Chapter 439 – The Isle of Fallen Treasures

Taishu Huarong!

Chen Xi instantly recalled who this person was in his mind. Taishu Huarong was from the Snowray Dynasty, he possessed extraordinary natural talent and peerless sword technique, and he was the indisputable number one expert in the younger generation of the Snowray Dynasty.

His sword technique was learned from the heavens and the earth, and he transformed the universe into his sword, causing it to be boundlessly majestic and all powerful. He was even reputed to be a rare genius in the Sword Dao of the Brightray Dynasty, causing him to be peerlessly dazzling.

How could Chen Xi dare overlook such a formidable figure?

After all, Taishu Huarong was from the Snowray Dynasty, which was a bitter enemy of the Darchu Dynasty, and Taishu Huarong himself was a sword cultivator with a shocking grasp of the Sword Dao, so it was impossible for him to not draw the attention of Chen Xi.

“It’s actually him. Supposedly, this fellow doesn’t belong to any sect. Since a young age, he was madly addicted to the sword, causing him to wander all around with a sword in his arms. Since he had no sect, he took the heavens and the earth as his master; since he had no opponents, so he took the heavens and the earth as his opponents. Up until today, there isn’t a single person in the younger generation of the Snowray Dynasty that’s a match for him. He’s an extremely formidable figure that others gave the nickname of the Sword Crazy Kid!” 

Young Master Zhou seemed to have recalled some things about Taishu Huarong, and he exclaimed repeatedly with admiration, and then his expression went solemn as he said with a frown, “This Sword Crazy Kid cultivates the sword wholeheartedly and pays no attention to the matters of the world. I wonder if he’ll go against us, because if we go against him, then probably only Brother Chen can fight him.”

Chen Xi rubbed his nose and laughed lightheartedly without end. This fellow really thinks highly of me.

However, what Chen Xi never expected was that Huangfu Qingying actually agreed with Young Master Zhou’s point of view, and she nodded and said, “Exactly. Chen Xi’s a sword cultivator, and he had comprehended the level of the Enlightened Sword Heart. Once we enter into conflict with the Sword Crazy Kid, only you, Chen Xi, are capable of suppressing him.”

Only now did Chen Xi become serious. He’d taken a glance at Taishu Huarong who was outside the passageway earlier, and the Sword Insight on his body vaguely had the intention of charging into the sky. This was a feeling between two top sword cultivators, and when they collided it together, they were either friends or enemies. There wouldn’t be a third choice.


Their field of vision lit up abruptly as the Thousandplume Dragonboat had already charged out of the passageway and entered into a boundless ocean.

As soon as they entered here, Chen Xi sensed a change in the heavens and the earth. It was as if he’d arrived at the chaotic desolate era, and an ancient and boundless aura of desolation assaulted his face. The vast aura every contained impure and ferocious Necro Baleful Qi that caused one’s True Essence to become sluggish and its circulation speed to abruptly decrease by half.


The Primitive Sea was filled with surging gales all year round, causing numerous enormous waves that reached heights of 3km to arise from it. Shocking waves rolled as water crushed through the sky, causing it to reveal an extremely violent and raging state. It was as if a myriad of evil spirits were creating winds and waves from the bottom of the ocean, and it was an extremely astonishing scene.

When one swept their gaze over this boundlessly vast Primitive Sea, besides gales, fierce waves, and the baleful qi that suffused the air like a mist, there was actually not a single quiet place!

“This is the Primitive Sea. It’s really different than the outside world, and it’s different from most of the restricted areas that exist in the Primeval Battlefield. If a restricted area is like a venomous snake, then this Primitive Sea is a ferocious beast, and its great might crushes all!” Young Master Zhou swept his surroundings with his gaze and couldn’t help but speak with shock.

“Even though some restricted areas in the Primeval Battlefield are situated within shattered parts of space, yet they aren’t as vast as the Primitive Sea, so their imposing aura would surely be inferior to it,” said Huangfu Qingying.

“What a ferocious Necro Baleful Qi, it has actually combined into one with the heavens and the earth.” Chen Xi raised his right hand and seemed to have sensed a shapeless existence.

“You’re actually capable of sensing the Necro Baleful Qi?” Young Master Zhou and Huangfu Qingying were both surprised. Most people knew that Necro Baleful Qi existed in the Primitive Sea, yet after they entered it, they were utterly incapable of sensing its existence.

The Necro Baleful Qi here was like a slow poison that imperceptibly corroded the minds and bodies of cultivators, and when they noticed it, they’d already been poisoned by it.

“I’m barely able to sense it.” Chen Xi didn’t conceal it. The strength of his soul was currently comparable to a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator, so he was naturally extremely sensitive towards the various aura that were distributed in the heavens and the earth. Even though the Necro Baleful Qi had combined with the heavens, earth, and sea here, but how could it escape his perception?

If his soul improved a step further, then he would even be able to distinguish the density of the Necro Baleful Qi!

“Amazing. Merely in terms of the cultivation of the soul, there’s probably rarely anyone in our generation that’s capable of comparing to you.” Young Master Zhou felt ashamed of his own inferiority. He’d never been convinced of the strength of anyone since he was young, yet after coming into contact with Chen Xi for a long time, he noticed that the ability this fellow revealed unintentionally was always capable of causing him to look at this fellow in a new light, so he had no choice but to admire Chen Xi.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Taishu Huarong and the others had charged in from nearby as well.

Chen Xi and the others gazed over.

There were a total of four people in this group, and the person in the lead was the number one expert in the younger generation of the Snowray Dynasty, Taishu Huarong, who possessed the nickname of Sword Crazy Kid. He wore rough and large linen clothes, and he was big boned and possessed a completely straight backbone. Even though his appearance was ordinary, his eyes were exceedingly deep and bright. As he moved about, he was like a sharp sword that pierced through the sky, and the airflow in his surroundings had become fierce and sharp.

Besides Taishu Huarong who was in the lead, each of the other three had their own merits. Their auras were either heavy like a mountain, lively like water, light like the wind, and all of them revealed a formidable strength that was only possessed by top experts.

At the same time that Chen Xi’s group of three looked at them, they’d looked over as well, and their expressions were cold and indifferent while their gazes faintly revealed a trace of hostility.

“Let’s go and find the Isle of Fallen Treasure first.” Taishu Huarong glanced at Chen Xi’s group of three, and then he instructed before flashing out first.

“What was that look?! He’s too arrogant!” After Taishu Huarong and the others went far away, Young Master Zhou couldn’t help but pucker his lips and mutter.

Huangfu Qingying said angrily as well, “Could it be that you want to fight him now?”

“The Isle of Fallen Treasure? Could it be an isle within the Primitive Sea?” Chen Xi had placed his attention on the content of Taishu Huarong’s words instead.

Huangfu Qingying was stunned, and the she said with shock, “Shit, they’ve actually come for the sake of the Isle of Fallen Treasure as well!”

When she saw Chen Xi and Young Master Zhou have bewildered expressions, she hurriedly explained. “Both of you probably don’t know that the Primeval Battlefield was a place where the gods of the ancient times went out on an expedition. Countless formidable existences had fallen here, causing it to become a place where numerous experts constantly search for treasures.

“The Isle of Fallen Treasures is supposedly the place the treasures of the gods were buried after they fell in the expedition. Not only are there ancient precious treasures that’re formidable to the point of being heaven defying, there are even some exceedingly rare precious treasures, and every single one of them possesses an immeasurable value!

“Of course, the legend related to the Isle of Fallen Treasures might be slightly exaggerated. But numerous precious treasures left behind from ancient times really exists on that isle. Our objective of our entrance into the Primitive Sea this time is similarly for the sake of finding this mysterious isle of treasures.”

When they heard Huangfu Qingying’s explanation, both Chen Xi and Young Master Zhou instantly came to an understanding, and they were extremely shocked in their hearts. There’s actually such an isle of treasures in this Primitive Sea, yet we’ve never even heard of it.

The importance of information was obvious from this.

As the youngest daughter of Emperor Chu, Huangfu Qingying naturally had no lack of information. But Chen Xi and Young Master Zhou were different, besides the basic knowledge, both of them knew nothing when they entered the Primeval Battlefield. If it wasn’t for Huangfu Qingying telling them all this, it would probably be impossible for them to have heard the name, the Isle of Fallen Treasure, in their entire lifetimes, let alone explore it for treasures.

“Shit, since Taishu Huarong knows of the existence of the Isle of Fallen Treasures, then would the other cultivators that have entered the Primitive Sea have come for this as well? If it’s like that, then the fight for the treasures would probably be extremely horrifying…” Young Master Zhou frowned.

During the three days they waited until Chen Xi arrived, he’d seen a few hundred genius experts from the various Dynasties, and all of them had come over for the sake of entering the Primitive Sea. If all these people had set their sights on the Isle of Fallen Treasures and went to seize the treasures on it, then a great chaotic battle would surely erupt on the isle, and that sort of brutal competitive environment was something that caused one’s scalp to go numb just from thinking about it.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown as well.

“How can you not pay a price if you want to obtain a treasure? Even though it will be extremely dangerous this time, but its value is extremely great as well. After all, it’s the treasures left behind by the experts of the ancient times, and there’s probably no one who can refuse such temptation.” Huangfu Qingying’s clear eyes lit up as she said confidently, “Not to mention I’ve also contacted the Darjin Dynasty’s Daoist Brother Pei Yu. We don’t have to worry about being unable to gain benefits after we join forces with him to search for treasures.” 

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