Chapter 441 – Merciless Fire and Water

As soon as the Darjin Dynasty’s Crown Prince became displeased, the atmosphere instantly became heavy.

The gazes of Cui Xiuhong, Wei Muyun, and Leng Qianqiu were suffused with cold lights as they glanced towards Chen Xi and Young Master Zhou with hostile expressions.

“Daoist Brother Pei Yu, these two are the genius experts of my Darchu Dynasty, and their cultivations are deep. We’ll be encountering countless dangers while we explore the Isle of Fallen Treasures, so we’re stronger with every additional member.” Huangfu Qingying’s heart jerked when she saw Pei Yu was displeased, and she explained hurriedly.

“Oh? So they’re people brought over by you, Qingying. Alright, I won’t fuss about it with them for your sake.” Pei Yu’s expression eased up as a warm smile hung once more on the corners of his mouth, and then he swept Chen Xi and Young Master Zhou with his gaze. His gaze seemed calm, yet it faintly contained a trace of warning.

This was something that Chen Xi and Young Master Zhou naturally perceived, and besides feeling furious in their hearts, they couldn’t help but arouse vigilance.

But they had to admit that Pei Yu was a formidable figure indeed. He first put on a display of power to the two of them without discriminating between right or wrong, and then he used Huangfu Qingying to ease up the tension at the scene. Not only did he declare the absolute strength he possessed, he even did Huangfu Qingying a favor, and it could be said as killing two birds with one stone, allowing them to catch a glimpse of how deep and experienced his scheming abilities were.

“Earlier, Huangfu Qingying introduced them and said this Chen Xi’s cultivation is even superior to Qing Xiuyi. I wonder if it’s true or not. If it is, then he does indeed possess the qualifications to come along with us, and if it isn’t, then I feel it’s better if he leaves as soon as possible.” The silver robed Cui Xiuhong spoke out abruptly.

“What? Is that true?”

“He isn’t inferior to Qing Xiuyi? Doesn’t that make him a peerless genius as well? Qing Xiuyi is a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal who possessed peerless ability, and she enjoys a great reputation that isn’t inferior to all of us in the various Dynasties.”

“Is he really so formidable?”

“Wouldn’t we know with a simple test?”

“I truly never expected this. I originally thought the Darchu Dynasty only had a single peerlessly dazzling genius like Qing Xiuyi, yet never had I imagined that someone even more formidable than Qing Xiuyi has appeared.”

Wei Muyun and Leng Qianqiu who’d come along with Pei Yu were figures that belonged to the ranks of peerless and monstrous geniuses. At this moment, they were slightly doubtful when they heard Cui Xiuhong’s words, and they looked at Chen Xi with a gaze that carried a trace of doubt and contemplation as they discussed.

On the other hand, a trace of a strange light flickered out from Pei Yu’s eyes when he heard this, yet he didn’t say anything and carried a graceful appearance that was indifferent like water.

“Hmph! I don’t believe you’re really so formidable. Since it’s like this, then I’ll test your cultivation and see if you’re really a genius or a charlatan!” Wei Muyun suddenly stepped out as his vital energy instantly locked onto Chen Xi, and then his right palm grabbed out in midair, causing an enormous palm that was coiled in dazzling divine lights to tear through the sky.

This person actually disregarded everything and made a move directly, causing how arrogant and overbearing his disposition was to be obvious!


The enormous palm soared through the sky while radiating golden light, and it was like a golden platform that had descended from the heavens while emitting a vast and sharp aura as it enveloped down directly. The space in the surroundings were crushing into pieces by it, and its impetus was shocking to the extreme.

“Want to test my cultivation? Have you asked for my consent?!” Presently, Chen Xi had already confirmed that joining forces with these people to explore the Primitive Sea was absolutely an act of assisting someone that would stab them in the back at any moment. This could be discerned from their attitudes and coupled with them repeatedly provoking Chen Xi and Young Master Zhou in a short period of time, no matter how indifferent his disposition was, he couldn’t help but be furious in his heart.

At this moment, when he saw Wei Muyun provoke him directly, Wei Muyun was simply like a punching bag that had sent itself over for him to vent his fury, so how could Chen Xi hesitate? He took a step forward right away before smashing his fist out.

Its speed was exceedingly slow, yet it gave others the feeling that it couldn’t be escaped. It seemed like the boundless world and everything in the surroundings was locked onto by this punch.


This simple and ordinary punch could even be described as plain, but everywhere it passed, the space in the surroundings of the punch collapsed and shattered inch by inch before fluttering about chaotically and being obliterated.

At practically the exact same time, a terrifying force that was filled with the energy to obliterate everything blasted out from Chen Xi’s fist and transformed into two flows of air. One flow was vast and surging, and it contained the Water Dao Insight; the other flow was raging and violent, and it contained the Fire Dao Insight. They were like two dragons of fire and water that collided with each other, clashed, shook, and whistled out.

Chen Xi struck out with rage, and he’d executed the first move of the Grand Obliteration Fist that he’d comprehended — Merciless Fire and Water!

The Grand Obliteration Fist was obtained by Chen Xi from Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault. Even though it was merely a Half-step Dao Grade martial technique, its might was extraordinarily great, and its utilization of Dao Insight had even attained an unprecedentedly terrifying height that was simply unbelievable. Even an old fellow like Ji Yu who’d lived for a million years praised it endlessly upon sight.

This fist technique only contained a mere three moves — Earthly Obliteration, Chaotic Obliteration, and Infinite Obliteration. But every single move was stronger than the previous. Chen Xi had spent an entire few years on this Grand Obliteration Fist, yet up until now, he’d only grasped the utilization technique of two of the moves in this fist technique by relying on his comprehension ability.

Thus, the profoundness of this fist technique was obvious from this.

Moreover, this was the first time in many years that Chen Xi had executed the Grand Obliteration Fist before others! After all, this was one of his trump cards, and he’d not even used it in the Allstar Meeting.


The might of the fist was boundlessly vast as it shattered space and swept over to intercept the dazzling and enormous palm that struck straight at him. The enormous palm was shattered with a single strike, whereas, the remaining strength of Chen Xi’s fist didn’t fade away and penetrated through before directly enveloping Wei Muyun’s body.

“Shit!” Wei Muyun felt apprehensive in his heart as he noticed how terrifying this punch was, and he retreated repeatedly, moving explosively by 3km with every step. At the same time, an exceedingly enormous golden wheel appeared before him, and it was like a millstone that surged with talisman markings while emitting a golden light that shook the sky.

“When the golden wheel is in the air, freedom exists. Spin and crush the world!” He shouted out explosively in succession as his hands swept out repeatedly, and the golden wheel suddenly expanded to become like a dazzling sun that hung in the sky and blocked before his body.

“This is… The perfect Dao Grade martial technique, Freedom Goldwheel Technique! This is a trump card of Brother Wei’s!”

“According to rumor, this technique contains the perfect Grand Dao of Metal. Once it’s executed, it crushes everything in all directions, and Brother Wei had relied on this technique to win the fifth ranking in the younger generation of our Darjin Dynasty.”

Cui Xiuhong and Leng Qianqiu spoke out in astonishment, and their tone contained deep fear towards Wei Muyun. But most astonishing to them was that Chen Xi had actually forced Wei Muyun to execute his killer move with a single strike, and this similarly caused them to be shocked.

“Isn’t Chen Xi skilled in the Sword Dao? Why is his fist technique so terrifying as well?” Huangfu Qingying knew Chen Xi’s strength extremely clearly. At this moment, when she saw that he didn’t utilize the Sword Dao nor the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement’s Divine Abilities, and he actually struck out with a fist technique that had so easily dealt with Wei Muyun’s attack, how could she not be shocked in her heart?

“Chen Xi is the number one expert of our Darchu Dynasty, so how could we be able to know how many trump cards he possesses?” Young Master Zhou sighed with emotion. Even though he spoke like this, he was extremely shocked in his heart as well.

“Merciless Fire and Water, Earthly Obliteration! Freedom Goldwheel? It can’t escape the calamity of fire and water as well! Obliterate!” Before he executed it, Chen Xi’s Grand Obliteration Fist wasn’t pure, and it was because it was the first time he was using it against an enemy. But at this moment, once he achieved success with a single move, it instantly developed various variations, causing him to become even more proficient in it, and he’d obtained extremely great amounts of benefit and comprehension from live combat.

Chen Xi strode out once more as his body and the strength of his fist directly shattered the golden wheel that was like a sun, causing a rain of light to spray out as its Dao Insight dispersed. It completely obliterated Wei Muyun’s martial technique, causing it to dissipate in the sky and transform into nothingness.

The Freedom Goldwheel was actually unable to withstand a single strike of the Grand Obliteration Fist!

“What? What fist technique is this? Its might is actually so terrifying!” Even Pei Yu’s eyelids twitched is he started pondering swiftly while trying to learn and pry into a bit of the profundity of Chen Xi’s fist technique.

But he found nothing. Chen Xi’s fist technique actually seemed as if it didn’t exist in the world, and with Pei Yu’s wisdom, he was actually unable to discern the origins of this fist technique.


Chen Xi’s second fist was the same move, yet its might couldn’t be compared to before. The might of the fist tore through the sky and actually carried a trace of a terrifying feeling of wanting to obliterate the world and make everything return to silence. After it shattered the dazzling golden wheel that was like the sun, it continued sweeping out and blasting forward.

This time, Wei Muyun wasn’t able to avoid it as well, and he gritted his teeth before going head on with it. But he’d obviously underestimated how terrifying this fist was. 


His arms broke as his entire body was directly blasted flying, and his countenance went pale as a mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth to taint the sky red.

Merely two strikes had blasted flying the peerless genius that was ranked the fifth in the Darjin Dynasty!

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