Chapter 434 – Treasured Fan With A Flaming Glow

Xu Leng suddenly turned around and swept Chen Xi with a gaze that was like a cold bolt of lightning, and he said with disdain, “Who do you think you are? I paid no attention to you earlier because this Young Master had a good mood and didn’t intend to carry out a slaughter. Now, you’re actually trying to take one yard and forcefully seize this Young Master’s spirit herb. You really don’t know what’s good for you. Fuck off quickly, otherwise I’ll kill you now!”

In his words, he’d actually directly taken ownership of the spirit herb, and didn’t leave the slightest room for discussion, and this obviously showed how arrogant and domineering Xu Lengye was.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. He originally thought that figures that were capable of entering the Primeval Battlefield would at least be the top experts of the younger generation in the various Dynasties, and they would possess the dignity and pride of an expert. So even if they intended to forcefully seize a treasure, they should clearly figure out the strength of their opponent before making a move, right?

But Xu Lengye just happened to have an arrogant and domineering appearance, and that indicated a single thing, this fellow was either an idiot or possessed extreme confidence towards his own strength.

“What’re you still standing there for? There’s a limit to this Young Master’s patience. If you delay the important affairs of this Young Master, then you won’t be able to fuck off even if you wanted to!” Xu Lengye shouted out explosively once more as a vast fluctuation instantly exploded out from him, and a terrifying aura gushed out like a tidal wave.

After speaking up to this point, Chen Xi could already be sure that this fellow either had a rather extraordinary strength or was stupid. When he thought up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to fuss about it and said directly, “I’ll give you two choices. One, fuck off yourself. Perhaps you’ll be able to keep your life like this. Two, I’ll send you off, but I’m not sure if you’ll be able to keep your life.”

Xu Lengye’s clothes fluttered as he stood proudly in the sky, yet his expression turned to astonishment and looked dumbstruck, and then he said hesitantly, “You… Are you sure you’re talking to this Young Master?”

“You still have another three breaths of time to consider.” Chen Xi didn’t reply directly.

Xu Lengye wasn’t an idiot, so he naturally was able to discern that if he didn’t obediently fuck off after the time of three breaths, the kid before him would personally send him off…

“Dammit! You actually dare speak like that to this Young Master? You’re simply looking to die!” Xu Lengye’s eyes seemed to spray flames as he roared loudly, causing the mountain and ground to shake as the airflow in the surroundings became chaotic, and his expression was exceedingly gloomy as an exceedingly terrifying aura gushed out from his body.

He was truly too furious. Never had he seen such an idiot. You want me to fuck off? You’ve gone mad, huh?

He was from the Full Moon Kingdom, and he was one of the top experts in the younger generation of Full Moon Kingdom. Moreover, he was a direct descendant disciple of the Full Moon Kingdom’s Imperial Family, so he’d gotten everything he wanted when cultivating up until now. When had anyone dared go against his will?

Presently, not only had the fellow before him gone against his will, this fellow was even more arrogant than him and had asked him to fuck off, so his expression instantly went grim before he transformed into a flaming light that pounced forward.

“This Young Master will teach you what death is!” The flaming light was like a monstrous wave that was violent and shocking, and he instantly arrived nearby Chen Xi. His fist carried along a stream of fire and violent winds as it smashed towards Chen Xi’s head, and the pitch black and hard mountains and rocks in the surroundings shook before melting and collapsing.

Needless to say, Xu Lengye’s strength was formidable indeed. Merely the wind and flames his fist carried had melted and collapsed the mountains and rocks in the surroundings, so how strong would he need to be to accomplish this?

But Chen Xi actually moved forward to intercept it, and he intended to go head on with this strike. His black hair fluttered backwards, his gaze was like bolts of lightning, and his handsome face was completely tranquil and calm to the extreme.


Their fists collided together, emitting an enormous bang that shook the heavens, and it was like a thunderclap had exploded.

Xu Lengye suddenly opened his eyes wide as his hand was trembling lightly, causing him to gasp. He was actually no match for Chen Xi in that collision, and if it wasn’t for him increasing the strength of his fist at the critical moment, it was likely that he’d have suffered a loss earlier.

He shook his hand, causing a bright and clear silver disc to fly out and cover the Lightning Orchid at the side so as to avoid it being destroyed in the battle.

Subsequently, he made a move once more. Rays of flaming lights suddenly flowed out from his pupils and transformed into two flaming light arrows that were over 30m in length and extremely swift, and it was every more terrifying than an arrow shot out from a bow.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he squeezed his fingers together to form a sword. The tip of his finger was translucent and emitted the profundity of lightning, causing an expanse of blazing bolts of lightning to crackle as they instantly enveloped down towards Xu Lengye.

The flaming light tore through the sky as the lightning raged, and it caused the heavens and the earth to be covered in an expanse of blazing light.

Chen Xi moved to the side as a strand of his hair was severed by the flaming light, and it was extremely close. If it was just slightly more slanted, the flaming light would have penetrated his throat, and if that happened, it would probably continue to slice apart his neck and cause his head to fall to the ground.

At the same time, a scorched mark appeared on Xu Lengye’s clothes as he staggered back, and he said with surprise, “The Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture? Wait, it ought to be the level of combining eight moves into one, and had the Zhen Sword of Lightning as the primary move, while the other seven sword moves remained as auxiliary moves.”

“So it’s an offensive move that utilized the combination of Divine Sense and True Essence, its might isn’t bad.” Chen Xi touched the strand of his hair that had been severed, and he was rather surprised by the formidable strength that Xu Lengye revealed.

“Hmph! Shameless boasting. But your strength isn’t bad. This Young Master has decided, I’ll completely subdue you into a slave that’s at my beck and call today, and I’ll use this to display my noble status!” Xu Lengye spoke while his gaze burned even more brightly. At the same time, a sea of flames surged blazed into appearance in his surrounding, and he stood at the center like a king that was looking down at his servant, and his aura had increased more than 10 times!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed when he saw this, and he started to take this arrogant and domineering fellow seriously. Actually, just think about it, would there be a weakling amongst the disciples that were able to enter the Primeval Battlefield?

“Kill!” Xu Lengye pounced over while carrying along boundless flames that were like an ocean that slapped down towards Chen Xi, and the terrifying Fire Dao Insight incinerated space, causing even the heavens and the earth to be brought to a boil.

Chen Xi didn’t hold back any longer, his Sword Insight charged into the sky when he held onto the Talisman Armament, and then he slashed out with a raise of his hand. The might of his strike was vast like a river and carried the shocking and destructive force of lightning as it rumbled and smashed down.


A 3km tall mountain transformed into powder beneath this sword light, and Sword Insight soared horrifyingly through the sky.


The sea of flames covered the heavens and the earth, and it incinerated an expanse of land into ash and only left behind a mess.

Chen Xi and Xu Lengye fought fiercely and moved swiftly, and both of them were covered in resplendent lights that were dazzling to the point others were unable to open their eyes. Besides that, flowing flames and sword lights were everywhere.

At this moment, the arrogant and domineering Xu Lengye revealed the bearing of a top expert in the younger generation. He executed killer moves repeatedly, revealing various formidable martial techniques, and almost all of them were perfect Dao Grade martial techniques.

Originally, he wanted to use absolute strength to crush Chen Xi. But he noticed that this fellow’s strength was actually extremely terrifying and difficult to deal with as well, and Chen Xi had actually fought him equally and was slowly gaining an advantage!


Suddenly, a sword light that was traceless and wispy like the everlasting sky yet sharp and swift like a bolt of lightning arrived instantly before him, causing Xu Lengye to let out a muffled groan as he staggered backwards, and there was already a bloody hole that flowed with gurgling blood on his shoulder.

“Enlightened Sword Heart! You’ve actually already touched the essence of the Sword Dao and have started utilizing various Dao Insights into your sword moves!?” Xu Lengye was astounded in his heart. The Enlightened Sword Heart was the objective that every sword cultivator in the world dreamed of achieving, as once one cultivated to this state, various Dao Insights could be fused into one’s sword moves, causing one’s sword to not be restrained by the scope of one’s Dao Grade martial techniques any longer!


A wisp of a feeling of danger gushed out from Xu Lengye’s heart, and then he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to spit out a ball of light from his mouth. The ball unfolded while facing the wind to transform into a fan that sprayed flaming lights out, and then he swung the fan towards Chen Xi, causing surging flames to shoot into the sky.

At the instant the treasure fan with a flaming glow appeared, a wisp of palpitation arose in Chen Xi’s heart as well, and he practically didn’t hesitate in the slightest to move to the side.


Even though he’d avoided the attack of the fan, the mountains and earth in the area of 500km behind him had been instantly incinerated into nothingness, and an enormous rift that was a few thousand kilometers in length was forcefully blazed open. The rift was completely filled with ash, and it was a terrifying sight.

Yet all of this had happened in only an instant!

This scene was too terrifying and shocking. It was utterly not a might that an earth-rank magic treasure could possessed, and even a heaven-rank magic treasure would probably be unable to achieve this.

What rank magic treasure is this? Isn’t it too terrifying? Chen Xi’s pupils constricted abruptly as he looked at the scene of desolation behind him. 

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