Chapter 443 – Tempest of Sea Demons

Gales raged and muddy waves surged into the sky above the Primitive Sea, and the deeper they went, the more adverse the environment was.

It was even to the extent that the Necro Baleful Qi that was fused with the heavens, earth, and sea had condensed into numerous pitch black and dazzling bolts of lightning that flowed amidst the heavens, earth, and sea. If a cultivator was struck by it, the cultivator would probably have his vitality reaped away instantaneously and transform into a corpse that was suffused with the aura of death, causing it to be extremely terrifying.

Chen Xi had once captured a pitch black bolt of lightning like this with his bare hands as he wanted to see exactly what traits the Necro Baleful Qi possessed, yet he never expected that his entire right hand would instantly transform into a charred color like burnt charcoal before he inspected it, and it didn’t possess the slightest vitality any longer.

Fortunately, his body refinement cultivation was already capable of allowing him to regenerate his body with his blood, and he promptly decided to let go of the pitch black bolt of lightning, allowing him to escape calamity. After that, he utilized his Blood Essence to reconstruct a right hand.

However, he didn’t dare bother these pitch black bolts of lightning formed from Necro Baleful Qi any longer, as the strength contained within it was really a bit too terrifying.

“Brother Chen, why haven’t I seen you execute the fist technique you utilized before?” After flying for about the time for an incense stick to burn, Young Master Zhou was slightly bored, and he couldn’t help but engage in small talk with Chen Xi.

“This is an incomplete Dao Grade martial technique I’ve cultivated, and its far from perfection.” Chen Xi replied casually. The Grand Obliteration Fist was really only a Half-step Dao Grade martial technique. Moreover, it only possessed a mere three moves, and it didn’t even possess the Obliteration Dao Insight. If he wanted to perfect it, then he probably had to comprehend Obliteration Dao Insight first.

Moreover, the Obliteration Dao Insight was similar to the Sword Dao and Devour Dao Insight he’d mastered, all of them were technique Dao Insights that belonged to the utilization of Dao Insights. Under the condition that one didn’t possess the corresponding martial technique’s assistance, it was extremely difficult to comprehend.

For example, because he possessed the Roc’s bone that his Third Senior Brother gave him, Chen Xi was able to comprehend the Devour Dao Insight in an extremely short period of time. But the Obliteration Dao Insight was different. Up until now, Chen Xi hadn’t seen a single martial technique that was related to the Obliteration Dao Insight.

“An incomplete Dao Grade martial technique? It can’t be? You defeated that fellow, Wei Muyun, with two punches. This might is simply even more formidable than a perfect Dao Grade martial technique!” Young Master Zhou didn’t believe it and kept having the feeling that Chen Xi had concealed his secrets rather deeply. But he didn’t feel dislike towards it, because everyone had some secrets when wandering about outside, and if one didn’t have secrets, one would have died since long ago.

“Chen Xi, were you angry at me on Stargaze Isle earlier?” Huangfu Qingying who’d been silent since leaving Stargaze Isle suddenly spoke out at this moment.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he said while shaking his head, “No.”

Huangfu Qingying laughed bitterly and said, “You surely dislike that I’m putting on a display that’s too weak before Pei Yu and the others. But I have no other choice. Because I don’t know the way to the Isle of Fallen Treasures clearly, whereas Pei Yu and these other genius experts of first-rate Dynasties possess slight traces of it. I have to rely on them to be able to step foot on the Isle of Fallen Treasures.”

Before Chen Xi could speak, Huangfu Qingying continued and said, “Of course, Pei Yu and the others have surely roped me in for the sake of drawing support from my strength to help them explore the isle. I know all this, but I can only temporarily pretend to be polite and compliant until we enter the Isle of Fallen Treasures.”

“So that’s how it is.” Chen Xi secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Finding out that Huangfu Qingying wasn’t as simple minded as he thought caused him to feel a wave of relief in his heart, and he said while nodded, “I feel reassured after you’ve said this.”

Young Master Zhou came to an understanding as well, and he couldn’t help but say, “The Isle of Fallen Treasures if so important to actually make you inconvenience yourself like this?”

Huangfu Qingying had already recovered her previous expression at this moment, and she said with a smile, “That’s because you don’t know how shocking the treasures within the Isle of Fallen Treasures are. Amongst the shattered pieces of treasures left behind by the fallen gods of the ancient times, some are comparable to Quasi Immortal Artifacts, some have Grand Dao markings branded on them, and some even have Artifact Spirits living within them! It simply contains everything, and if we’re able to obtain one or two them, it would be sufficient to provide boundless benefits to us.”

Quasi Immortal Artifacts!

Grand Dao markings!

Artifact Spirits!

Every single one of these were filled with unparalleled temptation. Not to mention all of them being Golden Core Realm cultivators, even Earthly Immortal Realm experts would be unable to refrain from drooling and having their eyes go red from their covetous feelings.

All of this existed amongst the shattered pieces of treasures that were left behind by the fallen gods of ancient times, and it was hidden on the Isle of Fallen Treasures!

Up to this point, Chen Xi and Young Master Zhou had completely understood everything.

“If we’re able to seize the shattered pieces of treasures left behind by the fallen gods of ancient times after we enter the Isle of Fallen Treasures, I hope we can comprehend it together.” Huangfu Qingying put out an invitation.

“Alright!” Chen Xi and Young Master Zhou both agreed. This sort of temptation was truly too great, and they were unable to refuse it.

At the same time, Pei Yu, Cui Xiuhong, Wei Muyun, and Leng Qianqiu who were flying ahead were communicating via voice transmission as well.

“Crown Prince, you asked me to test this Chen Xi’s strength earlier, and it’s really deep and unfathomable. I’m not a match for him. If we enter the Isle of Fallen Treasures, you have to be on guard against this person.” Wei Muyun spoke via voice transmission.

“In a very ordinary Darchu Dynasty, not only have proud geniuses like Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing that have comprehended the profundities of the Light and Darkness Dao Insights appeared, there’s actually this Chen Xi that’s even more formidable than them. It’s truly peculiar.” Pei Yu’s gaze was deep as he spoke while seeming to be lost in thought. “Looks like what Imperial Father said is really correct. The Darchu Dynasty’s karmic luck has become more and more exuberant in these past few years, and it had arrived at an unprecedented height. Otherwise, it would be absolutely difficult for so many monstrous geniuses to appear.”

“Crown Prince, since Chen Xi is so formidable, why don’t we eliminate him as soon as possible, so as to avoid boundless troubles in the future?” Cui Xiuhong’s eyes flickered as he spoke in a ghastly tone.

Wei Muyun had lost at Chen Xi’s hands yet had only suggested that Pei Yu be on guard against Chen Xi, whereas, Cui Xiuhong directly suggested to kill Chen Xi, and this obviously showed how vicious and ruthless this person’s nature was.

“There’s no need for that, it’s better the stronger he is.” Pei Yu laughed with conceit, and then said slowly, “I still don’t take him seriously. Not to mention my Imperial Father had once bestowed a secret treasure to me before coming here, and its might can shake the world. It’s sufficient to kill Chen Xi countless times! So what’s there to worry about?”

A secret treasure!

Cui Xiuhong, Wei Muyun, and Leng Qianqiu’s eyes lit up and surged with excitement. Could the might of a secret treasure given by Emperor Jin be weak? It was even to the extent that they suspected this secret treasure ought to be a Quasi Immortal Artifact.

“How unfortunate. I agreed to forming an alliance with Huangfu Qingying this time because I originally thought she would be able to gather Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing over. But unexpectedly, I was still unable to meet them.” Pei Yu suddenly sighed as he seemed to have thought of something.

The others instantly went silent as all of them knew the nature of this Crown Prince of theirs. He was monstrously astute, possessed shocking strength and extraordinary natural talent, and he was practically a perfect dazzling genius. But his one and only flaw was that he was too amorous, and he intended to embrace and make concubines of all the extraordinary women in the world.

It was even to the point that long ago before entering the Primeval Battlefield, Pei Yu had already set an objective and intended to subdue the top proud female geniuses of the various Dynasties, and Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing were on his list of prey.

Cui Xiuhong’s eyeballs revolved as he suddenly said while acting surprised, “Crown Prince, I heard that Qing Xiuyi has long since had a son with Chen Xi, and they seem to be Dao Companions. Moreover, that Zhen Liuqing has an intimate and extremely dubious relationship with Chen Xi.”

Pei Yu’s face sank instantly. For the sake of obtaining Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing, he’d gathered countless amounts of information, so how could he not know these things?

But he was extremely shrewd, so he’d just concealed it within his heart and never revealed it. At this moment, when it was exposed with a few words by Cui Xiuhong, he couldn’t help but feel a wave of irritation in his heart, and dense killing intent instantly arose in his heart as he said with a cold gaze, “Since he dares to take advantage of the women that I’ve taken a fancy to, I’ll let him know how living can be more painful than death!” 

When he spoke up to here, he suddenly turned around to stare at Cui Xiuhong, and then he warned coldly. “Brother Cui, don’t try to use these things to upset me. Otherwise, once I’m enraged, I’m afraid you’ll be unable to bear the consequences.”

Cui Xiuhong instantly shuddered, and he repeatedly nodded with agreement, but he was extremely complacent in his heart and thought to himself. “Chen Xi, oh, Chen Xi! You dared to offend me, so I dare to use another to kill you. Let me see how many days you can survive!”

Wuwu! Wuwuwuwu…

Right at this moment, a wave of sounds that seemed like ghosts wailing sounded out abruptly from the distant surface of the sea while countless black clouds that seemed like lead enveloped the entire region of the sea, and it covered the entire surroundings and completely locked down the path forward.

“This is… A tempest of sea demons!” Pei Yu’s eyes constricted as he suddenly exclaimed with shock.

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