Chapter 437 – The Primitive Sea

One day later.


Suddenly, a trace of fluctuation arose from within the Buddha’s Pagoda, and it woke Chen Xi who was cultivating.

Chen Xi frowned as he withdrew a jade token from within the Buddha’s Pagoda. The jade token’s surface had eight directional marks on it, and it looked like a disc. At this moment, the directional mark that pointed towards the northwest had lit up. 

This jade token was given to him by Emperor Chu, and Qing Xiuyi and the others each possessed one as well. When within the Primeval Battlefield, activating the jade token would allow the other people who possessed the jade token and were in an area of 50,000 km to clearly sense one’s location.

Emperor Chu did this because he hoped that all the disciples that represented the Darchu Dynasty could unite together and resist the various dangers in the Primeval Battlefield together. There was strength in numbers, and it was much better than wandering about by one’s self.

I wonder who activated the jade token and what dangers that person has encountered, or has that person encountered some other unexpected event? But no matter what, I still have to go take a look… Chen Xi stood up as he pondered.

After a short moment, a wisp of a flowing light tore through the sky and flew towards the northwest. 


This place was an extremely precipitous mountain range. Beneath the mountain was a surging river that flowed as far as the eye could see, and muddy waves surged. The quality of the water revealed a black color that caused one’s heart to palpitate, and the surging waves that struck its banks sounded like the roars of a vile dragon.

On the peak of a high mountain stood two figures, the figure in the lead was a young woman in a bright yellow embroidered robe and a feathered crown. Her black hair was rolled up high above her head, her bright eyes were clear like water, her beauty was natural, and she emitted an extremely noble aura. She was precisely the most doted upon daughter of Emperor Chu, the Young Princess Huangfu Qingying.

At her side was a young man in black robes and possessed an unbridled and unrestrained bearing, Fourth Young Master Zhou.

“Young Princess, is the Primitive Sea really extremely dangerous?” Young Master Zhou asked abruptly.

Huangfu Qingying nodded and said, “In terms of the probability of losing one’s life, the Primitive Sea was indeed inferior to the other restricted areas in the Primeval Battlefield. But, this is because the Primitive Sea is sufficiently large, and it’s impossible for every corner of it to be filled with danger. However, we can’t be careless either. The Primitive Sea possesses unknown places of danger that even Earthly Immortal Realm experts have to face carefully. Even though I’ve obtained an incomplete map, but I don’t have any confidence in safely entering and leaving it.”

Fourth Young Master Zhou nodded. He’d rushed over excitedly because he saw the jade token light up earlier. Only after he rushed over did he find out that it was Huangfu Qingying who had activated the jade token to gather help, and she said she wanted to explore the Primitive Sea.

He believed Huangfu Qingying and firmly believed she possessed a treasure map. After all, she was the daughter of Emperor Chu, and her understanding towards the various restricted areas and places that treasures were present in the Primeval Battlefield would probably be clearer than anyone else.

“I wonder who else will be able to arrive here. After all, the jade token can only be detected in an area of 50,000km… If no one comes at all, then could it be that we’ll have to wait for an extremely long amount of time?” Young Master Zhou muttered.

Huangfu Qingying frowned and said slowly, “The Primitive Sea is filled with Necro Baleful Qi. This sort of baleful qi will affect the circulation of True Essence and the state of our souls. Moreover, according to my calculations, this month ought to be the period that the Necro Baleful Qi is the weakest. Three days, if no one arrives within three days, then we’ll head out.”

Young Master Zhou was stunned. “The two of us?”

Huangfu Qingying bit her cherry lips and sighed lightly. “There’s nothing we can do. It isn’t just me who possesses the treasure map of the Primitive Sea, and the experts of the other Dynasties would probably be seizing this period of time to enter the Primitive Sea as well. If we delay, then even if we enter the Primitive Sea, we won’t be able to obtain any benefits.”

Three days passed quickly.

During this period of time, Fourth Young Master Zhou had seen many experts flashed over in streaks of light, and practically all of them were top experts in the younger generation of the various Dynasties.

The cultivations of all these fellows were extremely formidable, and the aura emitted by some of these cultivators were even comparable to existences like Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi. Even though Young Master Zhou had a fearless character, his heart couldn’t help but sink when he saw so many experts swarming over.

Obviously, all of these people had come for the sake of entering the Primitive Sea. Most of them had formed groups of three or five, and there were almost none that moved alone.

Comparatively speaking, he and Huangfu Qingying could be considered to be the weakest group.

Fortunately, these people had a focused goal and seemed to want to avoid creating trouble before entered the Primitive Sea, so Young Master Zhou and Huangfu Qingying weren’t eyed with greed by anyone.

“Why are all these bastards so silent?” When she saw so many experts swarming over yet there just happened to be no disciples of the Darchu Dynasty, Young Master Zhou couldn’t help but become anxious.


Right at this moment, a black dot swiftly enlarged from the distant horizon.

“It’s actually Chen Xi’s who has come!” Huangfu Qingying’s eyes lit up as her lips that were tender like flowers revealed a slight smile. If I’m able to pull Chen Xi along into the Primitive Sea, then no matter what we do, we’ll be much more confident.

“Haha, with this fellow Chen Xi present, I’m full of confidence towards entering the Primitive Sea.” Young Master Zhou laughed loudly as well. Obviously, he was extremely confident towards Chen Xi’s strength.

“So it’s Young Princess and Brother Zhou.” Chen Xi descended onto the peak of the mountain and spoke with a light smile.

“It’s good that you were able to make it.” Huangfu Qingying sized Chen Xi up with a glance, and when she noticed his aura had become even more thick and deep, besides feeling shocked in her heart, she couldn’t help but be filled with confidence towards entering the Primitive Sea.

“Chen Xi, I gathered everyone over this time because I want to explore the Primitive Sea. Mentally prepare yourself.” Huangfu Qingying reminded.

The Primitive Sea! Chen Xi had once heard of this place from the Civil Marquis. It was a sea filled with Necro Baleful Qi and situated in a shattered space within the Primeval Battlefield, and it was boundlessly vast.

Not only was the Primitive Sea filled with various dangers, there were numerous strange and terrifying aquatic beasts. Especially the Necro Baleful Qi in the sea brought an enormous restriction to cultivations. When one was within the Primitive Sea, the circulation of one’s True Essence would be extremely difficult, and one’s soul would be suppressed as well. It was fine at normal times, yet if one was under the circumstances of being injured or being in a poor state, then it was extremely ease to suffer from qi deviation and fall into a frenzied state.

All of this could be said to contain killing intent with every step, and the slightest carelessness might mean death!

Of course, even though the Primitive Sea was dangerous, it was a place of treasures that had a rather great reputation in the Primeval Battlefield, and distributed around it was various rare spirit materials, spirit herbs, the ruins and secret realms left behind by ancient experts, and so on and so forth.

“I don’t have a problem.” Chen Xi smiled and slightly looked forward to it in his heart.

“Good, with you joining in, we’ll surely be able to reap a great amount of benefit!” Huangfu Qingying grinned as she finished speaking, and then she withdrew a tattered and aged beast skin map from her storage magic treasure.

“In the past, we depended on luck when entering the Primitive Sea. This time, my Imperial Father has given me this incomplete map. The map indicates an area that’s roughly on the southeast area of the Primitive Sea, and if we’re able to find this area, our exploration ought to be much safer.” As she spoke, Huangfu Qingying passed over the beast skin map for Chen Xi and Young Master Zhou to have a look.

Chen Xi’s gaze descended onto the map, and he noticed many shocking red dots were indicated on the map. These red dots were dangerous area that were mapped to possess a different intensity of red color depending on the level of danger in the area, and the area which was marked with a red color that was filled with a baleful feeling was the area with the highest level of danger.

Besides that, there were also other dots marked with different colors, and they indicated others things yet this didn’t represent that they weren’t dangerous. After all, so many years had passed and nobody knew if any changes had occurred in the Primitive Sea. A map couldn’t represent everything, not to mention this was only an incomplete map.

“It’s easier to do things when having a map, at least it’s better than wandering around at random.” Young Master Zhou perceived the value of this map, and it was absolutely a rare treasure that couldn’t be bought with money.

After she put away the map, Huangfu Qingying said, “There’s no time to waste, let’s leave right away. We aren’t the only cultivators that’re entering the Primitive Sea this time, and we’ll probably be unable to obtain anything if we’re too late.”


A treasured vessel that was over 100 meters long floated up in midair. Its surface was densely covered in talisman markings while the aura of treasures thickly enshrouded it, and its outward appearance seemed simple and ordinary, yet it emitted an unshakably heavy aura. Obviously, it was a rather precious flying magic treasure.

“Thousandplume Dragonboat! What a great treasure! I wanted to possess one long ago, but unfortunately, I didn’t have this fortune.” Young Master Zhou was the first to leap up the treasure vessel, and then he started looking left and right while repeatedly exclaiming with admiration.

After Chen Xi stood on the wide and even deck, the space between Huangfu Qingying’s brows lit up, and then the Thousandplume Dragonboat flashed out soundlessly with a swish. In a flash, it had already travelled a distance of 500km, and its speed was simply no different than teleportation.

“Young Princess, once you have no use of this Thousandplume Dragonboat, you must sell it to me.” Young Master Zhou was still constantly thinking about possessing it.

Huangfu Qingying chuckled. “This was personally refined by my Imperial Father, and there’s only a single one in the Darchu Dynasty. You better not hold any hopes.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask. “Is this treasured vessel really so amazing?”

“Brother Chen, can you not be so ignorant? With your identity, you haven’t even heard of the great reputation of the Thousandplume Dragonboat? It would be extremely embarrassing if others were to find out!” Young Master Zhou rolled his eyes before explaining. “This baby is a top flying magic treasure. Its speed can attain nine times the speed of sound, the defensive light barrier that envelops outside the vessel is capable of withstanding the full forced blasts of a few tens of Rebirth Realm experts, and even a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator wouldn’t be able to break through it in a short period of time.

“Besides defense, the Thousandplume Dragonboat also possesses an offensive grand formation — The Thunderzap Cannon. The might of a single cannon blast is comparable to the full forced strike of a Rebirth Realm cultivator, so killing Golden Core Realm cultivators is as easy as cutting vegetables, and even a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator would suffer a loss when facing the successive blasts of the Thunderzap Cannon.”

How formidable! Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. Only now did he understand why Young Master Zhou would be so interested with this treasured vessel, because no matter who it was, the person would probably be extremely tempted by it as well.

“Don’t listen to this fellow’s nonsense. Even though it’s formidable, it has a flaw. Two hours of usage requires spending an entire 100,000 Nascent Condensation Pills, so even if an ordinary cultivator was able to possess it, the person would probably be unable to support such a consumption.” Huangfu Qingying chuckled as she added.

A consumption of 100,000 Nascent Condensation Pills every two hours?

Chen Xi was stunned once again and was inwardly astounded by Huangfu Qingying’s great wealth, and he extinguished any thought of possessing a Thousandplume Dragonboat. This treasure was something only Huangfu Qingying who was the daughter Emperor Chu doted upon the most was capable of supporting. With the wealth he possessed now, he would surely be bled dry by this treasure in less than five days.


Right when Chen Xi and the others were chatting, an enormous ferocious beast with a pair of wings on its back tore through the nearby sky, and its speed was so swift that it was actually not inferior to the Thousandplume Dragonboat! 

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