Chapter 427 – A Great Banquet For Seven Days

The Chen Clan main hall was filled with many distinguished guests and friends.

Chen Hao, Fei Lengcui, the Old Turtle King, the Nine-tailed Fox King, and the others were impressively present. Actually, with the power and authority the Chen Clan possessed now, it was utterly impossible for ordinary figures to enter the Chen Clan main hall.

At this moment, the gazes of everyone was converged on Chen Xi. Their gazes carried shock, admiration, and respect. Who would have imagined that a young man like this would have become the leading figure in the younger generation of the entire Darchu Dynasty?

How many young experts were there in the world? However, since ancient times, how many young experts were capable of attaining such brilliant accomplishments?

Just as the Civil Marquis had once sighed emotionally. There would surely be a genius that shook the heavens in every flourishing age. A genius that crushed everyone in a generation and reigned supreme, a genius that created unprecedented and supreme brilliance. Chen Xi deserved such an honor!

Even if it was figures of the older generation like Xuan Jing and Qing Qiu, they couldn’t help but feel admiration when facing Chen Xi now.

Chen Xi was slightly unable to endure the burning gazes of everyone, and he coughed dryly before he said to the nearby Chen Hao, “His Majesty had already agreed when I left Silken City that so long as the Darchu Dynasty exists, the Chen Clan will never suffer the slightest harm.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi withdrew a command token. “This is the command token his Majesty bestowed upon our Chen Clan. Hang it before the entrance to the main estate of our Chen Clan after you bind it. At that time, the words, Zhongling, will faintly float in the sky above our entire Chen Clan. Others will know with a single glance that the Chen Clan is personally protected by his Majesty, and if they dare offend the Chen Clan, it would be going against Emperor Chu.”

Chen Hao was stunned, and then he stretched out his hand to receive it with extreme shock and excitement. “With this command token, the foundation of my Chen Clan will become even more sturdy, and it will surely be able to flourish greatly. Why would we need to worry about the Chen Clan being unable to exist forever with the heavens and the earth?”

The nearby Fei Lengcui and the others were shocked and excited to the extreme as well. Zhongling was the name of the current Emperor Chu. A mere two words, yet it represented the supreme will and dignity of Emperor Chu. Who in the Darchu Dynasty would dare offend something that’s personally protected by Emperor Chu?

“Big Brother, how long do you plan to stay?” Chen Hao asked. According to his knowledge, his older brother would have to head to the Primeval Battlefield one year from now, and he was naturally unwilling to part with his older brother.

“I won’t be going anywhere in this year of time. I’ll be staying at home,” said Chen Xi with a smile. Actually, he was unwilling to leave so quickly as well, but the matter couldn’t move according to his will, so he could only seize this short period of a year to properly accompany his family.

As for cultivating, he wasn’t worried about it. He’d experienced the tempering of countless battles during these past few years, and he possessed various comprehensions. Presently, what he needed to do was cultivate with a clear mind and sum up all the experiences he’d obtained, so that he would be able to absorb and digest all the experiences he’d obtained and make preparations to charge into the Rebirth Realm.

In conclusion, no matter if it was for the sake of his family or his own cultivation, Chen Xi didn’t intend to go out to seek tempering and experience during this short period of a single year.

“Good!” Chen Hao said happily, “With Big Brother present, I feel much more relaxed in my heart.” After that he said hesitantly, “Big Brother, doing this won’t affect your cultivation, right? No matter what, your cultivation is still the most important.”

“It won’t.” Chen Xi shook his head.

“That’s good.” Chen Hao heaved a sigh of relief, and then he suddenly seemed to have thoughts of something. “Big Brother, you rarely return to the clan. Can you meet all the clansmen of our Chen Clan at the square? It won’t take too long, and it’s fine if you just say a few words. Even you know that many people haven’t met you, and they’d always wanted to see you in the flesh.”

When he spoke up to here, Chen Hao couldn’t help but start laughing. Presently, the Chen Clan could be considered to be a great and impressive clan in the southern territory’s cultivation world. It possessed over 10,000 clansmen, and most of them had joined the Chen Clan because they admired Chen Xi. But due to Chen Xi rarely returning to the clan and always being outside of the clan gaining experience and tempering, most people still hadn’t seen him in the flesh.

“Alright.” Chen Xi nodded and agreed without the slightest hesitation. Meeting them was a small matter to him, yet it was capable of satisfying the desires of over 10,000 people. Moreover, it was greatly beneficial towards Chen Hao’s control over the Chen Clan in the future, so he naturally wouldn’t refuse.



Presently, there was already an extremely enormous square constructed within the Chen Clan Estate, and it was specially provided for the clansmen to train. At this moment, the square was filled with a sea of people, and all the members of the Chen Clan had converged here.

When looked at from afar, the entire square was covered in a dense mass of people. There weren’t just disciples and elders present amongst the crowd, even servants had converged over from afar, and they crowded the surroundings of the square to the point it was watertight.

“It’s the Grand Elder Chen Xi. I’ve finally seen him in the flesh, I’m so excited!”

“He’s so young and only over 20 years of age! How nice would it be if I could marry him…”

“It’s really the Grand Elder! My god! I’m able to be so close to such a legendary figure, why do I feel like I’m dreaming?” 

The clansmen of the Chen Clan were excited to the extreme as all their gazes converged onto the tall and extraordinary figure that was on the high platform at the center, and expressions of excitement covered their faces.

With Chen Hao and Fei Lengcui standing behind him, Chen Xi swept his gaze towards the surroundings, and it seemed to possess magical powers, causing the square that seemed to be clamorous earlier to suddenly become silent, perfectly silent. It was silent to the point even a dropping needle could be heard.

“Since the day I was born, I was given the title of jinx, and I suffered countless ridicule, mockery, aversion, dismissal…”

“But I never looked down upon myself because I firmly believed that so long as I worked hard to persist in what I strived for, the day would come when I would not only be able to change myself, I would even be able to make all those people that rattled about and looked down on me to shut their mouths!”

Chen Xi’s calm and indifferent voice clearly drifted through the entire square, there wasn’t any strong feelings revealed from his voice, nor did he speak any heroic words, but it was precisely a voice like this that caused the hearts of everyone present to be shocked and resonate with his words.

Yeah. All those years ago, the Grand Elder’s fate was infinitely more difficult than mine, yet he was able to obtain the brilliant accomplishments he possesses now. Could it be that it’s merely luck?

Of course not!

When everyone noticed the rings of glory that surrounded him, had anyone noticed the effort he put in behind these accomplishments?

No one’s success is obtained casually. The Grand Elder has expended immeasurable amounts of blood and sweat, and he’d even experienced countless dangers and hardships to be able to obtain his current accomplishments.

Unknowingly, a wisp of heartfelt admiration couldn’t help but gush out from the hearts of all the Chen Clan clansmen, and it was their respect towards a true expert.

“Presently, I’ve already made it halfway, and I’m working hard for the other half. So long as all of you work hard, you’ll be able to succeed as well. Perhaps your accomplishments would be limited, but you’ll never feel regret since you’ve worked hard for it.

“Yet if you don’t work hard, then you’re bound to accomplish nothing in your entire lifetime, and you’ll forever be far away from success!”

Suddenly, Chen Xi drew the Talisman Armament, his azure clothes fluttered along with his long hair, and he swung his sword up towards the sky.


Sword qi raged through the heavens and the earth, causing the sea of clouds high above the sky to be tore apart. When one looked up, the sky seemed to have been completely slashed apart by this swing of his sword, and the over 100m wide rift continued on for over 100km, causing it to seem like an enormous chasm that was ripped open by the hands of god.


Everyone including the experts of the older generation like Qing Qiu and Xuan Jing gasped. What sword of Sword Insight is this? He’s standing on the ground yet is able to slash apart the heavens!?

The ghastly Sword Insight was like a tide that coiled around his body, and Chen Xi had his hand behind his back while bolts of lightning surged within his eyes that opened and closed. He entirely seemed to have transformed into a sword that could split open the sky and was displaying its cutting edge, and his imposing aura shot in the sky and shook the heavens and the earth.

His gaze swept all the clansmen of the Chen Clan present in the surroundings and said indifferently, “I hope that every single one of you are capable of accomplishing this one day. Do all of you have the confidence?”

“Yes!” After a short period of silence, all the Chen Clan clansmen shouted out loudly in unison, and a wave of shouts shot into the sky and shook the surroundings. The face of every single person was filled with excitement, and their eyes burned with firm and soaring fighting spirit.

This scene was bound to become eternally branded in the hearts of every single person present here, and they would be unable to forget it for their entire lifetimes.



Because his older brother, Chen Xi, had returned, Chen Hao decided to hold a great banquet for seven days to entertain the various Fellow Daoists that had come to pay a visit to his older brother.

Amongst the guests that had arrived, not only were there the various great powers of the southern territory, there were even representatives from the various ancient sects of the central plains, eastern sea, and northern barbaric lands, whereas the other powers of various sizes were even greater in number.

Even Emperor Chu himself had sent over a special envoy to bring generous gifts.

The cultivators in Pine Mist City were as numerous as the clouds during these seven days, and guests from all over had come in throngs.

These seven days were bound to be a miracle in the history of Pine Mist City, an unprecedentedly grand banquet that was impossible to surpass!

All of this was because of the influence of a single person, Chen Xi.

This grand banquet gradually quieted down after a month, and then Chen Xi left the Chen Clan as he wanted to live in seclusion on a lake in the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range.

Accompanying him was only little Chen An and little Chen Yu.

The two little fellows had similar ages and were both rather sensible and extraordinarily intelligent. But their characters were completely different. Little Chen Yu was lively and straightforward, whereas little Chen An was extremely fond of silence, and his disposition was calm and indifferent.

Even though their characters were different, but the two little fellows got along quite well with each other. They followed by Chen Xi’s side to cultivate and live together, and it was rather harmonious and joyful.

On the other hand, besides cultivating in seclusion, Chen Xi spent all his time fostering the two little fellows, and he personally taught them and explained things they didn’t understand to them.

Unknowingly, half a year had already passed.

On this day, the sky was clear and bright with few clouds in the sky, and birds gathered on the surface of the jade colored lake. Little Chen Yu and little Chen An were cultivating their sword technique on the shore of the lake.

Chen Xi sat upright beneath a verdant pine tree as he meditated silently. During this half year of time, he’d already completely mastered all his comprehensions from these past few years, causing a single sword strike of his to be capable of easily executing the highest level of the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture, the combination of eight moves.

Moreover, his understanding towards the Sword Dao had become even deeper, allowing him to combine all of the other Dao Insights like the Grand Dao Insights of star, metal, wood, Yin, Yang, and so on and so forth into his Sword Dao.

Based on my current strength, I’m more than one or two times stronger than when I participated in the Allstar Meeting. So long as I enter the Primeval Battlefield, I will be able to easily advance to the Rebirth Realm… Chen Xi opened his eyes, and a smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth as he felt the obvious changes in his strength.

However, in the next moment, the smile on his face vanished completely, and he’d even stood up abruptly while his gaze was like two bolts of lightning that looked towards the distant surface of the lake. At that place was an old man whose appearance couldn’t be seen clearly, and he had his hands behind his back while walking over on the jade colored lake water! 

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