Chapter 429 – Stellar Lightningform

During these past few years, along with the increase of his cultivation and the ceaseless transformation of mind, there was already very few things that were capable of taking Chen Xi by surprise and making him feel as if he was unable to resolve it.

However, at this moment, Third Senior Brother and Ji Yu had him feel this way once more. He knew that perhaps it was because his horizons were too narrow, and his cultivation was too low.

Actually, it was obvious that even though Chen Xi possessed the ability to look down upon everyone in the younger generation of the Darchu Dynasty, when compared with the senior generation like Third Senior Brother and Ji Yu, his strength was slightly insufficient.

Not to mention he’d been wandering within the Darchu Dynasty since he was born, and his horizons were merely restricted to within the Darchu Dynasty, so it was naturally impossible for him to understand the matters of the Primeval Battlefield, the Dark Reverie, and even the Immortal Dimension.

Perhaps I really have to enter the Dark Reverie before I’ll be able to obtain a completely new understanding of the entire world? At this moment, Chen Xi suddenly yearned extremely to enter the Dark Reverie quickly as he wanted to see how exactly was the land that was the closest to the Immortal Dimension.

“Martial Uncle!” When he saw Ji Yu appear, Third Senior Brother’s expression revealed a wisp of excitement, and then he bowed and said, “How many years has it been since Master left Oracle Mountain? I’ve finally seen you again.”

A wisp of sorrow suffused Ji Yu’s eyes before he shook his head and said, “You descended from Oracle Mountain to a minor world, so there ought to be a time limit, right?”

Third Senior Brother nodded and said, “Eldest Senior Brother opened up a pathway using the Orbit Teleportation Arts, and it can only maintain itself for the time for an incense stick to burn. Once the time limit is up, it wouldn’t be able to avoid being covered by the Laws of the Heaven Dao.”

“Since it’s like this, then quickly deal with the matters here. It’s best if you leave as soon as possible.” When he spoke up to her, a wisp of emotion suffused Ji Yu’s thin face. “Once you return, send my regards to your Eldest Senior Brother and thank him for his good intentions.”

Third Senior Brother was greatly shocked. “What? Martial Uncle, you’re not following me back to Oracle Mountain? If you and Little Junior Brother enter the Primeval Battlefield together, then you’ll surely be noticed by the Laws of the Heaven Dao…” 

“I’m not going to the Primeval Battlefield.” Ji Yu shook his head and interrupted. “When Master left me in the Manor all those years ago, it was firstly for the sake of allowing me to seek refuge, and it was secondly for the sake of selecting a disciple to inherit his mantle. Now, Chen Xi already possesses the ability to take care of himself, so he doesn’t need me accompanying by his side.”

When he spoke up to here, Ji Yu smiled lightly at Chen Xi. “Don’t worry. How about I just stay here and help you protect the Chen Clan? Even though the Laws of the Heaven Dao in this minor world are incomplete, it’s just nice to allow me to possesses a place to hide, and I don’t have to worry about being noticed by my enemies.”

“Martial Uncle…”

“Senior Ji Yu…”

Third Senior Brother and Chen Xi practically spoke at the same time, and they wanted to say something, yet were once again interrupted by Ji Yu as he said, “I’ve already made up my mind, both of you don’t have to persuade me. It won’t be late for me to return to Oracle Mountain when Master comes to look for me.”

Chen Xi opened his mouth yet shut it moments later. He understood Ji Yu’s nature very well. Once Ji Yu had made a decision, he would surely not change it, so it was useless even if they continued persuading Ji Yu.

Most importantly, he was truly unable to find a reason to persuade Ji Yu with. Could it be that he would force Ji Yu to follow him into the Primeval Battlefield and get noticed by those enemies of Ji Yu?

“But Martial Uncle, Master’s whereabouts have been unknown since Master left Oracle Mountain that day. Instead of waiting and keeping watch here, why not return to Oracle Mountain? With us brothers and sisters present, who in the three dimensions would be brave enough to come looking for trouble?” Third Senior Brother was still unwilling to give up, and he continued persuading.

Ji Yu suddenly turned his head to stare coldly and silently at Third Senior Brother. 

Third Senior Brother instantly conceded, and he said with a dejected expression, “Nevermind, I’ll return to Oracle Mountain now and see what Eldest Senior Brother decides.” As he spoke, he’d turned around with the intention of leaving.

“Wait.” Ji Yu glared at Third Senior Brother and said angrily, “Thinking of seizing the time before the time of an incense stick to burn finishes to drag another two assistants over and take me away?”

The body of Third Senior Brother stiffened and had an extremely embarrassed expression on his face. He was indeed thinking like this, but unfortunately, Ji Yu had seen through it.

“Alright, you’ve come over with great difficulty, so it isn’t too late for you to leave after passing down a Divine Ability to your Little Junior Brother.” Ji Yu turned around to smile at the nearby Chen Xi as he spoke. “Your Third Senior Brother is skilled in the arts of bone markings, and he has a collection of the Exalted Bones of ancient divine beasts. After all, every single Exalted Bone contains a formidable Divine Ability, so ask for anything you want to learn.”

Once Ji Yu said this, Third Senior Brother couldn’t leave even if he wanted to. Because Chen Xi was involved now, and as the Senior Brother, he couldn’t just leave without giving Chen Xi a gift for their first meeting, right?

“Little Junior Brother, what sort of Divine Ability do you want to learn? I’ll choose one for you.” Third Senior Brother smiled yet he sighed in his heart as he knew he would probably be unable to bring his Martial Uncle Ji Yu back to Oracle Mountain.

Chen Xi was slightly hesitant.

“Silly kid, he’s your Senior Brother, and his cultivation is countless times higher than yours. What is there to feel embarrassed about asking him for a Divine Ability?” Ji Yu shook his head and sighed.

“Nevermind, Martial Uncle, let’s not put Little Junior Brother in a difficult situation. I see that Little Junior Brother’s body refinement cultivation is already about to advance to the Rebirth Realm and condense a Rebirth Goldbody. I have a Divine Ability that’s extremely suitable for him.” As he spoke, Third Senior Brother withdrew a beast bone that was snow white and crystalline, with the glow of lightning surging upon it, and the shimmer of water coiled around it. It was densely covered with countless profound and complicated bone markings, and it emitted a terrifying aura that was extremely shocking and surging.


At the instant this bone appeared, the surrounding space instantly collapsed towards the center and formed a void vortex that caused one’s heart to palpitate. The nearby spirit energy, water vapor, and even rays of light were all completely swallowed by this vortex, forming a deathly still vacuum zone.

This was caused by the aura emanated from a mere bone, and it was simply difficult to imagine exactly what sort of ferocious beast was capable of growing such a terrifying bone.

“This is one of the Exalted Bones of the primordial divine beast, Roc, and it contained the three quintessence Dao Insights of the Roc, lightning, star, and devour. Little Junior Brother, you’ve already grasped the star and lightning Grand Daos, so after you comprehend it, you’ll be completely capable of cultivating this Divine Ability — Stellar Lightningform!” Third Senior Brother spoke as he passed the bone to Chen Xi.

Stellar Lightningform?

Chen Xi received it and had just looked at it when he felt a terrifying aura emanate from it. It was like he’d seen a over 10,000km long fish leap out from the surface of the ocean before transforming into a large bird that flew up high into the sky and roamed between the stars and universe.

The Roc was a fish in the sea, and a bird once it left the sea. Its wings were capable of blotting out the sky as it was a few thousands of kilometers in size, and it was absolutely one of the most formidable divine beasts in the primordial era!

This Stellar Lightningform was actually from an Exalted Bone of the Roc, and it contained the Roc’s three great quintessence Grand Dao Insights of star, lightning, and devour. The formidableness of the Divine Ability was obvious from this.

“Stellar Lightningform? Not bad, it’s a rare supreme Divine Ability indeed. Looks like your Third Senior Brother has paid a great price this time.” Ji Yu grinned.

Third Senior Brother laughed, and then looked unwillingly at the beast bone and instructed. “Little Junior Brother, you mustn’t throw away this bone after you’ve finished comprehending it.”

Chen Xi replied seriously. “Don’t worry, Senior Brother. I’ll surely return it to you in its original state after I’ve finished comprehending the Stellar Lightningform.”

“That’s good, that’s good. Your Third Senior Brother has lived a lifetime and I’ve loved studying bone markings all through, yet I only have a few pieces of treasures like this Roc’s Exalted Bone. Truthfully speaking, if it was anyone else, it would be impossible for them to even lay eyes on it!” After he obtained Chen Xi’s assurance, Third Senior Brother heaved a sigh of relief and laughed happily.

When he heard this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but have a slightly favorable impression of this Third Senior Brother that he’d just met, and then he suddenly recalled a thing and said, “Third Senior Brother, I have a beast bone as well, yet I don’t know its use. Do you want to take a look?”

“Oh, let me see.” Third Senior Brother was stunned, and then he spoke casually. He was indeed speaking casually because as far as he was concerned, the cultivation of this Little Junior Brother was too low right now after all, and the world his Little Junior Brother resided in was a minor world. So what good treasure would his Little Junior Brother be able to find? Not to mention that not every single beast bone was an Exalted Bone!

Of course, he didn’t have any intention of looking down upon Chen Xi, and it was merely an unconscious reaction.

Chen Xi smiled and withdrew a flat and even bone right away. This bone was like a piece of fine jade, pure white and translucent, and it felt extremely smooth when one rubbed it lightly. Moreover, it felt extremely cool, causing it to feel extremely comfortable when held in one’s hand.

Most conspicuous of it all was the dense and countless bone markings on its surface. The bone markings were dense like the starry sky, like the talisman marking structures inscribed by a Talisman Formation Master. As it flickered between a visible and hidden state, it seemed to emit a trace of a desolate and ancient sound that was singing within it, and the singing shook the soul.

“Eh! This is…” When he first laid eyes on this beast bone, the relaxed expression on Third Senior Brother’s face instantly vanished all of a sudden, and his gaze was like bolts of lightning that fiercely emitted a myriad of cold lights! 

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