Chapter 426 – He Has Returned

Pine Mist City, Chen Clan Estate

The commoners district the Chen Clan was at seemed to have become the most flourishing and prosperous place in Pine Mist City. Merely the estate of the Chen Clan covered an extremely vast area, and it was built in a vast, grand, and magnificent style.

At this moment, it was winter, drifting snow covered the skies as ice sealed the rivers and land.

Even in the dead of winter, the entire Pine Mist City was extraordinarily bustling, streams of people seemed interwoven together and were swarming about, lanterns and decorations hung all over the city, and the air was suffused with a dense feeling of happiness.

Since a month ago when the news of Chen Xi obtaining the first in the Allstar Meeting spread out, the entire southern territory was stirred, whereas, as Chen Xi’s hometown, Pine Mist City had become the center of all attention and was seething with excitement. 

Countless cultivators heard the news and rushed over from extremely far away, and they gushed into Pine Mist City for the sake of paying respects to the place Chen Xi rose from. If they were able to see Chen Xi with their own two eyes, then it couldn’t be any better.

They’d precisely carried these thoughts that seemed as if they were going on a pilgrimage when they came to Pine Mist City. During these past few days, the amount of people in Pine Mist City rose sharply, causing the inns, teahouses, taverns, and all other similar businesses to be packed all day and be flourishing.

On the streets and alleys, the discussions of the same name resounded out at practically every single moment — Chen Xi.

Besides that, the Chen Clan Estate had even become the focus of attention of everyone. There were large amounts of cultivators that arrived before the Chen Clan practically every single day, and they stood from afar as they viewed the estate. They seemed as if they wanted to see exactly what sort of Clan was capable of fostering a figure that was a peerlessly monstrous genius like Chen Xi.

Compared to the extraordinarily bustling outside world, the Chen Clan Estate was completely calm.

Those that had assignments to do, did them; those that had to cultivate, cultivated, and it was extremely orderly. No matter if it were the servants or the disciples of the Chen Clan, all of them had roused spirits and were full of vigor and vitality.

“Presently, there’s probably no one in the entire Darchu Dynasty’s cultivation world that hasn’t heard of the reputation of the Grand Elder Chen Xi, right?”

“Of course. Actually, since the Grand Elder obtained first place in the Hidden Dragon Rankings of our southern territory, my Chen Clan’s karmic luck has become more and more exuberant. During these past few years, our clansmen have increased by over 10,000, and the weakest amongst them are at the Violet Palace Realm. Moreover, there are nine that have attained the Golden Core Realm. Our Chen Clan had become a first-rate great power in Pine Mist City and even the entire southern territory with a single leap!”

“Now, Grand Elder has even seized the title of first place in the Allstar Meeting and has become the number one expert in the younger generation of the Darchu Dynasty. With such a distinction, my Chen Clan’s power will surely rise along with this and leap once again into a completely new height. So long as we servants are loyal and work hard, we’ll be able to benefit from our association with the Chen Clan as well.”

“Yeah. Joining the Chen Clan can be said to be my wisest decision in my entire lifetime. I’ve already considered it, once my children grow up, I’ll make them cultivate properly. If they’re able to pass the test and became an Inner Court disciple of the Chen Clan, then I’m willing even if they have to change their surname to Chen!”

“Cheh! Don’t speak as if it’s such an injustice. Who amongst us servants doesn’t wish to change their surname to Chen? This is the target that all of us are striving towards.”

Even if they were servants of the Chen Clan, they were extremely proud as well. Presently, the Chen Clan was too formidable. It possessed nine Golden Core Realm experts, a few tens of Inner Court Elders, over 100 Outer Court Elders, but the Core Disciples had always been 300 in total from the beginning until the end. These Core Disciples were foster children the Patriarch had taken in, they were loyal, devoted, and were the elite force of the Chen Clan.

Even the servants of the Chen Clan numbered over 10,000. It was more than one or two times more formidable than all those years ago, and it had simply risen and advanced tremendously.

The source of all this was Chen Xi.

Without Chen Xi, the Chen Clan wouldn’t possess such karmic luck. Without Chen Xi, there wouldn’t be so many people that joined the Chen Clan. Without Chen Xi, it would be impossible for the Chen Clan to rise swiftly like this in a few years.

All in all, a single Chen Xi had caused the entire Chen Clan to be reborn like a phoenix that rose from the ashes of rebirth. In a short few years of time, it had become a new star that was gradually rising in the territory of the Darchu Dynasty, and it was emanating boundless brilliance!


At the end of the horizon, a black shadow crushed the clouds as it approached with extreme speed. In the blink of an eye, it approached from extremely far in the distance to arrive close to the point everyone in the Chen Clan Estate was able to clearly see the true appearance of this black shadow.

This was an enormous treasured vessel that was like a flying hill. The body of the vessel was coiled with the aura of treasures and auspicious qi, and it emitted a terrifying aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate. Especially its speed, it actually surpassed the speed of sound by a few times, and exactly how many times it surpassed the speed of sound was something that they were utterly incapable of guessing. It was unimaginably fast.

“What treasured vessel is this!? Could it be that it’s coming to assault my Chen Clan?” Everyone looked at each other.

“Wait, there’s someone atop it. It’s a young man in azure clothes. His figure is tall, his appearance handsome, why does he look like the Grand Elder, Chen Xi?”

“Eh, I think he looks like the Grand Elder as well!”

Even though most of the people in the Chen Clan hadn’t seen Chen Xi before, but it didn’t stop them from seeing Chen Xi’s portrait. After all, with Chen Xi’s reputation, how could there be no portraits of him? Especially within the Chen Clan, it wasn’t very difficult to see Chen Xi’s portrait, and there was one in the main chamber.

As for the main chamber, it was constructed in the last few years, and the portraits of the past Patriarchs hung there. Chen Xi was the one and only person that wasn’t a Patriarch, yet he was a legendary figure that was able to have his portrait hung in the main chamber.

“It’s the Grand Elder Chen Xi. Look at the woman that’s standing by his side, isn’t she our Patriarch’s wife, Fei Lengcui? Coupled with his appearance, who else could he be but the Grand Elder?”

“The Grand Elder, Chen Xi, has returned!” The people that saw this scene were in a frenzy as they ran desperately into the Chen Clan Estate with the intention of letting everyone know of this exciting news at the first possible moment.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two figures suddenly charged into the sky from the restricted area in the back of the Chen Clan Estate, and it was precisely the Old Turtle King and Nine-tailed Fox King.

“The Treasure Heaven Pavilion’s The Snow Dragon! The Treasure Heaven Pavilion only possesses a mere three of this treasured vessel. Could it be that a great figure of the Treasure Heaven Pavilion has come to pay a visit?” The Old Turtle King’s eyes narrowed.

“There were so many great figures that have come to pay visit in these past few days, who would this be?” The Nine-tailed Fox King’s clothed fluttered as he spoke with a light voice.


The Snow Dragon’s speed was swift like a shooting star, and in almost the blink of an eye, it had already appeared in the sky above the Chen Clan Estate.

“Big Brother Xuan Jing, Big Brother Qing Qiu.” A tall figure leaped off The Snow Dragon, and he flew over to appear before the two demon kings.

“It’s Chen Xi!” Xuan Jing’s eyes stared wide open.

“Haha! Chen Xi, you’ve returned!” Qing Xiu was stunned first, and then he burst into laughter.

“Grand Elder Chen Xi has returned, I just saw it!”

“Really? The Grand Elder hasn’t returned for many years.”

“Would I deceive you?”

“Let’s quickly go over and take a look!”

For a time, the atmosphere in the entire estate of the Chen Clan raged abruptly, and the scene was even more terrifying than the scene on the eve of a war. One passed it on to another, a hundred passed it on to another hundred. In less than 15 minutes, everyone knew that Chen Xi had returned.

Chen Clan Main Hall.

Chen Hao who was dealing with the affairs of the clan suddenly raised his hand and cried out involuntarily. “What? Big Brother has returned?!”


In the next moment, Chen Hao left everyone else within the main hall behind, and he flashed out of the main hall.

“Big Brother, it’s really you!” As soon as he arrived outside the main hall, Chen Hao saw Chen Xi. Chen Xi was wearing azure clothes, and still possessed his handsome and graceful appearance. The only difference was his bearing. Big Brother’s bearing has become more restrained and steady, and he possesses a unique aura that’s like a boundless ocean and has returned to simplicity. 

“Yes, I’ve returned.” Chen Xi smiled as well. He was similarly excited and felt extremely warm in his heart. This was his home, and there were loved ones here that deserved him protecting them for his entire lifetime.

On this day, because of Chen Xi’s return, the entire Pine Mist City was seething with excitement! 

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