Chapter 445 – Killing Intent

In next to no time, Pei Yu’s expression recovered to normal, and he said indifferently, “Let’s go charge out of the obstruction of this tempest of sea demons together. Otherwise, the longer we stay here, the greater the chances are we’ll be trapped to death here.”

It was indeed as Pei Yu had said. Even though the might of Chen Xi’s strike had annihilated a mass of sea demons, there were still countless sea demons hiding in the distant tempest. Moreover, their auras were even stronger and practically all their strengths were at the Golden Hall Realm or above. It was even to the extent that there was no lack of existences that were comparable to Golden Core Realm cultivators.

In other words, all the sea demons they’d killed earlier merely possessed strengths at the Violet Palace Realm.

The hearts of everyone went cold, and they didn’t dare think about all this any longer before nodding successively.

“Let’s go!” Pei Yu charged out in the lead while the others followed closely behind him, and the shape of their group was like a sharp awl that fiercely pierced towards the tempest of sea demons, and they intended to break through the encirclement to escape.

After an entire half a day of time while charging, killing, and flashing all the way, they’d already moved an unknown distance deeper into the sea, yet the tempest of sea demons actually hadn’t passed and was still sweeping and raging through the heavens and the earth. Moreover, the sea demons that surged out from deep within the sea were getting more and more formidable and experienced.

There were even some sea demons that had formed formidable human-like tribes. They commanded a demon of their own kind to move through the tempest and hunt other sea demons for food.

During this half a day of time, Chen Xi’s True Essence had been consumed extremely greatly. But luckily, he’d carried an extremely large amount of spirit pills with him. The eight million Nascent Condensation Pills were kept by him solely for the sake of being used as currency, whereas the 50,000 Sky Jadeliquid Pills were what he used to replenish his True Essence. If he didn’t execute any formidable killer moves, then these 50,000 Sky Jadeliquid Pills would be sufficient for him to use to slaughter endlessly for a few months.

But the more skilled he became in the Grand Obliteration Fist, the greater its might became, and the True Essence it consumed increased along with this. At the end, every single time he struck out would actually consume almost 20% of his True Essence!

In other words, his entire qi refinement cultivation now was only capable of allowing him to strike out five times, whereas, if he wanted to completely replenish his True Essence, it would instead require him to consume 12 Sky Jadeliquid Pills…

This type of terrifying speed of consumption was something that even caused Chen Xi to feel pained.

Later on, when he felt his Grand Obliteration Fist’s might had already attained his limits, he decisively abandoned his fist technique and utilized Divine Abilities against his enemies.

When they saw Chen Xi stop utilizing the terrifying fist technique, Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou both heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts, and even Pei Yu and the others seemed much more relaxed.

It couldn’t be helped. The Grand Obliteration Fist that Chen Xi executed was too terrifying. Even though it was merely two moves, yet every punch he struck out was capable of crushing apart a 3k length of space. Everywhere it passed, everything was destroyed and annihilated, and its terrifying impetus brought great pressure to them.

“Crown Prince, the strength of this kid, Chen Xi, is growing too quickly. If we still don’t annihilate him, then we’ll probably be raising a tiger that would bite us in the future.” After he witnessed Chen Xi’s terrifying combat strength, Cui Xiuhong felt both shocked and terrified in his heart, and he swiftly sent a voice transmission to Pei Yu.

“Don’t worry, this kid will die for sure. But not now. After all, it isn’t only our group of people that are heading to the Isle of Fallen Treasures, and there are other formidable figures that’re setting foot on there. It’s just nice for us to use Chen Xi go against these enemies. In other words, the stronger Chen Xi’s strength is, the greater our chance to obtain treasures in the Isle of Fallen Treasures will be.” Pei Yu spoke indifferently. Actually, he’d aroused strong killing intent in his heart as well. Chen Xi’s strength was so formidable that it had exceeded his estimations. Once a person like this matured, the person would absolutely be a great overlord. At that time, it would be difficult to kill him. But for now, he was confident that everything was within his scope of control.

“Crown Prince is really wise in strategy and tactics. This kid is so ferocious and is indeed capable of being used a cannon fodder to charge in the front for us. This plan couldn’t be any better.” Cui Xiuhong smiled as he flattered Pei Yu.

As he spoke, Cui Xiuhong told Wei Muyun and Leng Qianqiu of Pei Yu’s plans via voice transmission, and it won the support of the both of them. Obviously, both of them were extremely afraid of Chen Xi’s strength as well, and they wished for nothing more than for Chen Xi to die as soon as possible. Now, when they found out that Pei Yu was only utilizing Chen Xi as cannon fodder for them, they instantly felt at ease in their hearts.

However, in the next moment, they suddenly noticed that even though Chen Xi wasn’t utilizing that terrifying fist technique any longer, he’d executed a formidable Divine Ability that they’d never seen before!


Shaman Energy raged in Chen Xi’s body as bolts of lightning surged out, and the golden colored bolts of lightning flickered as they formed into numerous thunderstorm vortexes, causing Chen Xi to seem like a god of thunder that was completely covered in the brilliant glow of lightning.

He struck out with a very simple punch, yet it caused countless thunderstorm vortexes to appear and directly shatter the techniques of the group of sea demons before him, and then the vortexes flew out to spread to the surroundings before completely shattering over a thousand sea demons on the spot.

Most astonishing was that the Blood Essence and vitality of the sea demons that were killed didn’t dissipate but were absorbed and devoured by the thunderstorm vortexes around Chen Xi!

Pei Yu and the others clearly saw that after the Blood Essence and vitality of these sea demons were absorbed, the aura in Chen Xi’s surroundings had actually become a bit stronger, and the surging thunderstorm vortexes around him grew even more dazzling. Bolts of lightning glowed brilliantly in the surroundings, and it was dazzling to the point that it was almost impossible to see Chen Xi’s face clearly.

My god! What Divine Ability is this? It’s actually capable of devouring everything for one’s own benefit?

The pupils of Pei Yu and the others constricted abruptly as astonishment arose in their hearts. With their discerning ability, they were naturally able to discern that this Divine Ability contained the Grand Dao of Lightning and Devour.

But, no matter how they wracked their brains, they were unable to recall exactly what Divine Ability in this world was capable of containing two Grand Dao profundities that were so terrifying. Especial the Grand Dao of Devour, it was absolutely an exceedingly rare Grand Dao that was an existence that wasn’t inferior to the Grand Dao profundities of Light and Darkness.

This kid must be eliminated!

At this moment, a strong feeling of danger and dense killing intent appeared in the hearts of Pei Yu and the others. If it wasn’t for them still wanting to use Chen Xi, they’d probably have been unable to restrain themselves from striking a vicious blow at Chen Xi long ago.

Chen Xi comprehended and visualized the Fuxi Divine Status all day and night, and his soul was extremely strong to the point of being comparable to a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator, causing his perception of one’s aura to be exceedingly sharp. Even though the killing intent of Pei Yu and the others was concealed extremely deeply, how could it escape his detection?

But he couldn’t be bothered to fuss about it with these fellows at this moment. Just as Huangfu Qingying had said, Pei Yu wanted to use their strengths to explore the isle, but weren’t they using Pei Yu to find the Isle of Fallen Treasures?

Chen Xi’s current thoughts were completely placed on the battle before him.

After completely grasping the profundities of the first two moves of the Grand Obliteration Fist earlier, it caused him to realize the benefits of live combat. Now he wanted to use live combat to continue tempering the Divine Ability he’d comprehended not long ago — The Stellar Lightningform.

This Divine Ability came from the Roc’s bone, and it was created by his Third Senior Brother. It contained the Grand Dao profundities of Water, Lightning, and Devour. Moreover, it wasn’t restricted by moves as all attacks were made in preparation for devouring, whereas the specific display of devouring was in the vortexes!

In the water, the devouring energy would form into water vortexes.

On the ground, the devouring energy would form thunderstorm vortexes.

Actually, according to what his Third Senior Brother said, when the Devour Dao Insight was completely grasped to perfection, anything in the world could be transformed into vortexes to carry out devouring. For example, wind vortexes, Yin vortexes, Yang vortexes, vortexes of the five elements, and so on and so forth.

On that day when his Third Senior Brother had displayed three points that shook the heavens and the earth, Third Senior Brother’s final point had transformed a myriad of stars into a large vortex that devoured in the universe, and the might it displayed was something that caused Chen Xi to be endlessly shocked even until now.

But with Chen Xi’s current grasp of the profundities of the Devour Dao Insight, he was only capable of executing water vortexes and thunderstorm vortexes.

After all, these were contained within the Divine Ability, Stellar Lightningform, and he only had to comprehend and master it. There was no need for him to rack his brains, ponder about it, and create something new.

Of course, vortexes were merely one of the methods the profundity of the Devour Dao Insight was displayed, and it didn’t mean that one would surely be able to comprehend the profundities of the Grand Dao of Devour from vortexes.


Right at this moment, another group of sea demons appeared from the tempest, and the auras they emitted was actually not inferior to Golden Core Realm cultivators.

In other words, this was an army formed from Golden Core Realm sea demons! 

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