Chapter 438 – Spatial Rift


Beneath the nearby sky, the enormous ferocious beast flapped its wings, causing a ball of vile waves to sweep out as it approached. Shockingly, it was an enormous Flood Dragon that was covered completely in black scales and had eyes that were like lanterns, and it emitted a ferocious aura that shot into the sky.

“Thousandplume Dragonboat? Huangfu Qingying, right!?” A few young men stood on the back of the enormous flood dragon. The young man in the lead had a tall figure, an imposing and powerful aura, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning that swept past, indifferent and emotionless.

The few young men by his side all possessed formidable auras that emitted capable and proud feelings. In terms of imposing aura, they weren’t the slightest bit inferior to the young man in the lead.

Huangfu Qingying’s eyes squinted, and then she said indifferently, “What? Di Wanlou, you want to make an enemy out of me right now?”

“Hmph! You better not let me encounter you within the Primitive Sea, otherwise, I’ll surely seize a beauty like you along with this Thousandplume Dragonboat!” The young man called Di Wanlou grunted coldly before urging the enormous flood dragon beneath him to swiftly flash towards the distance.

“This fellow is really arrogant!” Yang Master Zhou puckered his lips.

“Di Wanlou… Could it be that he’s that genius expert of the Skywolf Dynasty?” Chen Xi was lost in thought.

Before they headed to the Primeval Battlefield, the Civil Marquis had once prepared a jade slip for every single one of them. Not only did the jade slip record some information about the Primeval Battlefield, it even provided information about the other Dynasties.

These Dynasties numbered over 100, and according to their strengths, they were divided into the ranks of weak, ordinary, first-rate, and top. 

The weak Dynasties were the most, and they occupied around 50% of the total.

The ordinary Dynasties occupied 40%.

The remaining 10% were the first-rate and top Dynasties. There were a total of seven first-rate Dynasties, whereas top Dynasties were the scarcest, and there were merely three.

For example, the Darchu Dynasty and Skywolf Dynasty were merely ordinary Dynasties, and they weren’t even first-rate Dynasties, let alone compared with top Dynasties.

Of course, Chen Xi didn’t care about all this. The ranking of strengths of Dynasties couldn’t decide anything, and only the strength one possessed could decide everything in the Primeval Battlefield.

But no matter if Chen Xi cared or not, based on the information displayed by the jade slip, even though the Darchu Dynasty was merely an ordinary Dynasty, it was bitter enemies with numerous other Dynasties.

For example, the Skywolf Dynasty, the Snowray Dynasty, the Eagle Dynasty, and so on and so forth. These were just ordinary Dynasties, but first-rate Dynasties like the Darqian Dynasty and Darxuan Dynasty had some enmity with the Darchu Dynasty as well.

Moreover, all these Dynasties had been marked for emphasis by the Civil Marquis to warn Chen Xi and the others that they had be wary against the genius experts of these Dynasties picking a fight and seeking revenge from them once they entered the Primeval Battlefield.

“Yes, Di Wanlou is one of the young experts of the Skywolf Dynasty. A total of 12 people have entered the Primeval Battlefield from the Skywolf Dynasty this time, and Di Wanlou can be considered to one of the best amongst them.” Huangfu Qingying’s tone was slightly serious, and she seemed to have never imagined that she would encounter an enemy even before entering the Primitive Sea.

“Hmph! Isn’t it just Di Wanlou? With Chen Xi here, he’ll be able to make quick work of that fellow!” Young Master Zhou spoke with disdain.

Actually, Young Master Zhou spoke like this because he didn’t want to laud the abilities of others and bring down the morale of his own group. If they really got into a battle, the outcome was still unknown. After all, they were merely three people whereas Di Wanlou had a group of five. It was impossible for a pair of fists to go against two pairs, so unless they possessed a crushing advantage, it would really be difficult to determine which part was stronger.

Chen Xi smiled and said seriously to Huangfu Qingying, “Don’t worry, no matter if it’s for the sake of protecting the dignity of the Darchu Dynasty or for my own sake, I’ll absolutely not stand idly by regardless of what danger we encounter.” 

As he spoke, the figure of Huangfu Changtian inadvertently flashed within his mind, and he added in his heart, Only this fellow is an exception. I’ve killed his younger brother, Huangfu Chongming, and this enmity is won’t end without the death of one party. Even if I want to let him off, he’ll probably not let me off.

“Thank you.” Huangfu Qingying suddenly started smiling, and a wisp of confidence appeared on her pretty face. “Don’t worry, even though my Darchu Dynasty has many enemies, yet how could it not have a few allies? I’ve already got in touch with the Darjin Dynasty’s Third Prince, Pei Yu, and we’ll gather with him once we enter the Primitive Sea.”

The Darjin Dynasty’s Pei Yu?

The related information instantly appeared in Chen Xi’s mind. The Darjin Dynasty, one of the seven first-rate Dynasties. A total of 18 genius experts had entered the Primeval Battlefield from the Darjin Dynasty this time, and Pei Yu’s strength was sufficient to be ranked in the top three, causing him to be an extremely formidable figure.

Can an ordinary Dynasty really form an equal alliance with a first-rate Dynasty? Chen Xi glanced at Huangfu Qingying who was filled with confidence, yet he sighed in his heart.

Joining forces with another power to carry out missions and seek treasures was usually extremely dangerous. After all, they weren’t from the same power, and they weren’t restrained by any rules, so incidents of harboring malicious thoughts after seeing treasures or backstabbing companions occurred easily.

Pei Yu was from a first-rate Dynasty, and with his strength, he ought to not go to the extent of bringing himself down to rope Huangfu Qingying in. So it was extremely obvious, the formation of this alliance was something that Huangfu Qingying took the initiative to form.

Or to say it more brutally, this was utterly not an alliance, it was a form of reliance and seeking refuge!

I hope it’s not as I’ve guessed. Chen Xi sighed once more in his heart.




The Thousandplume Dragonboat’s speed was swiftly like a bolt of lightning, instantly flashing out 500 km away, and in the time for the eye to blink a few times, it had already vanished completely in the horizon and not a trace of it could be found.

The Primeval Battlefield was a barrier that lay across the numerous minor worlds and the Dark Reverie, and it was boundlessly vast. No one knew exactly how enormous it was.

Two days later.

The three of them arrived before a crimson red mountain range. The heavens and the earth here revealed a bloody red color, and when one resided within it, it seemed as if one had entered into a bloody and horrifying battlefield.

Most unusual of it all was that under the sky of this mountain range was an enormous spatial rift. It seemed like a natural ravine with spatial turbulence flowing about within it, and it was black to the point of causing one’s heart to palpitate. Anything that entered an area of 5km around it would be swallowed completely by it, soundlessly and without the slightest struggle, and it caused one’s heart to go cold.

“This spatial rift is the one and only entrance to the Primitive Sea. We only have to find a weak point to make a move, and we’ll be able to enter safely.” Huangfu Qingying pointed towards the spatial rift and spoke with a burning gaze.

As soon as she finished speaking, Chen Xi raised his finger to point forward. “That’s the weakest point.”

“Oh!” Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou both glanced at Chen Xi with surprise. They were unable to find the weak point in such a short period of time as well, yet never had they expected that Chen Xi had distinguished it with a single glance, and this level of insight was truly shocking.

Chen Xi smiled. The spatial rift was filled with a devouring energy, and during the half a year of silent cultivation on the isle at the center of the lake, he’d long since comprehended the Devour Dao Insight from the Roc’s bone, so he was naturally capable of discerning all this with a single glance.

There was no time to waste, so Huangfu Qingying made a move right away. Countless talisman markings suddenly arose on the bow of the Thousandplume Dragonboat, and then a dazzling light condensed into a ball that emitted a destructive aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

“Thunderzap Cannon!” Young Master Zhou’s eyes lit up.


It was like a thunderclap that shot through the sky as a pillar of light gushed out and blasted straight onto the weak point of the spatial rift.


A string of sharp and ear piercing cracking sounds resounded out from within the rift, and then a passageway that stretched out for an unknown distance was forcefully opened up. The passageway was completely pitch black, and it couldn’t be seen clearly.

“Let’s go!” The Thousandplume Dragonboat carried Chen Xi’s group of three to instantly charge into the passageway.

“Universe Sword!” Right at this moment, at a place nearby the spatial rift, a group of young men had appeared and stood in the sky. The young man in the lead used his fingers as his sword and slashed out in the air, causing an enormous sword image to condense into form before him, and it possessed peerlessly vast Sword Insight and seemed to contain the universe within it. The sword light flashed and directly slashed out a huge and wide passageway in the spatial rift. 

Huangfu Qingying turned around to look, and her pupils constricted. “Taishu Huarong!”


Meanwhile, the Thousandplume Dragonboat had entered into the passageway.

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