Chapter 428 – Criminal Of The Three Dimensions

The isle at the center of the lake that Chen Xi lived in seclusion on was situated in the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range, and it was the territory of the Violet Rhino greater demon from all those years ago, Spiritcave Lake. The lake was extremely vast and was jade colored, and numerous clusters of pink colored lotus flowers were bloomed upon it, causing the scene to be magnificent and gorgeous.

However, at this moment, there was an unexpected guest that had arrived uninvited on this tranquil and peaceful lake.


The jade colored lake water surged like a jade colored cloud as it supported the old man to flash towards Chen Xi. The old man’s sleeves danced gracefully, and he had a leisurely bearing as if he was strolling idly in a courtyard. His speed looked to be slow, yet he’d already flashed out a distance of 30km in the blink of an eye, and he was about to approach the isle at the center of the lake.

Chen Xi was instantly shocked in his heart. He’d suddenly noticed that not only was he unable to see this uninvited visitor’s face clearly, even his Divine Sense was unable to lock onto the old man’s figure!

Most shocking to him was that along with the old man’s appearance, everything in the surroundings of Spiritcave Lake seemed to have entered into a motionless state. The distant group of mountains, the birds in the sky, the lotus flowers that were shaking in the lake, and even little Chen Yu and little Chen An that were cultivating at the side of the lake, all of them seemed to have been frozen on the spot and remained unmoving like plants and rocks.

It felt as if the entire heavens and earth had transformed into a still scene, and the old man and the jade colored lake water beneath the old man’s feet had become the only existences in the scene that were capable of moving!

What sort of cultivation was this to actually be able to affect the changes in the laws of the heavens and the earth?

Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart. He knew that his current strength was utterly insufficient before this old man, and it was even to the extent that the old man only had to lift a finger and would be able to doom him eternally. It would be even easier than killing an ant!

Who’s this person?

Why has he come here?

Various thoughts surged endlessly within Chen Xi’s mind. But what caused him to be slightly relieved was that he didn’t sense any hostility or killing intent from the old man.

Stomp! Stomp!

However, at the instant the old man walked up onto the isle at the center of the lake, a copious pressure that was impossible to resist blasted out from his body, causing the wind and clouds to surge, space to drone, and the heavens and the earth to go dim.

Instantly, the old man seemed to have transformed into a dazzling sun, his entire body emitted a myriad of eye piercing divine lights, and he actually didn’t even say a word before directly emanating a strand of pressure towards Chen Xi!

Chen Xi’s pupils constricted instantly as he instinctively circulated his True Essence. However, he noticed to his astonishment that the meridians in his body seemed to have been sealed and utterly didn’t listen to his command, causing him to not even have room to resist.


Chen Xi’s mind droned while his entire body felt as if it was fiercely struck by a 500,000kg sledgehammer, and the vital energy and blood in his entire body roiled to the point he almost spat blood.

Dammit! Who exactly is this old bastard? At this extremely dangerous moment, Chen Xi instinctively executed the Starsky Wings. In the next instant, he’d already retreated explosively 300m away, and then he stared at the old man with an anxious and bewildered expression. He was truly unable to figure out when he made such a terrifying enemy.

“It really is the Starsky Wings. Looks like I didn’t find the wrong person…” The old man seemed to have noticed something, causing his eyes to light up. Instantly, the terrifying pressure that enveloped the surroundings vanished along with this, and his utilizing of imposing aura had obviously attained the state of being able to freely emit and restrain it at will.

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he felt the pressure that enveloped him had vanished, but he didn’t dare underestimate this old man, and his heartstrings were tense. He seemed as if he was facing a formidable enemy as he pondered madly in his mind about how he ought to escape if something unexpected occurred.

Hmm? Wait, this fellow seems to have recognized my Starsky Wings? Chen Xi suddenly realized that this fellow had actually instantly pointed out the Divine Ability he utilized!

It could even be said that up until now, this old man was the first existence in the cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty to recognize the Starsky Wings!

Who exactly is this old fellow? Chen Xi was even more vigilant in his heart.

“Little Junior Brother, we brothers have finally met each other.” The old man suddenly started chuckling as his face that couldn’t be seen clearly became clear at this moment. He had a black beard and black hair, a gaze that was like a bolt of lightning, and his appearance was extremely dignified.

Little Junior Brother!?

Chen Xi was instantly stunned. This method of address wasn’t unfamiliar to him as the young woman that loved to dress up as a man had once addressed him in this way. Moreover, not only had that young woman given him a River Diagram fragment, she’d even lent him a hand once.

At this moment, when he heard this dignified old man address him like this, Chen Xi thought of that young woman at the first possible moment, and he couldn’t help but think in his heart. Could it be that he and that young woman are disciples taken by the Master of the Manor?

“Oh, Little Junior Brother, don’t be angry. I was only probing the cultivation techniques you’ve cultivated earlier so as to use it to confirm your identity. After all, we brothers have never met before, and it would be too embarrassing if I mistook someone else for you.” The old man walked over with large strides and patted Chen Xi on the shoulder extremely intimately, and then he said with a grin, “Now it would seem like I’m really not mistaken. Because in the three dimensions, this Divine Ability, Starsky Wings, is something only disciples of our Oracle Mountain can cultivate. Even if others obtain this Divine Ability, it’s extremely difficult for them to cultivate it successfully.”

Chen Xi started to slightly believe the old man’s words when he heard this. Because just as the old man had said, the inheritance of the Starsky Wings was from a strand of thought of the Master of the Manor. It was utterly impossible to be spread out in the world, and this was something Ji Yu had spoken of in the past as well.

“May I know Senior Brother’s name?” Chen Xi immediately recovered from his shock, and then he cupped his hands as he asked. At this moment, he’d already stopped considering anything else as if this old man really wanted to harm him, then the old man would have made a move long ago, and there was entirely no need to speak so much nonsense.

“I’m ranked third in seniority in Oracle Mountain, Little Junior Brother, you can call me Third Senior Brother.” The old man grinned as he sized Chen Xi up before replying casually.

Chen Xi couldn’t endure the curiosity in his heart any longer, and he asked. “Oracle Mountain?”

“Looks like Little Junior Sister has never mentioned this to you. Oh, since she’s unwilling to tell you, then I can’t talk too much, otherwise Little Junior Sister will surely destroy that pile of treasures of mine once I return.” The old man shook his head without end.

Even though he said this, yet when it entered Chen Xi’s ears, it allowed him to roughly confirm that the Oracle Mountain ought to be the name of a sect. As for the Third Senior Brother and Little Junior Sister, they were surely disciples of Oracle Mountain! 

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi faintly guessed that this Oracle Mountain might be a sect that was founded by the Master of the Manor. Otherwise, why would all of them call him Little Junior Brother?

“Little Junior Brother, I came here this time under the instructions of Eldest Senior Brother, and I’ve come to take Martial Uncle Ji Yu away…” Third Senior Brother spoke out abruptly.

“What? You want to take Senior Ji Yu away?” Chen Xi was instantly shocked. In his heart, he’d already taken Ji Yu as his master. So when he heard that Third Senior Brother had actually come for the sake of taking Ji Yu away, how could he be willing in his heart?

“Yeah. Eldest Senior Brother said that you’re about to enter the Primeval Battlefield. At that time, the existence of Martial Uncle Ji Yu will be found by the Laws of the Heaven Dao of the Dark Reverie, and it would draw the attention of some enemies that would bring exceedingly great trouble to you and Martial Uncle Ji Yu.” Third Senior Brother explained.

“This… Exactly what is going on?” Chen Xi was completely bewildered. Noticed by the Laws of the Heaven Dao? Draw the attention of enemies? Why is all of this related to Senior Ji Yu?

Third Senior Brother was stunned, and then he sighed. “Little Junior Brother. This matter is complicated to explain. You’ll understand everything once you enter the Dark Reverie in the future.”

Chen Xi said with a frown, “Why must I wait until I enter the Dark Reverie?”

“Because the Dark Reverie is the place that’s closest to the Immortal Dimension amongst the 3,000 large worlds, and the Laws of the Heaven Dao there is the most perfect. How could the Laws of the Heaven Dao tolerate my existence, the existence of a criminal that is wanted in the three dimensions?” A voice that was filled with experience resounded out abruptly, and Ji Yu who’d always been hiding himself in the Manor for all these years had actually made a sudden appearance at this moment!  

A criminal that’s wanted in the three dimensions?

Chen Xi was shocked when he saw Ji Yu who suddenly made an appearance, and his mind was in even greater turmoil. When did Senior Ji Yu become a criminal that’s wanted in the three dimensions? 

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