Chapter 432 – Setting Out Once Again

Seven days later, Silken City, at the ninth floor of Silken Palace.

This was the location of the Imperial Family’s treasure vault that stored books that were vast like the ocean and a superb collection of treasures. It was the most supreme and sacred place in the entire Darchu Dynasty.

Similarly, it was the one and only point that led to the Primeval Battlefield!

At this moment, before the vast building that was like a temple of a god and emitted an ancient aura, the old man still sat cross-legged on the stone stairs. He was completely devoid of an aura, and he seemed to have broken free from this world since long ago.

Emperor Chu wore a black robe, and he had his hands behind his back as he faced this old man.

Behind Emperor Chu, Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, Zhao Qinghe, Zhen Liuqing, Huangfu Changtian, Ling Yu, Huangfu Qingying, Yu Xuanchen, Fourth Young Master Zhou, and Lu Xiao stood there with solemn expressions. 

At the side, Fan Yunlan was standing there. Emperor Chu had once promised the Bloodcrescent Devil Sect behind her that he would send her into the Primeval Battlefield, so he naturally wouldn’t abandon her.

Besides that, an enormous ring of stone had appeared suddenly nearby Chen Xi and the others. The enormous stone was dim and lusterless, covered in mottled marks, and it emitted an ancient aura as if it had endured countless years of time and had always existed here since ancient times.

Om! Om!

Numerous energy fluctuations that were like the roars of dragons ceaselessly sprayed out from the ring of stone, and it seemed as if a lifeform that had slumbered within the ring of stone for countless years was awakening slowly, causing even the surrounding space to seem to seethe with excitement.

Chen Xi’s gaze looked silently at the ancient ring of stone. He knew that he and the others would enter the strange Primeval Battlefield through this formation.

That place was a vast space with unknown danger, a place that was enveloped in complete Laws of the Heaven Dao, and so long as he passed through that place, he would be able to enter the place that was closest to the Immortal Dimension — The Dark Reverie!

“The formation will open in another 15 minutes, and I have a few things to instruct all of you with before this.” Emperor Chu turned around abruptly and spoke with a deep voice.

The hearts of Chen Xi and the others went serious as they restrained their thoughts and listened respectfully.

“The geniuses of a myriad of Dynasties will converge in the Primeval Battlefield today, so all of you must be careful. According to my estimations, even though all of you are considered to be top geniuses in the younger generation of the Darchu Dynasty with your current strengths, yet if it’s in the Primeval Battlefield, then all of you would probably only be barely able to attain the level of ordinary experts, and all of you are still a distance away from top experts.”

The words Emperor Chu spoke caused the expressions of Chen Xi and the others to go serious and heavy.

During these past seven days, the Civil Marquis had explained to them about some matters outside the Darchu Dynasty. Presently, all of them already knew that there were hundreds of Dynasties existing outside the Darchu Dynasty, and the Darchu Dynasty was merely one of them.

Moreover, amongst these numerous Dynasties, the entire strength of the Darchu Dynasty’s cultivation world could only be considered to be average, and there was quite a difference when compared to some large Dynasties.

Presently, all the top geniuses of these Dynasties were about to converge within the Primeval Battlefield to seize the spots to enter the Dark Reverie, so it was obvious how brutal the competition would be.

In other words, if Chen Xi and the others enter the Primeval Battlefield, then they would surely encounter a variety of geniuses. All of them came from the other various Dynasties, and there was no lack of people that were even more abnormal than Chen Xi and Qing Xiuyi amongst them.

If they wanted to become eminent from amongst these geniuses, then it was bound to be accompanied by boundless danger and hardships, and it was even to the extent that it was very likely that they would lose their lives in the Primeval Battlefield and become the stepping stone of another…

“Remember, advance to the Rebirth Realm as soon as possible after you enter the Primeval Battlefield. Only in this way would you be able to possess sufficient strength to protect yourselves.” Emperor Chu instructed once more before nodding towards the old man that sat cross-legged on the stone stairs, and he said indifferently, “Begin.”

The old man suddenly opened his eyes, and then he slowly stood up from the ground.

Chen Xi and the others noticed to their shock that along with the old man’s bent and gaunt body slowly standing up, the terrifying aura that gushed out from his body along with this action grew stronger and stronger. Up until the end, at the instant the old man’s back straightened, the monstrous aura on him actually caused the heavens and the earth to tremble and wail!

At this instant, this ordinary old man that was devoid of an aura seemed to have transformed into a supreme god, and as his eyes opened and closed, winds and clouds surged as everything submitted before him.

Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, and Zhao Qinghe had once met this old man, and they knew this old man was an exceedingly formidable old fellow, so the shock in their hearts was much less.

The others were different. When they saw this scene, they were shocked to the point their expressions turned slightly pale, and they were even unable to breathe. Especially the fatty, Ling Yu, he was shocked to the point his plump face trembled, causing it to be an extremely amusing sight.

After the old man stood up, he didn’t say a single word before directly heading over to stand before the formation and lightly stroking the formation for a short period of time, and then he stretched out a palm towards the center of the formation and pressed on it lightly.


An extremely vast amount of Immortal Energy surged out from the old man’s palm and directly poured into the formation, causing the enormous ring of stones to tremble and actually emit a wave of sounds that were like the singing of the gods, and even the grand sound of offering sacrifice to the gods resounded out as the formation emanated dazzling and brilliant lights.

Chen Xi and the others felt a piercing pain in their eyes, and when they opened their eyes once more, a beam of light that was connected to the sky had already gushed out from the center of the ring of stone. The beam of light was suffused with golden rays of light and surging talisman markings, and it seemed to arrive directly at the other side of the universe that was in the depths of the sky.

“Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, all of you swiftly enter the formation!” Emperor Chu’s loud shout resounded out by their ears, causing Chen Xi and the others to make a move at almost the exact same time and without the slightest hesitation. Their figures flashed, and they’d already transformed into 11 flowing lights that directly charged into the beam of light. Divine lights flowed all around them, and in the next moment, they’d already vanished without a trace.


Along with Chen Xi and the others vanishing within the beam of light, the phenomena in the surroundings of the formation vanished instantly, causing it to recover its original appearance. The only difference was that the enormous stones in the surroundings of the formation seemed to have become even more mottled and aged.

Meanwhile, the old man had retracted his arm as well, and then he withdrew back to where he was previously. He seemed to have exhausted a great deal of energy, causing his face to be covered in wrinkles while an expression of exhaustion suffused his face.

“I’m sorry to have troubled you.” Emperor Chu withdrew his gaze from the formation and spoke to the old man in a light voice.

“What’s exhausting 10,000 years of cultivation when compared to the future of the Darchu Dynasty?” The old man shook his head, and then he directly returned to the stone stairs and sat down cross-legged.

“Yes, for the sake of the Darchu Dynasty’s future.” Emperor Chu sighed, and then he muttered. “Exactly what accomplishments all of you obtain in the Primeval Battlefield will depend on your own fortune. I hope that all of you can enter the Dark Reverie safely…” 


Southern territory, Pine Mist City, Spiritcave Lake.

The glow of the setting sun shone down upon the world, causing the jade green lake water to be suffused with resplendent orange, and beneath an old willow tree at the side of the lake, Ji Yu lay alone on a rocking chair while meditating with his eyes closed.

A short moment later, Ji Yu seemed to have noticed something, causing him to open his eyes abruptly, and his gaze was deep and seemingly capable of seeing through to another world. After a long time, his thin face couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of emotion. “It’s good that you’ve left. Only by entering the Dark Reverie would you be considered to have entered the true great world of cultivation, right?” 



—  End of Book Seven —

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