Chapter 440 – The Crown Prince of the Darjin Dynasty

Young Master Zhou laughed loudly. “Even Young Princess possesses such courage, so how can I shrink back. It couldn’t be any better. I want to see exactly what’s miraculous about this Isle of Fallen Treasures as well.”

Chen Xi sighed in his heart as well. It wasn’t that he didn’t approve of going to explore the Isle of Fallen Treasures, but it was because he slightly didn’t look favorably upon the alliance between them and the Darjin Dynasty’s Pei Yu.

But at this moment, it wasn’t suitable for him to say anything further either, so as to avoid arousing unnecessary misunderstandings with Huangfu Qingying. Most importantly, his thoughts were deduced, and he couldn’t be sure until he met Pei Yu. Once his deduction didn’t conform to the facts, then it would seem like he was too doubtful, and that was the path of becoming a vile person in the eyes of others.

“Let’s go gather with Daoist Brother Pei Yu.” A trace of extraordinary splendor arose in the eyes of Huangfu Qingying when she mentioned Pei Yu’s name, and she seemed to slightly impatiently want to meet this genius expert of the Darjin Dynasty.


The Thousandplume Dragonboat set out once again, charging into the depths of the Primitive Sea that surged with gales and shocking waves, and it flew for a countless number of kilometers.

Along with them entering the depths of the Primitive Sea, the scene above it grew even more terrifying. Tempestuous waves were connected to the sky, the rumbling of water was like muffled thunder that rumbled without end, and numerous thick and violent pillars of gales swept through the surface of the sea while whistling and wailing like spirits and ghosts that were patrolling the sea. All of it caused the entire heavens and earth to be thrown into chaos.

The speed of the Thousandplume Dragonboat suddenly slowed down greatly when suffering the layer after layer of pressure from the vile waves and gales, and even the expressions of Chen Xi’s group of three became much heavier as they carefully stood on guard to avoid any mishaps from occurring.

Fortunately, the entire journey was shocking, but without danger. Moreover, they quickly saw numerous isles appearing within their field of vision.

“This is Stargaze Isle, I and the Darjin Dynasty’s Daoist Brother Pei Yu have agreed to meet here before moving to searching for the Isle of Fallen Treasures together. The path to the Isle of Fallen Treasures is extremely far. Supposedly, it’s at the deepest depths of the Primitive Sea, and it would at least require 10 to 15 days to reach if we flew at full speed. Moreover, there were numerous ferocious demon beasts that existed in the regions of the sea on the way, causing it to be extremely dangerous.” Huangfu Qingying directed the Thousandplume Dragonboat to fly towards an isle.

Chen Xi gazed at this isle. It occupied a vast area of around a few thousand kilometers, but in this boundlessly vast Primitive Sea, it could only be considered to be a small isle.

On this sea, isles like this one were scattered all over like the stars in the sky, and the pitch black and chaotic flow of the sea flowed rapidly and violently between these islands. Moreover, Chen Xi was even able to sense some ferocious auras lying dormant in the sea.

With a sweep of his Divine Sense, Chen Xi noticed numerous shoals of strange fish with savage appearances fighting and consuming each other within countless caverns that were around 5,000km deep in the sea, and they were over 10,000 in number. In the even deeper depths, Chen Xi even saw numerous groups of human shaped fish demons that held weapons in their hands while moving through the ocean current, and their entire bodies were filled with Necro Baleful Qi, causing them to seem like evil spirits or yaksa.

No one knew how deep the vast Primitive Sea was. Layer after layer of pitch black and muddy seawater that was heavier than steel covered it, while violent Necro Baleful Qi was distributed all over, causing it to be extremely terrifying.

But compared to this, the Primitive Sea also gave life to precious spirit materials and ores that were difficult to come across in the outside world, and it was a natural treasure vault. Since the beginning when the Primeval Battlefield was formed, there were numerous experts that arrived at the depths of the Primitive Sea to gather various treasures of the heavens and the earth, but even more experts lost their lives in the sea.

“This place is considered to be a comparatively safe area of the sea, and it belongs to the outer area of the Primitive Sea. If we enter into the depths of the Primitive Sea, the aquatic beasts there are truly terrifying. According to my Imperial Father, a batch of young experts of my Darchu Dynasty had once entered this place a few thousand years ago, yet they encountered a group of Savage Hummingbirds that possessed strengths comparable to the Golden Core Realm, causing all of them to be sieged to death.” Huangfu Qingying put away the Thousandplume Dragonboat, and she spoke about the various dangers in the Primitive Sea while waiting with Chen Xi and Young Master Zhou.

Savage Hummingbirds? Chen Xi knew that these sort of hummingbirds were extremely ferocious and were a few tens of times stronger than ordinary hummingbirds. They possessed crimson red eyes and moved like bolts of lightning while their bodies emanated Necro Baleful Qi, and their joints were like blades, extremely sharp and comparable to earth-rank magic treasures. Most importantly, once Savage Hummingbirds appeared, they appeared in a few thousands or even a few tens of thousands, and they covered the heavens and the earth.

If it was only a few tens or few hundreds, then any Golden Core Realm cultivator would be able to instantly annihilate them, but when a thousand or even ten thousand Savage Hummingbirds assaulted them at once, it was simply like a flood of forces that arrived in a formidable array. Not to mention Golden Core Realm cultivators, even Rebirth Realm experts wouldn’t dare go against them head on.

After all, no matter what it was, once a crushing advantage appeared in its numbers, then it would be extremely terrifying.

“Looks like we really have to be slightly careful. We would naturally be unafraid of a single aquatic beast, but if we encounter group after group of them, then it would really be difficult to deal with.” Chen Xi nodded as he spoke.


Right at this moment, the sky in the horizon trembled abruptly as countless grey clouds were shaken to dispersal, and a ghastly and peerless sword qi descended. Its impetus was so fierce that it tore open numerous cracks on the rocks in the surroundings of the island.

The sword qi was like a tide that gushed like a stream, and it was fierce, pure, vast, and mighty. But, after it descended onto the isle, it suddenly restrained itself completely to reveal a silver robed young man. 

This silver robed young man had a tall figure, a handsome and majestic appearance, and he possessed the proud bearing that was specific to sword cultivators.

“Hmm? So its Daoist Brother Cui.” Huangfu Qingying was obviously stunned when she saw this young man, and then she introduced them. “Chen Xi, Young Master Zhou, this is the peerless genius of the Darjin Dynasty’s Cui Xiuhong, and his sword technique is renowned in the world.”

“Daoist Brother Cui, these are the genius experts of my Darchu Dynasty, Chen Xi and Fourth Young Master Zhou.”

“Oh?” Cui Xiuhong’s brows furrowed and acted like he was surprised. Actually, he entirely didn’t take it seriously. From the beginning until the end, he only glanced indifferently at Chen Xi and Young Master Zhou before he said directly to Huangfu Qingying, “Qingying, actually, with me and Big Brother Pei Yu present, you utterly had no need of finding any other assistance. After all, sometimes, more people aren’t necessarily beneficial, and conversely, it’s very likely that they might become burdens.”

Young Master Zhou’s expression sank instantly. He’s already indirectly ridiculing me and Chen Xi when we’ve just met. Isn’t Cui Xiuhong too arrogant?

Chen Xi noticed this, yet didn’t show any change in expression.

He was recalling the information about Cui Xiuhong in his mind. This fellow was from an ancient clan in the Darjin Dynasty, and he was an extraordinary genius with outstanding sword technique. Just like Pei Yu, he was one of the top experts in the younger generation of the Darjin Dynasty.

The Darjin Dynasty was one of the seven great first-rate Dynasties, and its strength was far from something the Darchu Dynasty could compare to, so being able to become eminent amongst the younger generation of the Darjin Dynasty obviously showed how formidable Cui Xiuhong’s strength was.

“Daoist Brother Cui, Chen Xi is the number one expert in the younger generation of my Darchu Dynasty. You know of Qing Xiuyi, yet she lost in the Allstar Meeting at Chen Xi’s hand.” Huangfu Qingying hurriedly spoke out.

“The reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, Qing Xiuyi, lost at his hand as well?” The silver robed Cui Xiuhong’s gaze suddenly became fierce like a sharp sword. Sword Insight surged and rose and fell like tidal waves within his pupils while the sun and moon seemed to circulate amidst this, and he inadvertently revealed his superb comprehension of the Sword Dao.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown. He extremely disliked others using his victory against Qing Xiuyi to speak about things. Because after all was said and done, Qing Xiuyi was still the biological mother of Chen An, and this blood relation was something that no one was capable of severing.

In other words, a relationship of Dao Companion and husband and wife existed between him and Qing Xiuyi, but it was only in fact and not in name.

Now, when Qing Xiuyi was used to serve as a contrast towards him, Chen Xi was naturally slightly displeased. But he discerned that Huangfu Qingying had done this unintentionally, so it wasn’t good for him to fuss about it with her.

Cui Xiuhong glanced deeply at Chen Xi, and then he changed the topic of conversation and frowned while he said, “Why hasn’t Big Brother Pei Yu arrived?”

“Xiuhong, we’ve already arrived.” Right at this moment, a clear voice resounded out in the heavens and the earth. Suddenly, a golden ray of light tore through the sky above and descended with multicolored auspicious rays of light and a rain of fluttering flowers. A young man stood on the golden ray as he walked down step by step amidst the auspicious rays of light and rain of flowers.

This young man wore a robe embroidered with jade, his figure was extremely tall, his appearance handsome, and a wisp of a warm smile hung on the corners of his mouth. Especially his eyes, they were pitch black and deep like the vast ocean, boundlessly vast.

At this moment, he was walking slowly on the golden ray while amidst the rain of flowers and auspicious rays of lighting, causing him to seem like an immortal that had descended to the mortal world, and his bearing was dignified and caused others to arouse a feeling that he was unreachably noble.

A young man and a young woman were following behind this young man. But this young man was too dazzling like a brilliant sun, causing the gazes of everyone present at the scene to converge onto him so as to actually overlook the existence of these two people!

“Chen Xi, that’s the peerless genius of the Darjin Dynasty, Pei Yu. At the same time, he’s also the Crown Prince of the Darjin Dynasty, and his status is extremely respected. I went through great effort and trouble to form an alliance with him this time, so you must not offend him.” Huangfu Qingying swiftly said via voice transmission, “As for the young man and young woman behind Pei Yu, they’re respectively Wei Muyun and Leng Qianqiu, and they’re genius experts of the Darjin Dynasty as well. They’re of noble birth and possess strengths that aren’t inferior to Cui Xiuhong, so it’s best if you don’t offend them as well.”

The Darjin Dynasty’s Crown Prince? Chen Xi thought in his heart and came to a sudden understanding. No wonder Huangfu Qingying attaches such importance to this person. So it turns out that it isn’t just because his cultivation is extraordinary, the key is that this person is the Crown Prince of a first-rate Dynasty. Such a dazzling figure is indeed worthy of being taken seriously.

After all, the strength of a first-rate Dynasty was absolutely not something an ordinary Dynasty could compare to. Even though Huangfu Qingying was respected as the daughter of Emperor Chu, her status was inferior when compared with the Crown Prince of the Darjin Dynasty, Pei Yu.

But Chen Xi couldn’t be said to hold this fellow in veneration. Since they’d all entered the Primeval Battlefield, no matter if one was a noble Crown Prince or a lowly servant, it was only a piece of status that was illusory. Only the strength one possessed was true, and only it could decide one’s own fate.

“Hmm? Why’re there another two people?” The Crown Prince of the Darjin Dynasty, Pei Yu, who wore a robe that was embroidered with jade and was peerlessly handsome suddenly noticed Chen Xi and Young Master Zhou, causing the trace of a warm smile that usually hung on the corners of his mouth to vanish. At this moment, the heavens and the earth seemed to have noticed his displeasure and dimmed down along with it.

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