Chapter 442 – The Overbearing Chen Xi


Not only had the might of Chen Xi’s second strike utterly defeated Wei Muyun, its aftershock spread out to the surroundings of the isle, shaking the sea water to the point of collapsing and shocking the waves to pierce through the sky. The peerless might of the fist even affected the depths of the sea, causing some aquatic beasts and demon beasts 3km beneath the sea to be instantly shaken to death, and corpses of various sizes floated up to the surface and tainted the nearby sea red.

“This…this…. What fist technique is this?”

“Fire and water originally conflicted with each other. But in this strike, the Grand Dao profundities of fire and water that were two extremes were combined together. Such a martial technique is exceedingly terrifying indeed.”

“He actually defeated Wei Muyun in two punches, then exactly how formidable is his strength?”

At this moment, the gazes of Cui Xiuhong and Leng Qianqiu actually had a trace of terror, whereas, the nearby Pei Yu’s pupils constricted as well, and the warm smile that hung on the corners of his mouth froze abruptly.

He naturally knew Wei Muyun’s strength extremely well, and an existence that was capable of ranking the fifth amongst the younger generation of the magnificent Darjin Dynasty was naturally absolutely not someone an ordinary top expert could compare to. But at this moment, such an existence had lost at the hands of a genius expert from the Darchu Dynasty, and this simply caused him to slightly not dare believe his eyes.

He won! Amazing! Young Master Zhou was happy to the point he almost cried out. Chen Xi defeating Wei Muyun so straightforwardly was equivalent to helping him vent his hatred as well, so how could he not be delighted in his heart?

I never expected that he’d concealed his strength so deeply… If he utilized a terrifying fist technique like this in the Allstar Meeting, then he’d probably have won even more easily. Huangfu Qingying was extremely shocked.

Chen Xi stood on the spot as a shapeless aura that revealed peerless might was emitted from him.

His cultivation should be almost on par with Wei Muyun, because the latter was a peerlessly monstrous genius as well, and even if he was inferior to Chen Xi, it would merely be a tiny difference.

But cultivation was only cultivation, and it couldn’t decide the strength of one’s combat strength. Chen Xi deep understanding of the Sword Dao, his grasp of various top Divine Abilities, and his comprehension and cultivation of a formidable martial technique like the Grand Obliteration Fist caused his combat strength to be extraordinary and be the best amongst his peers. This gave him the qualifications to sweep through cultivators that possessed the same cultivation as him and reign supreme above other monstrous geniuses.

Even the Prince of the Full Moon Kingdom who possessed a Quasi Immortal Artifact had lost at Chen Xi’s hand, so the defeat of Wei Muyun was naturally expected.

“Chen Xi, please show mercy. If you kill this person, then it would probably destroy the alliance between us and Daoist Brother Pei Yu. It would be troublesome if that happened.” Huangfu Qingying noticed that Chen Xi seemed to have the intention to pursue and kill Wei Muyun, so she hurriedly sent a voice transmission to persuade him to stop.

“Young Princess, I’ll listen to you this time. But if an incident like this occurs again, then I hope you can maintain a neutral position. After all, we’re members of the Darchu Dynasty, and blindly protecting an outsider is hardly justifiable.” Chen Xi frowned and was slightly displeased with Huangfu Qingying’s attitude.

Earlier, he did indeed have the impulse to kill Wei Muyun. After all, this fellow didn’t even ask him for a battle before making a move against him, and Wei Muyun’s attitude was too despicable. If it wasn’t him that was in this situation today and was another instead, then the person would have probably been fiercely trampled on and humiliated by this fellow. At that time, who would stop Wei Muyun?

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi restrained his aura and once again recovered to his relaxed, extraordinary, and indifferent appearance. From his outward appearance, it was extremely difficult for others to believe that this was a top expert with peerless combat strength, yet it was precisely because of this that it caused others to feel even more fearful of him.

Meanwhile, Wei Muyun had crawled up from the ground and glanced resentfully at Chen Xi, and then he silently walked back to stand by Pei Yu’s side like a rooster that had lost a fight and without the slightest trace of arrogance.

“What a formidable fist technique.” Pei Yu was silent for a long time before finally speaking in the end. “I’ve read countless books and recognize the martial techniques and Divine Abilities throughout the three dimensions, and it’s even to the extent that I vaguely know about the techniques left behind from the primordial era. But I’ve never see such a fist technique. May I know what martial technique this is?”

“No comment.” Chen Xi replied indifferent and practically without the slightest thought. He naturally knew that Pei Yu wanted to use this to ease up the relationship between them, but he couldn’t be bothered to pretend to be polite and compliant, and it was even to the extent that if it wasn’t because of Huangfu Qingying, he would have left long ago.

“No comment?” Pei Yu was choked by Chen Xi’s words, and a trace of rage flashed past his eyes. But he didn’t flare up and changed to a light smile. “Looks like it’s a secret of Brother Chen’s, and it’s I who has been rude.” 

Chen Xi once again sighed lightly in his heart when he saw this. Pei Yu is an extremely shrewd person that’s able to put on airs and lower himself, and his self restraint and ability to utilize strategy is exceedingly extraordinary. I wonder if Huangfu Qingying is really lucky to have joined up with him.

But in the next moment, Chen Xi restrained his feelings, and then his eyes that were like bolts of lightning shot directly towards the nearby Cui Xiuhong before he said icy coldly, “Brother Cui, if it wasn’t for you intentionally sowing discord, Brother Wei and I wouldn’t have fought, and all these things after that wouldn’t have occurred. Now we’re already allies, so if you act like this again…”

Even though he didn’t finish speaking, but the threatening and warning intent within his voice was revealed completely, and it was even slightly overbearing. He relied on the might he revealed after defeating Wei Muyun just now and seemed extremely overbearing.

Even Young Master Zhou seemed as if he’d met Chen Xi for the first time as he’d entirely never imagined that Chen Xi had such an overbearing side to directly threaten Cui Xiuhong before so many people without holding back in the slightest. The overbearing demeanor Chen Xi revealed caused him to feel extremely delighted in his heart.

He had no other choice. Huangfu Qingying’s display before these genius experts of the Darjin Dynasty was slightly too weak, so he could only personally stand up and make a frontal attack. After all, if he didn’t warn Cui Xiuhong and these others that harbored ill intentions, many other incidents would probably occur in the future.

Actually, he originally didn’t have to do this and didn’t have to provoke so much trouble for no reason, but what else could he do when his relationship with Huangfu Qingying wasn’t bad?

Most importantly, Emperor Chu had agreed to protect the safety of the Chen Clan, and this was an extremely huge favor, so it was impossible for Chen Xi to watch idly by as Emperor Chu’s daughter was tricked by others.

Cui Xiuhong exploded into rage when he heard this!

He was a proud genius of the Darjin Dynasty, a peerless genius. Even though Chen Xi had revealed a sufficiently strong combat strength that caused him to feel deeply afraid, yet he wasn’t a simple figure! So, how could he endure such a terrible humiliation?  Instantly, his entire body surged with Sword Insight as he shouted. “Chen Xi, even if you’re formidable and have defeated Wei Muyun, but I, Cui Xiuhong, am not necessarily afraid of you!”

“Really? Why don’t we have a life and death battle, and we’ll agree to disallow anyone else from lending a hand. How about it?” A trace of ridicule arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. He’d long since discerned that Cui Xiuhong’s nature was sinister and ruthless, and he was like cancer. If he wasn’t eliminated as soon as possible, then there would be no end to future troubles.

“You…” Cui Xiuhong was stunned, and he was angered by Chen Xi to the point his face flushed red, and he gritted his teeth and said, “Why would I not dare? Come, come, come! Let’s have a bloody battle that only one of us will survive from!”

“Alright, Brother Chen, give me some face and don’t cause pointless battles, alright? Qingying, don’t you think so too? We’re joined together, and we’re stronger the more people we have. If we fight chaotically with each other before we even enter the Isle of Fallen Treasures, then wouldn’t others laugh their teeth off when they found out.” At the critical moment, Pei Yu spoke out to stop the battle, and he even dragged Huangfu Qingying out as an excuse. Obviously, he’d noticed that Huangfu Qingying had a certain level of ability to affect Chen Xi.

“Alright, I’ll give Brother Pei face.” Chen Xi moved his gaze away from Cui Xiuhong and spoke indifferently.

“Hmph! I’ll surely determine the victor between the two of us once we return from the Isle of Fallen Treasures!” Cui Xiuhong seemed to feel that his display earlier was too embarrassing, and he seized this opportunity to speak ferociously.

“You’re very welcome.” Chen Xi’s gaze became even more disdainful as he’d perceived that this fellow was merely talking bullshit, and if the time really came, Cui Xiuhong would probably entirely lack the courage to wager his life.

“Alright, everyone, let’s depart now. The Isle of Fallen Treasures is at the deepest depths of the Primitive Sea, and we have to pass through countless dangerous regions of the sea and there’s even no lack of disaster that comes out of nowhere along the way. Everyone, you must be careful.” Pei Yu glanced deeply at Chen Xi before instructing, and then he flashed out on a golden ray that pierced through the sky and was the first to leave Stargaze Isle.

When they saw this, Wei Muyun, Leng Qianqiu, and Cui Xiuhong hurriedly followed up to him, and they flew onto the golden ray beneath Pei Yu. Actually, the golden ray was a rare flying magic treasure that was called the Golden Lightchaser Shuttle, and its speed was so swift that it was entirely capable of comparing with teleportation.

On the other hand, Chen Xi and Young Master Zhou stood on Huangfu Qingying’s Thousandplume Dragonboat to follow Pei Yu.

Their group of seven consisted entirely of proud geniuses who were the top experts of the younger generation in their respective Dynasties. At this moment, they were converged together and were speeding to the depths of the Primitive Sea as they’d started their exploration towards the legendary Isle of Fallen Treasures. 

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