Chapter 424 – The Profundity of Rebirth

Three days later, Silken Palace.

Only Emperor Chu, Chen Xi, and the disciples that were ranked in the top 10 of the Allstar Meeting were within the empty hall. Amongst them, Su Chan’s soul was heavily injured, causing him to be unable to participate, so he was replaced by Lu Xiao.

This also caused Chen Xi to feel rather regretful. He was originally thinking of annihilating Su Chan once they entered the Primeval Battlefield so as to put an end to future troubles, yet he could only temporarily lay this matter aside now.

Actually, early on when they entered the Dragon Transformation Pool to cultivate, Su Chan hadn’t participated and was replaced by Lu Xiao instead, and Chen Xi just hadn’t noticed it at that time.

Lu Xiao was the disciple of the central plains’ Divine Wood Sect, and he kept an extremely low profile and wasn’t well-known in the past. Just like Chen Xi, he’d fought his way up to become a dark horse in the Allstar Meeting this time, and his strength and potential couldn’t be looked down upon.

“I called all of you together here for the sake of one thing: the Primeval Battlefield.” Within the hall, the indifferent voice of Emperor Chu that carried boundless dignity resounded abruptly.

The hearts of Chen Xi and the other instantly went serious, and they listened solemnly and respectfully.

The gaze of Emperor Chu swept past all of them, and then he nodded and said with a light smile, “With your strengths, you’ll be able to instantly overcome the Rebirth Tribulation once you enter the Primeval Battlefield, and become a formidable Rebirth Realm cultivator…”

“Imperial Father, why must we go to the Primeval Battlefield to advance to the Rebirth Realm? I can even easily accomplish it now.” Emperor Chu hadn’t finished speaking when he was already interrupted by the clear and melodious voice of Huangfu Qingying, and only this daughter of Emperor Chu would dare be so disrespectful.

Emperor Chu glared at his daughter, and then he said with a smile, “Let me ask all of you, what is rebirth?”

Chen Xi and the others instantly started pondering swiftly. His Majesty is testing all of us.

“Your Majesty, according to my knowledge, rebirth was a state of neither life nor death, neither dead nor immortal. It’s like nirvana, yet it was to find a trace of life within nirvana so as to achieve a change akin to rebirth. Rebirth was like the attaining of new life.” Huangfu Changtian took a step forward and bowed before speaking with confidence and composure.

Emperor Chu nodded, and neither agreed nor disagreed before looking at the others.

“Your Majesty, according to my knowledge, rebirth is an advancement of the quintessence of one’s life, and the Soul Core is divided from the soul and appears within the Rebirth Wheel. In this way, so long as the Soul Core remains, cultivators can seize another body to be reborn, and that is rebirth.” Yu Xuanchen spoke after pondering for some time.

“That’s wrong, that’s wrong.” As soon as he finished speaking, Ling Yu shook his head and said, “Rebirth is rebirth, a Soul Core is a Soul Core, and it can’t be classified together. As far as I’m concerned, rebirth is none other than the advancement of one’s strength, and there’s nothing so profound about it.”

“All of you have spoken too one-sidedly.” Zhao Qinghe refuted. “For example, after one of the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement like me advances into the Rebirth Realm, the body would transform into the Rebirth Goldbody while the Soul Core would reside within the Shaman Markings, and there’s no such thing as a Rebirth Wheel or seizing the body of another to achieve rebirth. Because, so long as our Soul Core remains, our body will forever be unable to be destroyed. Similarly, so long as our body isn’t destroyed, then our Soul Core wouldn’t be destroyed.”

Chen Xi couldn’t help but nod in his heart when he heard this.

Qi refinement and body refinement were two schools.

After a qi refiner advanced to the Rebirth Realm, a Rebirth Wheel would be condensed in the qi refiner’s Dantian, and it would be used to foster the Soul Core. So long as the Soul Core remained after the qi refiner’s body was destroyed, the qi refiner could use the method of seizing the body of another to attain rebirth.

On the other hand, after a body refiner advanced to the Rebirth Realm, the body would evolve into the Rebirth Goldbody, and the body would be used to foster the Soul Core. So long as the Soul Core remained, the body would forever be unable to be destroyed because at that time, a single intention of the body refiner was capable of rebuilding a complete body.

Comparatively speaking, it was still body refiners that were slightly stronger. Because there was a fairly high amount of danger when qi refiners seized the body of another, whereas body refiners utterly had no need to worry about any danger arising.

“Brother Zhao, your words are rather one-sided as well. What if one cultivated both in body refinement and qi refinement? Would the Soul Core reside in the Rebirth Wheel or be fostered in the body?” Ling Yu replied with a question.

As he spoke, he gazed at Chen Xi. Because amongst all the people present, only Chen Xi’s cultivation in body refinement and qi refinement had attained the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm. If he were to advance to the Rebirth Realm, then he would surely advance in both body refinement and qi refinement. Thus, if the problem of where the Soul Core was fostered wasn’t resolved, a great deal of problems would probably appear.

Everyone was stunned and looked at Chen Xi when they heard this, and they felt a wave of speechlessness.

They more or less had cultivated in both qi refinement and body refinement cultivation techniques, yet they had one type as the primary cultivation technique, whereas the other was auxiliary and wasn’t essential.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was different. He’d cultivated both and was extremely outstanding in both, so they were utterly unable to discern if his primary cultivation school was body refinement or qi refinement. If he advanced into the Rebirth Realm, then whether the Soul Core would reside in the Rebirth Wheel or body was indeed an extremely difficult thing to choose.

It was precisely because of this that even though everyone was filled with knowledge, they were helpless and went silent in unison when encountering a freak like Chen Xi.

“His Majesty asked about the definition of rebirth. Aren’t all of you going slightly off topic?” Chen Xi rubbed his nose and spoke with a smile.

Everyone was more or less slightly embarrassed when they heard this. Right, his Majesty asked about the definition of rebirth, yet all of us were discussing the problem of fostering the Soul Core.

“Then based on your understanding, what is rebirth?” Emperor Chu smiled as he glanced at Chen Xi and asked.

Chen Xi pondered for a short moment, and then he said, “Rebirth is probably inseparable from a tribulation. Based on my understanding, rebirth is to realize an improvement in one’s energy without making use of other things or relying on one’s own strength.”


Everyone was extremely bewildered in their hearts. What relationship does rebirth have with a tribulation?

“Continue.” Emperor Chu’s eyes were suffused with a slight expression of encouragement.

“It’s common knowledge that a cultivator must experience a Rebirth Tribulation before advancing into the Rebirth Realm. This tribulation is a tribulation that descends from the heavens. It seems to be for the sake of destroying our hope of advancing into a higher realm, but that’s actually not the case. According to my understanding, this tribulation is the key to improving one’s own strength.” After he obtained Emperor Chu’s encouragement, Chen Xi didn’t hold back any longer and disclosed everything he understood about the meaning of rebirth. “This can be discerned from the character ‘’ that means tribulation. It’s divided into the characters of ‘’ and ‘’ which mean removal and strength. The strength it indicates is the strength of other people, the strength of other things, the strength of one’s self, and the strength of nature. If one wants to attain rebirth, then one must remove this strength, and only in this way would one be able to obtain a tremendous increase in energy.”

When he spoke up to here, Chen Xi paused briefly and said slowly, “So, in my opinion, rebirth is a tribulation.”

Everyone was instantly stunned when they heard this. There’s actually so many things to pay attention to between rebirth and tribulations? The viewpoint that Chen Xi spoke of was like a piece of timely advice that caused every single one of them to fall into deep contemplation.

Emperor Chu nodded in his heart, and then he stared at Chen Xi with a burning gaze as he asked. “If there’s a tribulation, then one must overcome it. How must one overcome it?”

Chen Xi’s understanding towards rebirth was deduced from his path in the Dao of Talismans, and it was something he comprehended himself. So, he wasn’t sure if it was correct, yet at this moment, when he saw Emperor Chu seemed to be interested, he couldn’t help but be heartened, and he said with a smile, “Overcome it from here to elsewhere. If there’s a tribulation here, then I should remove my strength and go against it without anything. Yet when the strength of the tribulation arrives here, I would have already arrived elsewhere.”

“Moreover, if there’s a tribulation, then there’s surely a method. No matter if it’s qi refinement or body refinement, both use the method of overcoming the tribulation from here to elsewhere. If one moves according to the method and at will without going beyond the rules, then one would be able to overcome the tribulation.”

Emperor Chu laughed with a clear voice when he heard this, and he praised. “Not bad, not bad.”

This caused the others to be extremely astounded in their hearts and seem to have never imagined that the meaning of rebirth that Chen Xi spoke of would actually be able to make Emperor Chu be so happy, and they couldn’t help but look even more highly upon Chen Xi.

Even though this could merely be considered a discussion of the Dao, the height Chen Xi’s understanding of the Grand Dao had arrived at was obvious from this, and they had no choice but to be astounded.

“Rebirth is a tribulation of one’s self, whereas the Rebirth Tribulation is the tribulation of the Heaven’s Dao. Moreover, if one wants to advance into the Rebirth Realm, then one must overcome two tribulations. If one of them is lacking, then even if one advances into the Rebirth Realm, the strength one possessed would be incomplete.

“That’s why I asked all of you to bitterly suppress your cultivations. It’s for the sake of entering into the Primeval Battlefield to overcome both the tribulations of one’s self and the tribulation that descended from the Heavens Dao so that all of you will be able to comprehend the true strength that belongs to Rebirth Realm cultivators.” Emperor Chu restrained his smile and said indifferently, “Only the Heaven Dao Laws in the Primeval Battlefield are capable of allowing these two tribulations to descend at the same time. At that time, all of you will be able to rely on the Dragon Origin Essence you’ve absorbed to easily overcome the tribulations successfully and become a Rebirth Realm cultivator.”

Chen Xi and the others instantly came to an understanding, yet a question arose in their hearts right away. This time, it was still Huangfu Qingying that asked. “Imperial Father, could it be that the strength possessed by the Rebirth Realm cultivators of our Darchu Dynasty is incomplete?”

Emperor Chu nodded and said, “Most of them. Because they’ve only overcome the Rebirth Tribulation, yet haven’t attained the formidable strength that was required to attain rebirth of one’s self.”

When he spoke up to here, a trace of disappointment couldn’t help but suffuse Emperor Chu’s face as he sighed. “This is the difference in Heaven Dao Laws. In the world our Darchu Dynasty is located in, the Heaven Dao Laws contained are incomplete in the end, whereas only by arriving at the Primeval Battlefield or even the Dark Reverie would only be able to encounter the most complete and authentic Heaven Dao profundities. This is also the fundamental reason why my Darchu Dynasty possesses numerous Earthly Immortal Realm experts, yet Heavenly Immortals rare appear in the world.”

Chen Xi and the others were shocked in their hearts when they heard this. Besides feeling shocked, they couldn’t help but feel a wave of frustration in their hearts. Could it be that the Dao Insight energies I’ve exerted all my strength to grasp during all these years are actually incomplete?

Then…what sort of Heaven Dao profundity is perfect and flawless?

Everyone wouldn’t help but think in their hearts. Perhaps, only by entering the Primeval Battlefield or the Dark Reverie would I be able to truly understand the difference?

“Now, all of you ought to understand the significance of entering the Primeval Battlefield. Such a great fortuitous encounter is something that every cultivator dreams of. All 10 of you are the most outstanding young disciples of my Darchu Dynasty, and after all of you enter the Primeval Battlefield, I hope that all of you can work hard to survive until you enter the Dark Reverie.” Emperor Chu’s expression had already recovered its calm before he looked down at the 10 young people that were below him and said with a deep voice, “So long as all of you enter the Dark Reverie, all of you would have rendered the greatest service to my Darchu Dynasty. Not only would it bring boundless benefits to the clan or sect behind you, it would bring supreme glory to the entirety of our Darchu Dynasty!”

Chen Xi and the others were shocked in their hearts, and they involuntarily aroused a feeling that it was a mission of theirs. It was a mission towards one’s self, the clan or sect behind one’s self, and it was even related to the entire cultivation world of the Darchu Dynasty.

“Alright, I’ve already finished instructing all of you about everything that should be instructed. As for the specific conditions of entering the Primeval Battlefield, the Civil Marquis will personally explain it to all of you one year from now.” Emperor Chu waved his hand indifferently. “Chen Xi, stay behind. Everyone else can leave instead. One year from now, there’ll naturally be someone to notify all of you to head to the Primeval Battlefield.”

“Yes!” Everyone replied in unison before bowing and leaving, and only Chen Xi remained. 

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