Chapter 431 – One Year Later

Stellar Lightningform was a formidable Divine Ability from the Roc’s bones, and it contained the Grand Dao profundities of the Grand Dao of water, lightning, and devour.

Amongst them, the water and lightning Grand Daos were quintessence Grand Daos, whereas, the Devour Dao Insight was a technique Dao Insight, and it was similar to the Sword Dao and Blade Dao, it was a form of comprehension and grasp of the utilization of technique.

The cultivation of the Stellar Lightningform was to use the technique of the Devour Dao Insight to control and execute the Grand Daos of water and lightning.

For example, the might of the first two points displayed by his Third Senior Brother was the execution of the terrifying might of the Grand Dao of water and lightning via the Devour Dao Insight.

“Little Junior Brother, when this Divine Ability, Stellar Lightningform, is cultivated to an extremely high level, it’s capable of condensing stellar vortexes formed from a myriad of stars outside the body. Thunder rumbled as it devoured the world, and it would swallow all your enemies.” After he finished explaining some of the profundities of the Stellar Lightningform, Third Senior Brother’s expression went solemn as he reminded seriously. “But you must be careful. If the enemy is too strong, then you must not execute this Divine Ability. Otherwise, it’s likely that you’ll cause a backlash that would incinerate your soul!”

Chen Xi nodded as he committed it to memory.

“Little Junior Brother, you can cultivate this Divine Ability after you’ve comprehended the Devour Dao Insight within the Roc’s bone. Alright, I’ve taught you everything I should, I ought to leave.” Third Senior Brother smiled.

“Senior Brother…” Chen Xi was slightly unwilling.

“Hahaha, Little Junior Brother, don’t be sad. We brothers will surely be able to meet each other again one day.” Third Senior Brother laughed loudly and patted Chen Xi on the shoulder before tearing space apart and stepping into it, and he vanished instantly.

He really came and went imperceptibly and without a trace, like the secrets of the Grand Dao, unknown to everyone.

Chen Xi looked at the sky from afar as a trace of sorrow appeared in his heart. A person wasn’t a plant and was unable to be heartless. Even though his meeting with his Third Senior Brother was extremely short, yet his Third Senior Brother’s nature and character was extremely to his liking, causing him to feel regret for not meeting his Third Senior Brother earlier. At this moment, when his Third Senior Brother left abruptly, his felt rather unwilling in his heart.

“He’s gone?” Ji Yu brought the two little fellows along as he walked over.

“Yes, he’s gone.” Chen Xi nodded, and then he asked under his breath. “Senior Ji Yu, am I considered to be a disciple of Oracle Mountain now?”

Ji Yu said without even thinking, “Of course. Only a disciple of Oracle Mountain is able to cultivate the Universe Starslayer Bodyforging Arts and obtain the inheritance of my Master’s mantle. Others can’t even impersonate a disciple of Oracle Mountain even if they wanted to.”

“So it turns out that I had a sect since long ago…” Chen Xi suddenly started laughing for no reason, he laughed loudly, and his laughter shook the nine heavens while revealing a trace of heroism.



Besides Chen Xi, Ji Yu, and the two little fellows, who knew of the arrival of Third Senior Brother, the others didn’t notice anything.

After Third Senior Brother left, Ji Yu vanished within the Manor as well, whereas, Chen Xi’s life returned to calm once more. He cultivated, meditated, and taught the two little fellows, and his days were passed extremely fully.

Flowers bloomed and wilted as another few months passed unknowingly. Merely another month remained before it was the time to enter the Primeval Battlefield.

During this period of time, there were more and more people that came over to the isle at the center of the lake to pay a visit to Chen Xi, and they seemed to know that he was about to leave, so they came beforehand.

On this day, a refreshing breeze blew gently as the lake water shimmered. On the isle at the center of the lake, Chen Xi was drinking wine and chatting with Chen Hao, Duanmu Ze, and Song Ling, whereas Ya Qing, Yun Na, Mu Yao, Zhen Liuqing, Fan Yunlan, and the other girls were teasing the two little fellows at the side of the lake, and they frequently let out strings of clear, melodious, and pleasant sounds of laughter.

The calm atmosphere revealed waves of happiness.

“After I leave, I’ll leave everything in the Chen Clan to you.” Chen Xi raised his head to finish the wine in his cup, and then he suddenly spoke out to the nearby Chen Hao.

Chen Hao was stunned, then he forcefully restrained the sorrow and unwillingness that gushed out from his heart before revealed a solemn expression, and he said seriously, “Brother, don’t worry. Once you return from the Dark Reverie, I guarantee to let you see a completely different Chen Clan.”

Chen Xi patted Chen Hao’s shoulder and went silent for a long time before he said, “Don’t force yourself to the point of being too exhausted.”

Presently, Chen Hao, who was already the Patriarch of the Chen Clan, wasn’t the ignorant youth from before since long ago. Before outsiders, he was even famous for being steady, dignified, and a man of his word. But at this moment, his eyes had gone red, and he was almost unable to hold back his tears.

He knew that his older brother, Chen Xi, was about to leave and head to an even vaster world to roam about. Chen Xi’s future path and safety was unknown, and it was even to the extent that he was unable to confirm when Chen Xi would return.

He also knew that if it wasn’t for the sake of searching for their missing parents and to take revenge for the clansmen of the Chen Clan that had passed away, Chen Xi had utterly no reason to risk his life like this, and Chen Xi would be entirely able to pass stable and happy days.

“Brother, take care of yourself!” Chen Hao took a deep breath once more before raising his wine cup, and then he passed it to his older brother that had always been protecting him for all these years.

Chen Xi received the cup and drunk it down in one gulp.

The two brothers looked at each other and smiled. 


Ten days later, dawn.

Chen Xi had awoken from his meditation long ago, and after he washed up, he started cooking.

When Chen Yu and Chen An woke up, he’d already prepared a table full of extremely sumptuous delicacies.

“Are you leaving?” Little Chen An sat at the side of the table and looked at the steaming hot delicacies on the table that emitted an alluring fragrance, yet he didn’t directly touch his chopsticks as he did usually, and he raised his little head instead and asked with a clear and melodious voice while his pitch black and clear eyes stared at Chen Xi.

When Little Chen Yu saw this, he put down the chopsticks in his hand and raised his head to look at Chen Xi as well.

The two little fellows were extremely intelligent, and a mere table of unusually delicious delicacies allowed them to guess some things.

During this time of almost a year, Chen Xi and the two little fellows were together all morning and night, and he played the role of father, master, chef, playmate, and so on and so forth. Moreover, they were all close relatives. After they found out Chen Xi would be leaving some time ago, the moods of the two little fellows seemed to be extremely dejected, but for the sake of not making Chen Xi distracted, they’d discussed long ago that they wouldn’t show their dejection and would happily send Chen Xi away.

But at this moment, Little Chen An still couldn’t restrain himself and asked.

“Mmm.” As he looked at the clear eyes of the two little fellows that were gazing at him, Chen Xi was stunned before nodding after a short period of time, and then he said, “An’er, your Uncle Hao will help me take care of you after I leave, and the both of you should move back to Pine Mist City as well. This is the wilderness, and it isn’t suitable for you two little fellows to continue staying here.”

“I just want to be with you.” Chen An opened his clear and pure eyes widely as he asked seriously. “Can…you not leave?”

At this moment, as he looked at the expression of hope and yearning in Chen An’s eyes, Chen Xi suddenly had an extremely strong impulse to stay back and accompany by Chen An’s side while watching him grow up bit by bit…

But in the end, his reason took the upper hand. He couldn’t do this because there were too many things that he carried on his shoulders, and he was already on a path that he was bound to be unable to change with his own will.


Right when Chen Xi was pondering how he should console little Chen An, a wave of intense spatial fluctuation arose abruptly in the sky above Spiritcave Lake, and a passageway was condensed.

The Civil Marquis that wore a white robe walked out from within. A wisp of a smile couldn’t help but suffuse his face when he saw Chen Xi, and he said, “Chen Xi, the Primeval Battlefield will open in another seven days. Follow me.”

“Senior, please wait a moment. I’ll head over once I’ve calmed my son.” Chen Xi stood up right away and bowed as he spoke.

“Okay.” The Civil Marquis nodded.

Meanwhile, Chen Hao, Fei Lengcui, Ya Qing, Yun Na, Du Qingxi, Mu Yao, Duanmu Ze, and the others had successively arrived at the isle at the center of the lake, and all of them were silent.

Partings were always sad, and cultivators were no exception to this.

Chen Xi smiled as his figure flashed out to arrive by the Civil Marquis’s side.

Chen Xi turned around as his gaze swept the faces of everyone once more, and then it finally stopped on his son, Chen An. He went silent for a long time before he cupped his hands and said, “Everyone, take care of yourselves!”

The Civil Marquis who was beside him nodded to everyone as well, and then he flicked his sleeve immediately, causing space to be split apart before bringing Chen Xi along to enter the spatial passageway.

“Father, An’er will always be waiting for your return!” Right at the instant when Chen Xi walked into the spatial passageway, Chen An’s young, clear, and melodious voice sounded out from behind him. At that instant, waves rose, fell, and roiled endlessly in Chen Xi’s heart because after an entire year of time, this was the first time Chen An had called him father. 

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