Chapter 430 – The Might Of Three Points

Third Senior Brother’s figure was tall, his hair and beard pitch black like ink, and his appearance was extremely dignified and fierce.

However, when he saw the bone in Chen Xi’s hand, he instead seemed to have become a curious child as he stretched out his hand to grab the bone, and then he completely disregarded his bearing as he squatted on the floor and started sizing it up carefully while revealing an appearance of joy as if he’d found a precious treasure.

Besides being amused, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be curious in his heart. Could it be that this bone really has something extraordinary about it?

This bone was the possession of the Red Leaf City’s Qin Clan’s Qin Yuwei. Supposedly, it was passed down by her ancestors, yet they’d always not know what use it possessed. For the sake of repaying Chen Xi’s life saving grace, she’d given this bone as a gift to Chen Xi. 

Later on, Chen Xi had once tried to examine this bone, but regretfully, he was unable to discern exactly what secret was concealed within this bone. But the only thing he could be sure of was that this bone was probably not ordinary, so he’d always kept it with him.

If it wasn’t for him meeting his Third Senior Brother now, he’d almost have forgotten this bone,


Suddenly, a small iron hammer had appeared in Third Senior Brother’s hand. The hammer was completely jade green and palm sized, and when it lightly struck the bone, a clear sound that was like the sound of nature resounded out.

After that, a shocking scene appeared. The bone suddenly sprayed out an expanse of light, and these lights were actually formed from countless extremely profound talisman markings. The lights descended down like a multicolored waterfall, and it possessed shocking beauty.


A clear cry suddenly resounded out in the heavens and the earth, then the phantom of an enormous bird that was bathed in flames soared into the sky before raising its neck to let out a cry, and it seemed like an emperor of flying beasts that emitted a supreme and lofty monstrous aura.


As soon as this phantom appeared, the lake, mountains, rocks, and plants in an area of 5,000km all shook violently in unison, whereas, all the demon beasts nearby were terrified to the point of prostrating themselves on the ground and trembling.

At this instant, Chen Xi seemed to have seen a phoenix with gorgeous and majestic feathers, the neck of a snake, the tail of a fish, the skin texture of a dragon, and the body of a turtle, and it fluttered about high above in the sky while controlling the five elements and looking down at the ground below it!

“A Phoenix! Hahaha! This is actually a Phoenix bone!” Third Senior Brother was excited to the point of jumping for joy as he cried out madly. “Phoenixes are reborn in flames to undergo the circle of life and death. They live without being tainted, die without leaving any traces. Yet now, it has left behind an Exalted Bone that’s covered in quintessence talisman markings. This…is simply a miracle!”

It’s really the bone of a phoenix?!

Chen Xi was shocked. According to his knowledge, a divine beast like the phoenix was born from the quintessence of the heavens and the earth at the absolute beginning of the world when chaos was split apart, and even if it was during that period, it was a being that only existed in legend, like an illusory and unreal legend.

“This bone of a phoenix? This is an extraordinary treasure…” Ji Yu sighed with emotion, and then he said to Third Senior Brother, “What’s the value of this bone?”

“Immeasurable!” Third Senior Brother fondly played with the bone as he answered casually.

“The profundities within these bone markings haven’t been unlocked, so it’s useless to your Little Junior Brother as well. I can represent him to give you this bone, but shouldn’t you present something to your Little Junior Brother as well?” Ji Yu grinned.

Third Senior Brother instantly understood that his Martial Uncle was helping his Little Junior Brother extort him, but, he’d unexpectedly obtained the bone of a Phoenix, causing him to be delighted in his heart, and he agreed readily right away.

“No matter if it’s a Divine Ability or a martial technique. Quality is more important than quantity. Since you’ve just given Chen Xi the bone of a Roc, then guide him in the method of comprehending the Stellar Lightningform within it.” Ji Yu instructed.

“Of course.” Third Senior Brother didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

“What do you think?” Ji Yu asked Chen Xi.

Chen Xi said with a smile, “I’ll listen to Senior in everything.”

He’d perceived long ago that from asking for the bone of the Roc at the beginning to asking his Third Senior Brother to teach him how to comprehend the Divine Ability, Senior Ji Yu had always been doing his best to help him strive to obtain benefits from his Third Senior Brother, so listening to Ji Yu would absolutely not be wrong.

As for the Phoenix bone, it was just as Senior Ji Yu had said. The profundities of the bone markings on the bone hadn’t been unlocked, causing it to be useless in his hands, so giving it to his Third Senior Brother to study could be considered as making the best use of everything. 


Before the isle at the center of the lake, Third Senior Brother and Chen Xi stood while facing the lake.

On the other hand, Ji Yu had embraced the two little fellows, Chen Yu and Chen An, before leaving this place, so as to avoid disturbing Third Senior Brother’s lessons to Chen Xi.

“Little Junior Brother, there are 3,000 Grand Daos, and everyone walks on a different path of the Dao. What I’m going to explain to you today are the various profundities I comprehended from within the bone markings. For example, at the heart of the matter, the Stellar Lightningform, is only the Roc’s method of utilizing its three types of quintessence Dao Insights.” Third Senior Brother stood with his hands behind his back as he spoke with confidence and composure. “The Roc takes the form of a fish when in the ocean, and it grasped the Grand Dao of Water.”


As he spoke, Third Senior Brother raised his hand and pointed towards the distant surface of the lake. Instantly, an enormous vortex appeared and stirred an extremely large expanse of lake water, causing jade waves to roil like a galloping and roaring cavalry, and its impetus was exceedingly great.

Instantly, the entire Spiritcave Lake had transformed into an exceedingly enormous vortex that revolved madly, causing the tall mountains, towering ancient trees, firm rocks, and everything else nearby the lake to be uprooted from the ground and swallowed into the vortex. The scene seemed as if it wanted to devour everything in the surroundings!

“This is the power the Roc possesses while in water, and when utilized to the limit, waves shoot in the skies and oceans are overturned.” Third Senior Brother smiled, and then he raised his hand to point towards the distant sky.


Thunderclaps suddenly appeared beneath the sky as a myriad of dazzling lightning interweaved together to form a pair of enormous wings that covered a few thousand of kilometers. Lightning surged and arcs of electricity flowed as the wings blotted out the sky. With a light flap, surging thunderstorms transformed into numerous vortexes that gushed out from the surroundings of the wings with a bang, and when looked at from afar, it seemed as if the entire heavens and earth had transformed into an expanse of lightning vortexes that swept through the world!

The wings concealed the sky as thunderstorms rumbled, and the devouring energy that was emitted from the vortex even contained a terrifying destructive force that seemed to want to shatter the surroundings and devour everything. It possessed the might to annihilate the world!

In merely an instant, no matter if it was mountains, plants, or demon beasts, everything in an area of 50,000km from Spiritcave Lake had been completely devoured, causing it to transform into a place of annihilation, and the scene shocked Chen Xi to the point his scalp faintly went numb.

“The Roc transforms into a bird when it leaves the ocean. Its wings are a few thousand of kilometers in size and capable of blotting out the sky. It releases a tempest as it rises to soar in the nine heavens, and it possesses the Grand Dao of Lightning.” Third Senior Brother spoke briefly about it.

As soon as he finished speaking, he raised his hand once more and pointed to the sky.


The originally clear sky that was illuminated by the brilliant sun from high above had suddenly transformed into the color of night. Countless dazzling stars hung on the sky and emitted chilly and hazy silver brilliance that was gorgeous like a dream.

However, Chen Xi noticed to his shock that the countless stars suddenly started circulating madly, and they formed a black hole that was like a vortex in the universe, and it was deep and boundless to the extreme.

Moreover, the stars nearby the black hole actually seemed to be unable to control themselves nor had the slightest ability to resist before they were successively devoured by the black hole. The scene was like a terrifying devil in the universe had opened its mouth and swallowed the stars to satisfy its hunger.

“This is the true might of the Roc, wandering in the universe while devouring everything, and it possesses the Devouring Dao Insight.” Third Senior Brother’s voice resounded out by his ears, and it instantly woke Chen Xi up from his shock.

After that, he noticed the mountains and ground that were destroyed under the might of his Third Senior Brother’s points actually transformed into numerous strands of earth, fire, water, and wind before circulating within an extremely large area, and some living beings were even being born within the strands of earth, water, wind, and fire.

The jade green lake roiled, birds flew and gather, ancient trees towered into the sky, plants grew luxuriant, and the distant group of mountains that stood one after the other was covered in clouds that floated gracefully. In just the time of a few breaths, everything that had been destroyed earlier had actually returned to its original appearance, and it caused one to feel as if one was dreaming.

Chen Xi even saw that a group of egrets that were devoured by the thunderstorm vortex earlier had actually come back to life now. Moreover, they maintained their original posture of flying beneath the sky, and they were entirely unaware that they’d just experience a change of life and death.

Every single detail in the heavens and the earth, even the seaweeds and fish were reconstructed once again, causing everything to return to its original state, and it recovered the heavens and the earth.

“This…” Chen Xi simply didn’t dare believe his eyes. It was the first time he’d seen such a miraculous and supreme technique that turned the dead into the living, and the shock in his heart was obvious.

“Little Junior Brother, are you planning on asking what miraculous technique this is? It’s very simple, its just the state of commanding a myriad of techniques with a single thought and causing techniques to flow out with a single word, and it’s only a small technique of reconstructing the world. So long as Little Junior Brother cultivates diligently without stopping, there would surely be a day that you would be able to do it easily.” Third Senior Brother thought that Chen Xi was seeking for guidance from him, and he explained patiently right away.

When he spoke up to here, Third Senior Brother seemed to have notice something, causing him to be stunned before he said swiftly, “Little Junior Brother, the passageway opened up by Eldest Senior Brother’s Orbit Teleportation Arts is about to close up. Listen carefully, I’ll explain some of the profundities contained within the Stellar Lightningform now, and how much you’re able to comprehend will depend on your comprehension ability…”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, then he restrained his thoughts while holding his breath in concentration, and he started to listen seriously. 

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