons could compare to. So once they started slaughter with their full strength, the scene was absolutely one where they swept through the fist demons like sweeping away dead leaves.

But the most striking amongst them was Chen Xi. Every single time he attacked caused him to seem like a ball of surging thunderstorm that exploded apart and caused countless streams of vortexes to envelop out. Every single thunderstorm vortex seemed to transform into a bloody mouth that swept out to devour everything in the surroundings, and in the time of only a few breaths, an entire 10,000 plus fish demons was completely devoured by it.

Later on, the others were utterly not in time to make a move as the fish demons would already be completely wiped out by Chen Xi. He simply seemed to have transformed into an extremely ferocious swarm of locusts that didn’t leave anything behind in his wake.

“Exactly what Divine Ability is this? It’s so ferocious!”

“Dammit! This kid is too ruthless. He isn’t even leaving any scraps for us.”

“What should we do? We can’t win against him!”

When they saw this scene, Pei Yu and the others were shocked, envious, and in disbelief.

According to normal logic, even a top expert at the Golden Core Realm was unable to slaughter tens of thousands of Necro Fish Demons in a short period of time, and a cultivator would only be able to so casually achieve this if the cultivator possessed a formidable magic treasure like a Quasi Immortal Artifact or had surpassed the Golden Core Realm, 

On the other hand, Chen Xi had exploded out repeatedly instead with a shocking Divine Ability that allowed him to kill group after group of Necro Fish Demons in the time of a few breaths. Moreover, not only did his aura not seem to weaker, he seemed to grow stronger as he battled, and this scene that went against common sense was something that no one would dare believe to be real.

“Brother Chen’s display is too dazzling. It looks to me like those fellows have aroused killing intent towards Brother Chen.” Young Master Zhou’s eyes glanced at the expression of Pei Yu and the others before he swiftly sent a voice transmission.

“It’s fine. The stronger Chen Xi is, the more valuable he is to Pei Yu. At this moment, he would absolutely not make a move against Chen Xi.” Huangfu Qingying spoke with a calm expression.

“What about in the future?” Young Master Zhou asked.

“In the future?” A wisp of coldness arose on the corners of Huangfu Qingying’s mouth. “Who knows who will be using who in the future. With Chen Xi’s intelligence, he’ll surely be able to easily deal with all of this.”

“Daoist Brother Pei, this group of Necro Fish Demons have been completely annihilated. We should swiftly carry on with our journey.” Chen Xi’s indifferent and calm voice sounded out from far away.

“Oh? Brother Chen is formidable. I have no choice but to admire you. In the next part of our journey, so long as Brother Chen is present, then no matter what ferocious sea demon appears, would we have to fear anything?” Pei Yu was jolted awake from his thoughts, and his expression went serious before he squeezed out a warm smile. However, in the next moment, the smile on his face had already froze abruptly, and his expression revealed rare heaviness.

Because another tempest of sea demons had swept over from where the sky was connected with the sea, and the sea demons in the tempest were actually 30m tall terrifying violent apes that possessed dense fur and sharp fangs!

“Watch out! These are Violent Waterflame Apes, and they’re one of the strongest type of sea demons in the Primitive Sea. They possess violent natures, are skilled in the profundities of the Water and Fire Dao Insights, and they possess boundless physical strength. They’re far from something the Necro Fish Demons can compare to. Amongst the genius experts that entered the Primitive Sea in the past, most of them fell beneath the army of Violent Waterflame Apes!” Pei Yu shouted out loudly with an extremely heavy expression, and he didn’t have the slightest relaxed expression any longer. 

Everyone had noticed the tempest that had gushed out once more from the distance. After all, the imposing aura of the tempest that assaulted them this time was too mighty and shocking, and they were utterly unable to overlook it.

There were countless Violent Waterflame Apes concealed within the tempest. Merely the fierce demonic qi they emitted condensed into a pitch black cloud of demonic qi that covered an area of 500km, and it roiled ceaselessly and possessed a shocking impetus.

When he saw this scene, even with Chen Xi’s strength, a trace of fear still arose in his heart.

After all, the number of Violent Waterflame Apes was truly too many. Moreover, every single one emitted an aura that wasn’t inferior to an advanced-stage Golden Core Realm cultivator, causing them to virtually seem like an extremely shocking flood of forces.

A hundred or over a thousand sea demons like this would probably be unable to do anything to any one of them. But, when it was 10,000 or 100,000 of sea demons like this, the sea demons were sufficient to tear any one of them into pieces!

Within the tempest before them was a dense mass of only Violent Waterflame Apes. All of them were 30m in height and possessed violent auras, and they were like numerous giants of the sea that invaded and plundered the sea with overwhelming force.

Moreover, there were even more formidable auras present within this group of Violent Waterflame Apes, and it seemed to be their leaders. Even if Chen Xi was extremely confident of his current strength, he didn’t dare rashly charged in when facing a situation like this.

“It’s actually human cultivators. These stupid humans are dreaming of seizing wealth on the Primitive Sea while tempering their cultivations again, and they even want to go search for the Isle of Fallen Treasures. They really are reckless.”

“The flesh of human cultivators is the most fresh and tasty!”

“Hahaha. Those that are able to enter the Primeval Battlefield are geniuses with the highest natural talents amongst humans. They possess shocking wealth and countless magic treasures, medicinal pills, and cultivation techniques. It’s just nice for us to seize it and use it for ourselves.”

“Kill all of them and seize their techniques, then we’ll be able to increase our strengths and seize even more wealth. After that, we’ll expand our territory even further and rule over the Primitive Sea!”

Meanwhile, the Violent Waterflame Apes in the tempest had noticed Chen Xi and the others as well. For a time, various roars shook the heavens and the earth and resounded out in all directions. The voices revealed an extremely bloody, violent, and ferocious arrogance, and if it was an ordinary person, the person would probably be instantly frightened to death.

At practically the exact same time, numerous violent and icy cold auras enveloped towards Chen Xi and the others.

“Kill!” Amidst numerous roars, group after group of Violent Waterflame Apes leaped out from the tempest and flashed over. The bodies of these Violent Waterflame Apes were either coiled with raging flames or surging and vast streams of water. One flame and one water, all in groups of two, and they revealed formidable control of the Dao Insights of water and fire.


The Violent Waterflame Apes soared through the sky while numbering over 10,000, and they blotted out the sky while bringing turmoil to the heavens and the earth. In practically an instant, they’d already charged over to arrive before Chen Xi and the others.

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