Chapter 436 – Transformation Of The Dao Heart

This cave wasn’t large and was rather dry, and after he set up an Illusory Formation at the entrance to the cave, Chen Xi heaved a long sigh of relief and sat down cross-legged.

The instant he sat down, he’d withdrawn the Flaming Peacock Fan with a flip of his hand, and he placed it before his eyes before carefully sizing it up. This treasured fan was only palm sized when not in use, completely flowing with a flaming glow, and it seemed to be made of jade, yet wasn’t. It felt extremely smooth when rubbed, and it was warm and moist, causing it to be extremely comfortable when held.

Most conspicuous was the countless talisman markings that were dense like the starry sky on its surface. The talisman markings were faintly visible and seemed like a flaming peacock was spreading its wings and singing within it, and the sight of it caused Chen Xi’s heart to shake.

This is a Quasi Immortal Artifact? Its quality is really extraordinary. Perhaps it can be used as a trump card against enemies. Chen Xi sighed endlessly with praise in his heart, and he played with it for a moment before placing the Flaming Peacock Fan in the Buddha’s Pagoda.

After that, he planted the Lightning Orchid in the Buddha’s Pagoda. There was verdant forest in the second layer of the Buddha’s Pagoda, the Four Symbols Layer, and it was filled with wood element spirit energy, so it was extremely suitable to plant spirit herbs.

Only six of the 12 petals of this Lightning Orchid had produced Dao Striations. Once the remaining six petals produced Dao Striations, then no matter if it was consumed or utilized to refine a medicinal pill, its quality would be more than a little bit greater than when it wasn’t fully matured.

This was something that Chen Xi knew extremely clearly. So he didn’t impatiently utilize it, but had planted it in the Buddha’s Pagoda instead.

Because of the difference in the Laws of the Heaven Dao, the Primeval Battlefield actually allowed the utilization of magic treasures to suffer no restriction. Xu Lengye’s strength was barely capable of comparing with Su Chan, yet relying on the Flaming Peacock Fan, he was instead capable of making me fear him. Looks like I probably have to change my strategy when encountering enemies in the future… Chen Xi circulated his cultivation technique and relied on spirit pills to recover his strength while he recalled and summarized the earlier battle in his mind. He had no choice but to admit in his heart that if it was Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, Zhen Liuqing, or other formidable figures that utilized the Quasi Immortal Artifact, then he probably would only be able to flee for his life and wouldn’t have any advantage over them.

This was the formidableness of a magic treasure. Especially within this Primeval Battlefield, the utilization of magic treasures was already not limited by one’s own cultivation, causing magic treasures to become even more important.

Once one possesses a Quasi Immortal Artifact, it was capable of allowing an ordinary cultivator to instantly transform into a top expert! Yet losing it was equivalent to a phoenix having its feathers plucked, inferior to even a chicken.

If a formidable magic treasure was in the possession of a formidable cultivator, then the cultivator would simply be unstoppable and kill all that obstructed his path.

Of course, not to mention Golden Core Realm cultivators, even Rebirth Realm cultivators were unable to bring forth the entire might of an existence like a Quasi Immortal Artifact that was only inferior to an Immortal Artifact.

But on the other hand, even if they were only able to bring forth a portion of a Quasi Immortal Artifact’s might, it was sufficiently terrifying already. It might not be able to instantly kill all the experts, yet it was sufficient to increase one’s combat strength by more than double. In a battle between cultivators at the same cultivation, a cultivator that possessed a Quasi Immortal Artifact would entirely be capable of crushing his opponent from a position of absolute advantage.

My Talisman Armament is comparable to a heaven-rank Magic Treasure, yet it’s obviously slightly inferior when compared to a Quasi Immortal Artifact. Looks like I must increase the quality of the Talisman Armament again as soon as possible… When he thought up to here, Chen Xi was instantly unable to sit still.

It couldn’t be helped. Not to mention the enormous amount of materials consumed by the Talisman Armament to increase its quality, all of these materials were extremely precious and rare, causing them to be exceedingly difficult to gather. It was even to the extent that it was utterly impossible to purchase most of the materials on the market.

For example, when he increased the quality of the Talisman Armament the last time. He’d slaughtered through Gloom Forest for over 500,000km, and had experienced countless dangers up until entering Fort Desolate. Only after this was he able to gather sufficient materials to increase the quality of the Talisman Armament once and attain its current might.

Now, if he wanted to increase the quality of the Talisman Armament a step further, then the materials required would be even more rare, precious, and numerous, and just thinking about it caused his scalp to go numb.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and decided to face reality, and he first started to sort and count the treasures he possessed.

The outcome caused him to feel dejected. Before he entered the Primeval Battlefield, he’d given away all the treasures he temporarily had no use for to Chen Hao, causing him to only have mere few things now.

Medicinal pills — Eight million Nascent Condensation Pills, 50,000 Sky Jadeliquid Pills. 

Magic treasures — Condemn Evil brush, Netherworld Register, Boundless Secretrealm Discovering Pearl, Talisman Armament, and the Flaming Peacock Fan he’d just obtained.

Spirit materials — He only possessed the Lightning Orchid he’d just obtained and nothing else.

Miscellaneous items — A Sky Key from Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vault, a Roc’s bone, and some bottles and containers of some other items.

From the beginning until the end, he actually didn’t find a single material that could improve the quality of the Talisman Armament!

Actually, this outcome was within Chen Xi’s expectations. But he never imagined before that he would so urgently want to improve the quality of the Talisman Armament, and it was to the point he’d given numerous useful and rare materials to Chen Hao, whereas he had instead become completely cleaned out and have an embarrassing situation in his pockets. 

Hmm? How could I have forgotten? Gathering materials in the Primeval Battlefield isn’t bad… A flash of inspiration arose in Chen Xi’s mind, and he set his sights on the Primeval Battlefield.

Presently, he already knew that according to legend, the Primeval Battlefield was the place the gods of the ancient times went on an expedition, and countless exalted experts had fallen here. Some experts had even left their inheritance behind in this space, and it was silently awaiting the fated person to open it up.

Moreover, since the Primeval Battlefield was the one and only pathway that lead to the Dark Reverie. Every single time when numerous young experts of the various Dynasties entered the Primeval Battlefield, there would be some people that were lucky to obtain these inheritances, allowing them to soar up into the sky from that day onwards, and they would become eminent in this extremely brutal competition and obtain the qualification to enter the Dark Reverie.

So even though the environment here was extremely adverse and few people tread here, it was a natural treasure vault that stored countless treasures. Spirit materials, spirit herbs, and ores that were exceedingly rare in the outside world could be seen here, and they were in shockingly large amounts!

Nevermind, there’s no point in continuing to think about this. For the sake of resolving my current situation, it’s most important to advance my cultivation to the Rebirth Realm. Otherwise, if I don’t even have the strength to protect myself, how could I gather materials? Chen Xi knew extremely clearly that it wasn’t just him, probably all the young experts that had entered the Primeval Battlefield were racing against time to charge into the Rebirth Realm.

After all, only by advancing to the Rebirth Realm would they possess the most basic strength to protect themselves in this extremely dangerous Primeval Battlefield.

But what caused Chen Xi to be worried was that the region he was in now was filled with surging thunderstorms that shook the sky. If he were to greet the Rebirth Tribulation here, it would be no different than courting death.

Because at the root of it all, the Rebirth Tribulation was a type of lightning tribulation. If he were to draw a lightning tribulation into this region that was filled with thunderstorms, its might would probably be stronger by more than a few times!

Moreover, when one charged into the Rebirth Realm within the Primeval Battlefield, the situation of two tribulations occurring together would be formed. One was from one’s own rebirth and transcendence, the other was a lightning tribulation from the Heaven Dao. One was within, the other external, and it utterly disallowed anything going wrong.

So searching for an extremely safe place to charge into the Rebirth Realm had become a problem that Chen Xi had no choice but to face now.

He had to advance the quality of the Talisman Armament, gather various rare materials, charge into the Rebirth Realm, face the various dangers in the Primeval Battlefield, and face the brutal competition brought about by the top experts in the younger generation of the other Dynasties…

At this moment, a strand of a feeling of danger and the pressure of urgently wanting to become strong suddenly gushed out from Chen Xi’s heart.

When he was in the Darchu Dynasty, he was already the number one expert in the younger generation, whereas the Chen Clan was developing like a raging fire while possessing the protection of Emperor Chu. All of this had caused Chen Xi to unconsciously let down his guard, and his mentality had become relaxed.

So at this moment, when he once again sensed the feeling of danger and pressure that existed everywhere, not only did Chen Xi not become ridden with anxiety because of this, he actually revealed a trace of a smile instead.

This is the rhythm that I’m familiar with, my familiar life. Everything is filled with challenge, everything is filled with the unknown, and only this tense atmosphere that’s filled with pressure is able to force me to work hard without end and ceaselessly become stronger!

It’s like climbing a high mountain. Once one arrives at the peak of the mountain, it’s easy for one to lose one’s objective, and only if an even higher mountain appears abruptly at this moment would it be able to stimulate one’s fighting spirit and desire to conquer it.

Isn’t the entirety of life just like this?

At this moment, Chen Xi’s Dao Heart seemed to have obtained a transformation, a baptism, and his entire body was once again filled with the will to fight.

No matter if it is for the sake of fulfilling my dream of becoming an immortal, for the sake of searching for my missing parents, or for the sake of taking revenge for my clansmen that have passed away, I must not lose myself and lose my direction on this path! 

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