Chapter 433 – Thunderstorm Region

Book Eight – Primeval Battlefield

The Dark Reverie!

A vast continent that was surpassingly beautiful like a brocade and magnificent, a miraculous land that possessed countless legends and civilizations.

Since the absolute beginning of the world until now, numerous leading experts that shook the heavens and the earth had been born on this continent, and they created various cultivation systems that were dense and complicated like the stars in the universe and passed down inheritances and profound techniques that were vast like a sea of fog…

The Immortal Sect, Devil Sect, and Demon race lived together there, causing crowds of experts to rise alongside each other. A myriad of races that were numerous like the trees in a forest were present there, all competing with each other for supremacy, and they created numerous legendary civilizations that were brilliant and epic.

That place was closest to the Immortal Dimension. 


It was common knowledge that since the chaos was split open at the absolute beginning of the world, the three dimensions had split apart, whereas the universe had transformed into 3,000 large words and a myriad of minor worlds, and every single world represented a civilization.

Moreover, every single large world controlled its own boundaries, and it ruled over numerous minor worlds that were subordinate to it. The Darchu Dynasty stood in one of the myriad of minor worlds, and it was ruled by the Dark Reverie that was a large world.

Simply speaking, the Dark Reverie was one of the 3,000 large worlds, and it was a vast continent that was closest to the Immortal Dimension, whereas the small world the Darchu Dynasty was within was instead one of the small worlds controlled by the Dark Reverie.

The only difference between a large world and minor world was the difference in the Laws of the Heaven Dao. The Laws of the Heaven Dao in a large world were complete and perfect, whereas they were incomplete in a minor world.

When a cultivator sought the Dao, the most important thing was to comprehend the Laws of the Heaven Dao. If the Laws of the Heaven Dao were incomplete, then the path of the cultivator was bound to not go far. Conversely, if a cultivator was able to comprehend the complete Laws of the Heaven Dao, then the cultivator’s probability of becoming a Heavenly Immortal would undoubtedly increase greatly.

This was the fundamental reason why there were very few cultivators in minor worlds that ascended to become Heavenly Immortals. For example, the Darchu Dynasty possessed numerous Earthly Immortal Realm experts, yet rarely was there anyone that ascended to become a Heavenly Immortal, and it was because the Laws of the Heaven Dao were incomplete.

It was precisely because of this that in the hearts of every single cultivator in the Darchu Dynasty, the Dark Reverie was simply a sacred land of cultivation that could compare to the Immortal Dimension, and it caused everyone to dream of going there.

But unfortunately, entering a large world from a minor world was practically more difficult than ascending the heavens.


The Primeval Battle was a natural chasm that lay across in between the Darchu Dynasty and the Dark Reverie.

It was a vast space left behind during the primordial era, and countless treasures and even ancient inheritances were hidden within it. But at the same time, it was accompanied by unimaginable dangers! This was a region that was filled with surging thunderstorms. The earth and mountains all revealed a pitch black color, and not even a blade of grass grew on the ground.


Arcs of lightning that were suffused with a violet color surged endlessly in the sky. When looked at from afar, the numerous strings of violet lightning were like numerous vines that hung from a precipice, and they seemed like numerous thick, large, and icy cold chains that flickered and twisted while emitting the glow of lightning. It caused everything in the heavens and the earth to be in a violent state, and the scene of it was shocking to the extreme.


Suddenly, a violent spatial fluctuation arose on a barren and pitch black mountain, and then a beam of light tore apart space and shot out explosively before descending onto the peak of the mountain in the end. After a short moment, the beam of light gradually dissipated, and a tall figure emerged.

This is the Primeval Battlefield? Chen Xi shook his head, causing his mind that was slightly dazed from being shaken by the spatial teleportation to recover instantly, and then his gaze sized up his surroundings at the first possible moment.

This placed was completely filled with violet lightning that rumbled and surged, causing the entire heavens and earth to be overcast. The mountains and ground revealed a pitch black color that caused one’s heart to palpitate, while a desolate and ancient aura that carried the violent energy of lightning drifted ceaselessly in the heavens and the earth.

What the Civil Marquis said was really correct. After we enter the Primeval Battlefield, everyone would be teleported to a different region. I wonder where Qing Xiuyi and the others were teleported to?

Nevermind, I’ll take it step by step. So long as we survive in the Primeval Battlefield, we’ll meet eventually. The only plan for now is to advance to the Rebirth Realm as soon as possible. Chen Xi pondered briefly and didn’t hesitate any longer to lightly flash down the mountain, and he observed his surroundings while flying.

According to what Emperor Chu said, the Primeval Battlefield was filled with boundless danger, and only by advancing to the Rebirth Realm would they possess the most basic strength to protect themselves.

Chen Xi deeply believed this. Because in the boundless years that the Primeval Battlefield had been opened up, those that were capable of being eminent here were a minority in the end, and even more geniuses had become the stepping stone of another.

Presently, not only were there the disciples of the Darchu Dynasty participating in the Primeval Battlefield, there were also a myriad of genius experts from other Dynasties, and the competition between them seemed to be even more brutal.


Lightning raged down as violet lights danced about and surged like snakes, and lightning frequently struck the ground, causing a bottomless crack to directly split open in the hard and pitch black rock floor.

Chen Xi flew for an entire 10 minutes, yet actually didn’t notice a single sign of life. This place was simply like a place of death, and it was devoid of the slightest vitality.

Moreover, he noticed that even though the spirit energy of the heaven and the earth was extremely thick, it was extremely violent, and it contained strands of fierce baleful qi within, causing it to be utterly impossible to directly absorb and refine it.

This also meant that if one wanted to meditate and cultivate in the Primeval Battlefield, one could only utilize spirit pills and medicine.

Fortunately, Chen Xi had already stored almost 10 million Nascent Condensation Pills and a few tens of thousands of Sky Jadeliquid Pills within the Buddha’s Pagoda before heading to the Primeval Battlefield, so he didn’t have to worry about cultivating for a period of time.

Hmm? That’s… After flying for the time for an incense stick to burn, Chen Xi arrived before a 3km tall lone peak. This mountain was just like the other mountains, its rocks were pitch black and of grotesque shapes. Under the illumination of the violet colored lightning in the sky, they were suffused with a gloomy, ghastly, and hazy sheen.

Chen Xi was shocked to see that there were actually a few ancient pine trees near the smooth rock wall at the side of the mountain. The tree branches were like iron spikes that were suffused with a metallic sheen, its roots coiled around like dragons, and there was a spirit herb that flowed with a crystalline radiance at the side.

This seemed tender and delicate, it was completely like an amethyst stone that contained a dazzling brilliance, and it was coiled with strands of lightning. It seemed to have grown from absorbing the energy of lightning, and it emitted a clear fragrance.

This was absolutely an aged herb, the violet colored circular markings on it sprayed out divine lights, and it seemed to be rather striking in this place that was devoid of vitality.

A Lightning Orchid, what a treasure! It has 12 petals and six have actually produced Dao Striations! Chen Xi flashed over and carefully sized it up, and his eyes were suffused with a trace of shock.

According to his knowledge, spirit herbs in the heavens and the earth that were capable of producing Dao Striations could be called Dao Grade spirit herbs, and they were extremely rare. They were treasures of the heavens and the earth that could only be chanced upon.

For example, besides requiring a Heavenly Immortal Realm expert extracting their own Dao Insights as materials, the refinement of a Dao Insight Origin Pill required also required utilizing a Dao Grade spirit herb as an auxiliary material. Only in this way would the medicinal pill be able to contain a Dao Insight and allow cultivators to instantly grasp this Dao Insight after consuming the pill.

Moreover, the stronger the Dao Insight Origin Pill, the greater the requirement of towards the Dao Grade spirit herb’s quality when refining it. For example, if the Lightning Orchid before him had Dao Striations on all 12 of its petals, then it would be entirely capable of being an auxiliary material to refine a Dao Insight Origin Pill that contained the Grand Dao of lightning!

Even though I’m temporarily unable to refine a Dao Insight Origin Pill, if I consume this Lightning Orchid and absorb the Dao Striations within it, then perhaps it’ll be able to allow my Lightning Dao Insight’s comprehension to increase by a level… Chen Xi’s gaze instantly started burning as he sighed with deep emotion in his heart. No wonder so many cultivators go after the Primeval Battlefield like a swarm of flies. Merely the treasures of the heavens and earth that grow here are sufficient to make the eyes of everyone go red with greed.


However, right when Chen Xi intended to make a move, a wave of violent spatial fluctuation suddenly arose in the sky above the spirit herb, and then a figure walked out from within.

“Hahaha, this is the Primeval Battlefield? I, Xu Lengye, have finally arrived!”

This was a handsome young man in a fiery red Daoist robe and sharp brows. At the instant he arrived, he started laughing loudly towards the sky, and he possessed an insufferably arrogant and domineering attitude.

“Eh! A Lightning Orchid? Half of its petals have even produced Dao Striations? Hahaha, I’ve just arrived in the Primeval Battlefield, yet have received such a great gift. It’s truly the providence of the heavens.” Meanwhile, Xu Lengye noticed the spirit herb at the side of the rock wall, and his eyes lit up before laughing loudly once more.

“Fellow Daoist, that’s mine.” Chen Xi finally couldn’t restrain himself from speaking. He could laugh off being disregarded by another, yet if the other person wanted to seize something he’d taken a fancy to, then he would absolutely be unable to tolerate it. 

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