Chapter 425 – Returning Home With His Son

Presently, only Chen Xi and Emperor Chu remained in Silken Palace.

No one else was present here, so Emperor Chu seemed to be much more relaxed and pleasant. When he faced Chen Xi, there wasn’t the slightest dignity and solemnness from being a supreme ruler on him, and he was like a senior chatting with a junior and had a voice that revealed a trace of amiableness that caused one to feel as if one was bathed in a spring breeze.

He smiled as he said, “I promised before the Allstar Meeting that I will satisfy a request of the person who obtained the first. Now, do you have any request to mention?”

Chen Xi had already vaguely guessed why Emperor Chu had asked only him to stay, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest when he heard this. “I don’t have any other request, I only hope that my Chen Clan doesn’t suffer from any harm in the Darchu Dynasty, and it’s eternal like the Darchu Dynasty.”

“I promise.” Emperor Chu didn’t hesitate in the slightest to wave his hand and speak, and he revealed a great imposing aura. In fact, with Emperor Chu’s identity, if he wanted to protect a power in his own territory, it was simply an extremely easy matter.

“But I’m still afraid of this kid, Su Chan.” Chen Xi hesitated for a moment before speaking slowly.

“You’re worried about the Warlord behind Su Chan, right?” Emperor Chu was an extraordinary figure and saw through Chen Xi’s thoughts right away, and he said indifferently, “I’ll warn the Warlord that once I notice he takes any actions against the Chen Clan, then he shouldn’t blame me for placing righteousness above family!” When he spoke up to here, Emperor Chu’s voice carried a trace of ghastly killing intent.

As an Emperor, one must be ruthless and heartless, and all who dared go against one’s will must be killed without pardon and even relatives were no exception. Even though he was merely saying it now, yet if such a situation really did appear, then Emperor Chu would surely not show any mercy.

Not to mention that if Chen Xi was able to become eminent in the Primeval Battlefield and enter the Dark Reverie, then relying on Chen Xi’s relationship with the Violet Thistle Bai Clan, Chen Xi’s accomplishments in the future were limitless, and he would be able to bring boundless benefits to the Darchu Dynasty. It was only a single Warlord, so what if he was sacrificed?

This was the mind of rulers. They saw loss and gain extremely clearly. Perhaps Chen Xi was currently incapable of comparing with the Warlord, but Emperor Chu understood that even a hundred Warlords were probably incapable of comparing with a single Chen Xi in the future…

“Thank you, your Majesty.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and bowed as he spoke. The Warlord was the biological younger brother of Emperor Chu, yet Emperor Chu had spoken of placing righteousness above family. So how could Chen Xi not be moved?

Moreover, Emperor Chu’s reply had completely resolved his worries that his family would be attacked. So when he entered the Primeval Battlefield next, he didn’t have to worry about the safety of Chen Hao and the Chen Clan anymore, causing him to feel heartfelt gratitude towards Emperor Chu, and he wasn’t perfunctorily expressing his thanks.

Emperor Chu smiled, and then he changed the topic and said, “If you have the chance, I advise you to bury the hatchet with Qing Xiuyi. This woman’s identity in her previous lifetime was extremely special, and even I have to be slightly respectful and give ground. Perhaps she’ll be of an enormous help to your future cultivation.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he nodded. “All the same, for the sake of An’er, I will still do that. After all, she’s An’er mother.”

Emperor Chu sighed in his head as he knew that the little fellow didn’t understand the meaning within his words. Qing Xiuyi isn’t just the mother of your child! In her previous lifetime, she was an existence who was renowned even in the Immortal Dimension!

Of course, these words were a piece of extremely secret information in the Immortal Dimension, and it wasn’t suitable for Emperor Chu to say anything further, so he could only wait for Chen Xi to slowly ponder and comprehend it. 


After he left Silken Palace, Chen Xi hastily spread out his Divine Sense while flying around in the city with the intention of searching for Qing Xiuyi’s tracks so that he could talk with her about their child, Chen An.

Unfortunately, he’d practically searched all over Silken City yet didn’t see any trace of Qing Xiuyi.

Only when he returned to his residence did he hear from Zhen Liuqing that Qing Xiuyi had left trippingly long ago when they left Silken Palace, and she’d returned to her own sect. It was even to the extent that she didn’t even come to take a look at Chen An.

Chen Xi could only give up when he heard this.

“There’s still another year of time before entering the Primeval Battlefield, how do you plan to spend this time?” Zhen Liuqing asked.

“Return home.” Chen Xi replied casually.

“Then, can I go with you?” Zhen Liuqing blinked her eyes and asked with a smile.

“Of course, you’re very welcome.” Chen Xi smiled as well.

“Then what about us?” A group of girls charged out with a swish, and Ya Qing, Yun Na, Yan Yan, Du Qingxi, Fan Yunlan, and Mu Yao were all present and all these beautiful faces carried a trace of anticipation.

Chen Xi was instantly stunned, and he scratched his head as he said, “Aren’t all of you going home?”

All the girls shook their heads.

No matter how composed Chen Xi was, being looked at with such anticipation by so many drop dead gorgeous beauties who possessed various charms that were each superior in their own way causing him to be unable to refrain a wisp of an enormous feeling of satisfaction as a man to gush out from his heart.

This was a common failing of all men, and it was impossible to be cured.

But in the next moment, all the girls abandoned Chen Xi because little Chen An had appeared. The little fellow had beautiful eyes and refined features like a piece of carved jade, and he was intelligent and obedient. He was simply a favorite in the eyes of all the girls, and they doted and liked him to the extreme.

“Little An An. Who am I?”

“You’re Aunty Ya Qing.”

“You’re such a good boy. These are some spirit candies Aunty Ya Qing bought for you. There’re various flavors, quickly try it.” 


“Little An An, what about me?”

“You’re Aunty Fan Yunlan.”

“Smart! Oh, this is a Jadeite Heart pendant. You can avoid being contaminated by dirt when wearing it.” 


“Little An An, what about me?”

“Little An An…”

As he looked at the group of girls that were surroundings his son, Chen An, like a host of stars surrounding the bright moon while giving him candy, presents, and even giving a the little fellow a kiss on the cheek as a reward, even Chen Xi was extremely envious.

When I was his age, I didn’t get such treatment like this… Hmm? Chen Xi sighed with emotion as he walked over, yet he noticed to his astonishment that the nearby Zhen Liuqing had joined the group of all the girls and was asking Chen An for his date of birth and horoscope…

This little fellow has actually taken the limelight of his father! Chen Xi rubbed his nose and felt endless self ridicule. 


Three days later.

A treasured vessel tore through the sky and flashed into the southern territory.

This treasured vessel belonged to the Treasure Heaven Pavilion, and it was called The Snow Dragon. Not only was it capable of resisting the attacks of a Rebirth Realm cultivator, the key point was that it possessed an extremely swift speed and was capable of travelling 500,000km in a single day.

After a few hours, the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range that rose and fell continuously and Pine Mist City that was at the foot of the mountain range could already been seen in the distance.

I’ve returned. Chen Xi revealed a trace of a smile as he looked at this extremely familiar scene. Autumn wind was soughing when I left that day, yet it’s already the dead of winter with snow fluttering all over now.

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